Remy: It Wasn't Me (Shaggy Parody)

A politician socially distances from his own executive orders.


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Following in the footsteps of Gavin Newsom and other politicians, Mayor Remy finds it hard to obey his own COVID-19 restrictions.

Shaggy "It Wasn't Me" parody written and performed by Remy; music tracks and mastering by Ben Karlstrom; video produced by Austin Bragg


Yo, man (Yo)
Open up, man (Yeah, what you want, man?)
My constituents just caught me (You let them catch you?)
I don't know how I let this happen (Wait, where?)
The place next door, ya know? (Wait, I thought you ordered the restaurants to close)
Man, I don't know what to do (Say it wasn't you)
Oh, right!

Voter came in and they caught me red-handed
Eating at the place next door (Were there a lot of people there?)
Picture this—it was not that vacant
Like a hundred peeps or more
How could I forget that I had
Banned all indoor gatherings?
Just a prime example of a really big hypocrisy

You don't understand, we're not like other creatures
Rules do not apply to us, we are the leaders
Voters can't be trusted to be indoor-eaters
They are more contagious—after all, they're mouth-breathers
Just tell them it's important to follow all the law
How any violation might kill a grandma
While you do what you want, even pardon in-laws
Mr. Mayor, how would you prefer your foie gras?

Sir, we saw you at a party
It wasn't me
Eating at The French Laundry
It wasn't me
You even had the clam chowder
It wasn't me
Sir, we got you on camera
It wasn't me
You said we can't be super-spreading
It wasn't me
So I missed my brother's wedding
It wasn't me
You jailed a barber for hair-dressing
Wait, I have a wedding…
This is getting upsetting…