Free Speech

Why Millennials Hate Free Speech and What To Do About It

The creator of ultra-woke poet Titania McGrath makes the case against cancel culture.


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Andrew Doyle is an Irish journalist and writer best known as the creator of the Twitter personality Titania McGrath, a parody of an ultra-woke, 24-year-old, militant vegan who thinks she is a better poet than William Shakespeare. Though the 43-year-old Doyle describes himself as a left-winger, he is a fierce critic of cancel culture and a proponent of Brexit. He holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford in early Renaissance poetry, is the host of the new nightly show GB News, and is a columnist for Spiked. (He's a previous guest on The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie.)

Doyle is also the author of the new book Free Speech and Why It Matters, a comprehensive, learned, and compelling argument in favor of unfettered debate and open expression. Nick Gillespie talks with him about why cancel culture is on the rise, how to combat it, and what Titania McGrath is up to as she approaches her quarter-life crisis.

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  1. I agree with Peter Hitchens on this– shit started to go downhill when we stopped teaching children how to think, and instead started teaching them what to think.

    1. +10000000000000000

      Millennials grew up with the internet as the largest information access point in human history and theyre the most ignorant generation because they refuse to use that information to form thoughts.

      1. I was taught to avoid wiki and aggregate providers of information and to look at primary sources.

        Now people like jeff and WK thoroughly believe wiki is an arbitrated crowd source purveyor of truth and seem ignorant to editorial management that is available to them in wikis editorial discussion boards. Wiki will actually argue against a primary source in favor of a media source as has been documented many times.

        1. Wiki is definitely a double edged sword. Non-political topics can contain a mountain of info and cited sources because average people contributed over a decade ago without political motivations.

          The main problem is wikipedia is run by Lefties and anything can be political tomorrow. You can always look at change screen for wiki but they lost all credibility of “being better than a dictionary or historical reference” when they post lies because its politically correct.

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      2. Look at our resident idiots like Jeffy, Tony, etc. . They’re just valid pablum pukers. Jest regurgitating whatever talking points their democrat masters choose to fill them with.

        1. “…our resident idiots like Jeffy, Tony, etc.”

          Is it just me or are they a loss less present since the mute button came on board?

          If a troll cannot get a reaction they seem to wither away [Tony tried using a sock “raspberry dinners” but it was pretty obvious so I muted that one too]. If they actually had anything to contribute I would enjoy arguing with them, but it’s nothing but deflect, pivot, and whatabout.

          1. Jeff is in a lot more. White Mike gave up his WK sock. Tony is always hit and miss. Nobody cares about sarcasmic posts still so he has been coming on as sqrsly more.

            1. Jeff probably pops in between his overeating binges.

      3. We had a set of encyclopedias from the 50s and a dictionary that I used fairly often. No internet in the house until I was in high school and even then since it was dial-up that wasn’t typically the best source of information.
        That said, I’m on the older end of millenials and can agree that overall the generation knows nothing, can’t think, and even with vast resources at their fingertips are still bad at doing anything or finding information

        1. You are just getting old. Old people have been complaining about younger generations knowing nothing and not being able to think since time immemorial.

          1. Chipper Morning Wood————————————————————————–
            May.26.2021 at 6:29 pm
            Flag Comment Mute User
            Libertarians have more in common with Marxism than with modern conservatism.

            1. Yeah, pretty idiotic.
              I wonder if he really believes this, or is just trying to “muddy the waters,” create confusion in the enemy’s (i.e., libertarians) ranks.

            2. It all comes down to the leftists. Always. They’re behind everything evil. Directly. Or by enabling it. Like with terrorism.

        2. The problem with encyclopedias vs. Wikipedia is they both make the same number of errors, but with Wikipedia they are (in principle) correctable, and with encyclopedias, the errors remain and you’re stuck with a bunch of dust-collectors.

          Granted, Wikipedia errors can remain uncorrected too, e.g. there was a
          controversy over whether to include a page on Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW,) but that’s operator error and/or maliciousness, not a problem inherent in the medium.

          1. Wiki has had editor arguments where a media source was chosen above actual primary evidence or even a fact about a person themselves. They select a narrative device over truth in almost every article tangentially related to politics. There is a reason wikis founder is so openly against modern wiki.

            1. It’s Caveat Emptor all the way down.

            2. “There is a reason wikis founder is so openly against modern wiki.”

              Mind if you explain this further?

      4. Coming from you that’s pretty rich.

      5. This from the guy that guaranteed Trump would be President on Jan 20th *after* he lost.

        1. Trump did win election 2020. Trump is the last and best president the united states had before civil war 2.0

          Dont worry civil war 2.0 is working out the kinks of democrats stealing an election…agAin. Democrats lost civil war 1.0 and they will lose civil war 2.0

          1. The number of leftists must be reduced. The humane way to do this is to force expatriation. Also, I don’t think most Americans will have the stomach to execute enough of them to fix things.

    2. And according to his brother the late Christopher Hitchens, teaching people what to think and not how to think has been going on for millenia, not just for Millenials.

      1. Spelling correction: Millennials.

        Good thing I am not Millennial and see I am capable of error and the world didn’t start with me.

    3. When did we ever teach children how to think? Must be before my time.

      1. I think we can all agree that you weren’t taught how to think.

        Most of us were taught objectivity in classic liberal education. This changed around the 90s when educators focused on self esteem over objective measures of education.

        1. Do they even give out “D” and “F”s for propaganda courses? Makes sense to let everyone pass High School, so they have to pay for college to learn what they should have learned in K-12. Good scheme for colleges (Lefty run).

          No wonder non-public schools are a threat. Non-public school Kids would actually have more education skills by 12th grade than public school kids.

          1. Baltimore Schools just passed everyone who had a failing grade last year. Just changed the grade and moved them on.

            1. Make you wonder; Baltimore’s homicide rate is 11 X the national average. I suppose there is not much point in educating if they are that likely to die in the next few years anyway.

              1. Was laughing my ass off last week when sarcasmic was blaming the GOP for the terrible public school system because of NCLB, as if common core and teachers unions don’t exist.

            2. To be fair, the schools had been remote the past year and I’m sure many students therefore failed that would otherwise have passed. That being said this is on the school administration and they need to sort out remedial education instead of giving students undeserved passes.

      2. That was my reaction, exactly. Just when did Hitchens think this happened, exactly. And more specifically, when did religious people ever teach their children critical thinking?

        1. Another person admits they weren’t taught how to reason.

          Honestly not shocked this is coming from the people admitting this.

          1. Yet he insists on his idiotic opinions.

        2. Critical thinking got you tied up and burned to death.

        3. I’m not sure about Peter Hitchens’ answer, but Christopher “The Hitch” Hitchens held that “Religion Poisons Everything,” so uncritical thinking is thousands of years in the making. Only since The Renaissance and Enlightenment have humans began to question it.

          1. The problem with that line of thinking is there is something obviously ingrained in humans to need religion. All we’ve been doing for the last 70-80 years is replacing a Flying Spaghetti Monster with the State.

            1. It’s not so obvious to me. And why are Flying Spaghetti Monster and Big Brother the only two alternatives? I call Begging The Question and False Binary Fallacies and ask for citations.

        4. “ when did religious people ever teach their children critical thinking?”

          Hi there. I was raised Catholic and encouraged to question everything. There’s even a whole thing called Confirmation where they encouraged us to learn about other religions before we decided if we wanted to take that sacrament.

          But I’m not surprised you wouldn’t know that.

          1. Obviously a Post-Vatican II thing. I hear far too many stories of how brutal Catholic schools were from survivors.

            The Roman Catholic Church especially lost all claim to legitimacy on child care and education when the molester priest scandals came out on a global scale and when it was revealed that some 9000 died in Catholic-run and government-funded and inspected mother-and-child homes in Ireland from the 1920s to 1998.

            And, to be fair, scandals like this are known to exist in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Later Day Saints, and other churches and religions.

            If you want teaching and learning of independent thought done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

            1. Not so. The concept of a university as we know it now originated in medieval times by Catholic monks, which teaching people how to think was central to their philosophy.

              Of course a guy like you wouldn’t know that, instead trying to commit a red herring fallacy by bringing up Irish Catholic homes. Knock it off, or I’ll bring up Joe Stalin.

              1. The Monks obviously didn’t go far enough, otherwise, people would have questioned the Arguments From Authority and other Fallacies made by Popes, Kings, and sacred texts much earlier. You see, to the Monks, Philosophy was just the Handmaiden of Theology.

                The senseless deaths of 9000 Irish children in Mother-and-Child homes was no red herring, but the logical extension of Catholic doctrine stigmatizing out-of-wedlock births and mothers, as well as a logical outcome of merging Religion and State and Church teachings to submit to authority.

                And go ahead and cite Stalin. Communist atrocities do not negate atrocities in the name of Religion, especially since Stalin was an Orthodox Theological Seminarian before he transferred his missionary zeal to Marxist-Leninist ideology.

                1. Oh, by the way, did the Monks and Nuns and Padres teach you against using Argumentum Ad Hominem?

        5. Humans were critical thinkers before religion? Religion is what brought about the enlightenment and critical thinking. Great thinkers and philosophers such as John Locke were Christians. They believed only a religious, moral people could be free and maintain a government that would protect the liberty and rights of the individual instead of rule over the people. Having principles is an encouragement to critical thinking not a blockade.

      3. True. I’ve found it’s basically a self-directed endeavor.

      4. It is not just thinking, but critical thinking. You can be a total idiot and think (i.e. trolls). But what you think has no use or meaning if you can’t weight the facts and come to a logical conclusion. Yes we taught that once, but it went away with standardized testing, rote learning and teaching to the tests. When is the last time you saw a kid bring home an essay question instead of a problem worksheet?

        1. Tony is a good example of that. Just a shitweasel propagandist. I think it’s reinforced by the delusion that he will have a seat at the table rather than on the menu.

      5. I’m recalling AP bio in the mid-70’s, and an advanced algebra course run by a loud New Yorker who my mother thought was some sort of “bull headed Prusian”, but by gods, you knew the material, and you knew how to apply it. Thinking… perhaps yes, perhaps no, but that gets into the philosophical question of “what is thought”.

        I’ll take being able to apply the concepts to explain the whole as a part of thinking. Maybe still just “programming”, but at least it worked at a global level.

    4. Independent thought is white privilege.

      Post modernism celebrates subjectivity over objectivity.

      1. Identity politics baby.

      2. I guess whoever thinks that can do without all the by-products of independent thought too.

    5. shit started to go downhill when we stopped teaching children how to think, and instead started teaching them what to think.

      Well, this seems like a bit of nostalgia. It’s always been the case that kids were taught both HOW to think and WHAT to think, owing to the fact that there have always been forbidden topics of one type or another. There has always been a type of political correctness, it just hasn’t had the label that it has now.

      1. True. Teach against the beliefs of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance and you ended up burnt at the stake. You know “the world is round” stuff!

      2. True. Teach against the beliefs of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance and you ended up burnt at the stake. You know “the world revolves around the sun and is round” stuff!

      3. You’re an example of failed critical thinking. A prime example. Almost Tony bad.

    6. They taught them how to feel and how to hate. Instead of logic, reason, and critical thinking. Free Speech is dead, Orwell’s 1984 came true. Thought Police will get you for ThoughtCrime on Twitter and Facebook.

    7. That could not be more true! You’re absolutely spot on here!

    8. A disturbing trend is that Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC) are disproportionately contracting coronavirus, as well as dying from COVID-19………..MORE DETAIL.

    9. A disturbing trend has persisted as states report data on illness, hospitalizations, and deaths due to COVID-19; Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color {BIPOC} more detail …………MORE DETAIL.

  2. Millennials and Lefties in general are morally corrupt, ignorant of history, and in denial about how bad Socialism and Communism are.

    Cancel culture is an attempt to control Americans who favor freedom of speech, limited government, and refuse to toe the line of Commies in America.

    The funniest thing is that Commies in America don’t like free market so they are new to the market forces that shape our world. This is why bans by social media and propaganda from MSM are back firing on Lefties.

    Non-Lefties just tune out MSM and started their own social media outlet, Parler.

    Democrats are desperate and it shows in all the little childish things they do.

    1. Facebook says Trump ban won’t end until at least 2023

      This is an example of this desperation. Nobody cares what Friendface or Twatter do. They are Commies who run those companies and the companies have taken a huge financial hit for their mismanagement of the company.

      1. I’m sure this is an neutral application of their rules and will get right on suspending Abrahms, Clinton, AOC, Schumer, and others who still question the 2016 elections.

        1. Of course.

    2. Ah, LoveConstitution1789! I’ve been waiting for you to make a comeback!

      Yes, I agree that Millennials are a messed-up lot of people, but blame also belongs to every previous generation that either let them atrophy by default or consciously taught them to be that way. “The Greatest Generation” wasn’t so great on the entitlement mentality on the homefront. Baby Boomers went from “let it all hang out” to a big bunch of wet-blanket Fascists. And Generation-Xers didn’t even get noticed enough to do any good or bad.

      1. I ghost read the comments mostly. Over at Glib too.

        Wont return full time until the Commies at unreason are gone. Shouldnt be long now. The website is all glitchy.

        I meant to mainly blame Millennials for not using the internet as a source. Of course, other generations are to blame in their own ways. Boomers and GenXers for teaching propaganda in schools. Greatest Gen for spending lavishly with taxpayer money on their way to the grave….

        1. >>I’ve been waiting for you to make a comeback

          ya dude dafuq.

          1. Got civil war 2.0 activities to plan and activities to thwart Lefties.

            1. Freedom isnt free.

              1. It costs a Buck .05…or whatever inflation has done to that by now.

            2. Currently, we need more organizing, lawsuits and grassroots efforts to make large corporations fear us than they do the progs. We also need to destroy prominent leftists and their allies.

    3. New York Times Scrambles After Babylon Bee Sics Its Lawyers on Them

      “Notably, the words ‘trafficked in misinformation’ are hyperlinked, presumably a supportive source,” Dillon continued. “But the link they point to is another NY Times piece that actually refutes—rather than supports—the claim being made here by accurately describing us as a legitimate satire site.”

  3. Why Millennials Hate Free Speech and What To Do About It

    Strap them down and hold their eyelids open a la A Clockwork Orange and make them watch a marathon of John Sutherland Cartoons, The Little Rascals, Classic Looney Toons, and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In?

    1. Consensually, of course.

    2. Most of my “Oregon Trail” millennial cohort grew up watching all of those.

      1. But then they died trying to ford that river

      2. dysentery, bitches.

      3. Were they like the sailors in that movie where they ended up having to eat each other called: We Ended Up Having to Eat Each Other?

        (Poor Millennials who aren’t familiar with the old MTV or Brit comedy willl never catch that one.)

        1. The Young Ones?

          1. Exactly! Oh, those witty Brits!

      4. Seriously, good to know some Millennials have a sense of humor and appreciate the timely and timeless pro-freedom and pro-Free Market cartoons of John Sutherland.

        If theatres survive our present COVID-19 mailaise, they need to bring back cartoons before the movie that are just like this.

        1. Most of the movie theatres are now open. They may not be able to fill them to full capacity right now, but these things do take time. Going back totally to normal at this point would be too dangerous.

    3. What would they think of Amos and Andy, I Love Lucy or leave It To Beaver?
      “Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver, he’s been reading a lot of Marx lately”.

    4. Would you be trying to awaken a sense of humor in these fragile little bitches or trigger them into massive coronary events?

      Either one works.

      1. I was giving vent to my first impulses on SJWs and Wokeism, and you are right that it could bave unintended side effects. Must think of something better that might keep them in one piece…

        Perhaps sometimes time and reality are the best final arbiters, but we still need to keep SJWs and Wokesters out of our hair in the meantime. Maybe a dog whistle pennant worn at all times. Hmmm…

  4. Why Millennials Hate Free Speech?
    12 years of public school left-wing liberal hate America, hate the Constitution, hate the Bill of Rights and love socialism, love the repression of “others” indoctrination!

    1. IOW – they love fitting in. Cancel culture was lumped in with pro lgbt, anti-racism, and pro abortion – all weaknesses of conservatism and all obviously ethically correct positions. So they just cancel everything conservative nowadays.

      Sadly, they don’t want to acknowledge that just because the entire media and all corporations are on your side, doesn’t mean they’re doing it for your benefit.

      There’s no skepticism coming from the left, and so we see them inadvertently joining forces with the CCP, and their own future enslavement.

    2. Public education is more about indoctrination and brainwashing.

      “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.” H.L. Mencken.
      Unfortunately we are witness to the fruits of its labors every night in Portland.


    Finally, a majority (56%) for normal life.

    Support for normal life by party:

    87% of Republicans
    64% of independents
    29% of Democrats

    [Link and graphic]

    1. Whenever anyone says “The New Normal,” I always ask: Which New Normal?

      There was a “New Normal” after the Housing Bubble burst and Trillions became a household word thanks to both Bush and Obama.

      Then there was the “New Normal” after COVID-19 struck and everything was locked down.

      Now there’s the “New Normal” after the vaccine came out and everything is opening back up!

      Damnit, I can’t keep up with this much “New Normal!” I’m a libertaian, I want a “New Excellent!” A “New Fabulous” even! Exit, Stage Up!

      1. The only normal we have ever had was misery. Nostalgia blinders truly are blinders. The normal used to be that if a woman got raped then it was her fault. The normal used to be if a Black got lynched it was his fault for being too uppity. It normal used to be beating your kids so hard it landed them in the hospital where everyone just looked the other way.

        The normal used to be the freedom to do whatever you wanted, so long as it didn’t upset anyone.

        1. Did you type this while cutting yourself for attention?

          1. Lol, right?

            What a miserable sack of shit

        2. Um, normally the woman who got raped, the Black that got lynched and the child that got beat were probably upset.

          1. Another racist muted

            1. Lol. There was nothing racist in that post.

              Damn you’ve become a sad marxist.

              1. What I find sad is that Millennials and Wokeism have rendered everyone so humorless that no one got my Snagglepuss reference above!

        3. I really don’t think it’s fair to judge the past with current values. The past should be judged by the values of the time. Cancel culture is destroying history by making the mere discussion of it offensive.

          1. That’s what every religious apologist says. Unconvincing.

            1. Thanks for advocating presentism like SJW’s do now. I don’t believe in condemning past people, including our ancestors, by present-day values.

              1. Present day values? Do you mean such as teaching “roots of white male culture” include traits such as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success”—which are “devastating” to women and minorities. That is the values taught in diversity and inclusion training.

          2. Correct.

            He who controls the past, controls the future.
            He who controls the present, controls the past.

          3. So morals and values are relative to time? How, then, can any moral progress from one era to another be possible?

            I never could buy into that. To me, Miguel Servetius, Frederick Douglass, and Tank Man at Tiananmen Square were all on the side of right, no matter what there time and clime. And tyranny is still tyranny, whether it’s Roman, Persian, the British Empire, Prussia, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Idi Amin’s Uganda, or Islamic Iran. The only differences are tangential details.

            1. You are no better than the woke crowd, who also advocate moral presentism. I suggest you read this:

              Thanks and God bless.

              1. Where do you get that my position is “Presentism?”

                What I said is that good and evil, right and wrong, do not depend on time at all. Freedom is good and Tyranny is evil regardless of when in time they are found.

                You’re welcome and no blessing is required.

                1. You hate religion but feel that there is an unquestionable, objective timeless standard of good and evil?

                  Um.. k

                  I agree about good and evil, but honestly, coming to that realization is what led me away from atheism. Or rather, my desire to believe it is true led me to want to believe that my atheism was wrong.

                  1. Atheism is only one thing and that is lack of belief in the existence of God or Gods. Atheism is not a position on Morality or Ethics and thus Atheists can hold differing positions on those matters as well.

                    And what exactly does good and evil have to do with believing in a God?

                    If you think that a thing is good because God commands it, then your view is that good and evil are arbitrary.

                    (And if God is Omnipotent, what is to keep him from doing evil, as indeed the Abrahamic God of The Torah, The Holy Bible, and The Qu’ran has done throughout the stories of those texts?)

                    But if you think that God commands a thing because it is good, then obviously the standard of good and evil exists independently of the existence of a God.

                    The proof of this is that throughout history, Theists have done both good and evil things and Atheists have done good and evil things.

                    (A timely example in the wake of Memorial Day week is the Freedom of Religion Foundation’s private memorial exhibit in Lake Hypatia, Alabama dedicated to “Atheists In Foxholes.”)

                    Don’t worry, the water’s fine in the Atheist pool. You’re welcome back in, and the water slide is better than PTL’s because our can go up to the stars too!

                    I and others know First Aid, the Heimlich Maneuver, CPR, and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, so you’re in the good hands of Reason and Science. And that whole thing about waiting to swim 30 minutes after eating is urban legend and you can check it out without offending anyone.

                    1. Correction: It’s the Freedom From Religion Foundation who has the exhibit.

                      (See, this is the danger of dogma and mysticism. Like Reason’s Hit & Run, it has no “Edit” button.)

        4. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! ™, eh brandy?

          So much misery. Haha.

        5. Your progtardery is no improvement.

      2. Cult of the New is what I call it.

        Some people just want “new” even if its not as good or has been tried before. Ignorance is bliss fits right in because being ignorant of history allows some people to have no idea tyranny has been tried and failed over and over and over and over…

  6. I’m not against cancel culture in principle.

    I’m against the most successful, current form of cancel culture, which pretends that we should punish and silence people for, at best, certain positions on highly debatable issues and, at worst, completely correct and fact-based positions that the left doesn’t like.

    1. And that’s ignoring the absolute worst, which is violating the first amendment. Government censorship has no place in a free society, and if your democracy needs censorship, you’re doing it wrong.

      1. Pray tell, what government is censoring people? China, sure. US? Really?

        1. The government is threatening platforms like Facebook and Twitter if they don’t. Government censorship by proxy.

        2. The democrats support amending the constitution specifically to censor political speech.

          That counts.

          1. I support amending the constitution out of existence.

            The new improved constitution probably doesn’t even need a first amendment given the fact of the existence of the internet, but I’m partial to it, and we don’t want gargantuan censorship operations like they do in China and such.

            What you’re referring to of course is the liberty to spend unlimited anonymous cash to install a Congress of the choosing of a handful of very rich people. That you call this “free speech” is adorable, I’m sure.

            1. No, what he’s referring to is people like you who think they have a right to stop me from making a movie or book about a candidate and publishing it 60 days before an election.

              Fuck off, fascist.

              1. Are you supporting candidates who have a policy platform of burning more fossil fuels despite the damage to the habitable environment of planet earth? Gotta say I don’t give a fuck about your rights.

                1. I support ending Marxism. You’re free to abandon your evil beliefs and live in peace with the rest of us. You’re also free to continue to embrace your treasonous way, and be dealt with accordingly.

                  I’m fine either way.

                2. Clean Air laws slleviated the damage done by fossil fuels.

                  L. A. Is not as afflicted eith smog as it was in the 1970’s.

            2. Banning books is authoritarian.

              If you can’t have the democracy you want without censoring what people are allowed to think, then you’re not really doing democracy.

              1. And democracy is exactly what he wants. Ending our constitutional republic, and establishing his flavor of tyranny.

              2. If only you availed yourself of the infinite supply of information and learned to think like a grownup.

    2. In today’s cancel culture, facts don’t matter.
      Of course they don’t matter to CNN or MSNBC.


    At this stage, these scientists are simply confirming what ‘conspiracy theorists’ told everyone 6-14 months after the fact.

    I am so done with this… If you don’t get it yet, you never will. [Link]

    1. I pointed out that the Diamond Princess cruise was an indicator of what to expect from Wuhanvirus. <1% death rate and ~10% infection rate.

      Sure enough, NOT breathing recycled ship air led to lower death rates and lower infection rates around the World.

      1. Yea, I remember discussion of that here.
        Probably should’ve been brought up more.

      2. What BS you’re spouting off there, loveconstitution1789! The fact remains that over a half million people here in the United States died from the Covid-19. That’s way too damned many, as far as I’m concerned. Had Donald Trump made the necessary effort to contain and control it back in December of 2019 and January/ February of 2020, instead of just laughing Covid-19 off as a hoax, and refusing to do anything about it until it was way too late, we would not have been in this mess. We can thank Donald Trump and his supporters for that.

        1. Haha. You need so badly to be lead. Pathetic.

        2. You mean when he listened to Fauci in 2019?

  8. “24-year-old”

    Nick, I realize you think everyone younger than Gen X is a free-speech hating millennial that needs to get off your lawn. But a “generation” by definition has to be a specific range of years. If Titania McGrath is supposed to be a parody of a Millennial, then he got a pretty fundamental detail wrong.

    1. The cosmopolitan classes of NYC and DC are far more insufferable than the average Millennial. Nick belongs to the prior group identity.

      1. Average Millennial in person knows when they cant argue some topic on point.

        The Elitists have been trained in the Commie means of propaganda and plan to get their sold soul’s worth.

    2. Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996. Lots of people born in 1996 are still 24. They will turn 25 this year.

  9. I went to an elite university in the early 90s when political correctness was just getting started based on post-structuralism and Marxist theory. Many of these students went on to become public school teachers and are now in their 40s and 50s and in positions of power as school administrators and some are democrat politicians. So there you have it.

    1. Post modernism and critical theory has been in those colleges since the 60s. It is just mainstream and provides income from idiots now.

    2. Perfect example of why bringing back McCarthyism is so important.

  10. Troll level 1000
    Leftists be triggered

    As you’ve heard, @AOC’s abuela is living in a dilapidated home that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. AOC is unable to help her own grandma for whatever reason, so I have set up this Go Fund Me campaign to save her home. Please give if you can. #HelpAbuela


    1. Would be funny if Trump paid to have it fixed.

      1. Even funnier if Trump paid to fix all surrounding homes of AOC relative but left hers.

    2. AOC can’t help her right now. She’s in therapy for PTSD from the mostly peaceful protest on Jan.6.
      The poor thing.

      1. Where she lied and said some cop looked at her with the Evil Eye. Which traumatized her as she is now pretending to be a rape victim.

        She’s probably just jealous of all the special attention that Christine Blakey Ford got when she pretended to be a victim of ‘sexual misconduct’ (claiming Kavanaugh groped her.).

    3. AOC does however rent a very expensive DC townhouse, and drives a new Tesla. No help for grandma though.


    People who think that if we ignore the culture war it will just whither on the vine and go away are the smoothest of brains.

    That mindset ends with you in a gulag or grave and your children will be spitting in your face as they send you away.

  12. In the 1970s kids learned that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and the pro-First Amendment mantra “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Now kids learn “words are violence” (or worse, “silence is violence”, or worst “violence is mostly peaceful”), and saying the wrong thing will get you canceled, or worse.

    1. Apparently it is not enough to just keep your mouth shut; if you do not participate in celebrating someone else’s lifestyle or virtue, that is some kind of passive oppression or at least a visible lack of wokeness on your part.

      Freedom really is never more than one generation from extinction.

      1. “Apparently it is not enough to just keep your mouth shut; if you do not participate in celebrating someone else’s lifestyle or virtue, that is some kind of passive oppression or at least a visible lack of wokeness on your part…”

        When KIS kicked the bucket in NK. you had better have gotten your ass to the nearest statue and wail for a good long time, if you knew what was good for you.
        Similarly, being the first to stop applauding one of Stalin’s pronouncements could be harmful to your health.

      2. I’m TRIGGERED by the violence and aggression of your words!
        I need to go back to my safe space, coloring books and teddy bear for solace.

      3. “Apparently it is not enough to just keep your mouth shut; if you do not participate in” the 2 minutes hate then the mob will know and your wrong think will be outed to the party.

    2. In the 70s if someone disagreed with what you said they would not try to ruin your life for saying it.

  13. meat tossers!

  14. It’s funny because I don’t get how they hate free speech. How so? Is it because tech companies don’t want to host hate speech that is more trouble than it’s worth? Is it because millenials use the free market to buy from a competitor that doesn’t slander gays or something? Is it because they rightfully call out racist bullshit?

    It’s not that millenials hate free speech. It’s that they actually analyze it, call you out for having a shitty outlook, then tell you to go fuck yourself. “Cancel culture” can go too far but in general it’s just people choosing not to associate with someone they think is a pile of crap. Big deal.

    1. Shut the fuck up you ignorant slut.

    2. >>It’s that they actually analyze it

      lol please dude. actually.

      1. Like those idiots would know where to begin.

    3. “”It’s not that millenials hate free speech.””

      When they direct it at other people.

    4. Choosing not to associate with assholes is a passive act.

      Cancel culture is actively shutting someone down and taking away their ability to speak. Often it also involves getting people fired, and there are people clamoring to get government involved and actually jail people with unfashionable opinions.

      The entire point of free speech is to let assholes be assholes until they actively fuck with people. Cancel culture is the opposite of that.

      1. While good to see you finally realizing the shit happening on the left, this is the shit you ignored for 4 years because of your trump induced trauma.

        You cried constantly that it would stay on campuses despite it being in your face.

        You ignored the media participation.

        You applauded the culture going after those you didnt like.

        Youre a hypocrite.

      2. There are limits of course. Fighting words for example. Many of the comments on this board are made by cowards who use the forum to use fighting words that they would never say to a person’s face, because they know the cops would laugh at them and tell them they deserved it when they got their face kicked in.

        1. Lol. Fake shit from sarcasmic. Nobody is using fighting words against you. They are calling you a hypocrite. And yes I would do it to youre face because you are a hypocrite.

          Literally nobody is scared of you. Nobody.

          You call others cowards as you hide behind a mute button because people have exposed your hypocrisy. Lol.

          You are a bigger troll than anybody else you call a troll. It’s just sad.

        2. “There are limits of course. Fighting words for example. Many of the comments on this board are made by cowards who use the forum to use fighting words that they would never say to a person’s face, because they know the cops would laugh at them and tell them they deserved it when they got their face kicked in.”

          Poor victim sarc! Poor, constant victim sarc! Poor pathetic piece of lefty shit sarc.

        3. I’m very polite to you here. More so than you deserve. I would love to say so much more to you in person.

      3. The only people who have been fired, and I can count them on one hand, are leftists firing leftists. These spasms of overreaction are hardly in the top 10 of major problems facing the world today.

        The fascist echo sphere carries on, inciting treason and the destruction of the United States, more or less unabated. Except the ones who incite violent insurrections on private platforms. They can go away, and you can be OK with that.

        Furthermore, the rightwing is practically immune to MeToo cancelations. Nobody canceled Trump for being a pederastic finger-banger. Nobody canceled the slews of evangelical preachers caught in bed with male hookers, except the evangelicals themselves.

        You guys talk about this so much you forget to cite any examples of the great harm being done.

        1. “The only people who have been fired, and I can count them on one hand, are leftists firing leftists. These spasms of overreaction are hardly in the top 10 of major problems facing the world today.”

          Assuming this is true (pause for laughter) what would it say that rightist rage loudest against cancel culture, despite not being the primary target? It seems quite…noble, yes?

          1. Nope, just fascist.

            Plenty of people have been canceled, all over the place. Women and black people couldn’t vote. Gay people couldn’t live openly. Black people couldn’t raise their own children. And so forth.

            Cancel culture only got a name the instant it started applying to white heterosexual men.

            I maintain that it’s entirely a scam, Bill Maher notwithstanding.

            1. Except that women and black people can vote (and have done so for decades), and we do indeed have an explosion in cancel culture.

              In any event, heterosexual white men have every right to fight for their free speech and their jobs, despite what this commissar claims.

              1. Tony lives in the 50s, where Jim Crow (eagle?) still lives on.

                The one reliable feature of progs is that they never acknowledge progress. Victim status, (and especially whining about it on behalf of other people) is a helluva drug.

              2. They have always had more of a right to those things than everyone else and will continue to.

                I still don’t know what specific things you’re talking about. Do you?

                1. Never heard of affirmative action, Tony? Look it up and see for yourself.

                  1. Tony is a waste of time. Better to focus on showing him that suicide is the best path for him.

        2. James Damore is a leftist? First I’ve heard of that. What’s your source?


      4. Free speech does have its limits. If it spills over into total intimidation of people, ruining their lives, and results in them getting physically attacked, or results in damage to property, then it’s crossed the line, and it’s not free speech any longer.

    5. “It’s funny because I don’t get how they hate free speech…”

      As a lefty shit, this is understandable, and we’ll add it to the huge list of things you ‘don’t get’.

    6. you know that’s not true at all.
      If cancel culture we’re just ignoring people who said contrary things that would be perfectly fine.
      Cancel culture means they get you fired from your job for daring to have a political opinion different than the mob

    7. Where this falls apart is that it’s become popular to construe anything you dislike or disagree with as being racist, mysogonistic, homophobic etc or label it as hate speech. They then use the power of perception to damage the lives of people who’s remarks were none of those things, they just happened to not align with the approved orthodoxy.

      People get labeled -ist and suddenly lose their rights to defend themseves. They get shouted down by the ignorant and attacked by the fanatical. Those are not the people you want deciding whether you are “a pile of crap” and deserve to pursue your career.

      Perhaps you just lack perspectve but free speech shouldnt be revoked by the lowest IQ’s in the room.

  15. Is the government enforcing any speech codes? Is it violating the First Amendment in any way?

    No? It’s just people responding to speech with more speech?

    Then freedom-loving individualists have fuck all to say about this.

    1. “…Then freedom-loving individualists have fuck all to say about this…”

      Steaming pile of lefty shit here seems to believe that unless the government has a gun to your head, you are not allowed to have opinions.

      1. Not opinions about government using guns to point at people’s heads to enforce those opinions.

        If you want to behave like a crotchety porch-sitting coot embarrassing yourself with constant whining about how culture is different from what you are used to, I suppose that’s your business too.

        1. Cancel culture is a culture the way not collecting stamps is a hobby.

        2. Steaming pile of lefty shit here needs help pushing those goal posts. I hope they fall over and kill him.

    2. Democrats want to amend the constitution to censor political speech.

      1. Try using fewer euphemisms.

        The founding fathers would never have intended for the First Amendment to imply that wealthy monopolistic private interests get to control not only the flow of information but who gets elected to representative office.

        If the letter of the law (as determined by Federalist Society fascists) is completely contrary to the obvious spirit of the law, and is achieved by technicality, then you should care about figuring out how to fix that major problem, preferably before it ends democracy.

        If we end democracy, there is no constitution, there are no senators or presidents, and you have no house or paycheck.

        1. I would prefer it if you could stop justifying political censorship proposed by the most powerful political party in the United States, rather than pretending government doesn’t want to censor.

          1. You’re using these euphemisms in such a way to indicate that you don’t even care that you’re supporting plunder and oligarchy. And that’s hardly a new take for you.

            There’s a very old legal tradition of free speech. Why don’t you dig some text up that equates it with monopolistic private ownership of the media.

            And then stop bitching about what Facebook is doing.

            1. euphemism: a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

              I’m using the words exactly as I mean them. Was euphemisms? And who said anything about Facebook?

              Monopolistic private ownership of the media isn’t happening. In fact, we have the opposite. What are you on about?

              When progressives aren’t telling me that reality has a progressive bias so of course the news is left-wing, they’re telling me that Fox News controls the entire news cycle. And somehow this translates to banning books and films during elections being a good idea?

              Meanwhile, the most powerful political party in the United States is proposing political censorship, and you can’t really say they’re not. At least you’re that fact-based.

              1. Hey, if a steaming pile of lefty shit can’t use big words, HIH is he going to convince other lefty ignoramuses he’s ‘smart’?

                1. It’s like he thinks in slogans that he doesn’t understand.

              2. Tony is confused and responding to the voices in his head. Remember, he’s stupid.

            2. “you don’t even care that you’re supporting plunder and oligarchy. And that’s hardly a new take for you.”

              So your point is that political censorship is good as long as the right people are on the receiving end?

              Are you a Bolshevik?

        2. “…The founding fathers would never have intended for the First Amendment to imply that wealthy monopolistic private interests get to control not only the flow of information but who gets elected to representative office…”

          Steaming pile of lefty shit here tries an assertion for the steaming pile of lefty shit, and then tosses a strawman in for good measure.
          Steaming pile of lefty shit hope *someone* here is as stupid/gullible and he is.

    3. If the privately owned electric company does not like what you say about politics, can they decide they don’t want you as a customer anymore and turn off your electricity?
      The distinction between public utility and public forum (albeit internet forum) has been blurred beyond distinction.

      1. At this time no but who’s to say that sometime in the future, very near future, it won’t happen?
        Who’s to say your social credit score is too low, therefore you can no longer use the internet, or withdraw money from your bank account, your debit card won’t work, or use public transportation, or maybe your car won’t start?
        How far could it go? Getting fired from your job because some little snowflake was offended by your speech?
        Where would it stop if it became the normal for such things to occur?
        Don’t forget, the young people you see involved with all this, including groups like ANTIFA and BLM will soon be in the majority or at the very least become involved in positions of power.
        Consider a government run entirely by people like AOC.

        1. AOC shouldn’t be in government. She should be back behind the bar, and maybe supplementing her income doing low grade porn, or maybe camwhoring. I’ll bet she gives a spectacular blowjob.

  16. Who the fuck honestly believes ‘cancel culture’ started with millennials?

    I’m sorry would it be more familiar to you if we called it ‘black listing’?

    1. It didn’t. “Cancel Culture” started with the Rightwing here in this country, and, to a degree, it has permeated parts of the Left in this country, but it’s not as new in this country as a lot of people think. It’s been going on for years, and years, and most people weren’t aware of it.

      1. What’s new today is the highly dynamic nature of social acceptability to leftists along with retroactive punishment.

        Imagine if conservatives decided that, from now on, long finger nails were pornographic, and then demanded the firing of every woman on TV who ever had long nails, past and present. That would be like cancel culture today.

  17. Not only millennials hate free speech. Everyone who wants to get away with corruption does.

    The issue is good versus evil. Truth, reality versus lies.

    For many centuries secret societies, like the free masons have operated secretly in plain sight. Today their membership includes most if not everyone on the words stage, politicians, industry leaders, entertainers and the Pope.

    They only achieve world stage status by invitation from other members and they in turn only advance the careers of members.

    Free masonry is a satanic religion that is taking over the world to create a new world order based on satanism without interference from Christianity.

    Altiyan Childs is an Australian entertainer and a free mason who has had a change of heart and decided to show the world the truth.

    His 5 hour video lays out irrefutable evidence of the extent and intent of the purpose of the secret religion, based on promise of fortune to those who take the required criminal oaths.

    By watching it you will recognize that you fall into one of two groups, supporters of a new world satanic order and those who oppose and expose it.

    1. Satan is the god of nature. Like animals, you do what you want, lie, steal and murder. There are no morals or ethics because there is no distinction between good and evil.

      There are no inalienable rights or wrongs. Might makes the winner.

      Only the tenets of Christianity have stood in its way for the last two thousand years and brought us all the benefits of civilization.

      Satanism hates Christianity because inalienable rights like free speech and the right to life inhibit the whims of the satanist.

      1. So when did you join up? And is this the source of your desire to exterminate the Jews, or is that a passion that evolved independently?

      2. “The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation that was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the U. S., George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these Laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization. They also acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the Citizens of the U.S. of America and future generations is needed. For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day.”

        Laying the groundwork for mass executions planned by the satanic free masons in the new world order.

        Here is the accepted justice of the satanic noahide laws signed into law by every president since GB.

        “Unlike the Torah teaching found in Deuteronomy 17:6, that requires the testimony of two or three witnesses before one can be executed, according to the Noahide Law it only takes one witness! Whoever is to be found breaking one of these laws, is subject to capital punishment by decapitation (“

        1. In the link above you can see a photo of George Bush signing the Noahide laws surrounded by Jewish Freemasons.

  18. The freedom to speak means the freedom to to tell people things they don’t want to hear. It means the freedom to use the profane, the offensive, and the ugly, for precisely, the First Amendment was written to protect such speech we find offensive, or considered unpatriotic.
    Unfortunately those protections are being eroded in favor of some nebulous reason such as political correctness or anti racism or what ever reason becomes popular at the time.
    The big tech monopolies are leading the charge but it has been going down in college campuses for years now with their trigger warnings, safe spaces and the censorship of those who offer opposing views ie: Milo Yanopolis, or Dr. Jordan Peterson.
    Yet it is just fine to threaten to burn down a building if the college allows the speaker in or rudely interrupt a guest speaker with their own vapid speech in front of an audience who probably won’t give a damn anyway.
    We believe such things won’t happen but the possibility that freedom of speech will disappear in the future is very real; after all,those young people will soon be in the majority and we’ll either be dead or beyond caring.
    Or at the very least in the minority.
    The time to start fighting against this practice of cancelling people and censorship is long past due. It may even be too late.

    1. You are indeed correct.

      It says something about modern “progressive” education that you have tens of millions of Americans who want to shut down dissent.

      There is much work ahead for all lovers of liberty.

  19. Generally speaking millennials are the core of this country’s cancerous troubles. And we thought boomers were bad. At least they were educated, mentally fit and emotionally stable.

    1. “mentally fit and emotionally stable”

      In the intervals between smoking ganja and snorting cocaine.

    2. Millennials simply don’t buy Republican horseshit. Sorry for your loss.

  20. I don’t want to hear jack shit from Republicans about liberals hating free speech anymore after they starting trying to pass laws dictating what can and can’t be taught and trying to compel speech by businesses. I don’t even agree with CRT but prohibiting it by law is a gross violation of free speech and academic freedom by the party that spent years whining about losing theirs through non-governmental voluntary association.

    1. If fascism was taught in schools would you approve because of freedom of speech?

      1. Yes I would. And freedom of speech is different from school curriculum. One is everyone’s right to criticize the government, the other is society’s right to determine their children’s education. I would support freedom of speech because I would be free to speak out against it without being arrested of suffering other government prosecution. And passing laws to protect against people passing laws (CRT must be taught in school) espousing idiotic ideas has always been a function of government. It is amazing how you choose one party’s laws to criticize but not the other party’s laws? And I mean that even if the laws are by the executive officer of a state (the governor) or the legislature.

        These are complex issues you try to boil down to one stupid question.

      2. Yes I would. And freedom of speech is different from school curriculum. One is everyone’s right to criticize the government, the other is society’s right to determine their children’s education. I would support freedom of speech because I would be free to speak out against government teaching fascism without being arrested of suffering other government harassment.

        And passing laws to protect against other people passing laws (CRT must be taught in school) espousing idiotic ideas has always been a function of government. It is amazing how you choose one party’s laws to criticize but not the other party’s laws? And I mean that even if the laws are by the executive officer of a state (the governor) or the legislature.

        These are complex issues you try to boil down to one stupid question.

      3. Yes I would.
        And freedom of speech is different from school curriculum. One is everyone’s right to criticize the government, the other is society’s right to determine their children’s education. I would support freedom of speech because I would be free to speak out against government teaching fascism without being arrested or suffering other government harassment.

        And passing laws to protect against other people passing laws (CRT must be taught in school) espousing idiotic ideas has always been a function of government. It is amazing how you choose one party’s laws to criticize but not the other party’s laws? And I mean that even if the laws are by the executive officer of a state (the governor) or the legislature.

        These are complex issues you try to boil down to one stupid question. That is the tactic of a propagandist.

  21. When an old guy like me was a kid and someone said something offensive there was a rhyme about sticks and stones….

    Now it is demand an apology a firing, and delete all their social media accounts.
    I’ll just keep my guns and my free speech and send any of them crying to their safe space if they try to limit my free speech.

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