Capitol Riot

Don't Let the Capitol Riot Reignite the War on Terror

Government grows in response to a crisis.


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"All animals experience fear—human beings, perhaps, most of all." The government depends on it to "secure popular submission, compliance with official dictates, and, on some occasions, affirmative cooperation with the state's enterprises and adventures," wrote the historian Robert Higgs in a 2005 essay.

The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event, and Americans were understandably traumatized. But the reaction to a crisis also requires special vigilance.

After the horror of the 9/11 attacks, many Americans acquiesced in the face of any policy that promised to keep them safe.

We got mass surveillance, deadly foreign wars, state-sanctioned torture, and the incompetent Department of Homeland Security.

This week's armed lockdown of D.C.—in preparation for the swearing-in of a new government—provides us with a visceral feel for the legislative proposals we can expect in the months to come.

"They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists," President-elect Joe Biden said. "It's that basic. It's that simple."

In his remarks after the Capitol attack, Biden promised to revive a domestic terrorism bill that would make "the same commitment to root out domestic terrorism as we have [made] to stopping international terrorism."

This from a man who repeatedly claimed authorship of the Patriot Act, which turned "regular citizens into suspects," in the words of the ACLU.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) objected to the call for a new domestic terrorism bill on Twitter, noting that "our problems on Wednesday weren't that there weren't enough laws, resources, or intelligence. We had them, & they were not used."

She pointed to a different culprit.

"We're going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment," she said on Instagram, "so you can't just spew disinformation and misinformation, it's one thing to have different opinions, but another thing to say things that are just false."

To let government agencies "rein in" the media is to put control over speech in the hands of people who always see the benefit in less scrutiny and criticism of their own actions.

As former Chicago mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel famously quipped, "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before."

"By keeping the population in a state of artificially heightened apprehension, the government-cum-media prepares the ground for planting specific measures of taxation, regulation, surveillance, reporting, and other invasions of the people's wealth, privacy, and freedoms," wrote Higgs.

A politician's wish list of expanded powers is endless. And we must be especially careful when fear overtakes us not to turn a blind eye to a different threat coming straight at us.

This video essay is based on Tuccille's January 15, 2021 column, "Don't Let the Capitol Riot Become a 9/11-Style Excuse for Authoritarianism."

Narrated by J.D. Tuccille; edited by Meredith Bragg; Camera by Qinling Li.

Riot footage by Ford Fischer.

Photo Credits: Ron Sachs/picture alliance / Consolidated/Newscom; SplashNews/Newscom; Stefani Reynolds/CNP / Polaris/Newscom; KEVIN DIETSCH/UPI/Newscom; Hubert Boesl/picture-alliance / dpa/Newscom; JASON REED/Reuters/Newscom

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    1. Never. When will Reason point out their hypocrisy?

      1. They will scream whataboutism instead.

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  1. I haven’t met anyone who’s traumatized by what happened at the Capitol.

    1. Do you know any Congresscritters?

      1. They aren’t real people. Just characters on TV.

          1. “Don’t Let the Capitol Riot Reignite the War on Terror”

            Don’t let R Mac and the Lizard Men, AND Der TrumpfenFuher AND the trumpanzees gone apeshit about imaginary “stolen elections”, bash down the gates of democracy and civilization! Barbarians and R-Mac-arians at the Gates of Zirn, Left Unguarded! MAN your battlestations, all of ye who treasure civilized life, Government Almighty DAMN it all to R Mac’s Power-Pig HELL and back! THE BARBARIANS ARE HERE! BE YE WARNED!!!

              1. I’ll VERY gladly give it a rest, as soon as the “restless natives”, AKA trumpanzees gone apeshit, STOP trying to tear down democracy and the multi-party state, by ape-shitting all over the rest of us! We need a trumpanzee-free festivus, for the wanna-be-free rest-of-us!

                1. Oh, it’s Republicans who want to tear down the multi-party state? That’s going to come as news to Democrats who want to abolish the electoral college, move to proportional representation in the Senate, grant statehood to DC and Puerto Rico, and pack the Supreme Court. Here I thought those were all cynical power plays to ensure permanent one-party rule, but you’ve shown me that Republicans questioning the integrity of elections is the real threat. Whew! Almost made a terrible mistake there.

                  1. Culturally, I find it grotesque, that Der TrumpfenFuher acts vulturally, lusting after eating the dead corpse of democracy, turning it into a dictatorshit! Under Der TrumpfenFuher, the “R” party will NOT rest until it is the ONLY party! And sensible Americans (unlike the “R” party lately) have learned some history about how terribly poorly 1-party states work! HEY IDIOTS! “R” PARTY NEEDS “D” PARTY, AND WE NEED TO ACCEPT THE WILL OF THE VOTERS, EVEN “D” VOTERS, TO HAVE A 2 PARTY STATE NOT A 1-PARTY DICTATORSHIT! If you want to do some GOOD for the “R” Party, PLEASE explain this to Der TrumpfenFuher!

                    I say again, “Under Der TrumpfenFuher, the “R” party will NOT rest until it is the ONLY party!”

                    Why is it?

                    If you need proof of what I say, read Desperate To Stop Biden From Taking Office, Trump Suggests Military Intervention, Voting Machine Seizures, and Appointing Sidney Powell To Investigate Her Own Fraud Claims

                    Trump flunkies want to use martial law to hold new elections in swing states that didn’t vote Trump. Use the military to force a do-over where the people didn’t vote for Trump like they were supposed to. Give them a second bite at the apple.

                    And there will be endless do-overs till these wayward slobs do things the RIGHT way, and vote for Der TrumpfenFuhrer!

                    Those states who voted for Der TrumpfenFuhrer? Texas, for instance? And now that time has gone by, and millions of Texans have seen yet MORE of the “true stripes” of the Trumptatorshit… And they voted for Trump, but are SOOOO disgusted by now, they want to vote differently by now… Do THEY get a do-over?

                    Let’s selectively re-play this game till the Trumptatorshit lasts forever!

                    The ONLY way that states that DID vote for the continuation of the Trumptatorshit, will get a re-vote, to make it all “fair” to people who’ve changed their minds, by now, or who were excluded from voting by “R” machinations or being too busy or sick that day, to vote… The ONLY way that voters in THESE states will get a “second bite at the apple”, is to make up utterly fantastical LIES about the “R” party’s cheating, collusion with Lizard Men, etc.!

                    If the Lizard Men stole it last time, what will keep them from stealing it the next time around?

                    What we are CLEARLY evolving towards here, is NOT election wins by the most votes or even electoral college votes, it is “WINNING” by “He who whines and cries and makes up lies, the most”!

                    WHY, oh WHY might it be, that people who don’t like the history of 1-party states, are afraid to vote “R” any more?

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                2. Trump’s gone, buddy. He isn’t what we need to worry about right now.

            1. The squirrel is guarding his nuts again.

              1. Hey! Teacher! Leave them nuts alone!

                (All in all you’re just another… Brick in The Wall!)

              2. Ye barbarians PLEASE read…

                ‘Zirn Left Unguarded, The Jenghik Palace In Flames, Jon Westerley Dead’ by Robert Sheckley

                TRUE, Deep Culture, there!

              3. Instead of just flag, refresh, I flagged five times, then only had to refresh once!

                1. Indeed. It works beautifully.

    2. Anyone who was not traumatized is obviously a domestic terrorist. J.D. is clearly not and his trauma proves it. You and your buddies better get some trauma going on if you know what’s good for you.

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  2. …and Americans were understandably traumatized.

    Were they? This is an honest question. I can’t imagine too many people outside the beltway were actually shook by that thing. I could be totally wrong, but it seemed just another in a series of riots taking place in the past year.

    Anyway, we’re going to get from Biden the same tune he’s been singing his entire long career. Any opening to revive some measure of glory from the Clinton crime bill days. Enjoy what you’ve wrought, dear progressive primary voters.

    1. It’s an honest question which demands an honest answer.

      1. I know a lot of people that were shook, even some conservatives.

        1. My senses were dulled over the BLM/Antifa violence which encompassed most of 2020. Pretty tough to get my blood up over one more unruly incident.

          1. The BLM protests and the storming of the Capitol were pretty much opposites. The BLM protests were protests against government power, while the storming of the Capitol was a protest for more government power against a legitimate election. In both cases, any violence and destruction of property should be condemned, of course.

            1. But they were both protests. Which is allowed, even if the ends are stupid (and I can only imagine you agree that a lot of the stated goals of BLM protesters are pretty stupid too). Punish the people who comitted crimes and get on with it. In both cases.

              1. Maybe chipper is one of those people that believes that what you are protesting about impacts your right to protest?

            2. The BLM protests and the storming of the Capitol were pretty much opposites. The BLM protests were protests against government power,

              Directed against their fellow citizens. Interesting way to direct your energies.

              while the storming of the Capitol was a protest for more government power against a legitimate election.

              No, the storming of the Capitol was a protest against government power. That protest may or may not be legitimate, but one group targeted the correct people for their ire, the other didn’t. I’ll let you work out which was which.

            3. As always, you interpret leftwing protests with the rosiest glasses.

            4. I agree. 2 billion in damage, 30 deaths, and over 100 days of riots are the complete opposite of 1 shot by cops, 1 a stroke 2 days later, maybe 10k in damage over a couple of hours.

              1. 1000 cops *fact check* 700 cops injured. Unarmed black teenagers murdered by the rioters… but the biggest threat to the country is a guy in a bear suit going through Pelosi’s junk drawer while she’s at her hair appointment.

        2. I guess when no one was really sure if they were going to blow up some congress critters or something it might have been legitimately disturbing to some. And it would have been really bad if something like that had happened. I just assumed that it was another “mostly peaceful protest” and would pass like all the others. And what do you know, it did. But then everyone decided to pretend it was the end of the world or something.

          1. Not everyone, just those interested in providing a Reichstag fire.
            Unfortunately, they are the ones who have all the power and reach.

          2. More Whatifism

        3. Your socks aren’t people. They are you.

    2. I think people were scared at first because they (understandably) didn’t know what was going on, only that there had been an “attack” or “riot” at the Capitol while Congress was certifying the election results. Now that the smoke has (mostly) cleared, I don’t think most people care. Rather, those claiming the mantle of victimhood tend to be those who want a cudgel to bash Trump supporters.

      1. Clearly people care. There was a kerfuffle in which some windows were broken, and office or two ransacked and the only people killed were the protesters. That, apparently, is now “the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11”.

        1. “The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event, and Americans were understandably traumatized. But the reaction to a crisis also requires special vigilance.
          After the horror of the 9/11 attacks, ”

          Not sure those two visions of horror equate.

    3. Yeah, looks that way to me too. But I wonder. I’ve been surprised often this year at how much everyone is a giant fucking pussy, so who knows?

      1. Just because someone is loathe to imbibe those hoppy abominations you call beer doesn’t mean that they are a pussy.

        1. Hops make you immune to coronavirus. And panic.

          1. Hops is also a sexual depressant.

            1. Well, watch out if I ever stop drinking hoppy beer. I will be able to drill through solid concrete.

    4. For crying out loud, we can all see that it broke WK. He has been reduced to ‘fuck off’ and ‘traitor’ as his only retorts. He doesn’t even ask for cites anymore. Sad.

    5. I’m a stone throw outside the DC Beltway and haven’t run into anyone traumatized. Now I am a little pissed because a number of jobsites have been shutdown in DC over this but they most likely would have been shutdown anyway to accommodate the crowds of adoring Biden fans expected to arrive for his coronation.

      1. to accommodate the crowds of adoring Biden fans expected to arrive for his coronation.

        Is that the armed group of 20 or 30 thousand?

      2. They can still park outside the barbed wire and honk their approval

      3. Anecdotal, but all of this is. I have a new (for me) theory. It’s not all performative, but instead people think they should be emotional about all this. Maybe they vocally stated as it was happening how monumental the attack on democracy it was, and then couldn’t back down from that for fear of admitting being duped. Or maybe they just like being a victim.

        But the people you know actually are victims of the response. Inconvenience, loss of business or just plain in-person annoyance. That’s why they’re pissed instead of traumatized.

        Then again, maybe a lot of people actually were shaken and I just can’t imagine it because I’m a cynical a-hole.

        1. I think your theory definitely applies to some people. No idea how many though.

    6. Scalise getting shot up at a baseball game was far more disturbing. Same with Paul being tackled and almost killed. Same with mobs interrupting diners.

      1. A guy was burned alive in Minneapolis.
        Well, presumably alive. Body was found in the torched liquor store.

    7. Seems like the only people traumatized by the events in DC are those who worship at the altar of the state.

      Toosilly included, who wasn’t nearly so troubled by the government’s failure to protect ordinary citizenry from assault, arson, and generalized terror from antifa/BLM.

      He can pretend he hasn’t chosen a side because he has not declared a side but actions speak loudest.

  3. The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event, and Americans were understandably traumatized.

    2CHILI’s literally shaking in a pool of urine

    1. He’s supposed to be the rugged desert bootlegger guy.

      Except for the people who died, which sucks, it was a largely hilarious event. I suppose if you are all into the dignity of our sacred institutions and all that nonsense you might have been horrified. But otherwise, after what’s gone on this year? Give me a break.

      1. It was like something you’d expect in a Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson sendup.

        1. Time to #metoo them just to be sure they don’t make a film that humanizes the Trump supporters!

      2. But otherwise, after what’s gone on this year? Give me a break.

        Yeah, after all that bullshit I’m pretty much numb to anything that isn’t a mass casualty event at this point. Which I suppose, if the rumors of pipe bombs allegedly being found near the capitol are true, which I have no reason at this point to believe anything that I don’t see with my own two eyes.

        1. Which I suppose *this could have been*, if the rumors of pipe bombs allegedly being found near the capitol are true, which I have no reason at this point to believe anything that I don’t see with my own two eyes.

          We need a fuckin’ edit button.

          1. Yeah, I want to know more about the pipe bombs. If someone did bring them meaning to use them, then it would certainly be good to find that person. And if they were a plant or unrelated, that would be good to know too. But I have little confidence that we will get any very satisfying answers.

            1. I doubt they amount to much of anything, because if they did we’d have a lot of details.
              But we don’t hear anything beyond “and there were pipe bombs!”.
              The left, the media, and Daddy Gov cannot be trusted at all.

            2. Still waiting on any info about the Vegas shooter.

        2. Not rumors, they were real. One each at the RNC and DNC headquarters.

          They looked like pretty small pipe bombs, to my eye. I’d say they were more intended as a distraction, than to cause death on a large scale. Though if there had been people gathered around them when they went off it could have been ugly.

          Apparently it was part of the plot to kidnap some Senators, if they’d gone off they would have diverted police attention at a key moment.

          1. The US attorney stated he has no actual evidence of any plot, in court filings. No one was charged with attempted kidnapping.

            No one was charged with pipe bombs.

            No photos have emerged of pipe bombs.

            The AP is lying.

      3. Selfies are the new arson.

      4. He lives in Cornville because he’s not rich enough for Sedona. Otherwise he’s as soft and squishy as any other vortexing granola.

  4. The insurrectionists were cowards and hypocrites. They should have fought for Trump before the election in enemy terrain. But they didn’t as will be obvious from their testimony in the trials (and the people who angrily respond to this post without providing any proof they fought anyone but Trump’s allies like me). They have only themselves to blame for his loss and there was no justification for claims of election fraud or violence.

    Nevertheless their frustration is understandable. They didn’t know how to articulate their opposition to socialism. The reason is simple: they believe they are dependent on social security and medicare, if not for themselves but their grandparents. Thus they felt like hypocrites to oppose Medicare for all and UBI and other socialist scams that they rightly intuit will wreck the country.

    The obvious but painful solution is to abolish social security and medicare. Thus the enemy isn’t Pelosi or Pence, dems or RINOs – but your own grandparents. Beg them to release you from their death grip. Promise to care for them (don’t worry you don’t have to mean it). And yes they can still draw benefits as the programs are wound down. This is the path to freedom.

    Also without government, big business will use their wealth to establish retirement colonies for everyone not just poor people. (Which will also free up jobs for poor people to work and support themselves and further reduce big government and charity – win-win-win-win-win.)

    1. I’ve been paying into SS for going on 50 years. It was created in yet another manufactured crisis by the favorite of the Greatest, FDR. Over the decades there have been numerous proposals to reform the system. In every case the Democrats screamed their heads off and mobilized the AARP because they couldn’t imagine a world without Dear Leader’s Ponzi scheme. The Republicans and Democrat fiscal conservative all gave up back in the 20th century. With the Democrats in full power it won’t even be a topic of conversation until the house of cards collapses. We’ve already crossed over into full on MMT. There is no going back.

  5. The honey badger knows no fear

    1. Honey badger don’t give a shit.

  6. The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event, and Americans were understandably traumatized.

    Yeah, it’s right up there with Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy/King assassinations, and my $5 ticket for parking illegally back in 1990.

    1. The Battle of the Somme was a relatively staid affair compared to what happened on that fateful day of 1/6.

      1. True, there is no record of any women killed at/on the Somme.

        1. That would have been Sommething.


  7. “Reignite the War on Terror?” When was it ever not ignited?

    1. I was about to say. There hasn’t been a Constitutionally-declared war since World War II. 2Chilly needs to keep up.

  8. This is almost as terrifying as when the Duchy of Grand Fenwick invaded New York.

    1. Wait until Toosilly hears about the ongoing secession of the Conch Republic.

  9. One thing is certain, AOC has now endured her own personal Auschwitz.

    1. As a guard or an inmate?

    2. You know who else had a personal Auschwitz?

  10. The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event…

    Not using such over the top hyperbole would be a nice start. Was it bad? Sure. A lot of people broke the law and trespassed where they shouldn’t have been, some government property got stolen or vandalized, and a few people were even injured or killed – and the people responsible for that should absolutely be held accountable. But horrifying? Not any more so than any previous riots that had been occurring over the summer and fall, and I don’t recall seeing such over the top hyperventilating over those. It was only horrifying to those that see the government as some kind of holy entity and the capitol building as a cathedral. To most of us January 6, 2021 was a day that ended in “y.”

    1. Serious question: does Reason believe that they have any influence on anyone? If they do, does such hyperbole make some people more supportive of government overreach?

    2. To date every single Reason writer has parroted the “insurrection, trauma, horrifying, coup” crap that’s available at virtually every other news or opinion outlet. Every writer expects libertarians to buy the conventional wisdom and ignore their own lying eyes. Not one has had the balls to point out that this was a rowdy protest by a handful of unarmed people and that the only real victim that day was an unarmed woman murdered by an agent of the state. I think this is mostly because the narrative helps feed their TDS and also because it helps absolve them of the crime of doing everything in their power to put the neo cons back in power.

  11. What’s the joke, when conservatives riot against the system, they attack the system, when BLM riots against the system, they kill four unarmed black teenagers, one execution style.

    I guess it’s where you think your efforts will do the most good.

    1. Another difference is which group goes home with sneakers and big screen TVs.

  12. McConnell decides he wants the GOP to be the permanent loyal opposition.

    McConnell says “the mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.” If that fucker goes ahead with impeachment proceedings, he’s purging the GOPe of Trump supporters and he doesn’t have a clue as to just how many “Republicans” that is.

    Trump ran against your shitweasel ass, Mitch, just as much as he ran against the Democrats. You’ll find out in 2022 when the Democrats make unprecedented gains in the House and the Senate. These aren’t just Trump supporters, they’re pissed off people demanding something different than the same old self-serving bullshit and Trump just so happens to be the only one offering them something different.

    This country is at a crossroads right now Mitch, you either support the Deep State and their two-tiered system of justice and the rule of law or you support the American people and their vision of the American Dream. Choose wisely which road you want to go down, Mitch, ’cause this is not going to end well – but inevitably it always ends the same way no matter how many peasants you manage to put in a hole.

    1. These people think they are immune. And on a personal level they may be. But if my loved ones are going to suffer then they need to stop and think exactly how well they are able to protect all their loved ones.

      I’m not going to waste my time and effort on hardened targets.

  13. “Government grows in response to a crisis.”

    Government caused this crisis:
    Incumbent POTUS
    Incumbent Senators
    Incumbent Congressmen
    Incumbent State Legislators
    Many Police
    Some Guardsmen
    An assortment of others in or “retired” from government

    This terror was / is State Terror!

    1. And those with power *right now* have, well, the power to stop it. But they won’t.

  14. Looks like no pardon for Assange, Snowden, or Albricht. Maybe the next next administration will take that up.

    1. Fucking Trump could have done something good, but blew it. Typical.

      1. I’m guessing threats were made.

  15. “Don’t let the Capitol Riot reignite the War on Terror”

    It might help prevent a panicked response to government overreach if we all stopped using hyperbolic language… like “Capitol Riot”.

    1. the “Capital Overwhelmingly Peaceful Protest”

  16. Wait, what?
    A riot?
    And all I have seen is video of a mostly peaceful protest.
    Not a blazing store in sight.

  17. The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event, and Americans were understandably traumatized

    I for one am delighted to give up my civil rights to prevent people from being scared

  18. I don’t really have a beef with Reason here (I actually agree with the article), but it is noteworthy that after 9/11, within 24 hours Reason staff were making exactly these same arguments. It’s a bit of a shock that it took a good week for them to muster the same arguments after 1/6.

    I wonder if they ever take a moment to look back and think about the difference in their reactions. In the case of 9/11, you had external enemies planning for months or years, living secretly among us, and pulling off a multi-team, coordinated attack that killed thousands. And the first reaction was to caution against government over-reaction. But in the case of 1/6, you had people peacefully exercising their right to protest, then a few spontaneously rioting. And their first reaction was to debate just how much fault Trump had to bear for this.

    What about the perpetrators of attacks? For 9/11, there were several articles asking just what could motivate these people to attack us. But by and large, such questions are uninteresting to the current Reason cohort. It is so odd that the ghost of Reason Past had so much more concern about understanding the type of person that would slice up pilots with box cutters on their way to kamikaze into populated buildings. But they have so little concern for the motivations of their fellow Americans who got out of hand last week.

  19. i think what happened at the capital was criminal, it was terrible, and those people should all be held accountable. i think Trump and the other elected officials fanning the flames of the false “stolen election” hoax are guilty of incitement.

    but… can we stop suing the word terrorism? what happened was criminal, and it legally was sedition…. but i think terrorism is just a buzzword being used to ignore the broader issues here. we have a big divide in our country, and a lot of that is fueled by a combination of misinformation and politicians that feed on the fear and loathing that misinformation creates…… 1/6 we saw that reach a tipping point where it was no longer people screaming at each other on social media and comment threads. decades of politicians dehumanizing their foes and hyperbolicly speaking about our differences caused some of those in one the teams to go so nuts that some were even chanting about lynching someone who was actually on their team but not supporting the delusion. (Pence.) if we treat this like terrorism we are not understanding what happened. this could have very easily been the left if trump had won reelection……. it is the radicalization and alternate realities of partisans that is the problem, not any ideology on the right.

  20. “A politician’s wish list of expanded powers is endless. And we must be especially careful when fear overtakes us not to turn a blind eye to a different threat coming straight at us.”

    It is unfortunate, truly unfortunate, that for the past four years we at Reason have spent nearly all our time kvetching about mean tweets and a lack of decorum while encouraging people to vote for a clique of corrupt, partisan grifters whose stated objectives, on and off the campaign trail, were understood to form the foundational planks for an authoritarian regime — possibly the most authoritarian regime we have yet to experience in this nation.

    Reason crashed its clown car into this shitstorm head-on, no seatbelts. There were no survivors.

    1. Seems like Gillespie was, and remains, locked in the trunk.

  21. In the Big Picture; The Capitol Protest was used to take FOCUS off the growing demand for election integrity focus.

    Instead of working to re-ensure election authentication by any means necessary until all questionable dissent is proven faulty (or true) they’ve resorted to CANCELLING it by deceptive means. It’s the new “Cancel Culture” justice system which will never have a solid TRUTH foundation.

    Now, one can either assume it was done in a belief it will quite uproar or one can assume it is being CANCELLED on purpose because something is there that really needs to stay a secret. The way CENSORSHIP is being enacted and DISSENT is being prosecuted as ‘terrorism’ the goal to just softly quiet-uproar by re-focusing theory doesn’t hold much water.

    While the protest did have a lot to do with fears of growing government power; the direct relation is demanding TRUTH about election authentication. For a government that supposedly knows everything it’s odd they cannot provide reasonable reassurance that the wildly 90% favor in multiple states on massively out of ordinary counts are legitimate and why they all happened at the same time. Conspiracy Theories don’t get CANCELLED by the “Cancel Culture” they get proven false by verifiable proof.

    1. the problem we have is that all questionable dissent WAS proven faulty. not a single claim of fraud stands up to scrutiny…. but the people who want to believe the election was “stolen” refuse to believe any source that has not committed to feeding their confirmation bias. anything that is ever said that proves the narrative is false, is dismissed as “fake news.” even if it comes from elected republicans. even if it comes from traditionally right leaning news sources. how do you convince someone who will refuse to accept any evidence that does not support the lie?

      and no….. no matter what you believe about the integrity of the election…. the goal of those who stormed the capital was not truth…. it was to keep their leader in power, no mater what the legal obligation of congress was. the election fraud hoax was the excuse….. keeping Trump in office was all they really cared about. it was sedition, and it was not based in fact. it was based in desired political outcome.

      1. WAS proven faulty? Oh; silly me.. Requiring more than some-one else’s word on the matter…

        Two affidavits both used the terms “being of sound mind” = Cancel. The wildly inconsistent vote was because All Biden voters voted by mail ( Um; hmm wonder why Trump didn’t take a 90% in-person then ).

        Talk about flimsy proof… Do you have better? I’ve looked and couldn’t find any. Yes, yes; I’m sure you’ll send me some lefty-rag opinion piece that’s quote’s Mr. Big Bubby said it was authentic (and entirely miss explaining those wild numbers)…

        Seriously; If there is legitimate proof – present it!!! That’s all that is being asked here.

        Article after article I run across tries to CANCEL the questionable dissent by “official-word” fiat or pretending ‘certification’ is ‘proof’ and without a single legitimate ‘proof’ as to why such wild numbers existed. It’s NOT refusal to believe PROOF it’s refusal to take absurd CANCEL claims as proof.

        Yes; The result of election is the office of the president. And there is a lot of pain on one side or the other when lost.. BUT… Bringing that up is just another attempt to CANCEL the wild numbers now isn’t it.

        1. the “wild numbers” argument is the most pathetic and weak of all….. you lay out the explanation, (that Biden voters were ore likely to vote by mail) and then demand to know why the numbers were not more wild? WTF kind of logic is that? the skew towards Biden on mail in votes makes no sense because you think the divergence should be bigger? this might be the stupidest argument i have ever heard.

          and i don’t need any “lefty rag” to prove any claim you make is false. republican elections officials say you are wrong. traditionally conservative news outlets say you are wrong. anyone with any level of knowledge of the facts says you are wrong. dumb-asses without a clue are the only ones saying you are right.

          1. WTF kind of logic is that? That is common-sense to any 2-year old.

            If 90% of Biden voters decided to vote by mail; How is it that 48% of them showed up in person? And vice versa; If all Biden voters voted by mail why didn’t in-person reflect a 90% lead for Trump until the 90% of Biden mail-in votes were counted?

            It’s not rocket science; just pull your head out of your *ss. The illogical theory runs a miss unless the Swing State has jumped to a solid Democratic State.

      2. By proven, fatty here means “handwaved away by all the right people”

        1. Brilliantly said — Thank you.

          1. Until Snowden, the government proved in multiple hearings and in court that that they never spy domestically.

      3. I want ANSWERS…… NOT Excuses…

    2. election integrity is far worse than people realize

      never trust any result from a machine

      Hugo Chaves was able to rig votes with ease for decades, international monitors were completely taken in

      all votes should be hand-tabulated, on video, and the video archived for anyone to view

      nothing as sophisticated as a programmable calculator should be involved in counting votes

      been coding since before the Internet, there is no such thing as a fully secure software system

      every line of code is another vulnerability, and virtually all modern software platforms run millions of lines stacked across numerous layers and libraries

      give me enough time I could find a way to deliver a plausible victory in any race within 10 points on any system

      and there are people better than me out there

  22. The massive growth of government is ensured by the election of Joe Biden, with an assist from the Georgia election of January 5.

    Nothing that happened on January 6 even moved the needle.

  23. It won’t be the Capitol “riot” that ignited a new war on terror, it is Biden’s handlers, government apparatchiks and the Democrats who have already declared that war and are fighting it as we speak.

    Libertarians, always fighting bravely in the war-before-last.

  24. Government grows in response to people who don’t know how to think. They’re called “voters”.

    1. Or more sensibly; Ballot printers don’t think; they just do.

  25. Oh, No! SPEWING!
    AOC warned us. Don’t say she didn’t.
    Glad SHE never spews.

  26. The quoting of Robert Higgs is very good. Follow Higgs. Read his books. His articles. He makes sense.
    Sense that almost no one else ever makes. He IS very much alive and writing today.

  27. The events of Jan 6 were among the most inconsequential things to happen in the 21st century. This talk of “Threats to Democracy Itself!!!” are too ridiculous for satire.

    Where have you ever seen an insurrection by people without serious arms? No guns, no grenades, no tanks, no Molotov cocktails, not even body armor was used. A few pipe bombs were supposedly found but for some inexplicable reason, none detonated. These bombs were not found at the Capitol, they were found at the DNC and RNC offices. Odd place for bombs intended to power an insurrection against the government.

    In the 1960’s there were student sit-ins that did more damage than that done by this supposed “White Racist” assault on Democracy. And those sit-ins lasted for weeks at a time. Not one sit-in was deemed a threat to Democracy.

    The only outcome worthy of note was that for a few hours, congressmen and senators got to feel a tiny fraction of what thousands of business owners have experienced for months. Perhaps having to lock yourself in your office for a short time will produce a little more compassion for those whose livelihoods were destroyed and whose lives will never be the same, but I doubt it.

    1. DC got 25,000 National Guard after one riots

      after a week of riots, Kenosha businesses begged for a tenth of that number and were turned down flat

      the only people who cared enough to show up and defend them were Kyle Rittenhouse and a few friends

      naturally Rittenhouse was promptly called a murderer and a racist by Democrats and their press lapdogs, and his legal fund deplatformed by their Big Tech goons

  28. Anyone who was not traumatized is obviously a domestic terrorist. J.D. is clearly not and his trauma proves it. You and your buddies better get some trauma going on if you know what’s good for you

  29. “The storming of the Capitol was a horrifying event, and Americans were understandably traumatized.”

    oh please, there have been far worse riots for months, no one was traumatized except the same DNC snowflakes who have been cheering on BLM and winking at “just an idea” antifa all year

    literally one person was killed by protesters in the DC riot, the CHAZzers alone racked up many times that body count

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