Joe Biden

Joe Biden's $11 Trillion Plan To Bankrupt America

The president-elect promised record levels of spending and taxes on the campaign trail. Will he succeed?


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"John Kerry ran on [spending] $2 trillion [extra] over 10 years. Barack Obama ran on $1 trillion, Hillary on $2 trillion. Biden? $11 trillion," says Brian Riedl, a budget expert at the Manhattan Institute. Riedl notes that the president-elect also stumped for $3.6 trillion in new taxes over the coming decade, which would be the single-largest increase since World War II.

"This is the Bolsheviks vs. the Mensheviks," he continues. "The Mensheviks are the moderates, but we're all so far to the left right now. It used to be a trillion-dollar policy would shock people, and now a trillion-dollar policy gets laughed at for being insufficient."

Joe Biden's ambitious fiscal policy and his promises to beef up labor and environmental regulations are the reasons why The Washington Post called his platform "more liberal than that of every past Democratic nominee." Given that the former vice president and senator will almost certainly face a Republican Senate and inherit a weakened Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, it remains to be seen what sort fiscal policy he will try to enact, much less be able to pass. In fiscal 2020, the federal government spent $6.6 trillion and posted a $3.1 trillion deficit, potentially setting staggeringly high new baselines for both.

But even with a divided government hitting the "snooze bar" on Biden's most-ambitious programs, Riedl says, there will still be plenty of new spending over the next four years. "In the short term, you're going to get more pandemic aid, more recession aid," he predicts. "Not nearly the $3 trillion the Democrats want, but maybe another $1 trillion. There might be a bipartisan infrastructure deal at some point….The Overton window has shifted. Bernie Sanders ran on $97 trillion, Elizabeth Warren ran on $45 trillion. All of a sudden, Biden's a moderate."

Narrated by Nick Gillespie. Edited by Isaac Reese. Feature image by Lex Villena.

Photos: MEGA / Newscom; SHANNON STAPLETON/REUTERS/Newscom; REUTERS/Carlos Barria; CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS/Newscom; REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton; Brad Barket/Everett Collection; LEAH MILLIS/REUTERS/Newscom; CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS/Newscom; CNP / Polaris/Newscom; Andrew Lichtenstein/Polaris/Newscom; Bastiaan Slabbers/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Andrew Lichtenstein/Polaris/Newscom; John Nacion/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Xinhua News Agency/Newscom; Xinhua News Agency/Newscom; SHANNON STAPLETON/REUTERS/Newscom; Christopher Brown/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Hans Gutknecht/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Michael Nagle Xinhua News Agency/Newscom; Andrew Lichtenstein/Polaris/Newscom; Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Newscom; Thomas Wiewandt/Wild Horizons/Education Images/Universal Images Group/Newscom; Everett Collection/Newscom; AgnosticPreachersKid, CC BY-SA 3.0

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  1. It’s only numbers on paper, right?

    1. bits in a computer

        1. Trump ran a 3 $Trillion deficit, which by my figures, Biden would be able to take care of every homeless Vet (Trumps losers and suckers) in the US.

          1. lol… And the ENTIRE time the left was INSISTING it be MORE!!!!

          2. “Trump ran a 3 $Trillion deficit, which by my figures, Biden would be able to take care of every homeless Vet (Trumps losers and suckers) in the US.”

            Your ‘figures’ are bullshit, as are you claims regarding what Trump said.
            Fuck off and die, lefty shit.

          3. You guys aren’t gonna fix jack shit. You never ever do. Your belief in your powers of governance is a pure delusion. You live strictly to bitch, moan, and complain.

          4. DBruce, you are mistaking Trump for biden. Pedo joe biden called my brothers and sisters “stupid bastards”.

          5. Veterans are for Trump, and against Biden. Biden did jackshit for vets when he was senator and VP. Trump has actually done some good things.

            Democrats are garbage people.

    2. Cheney Said ‘Deficits Don’t Matter,’
      If there is one thing the Democrats and Republicans can agree on, it is bankrupting America.

      1. Then why is it that our greatest financial disasters ALWAYS happen under the GOP?

        Sadly addressing our debt & providing all the social programs we need is as easy as instituting a 1% purchase & 1% Sales tax on our financial markets. In fact, we could leave all the tax rates above the potus’s salary + benefits +$500/yr alone and eliminate federal income tax filing for every American & Business earning less than $250/yr, (congress’s salary+). In fact, utilizing this revenue stream would eliminate the whole idea of capital gains incomes and the tax scams that penalize us for needing our retirement accounts now to survive.
        DID YOU KNOW, THE 98.3% WHO EARN less than congress account for only 17% of our nation’s revenue? DID YOU ALSO KNOW that over 2/3rds of the IRS’s resources are utilized to collect this 17%? DID YOU ALSO KNOW THAT we lose more than this 17% as a result of Medicare & Medicaid fraud?

        What if our IRS could focus on the 1.7% who are guilty of committing the medicare & medicaid fraud in the first place? Ironically, this revenue stream would require no major infrastructure investment because the SEC already exists. Moreover, given the immediate taxation upon the purchase & sale of stocks, Stock options, corp bonds, & commodities, will always generate money due to the robo-trading being done in millisecond intervals and whether the market goes up or down, we the people always get paid 1st! People & businesses paying federal income tax could be earmarked for the cost of government & our military while the new revenue, which is approximately 2.5 times greater than the federally collected income tax could legitimately pay-off our debt within a decade.
        Best part, since 98.3% of the people will be exempt from having to file federal income taxes, the idea of class warfare could finally become a thing of the past. It’s sad to see people who earn between $75K-$175K, about 10% of the country, attacking the 50% who earn the average income, $36K/yr, as being mooches when these folks are being laughed by the 1.7%.

        1. >>why is it that our greatest financial disasters ALWAYS happen under the GOP

          (D) crashes the economy when (R) is in charge of the Executive.

        2. Why is John here has the mental age of an 8 year old? Clearly someone else gave this to him to post…who was it John?? Was it one of your lefty `8 year old loving’ pals? Hands up everyone who read John’s post? See no-one. Because it is tedious, humorless communist rhetoric which is a giant snooooze.

          1. Chepup
            November.9.2020 at 8:58 pm
            “Why is John here has the mental age of an 8 year old?”

            Why are you here when someone has clearly vacuumed out whatever you hoped were brains.
            Fuck off and die.

            1. Sorry “fuck off and die” may work against your imaginary adverseries in your wishcast fantasy bubble but out here in reality not so much. Why are you all angry? You should be skipping and whistling in joy. I mean you’ve swallowed the `Trump lost’ pill haven’t you? Weird these people are permanently triggered over the air they breathe.
              Pro Tip: Trump won Biden got 30% to Trump’s 60% so learn to behave yourself, prior behaviours no longer tolerated.

        3. Haha. The people who spend time thinking about how the bloated government can extract more money to waste from other people are the ugliest kind of losers.

        4. It takes time and politics, and often who gets blamed is the wrong President. Take Clinton, he got blamed for NAFTA, a George HW Bush initiative that came before Congress right after HW lost the election, and that a majority of Reps and Dems voted for, which made it useless for Clinton to veto.
          Yet George “W” Bush had the financial collapse in 2007 caused by Clinton’s change in banking, mortgages and financial instruments. In both cases the wrong President got the blame. Effects of legislation is seldom immediate.
          “correlation does not imply causation”

      2. Yeah, looks like we’re back to the uniparty soaking the suckers, er, I mean taxpayers. Don’t worry, hyperinflation will take care of that pesky US debt by paying it with dollars worth only a fraction of the old ones. Hoping to live on that 401K you’ve been funding for a few decades? You are SOL, but at least we’ll have the Green New Deal and DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) mandates!

    3. “How can I be overdrawn when I still have checks?” used to just be a stupid bumper sticker. The idea seems to have caught on.

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  2. The Overton window has shifted. Bernie Sanders ran on $97 trillion, Elizabeth Warren ran on $45 trillion. All of a sudden, Biden’s a moderate.”

    Some of us have been pointing this out for years. According to one commenter here, I’m now a conservative. I don’t mind the moniker so much, but very little about my philosophical outlook has changed over the last decade– less one or two minor tweaks. But yes, by the modern Overton Window, I’m Ronald Reagan.

    1. Isn’t this bizarre. The more I stay constant with my beliefs, apparently the more extreme I get.

      1. Hey, hey, all of ye Reasonoid readers! Do NOT bother to read this article! Do NOT bother to read (or read about) ANY links, facts, or logic contained in this article and video! Do NOT bother to trouble your pretty little heads about silly factual details gathered by useless Reason-writer eggheads!

        Because I, the SMARTEST ONE, can “summarize” it ALL for you! Here it is, above article summarized: “Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad”!

        (/Sarc, revenge for moronic “summaries” about “Orange Man Bad”)

        1. You’ve been a leftist the entire time. Look at your citation history.

          1. Well, in my defense, EVERYONE besides JesseSPAZ, Der TrumpfenFuhrer, Steve Bannon, and Pepe the Stolen-IP-4Chan-White-Power-Frog, are leftists, these days!

            Hey JesseSPAZ… I wish you and Steve Bannon well, as the two of you pursue your “romantic triad” with Pepe the Frog, and with your noble intentions to “knock up” Pepe the (real, non-stolen-IP) Frog! Advocatingocking Pepe up, as you have written, for political revenge!

            Be ye WARNED, however, that Miss Piggy is trying her best, to steal the object of your affections!!!!


            1. No. You are. You quote the atlantic more than anything dummy. Youre not a libertarian.

              Just a shit eating racist with a white savior complex who has a shitty taste in newspapers.

              1. Says the Trumptatorshit-luster-after!

                Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See
                “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

                Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
                With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
                “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

                I say again, this is important…
                “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
                We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
                Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

                1. Hihn is not dead, Demons do not die.

                  He now possesses the SQRLSY ONE.

                2. “Says the Trumptatorshit-luster-after!”

                  Fuck off and die, spaz.

                  1. Wow, what literary talent and rapier wit! Let’s see if I can match or exceed it, with some OTHER brilliantly smart comments that I have created just now!

                    Fuck off, spaz!
                    You eat shit, you said so yourself!
                    You’re a racist Hitler-lover!
                    Take your meds!
                    That’s so retarded!
                    You’re a Marxist!
                    Your feet stink and you don’t love Trump!
                    Your source is leftist, so it must be false!
                    Trump rules and leftists drool!
                    You are SOOO icky-poo!
                    But Goo-Goo-Gah-Gah!

                    Wow, I am now 11 times as smart and original as you are!

                    1. This isn’t original, but it’s true and you need to listen.

                      Kill yourself.

        2. Squirrelly, go back to eating from your shit pail.

      2. The pendulum effect.

    2. You know who else had a philosophical outlook that didn’t change much over a decade?

      1. All those statues we spent this summer pulling down?

        (Statues, autocorrect, not statutes. I wish we pulled a bunch of laws down this summer. Besides the ones prohibiting arson and robbery, of course.)

    3. First term Obama would be a Republican now.

  3. Blah blah blah- I didn’t hear this much consternation when the Rs blew 2 trillion (a full 10% of the debt) and DOUBLED the deficit just to shovel money to already rich fucks.

    Besides that, the Senate will stay republican keeping any good plans out of the works anyway.

    1. There are no “good plans.”

      1. “good plans” on the left is any plan that STEALS MORE money from “those” working slaves so the [WE] foundation can sit on their *sses and collect *free* entitlements..

        1. Jesus fuck get new material. Republicans have you incomprehensible sad victims actually convinced that the richer you are, the more of a slave, because taxes.

          I have yet to meet the rich person who gave it all up to live the good life on government checks. And that’s despite all the access to the legislative process they have. What gives, I tell you.

          1. Nice straw man you got there. Were you up all night working on it?

            1. Yes, he was, but not necessarily in the way you meant.

            2. So taxation is not in any way like slavery?

              A little like slavery?

          2. The more you *earn* the more they TAKE…. As-if that wasn’t a generally acknowledged truth.

            As someone else put it perfectly —
            The left TAKES according to a persons ability and gives according to need. JUST LIKE slave owners do.

            Denial of reality is why the truth bothers you.

    2. “I didn’t hear this much consternation when the R’s blew 2 trillion…”

      Have you been in a hole for the past 8 months?

        1. liars are sometimes clever. raspberry not so much.

        2. “No, he’s a liar.”

          You’re assuming that stinking pile of lefty shit has knowledge enough to lie.
          Never assume cupidity where stupidity will suffice.

      1. All while the D’s were trying to BLOW 5 Trillion. Pretending like R’s are the faulty party of todays national financing problems is like pretending lake Michigan is bigger than the Atlantic ocean.

        It’s takes a GIGANTIC amount of full-blown IGNORANCE to pretend otherwise. Maybe you’re still living in the GWB time-frame which might of had a speckle of truth to it.

    3. The Democrats expressed consternation that the R’s didn’t follow up the 2 trillion they blew by blowing another 3 trillion.

  4. At this point it’s all fake anyway, so there’s no limit to the printing they will do.

    Plan your life accordingly.

  5. You need to stop calling this clown President elect…only the corrupted media cartel has called the election for Biden…just cease!

    Hate to break it to the minority ie Biden people. Their steal plan may have worked in years past, it was doomed in 2020. Why? It’s a Democrat thing, they cannot ever picture scenarios where their own bullshit doesn’t become reality. Their brains are limited in this regard it’s a lack of creativity and imagination an affliction that seems to exist in the left.

    Exhibit 1. In 2016 Democrats and corrupt Government officials simply could not imagine Clinton losing the election. So they threw caution to the wind and broke every rule and every norm weaponizing the nations intel and law enforcement to spy on Trump and his campaign. They believed in all their damaged brains that Clinton’s win and the fake dossier would allow them to destroy their political opposition and clean up the illegality post election -FAIL They had to hurriedly concoct the Russian collusion lie (successful short term, devastating long term to media credibility which will in 2020 help disable the current election steal).

    Exhibit 2. Employing electronic means via ex CIA tools for election interference overseas. Battleground states where elections were managed by Democrat operatives had HAMMER & SCORECARD programs loaded onto tallying systems, these programs shave %’s off every Trump vote and add it to Biden’s vote. The amount is added via an algorithm that shapes the steal to certain parameters. Once again the Democrats determined that Trump would NEVER exceed Obama’s best election vote total and programmed using that in the algo. On election night around 10.30pm the top Democrat shat their pants realizing Trump was on track to exceed Obama’s best result. So they halted counting everywhere they could, kicked out GOP watchers, and manufactured the required vote. How? By taking legal Trump votes, transcribing them to a new ballot as Biden votes. Hence so many states had Biden votes with nothing marked for the down the list senate, congress etc races. At 4am they started adding in the stolen votes. When they had what they required, they collected the approximately 600,000 Trump votes transported them to the Crematoria opposite Four Seasons Landscaping where Rudy Guiliani held that Presser leftists are giggling about, and incinerated them. Don’t you think it’s hilarious we all know now and that Guiliani held his presser at the exact moment the media called the election for Biden. How many Democrats shat their pants when they learned where Guiliani was? It’s all coming out…be careful because it will be proven the wokerati who’ve been oppressing, screaming and threatening Trump voters represent 30something % vs Trumps now known 60something% of the legal vote. Consider yourselves warned…enjoy!

    1. Why do you #DATS (#DumbAssTrumpSupporters) continuously deny the #CRIMINALinCHIEF’s involvement with Russia in 2016? The GOP controlled Senate intel committee confirmed what Mueller found – the campaign coordinated the dissemination of foreign intelligence, but it didn’t “collude” because it wasn’t responsible for stealing the information directly. Maybe this is why #DONtheCON is scared to lose the election, he will be prosecuted, LOL. In fact, I’m praying that Biden/Harris behave just like #DONtheCON – “Lock him up”.

      Moreover, the democrats have wanted to spend money on election security, but #MoscowMitch wouldn’t have it. This is the same game plan as in 2016, whine & cry that the election was fixed – set up a voting fraud commission and then secretly disband it when Kobach couldn’t find anything. Even funnier, NC Republican rep. Harris, the last BIG voting fraud scandal who was turned by his son, LOL. Our #POUTINGpotus was crying months in advance, telling all you Repukelicons NOT to utilize mail in ballots, & now you’re crying because that’s why the #CRIMINALinCHIEF lost by over 4.5M votes this time around.

      One last thing for a special #DATS like, all the crying being done that unless this election result is overturned, we’ll never see another repukelicon Potus, LOL…how sad must your party be if #DONtheCON is your hero? LOL suckers & losers

      1. Partisan issues aside; Do you believe in the U.S. Constitution? You’re obviously a big fan of Democrats so I’m trying to figure out what makes you people vote for what you do?

      2. We continue to fight because people like yourself sit on your fat lazy ass while globalist media overreaches and makes it their job to decide undecided elections.

        Your obsession with Russia is boring and this is the reason you have no friends, no intimacy and no love. Best you go tell your Mommy how much you hate Trump, she will understand. Screeching as you are in public makes you look like the 8 year old, you are mentally.

  6. Mr. Buttplug is the most knowledgeable member of this comment section when it comes to economic issues. And he says the Democrats are now the party of fiscal responsibility. Expect the Biden Administration to demonstrate that — especially if the Senate goes Dem as well.


    1. $11 trillion is responsible. it’ll transform the economy into a well-oiled… well, well-electrified machine that will run on the power of Wind and Light!

      1. Don’t forget that the strongest economy in US history occurred between 2009 and 2016. Obama deserves most of the credit, but Biden was VP at the time. I’m confident we can duplicate that success beginning in 2021.

        1. Duplicate? Nuh uh, we’re Building Back Better with No Malarkey. If that isn’t a campaign slogan that gets the young people lubed up, I don’t know what is.

          1. soon the whole nation will be as rich as Scranton. I mean Park Avenue.

          2. Biden likes it when young people are lubed up.

      2. It’s only a $84,615/yr BILL for those who have a JOB…

      3. Sarcasm really should be labelled.
        Otherwise, in webmail, it’s usually not obvious that that’s what it is.

    2. The Senate is not going Democrat if I have to move my ass to GA and vote 10,000 times.

      1. Do it. Apparently voting doesn’t have rules or laws anymore.

  7. Two troubling issues here.
    1. People here seem to have swallowed the media deciding the 2020 election when it is actually still undecided

    2. People here seem to have no issue with the media deciding the 2020 election when it is actually still undecided.

    Pro Tip: remove your Trump hate tinted goggles, if the media is allowed to do this now what exactly will stop them doing it for their preferred candidate for every election?

    1. The two troubling issues are your complete lack intelligence and your grandiose belief that your providing valuable information to the public. The media is reporting the results, even Fox News. Trump spent millions after he won trying to find rampant voting fraud and then he secretly disbanded his super special commission. Now, he’s doing the same dance again and your happy to be part of the band. the media had been doing this ever since TV was invented. If you’d listen, you’d realize that every outlet is aware that vote are completely certified until Dec. 14th, but since there’s nowhere near the fraud you need to be a winner – I suggest you cry about the #POUTINGpotus telling you Repukelicons not to vote by mail…LOL

      1. Well abuse you must, I guess. Answer these two questions;
        1. Since when does globalist owned media decide “enough is enough, our preferred candidate won”?

        2.since when did media start calling one candidate President -elect before an election is decided?

        I’m genuinely interested in your response. If you don’t care, that fine others do and this will not stand. If you want to parrot the globalist media talking points regarding their over-reach, don’t waste my time.

        1. Blue Light special on foil hats, aisle #6, additional discounts for those who can identify Elvis’s alien love-child on the grassy knoll!

    2. Because the Associated Press is a lefty organization so they’ll NEVER fan-club a Republican into office.

    3. and Trump fans don’t want to admit when their goose is cooked.
      you can argue that the chef took some shortcuts, but at this point no one is going to send it back.

    4. We shouldn’t be surprised. The media did it to Bernie in 2016. They just let their guard down against Trump back then because there was no way Clinton was going to lose to a badly tanned reality TV show host. This time around they took no chances and went all in against the President… and Biden still barely eeked out a win (pending resolution of several recounts and many investigations into suspicious results).

      Honestly this could be the last gasp of the traditional media. If this is the best they could do then their influenced has waned dramatically.

  8. Oh good reason is on Biden’s case. We all know how well that worked when Obama was president. But don’t worry they have plenty of TDS left in their quiver and 2 months to use it.

    1. What’s your point? Should they stop getting on the president’s case because it doesn’t “work”?

      1. They should have started months ago when this information was also true. They tacitly condoned it for months because of orange man bad.

        1. I don’t remember them ever condoning spending hikes by anyone. Here’s one where they specifically call Biden out pre-election:

          1. Yes. They had one. Now count how many they had for trump. This issue saying the media had no bias against trump because 5% of articles were positive to him. It is a matter of aggregation. Trump never got close to the size of the budget. Ken constantly pointed out trump always negotiated spending down from Pelosi.

            They had a handful of articles decrying the statism the left publicly endorsed. They had a cornucopia of orange man bad.

            Are you denying this?

            1. I’m denying that Reason condoned increased spending. For as long as I’ve been reading, they’ve been pretty consistent on opposing federal spending. I never really gave enough of a shit to calculate the bias ratios.

              I voted Jorgensen because my vote didn’t matter in KS anyway. I voted R for the Senate race because there was some chance of KS going blue there and throwing both houses of Congress to the Dems. I would have preferred Trump won, but he lost. I take solace in the fact that my life will go on, and there’s still going to be way more important shit to worry about than politics.

              1. like a QB who doesn’t hand the ball to the nearest linebacker on the game-winning drive geez

                1. Man, that one hurt. Took the kids to watch it in The Bill; hell of a game. Howard’s taking his lumps this year, but excited to see what he can do as a sophomore and beyond. The future’s bright for the Cats; just make a bowl this year.

                  1. yes. I criticize because I love.

    2. They’ve consistently pointed out how bad orange man is, while all the while pretending the only alternative would be fiscally responsible and respect individual liberties? WTF

  9. >>It used to be a trillion-dollar policy would shock people, and now a trillion-dollar policy gets laughed at for being insufficient

    when money isn’t real all policy is insufficient.

  10. The forecasting of spending under Biden’s presidency is no cause for concern.

    In four years, if libertarians just vote for the LP harder, Biden’s socialist successors will have no chance of winning an election and then we can finally begin untangling the endless pit of debt with the rest of the grumbling zeks.

    1. If the law of government projections hold, the baseline is actually 22 trillion.

      1. Do not fret.

        The libertarians assure me that Biden is nothing more than a squishy centrist with liver spots, rather than a realist — firmly center right — with orange skin.

  11. Higher deficits strangle economic growth.
    Higher taxes strangle economic growth.

    Deficits vs taxes don’t matter. The problem is spending.

    1. All spending is a tax. The best way to reduce taxes is to cut spending.

      1. Glad your guy won then.

      2. “All spending is a tax. The best way to reduce taxes is to cut spending.”

        I got a great deal for a sucker (oops) investor like you on the north anchorage of a bridge, but ya gotta act fast:
        Please forward you bank account number to I’
        Limited time offer to stupid shits like you!

        1. From where does government derive its money to pay for spending you might ask?

          1. from tax receipts today (a direct tax)
          2. from borrowing, paid for by future tax receipts (a tax in the future)
          3. from printing money and driving down the value of your savings (an indirect tax)

          So I’ll ask which part of my statement, “all spending is a tax,” do you disagree with?

  12. What’s the problem? Libertarians are proud they swung the vote in favor of Biden fo the moment.

    Also. Can you imagine the conversation between Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden? OMFG I hope someone records them.

    1. How would you like to be Biden’s interpreter to Kim Jong Un?

  13. Well if Biden’s plan crashes the economy and brings on a world wide depression that lasts for years, the Democrats are probably done for good. See there is a silver lining in every cloud!

    1. Nah. You would think that, but it isn’t true. They will double down on not doing enough.

      1. yeah, the day that the overspending causes a giant crash is the day the Nobel Prize winning economists will blame austerity.

        I know because it already happened 12 years ago.

    2. If socialists understand one thing, it is that there is no failure large enough that cannot be remedied by simply doubling down.

      1. Why double down when you can triple down? Don’t want to be accused of being unserious about the COVID threat, do you?

    3. EXACTLY what everyone here has replied. A quick look at FDR serving out 12-years of the worst Depression this country has ever seen should be a clue.

      The fact that the left compulsively tries to kill the USA (U.S. Constitution) while pretending to love this country it is another clue.

      These aren’t ‘logical’ thinking people; They are emotional nut-jobs.

      1. No they are simply power-mad.

        1. The cancer eating out every Democratic mind (and crooks) —
          The POWER to STEAL = WEALTH
          instead of the civilized assumption that VALUE = WEALTH.

    4. I remember when that exact thing happened to FDR.

        1. I think Jerry was in an iron lung back in when he was a teenager.

    5. Lol, you will have a war. Problem solved.

    6. The only silver linings I see is a better federal judiciary thanks to Mitch, Lyndsey, and FEDSOC; and it will only stay that way with a Republican majority [by one, maybe two] in the Senate.

  14. Reason is really gonna pretend they never liked the left now huh. This was all information 2 weeks ago that was conveniently ignored because mean talk was worse. Lol.

    1. You’re right, I can’t think of a single article that Reason has ever written that is critical of government spending.

      Marxists, every single one of them.

      1. Hey strawman. Same idiocy as above.

        They were much more abrasive to those wanting to spend less. I mean fuck, Bailey wants on demand testing paid for by taxes.

        But keep pretending there wasn’t a set narrative here. Youre delusional.

        1. They do push a narrative. And it is that both sides are bad. That may be silly and naïve, but it’s far from what you claim.

    2. Now Jesse. You and your cohorts have been assuring us for the past four years that it’s not what the President “says”, rather what he “does”. So it’s really irrelevant at this point to judge Biden. I mean he could be playing 11th dimensional chess simply to throw his opponents off balance, no?

      1. It’s hard to play chess with a checkers mentality.

  15. So the real question is how do we convince the public that there is a limit and it must be addressed.
    I would be willing to cut and pay taxes if it went to reduce the deficit but no one is willing and they always claim it hurts the poor even though they have two tv s and cell phones for everyone.
    We need some real talk about how to change course

  16. Got to borrow trillions to bail out CALPERS and CALSTRS, the extravagant California State pension plans. We would all hate to see Curtis Ishii not get his yearly pension of $418,600+ a 2% Cost of Living raise. Over 80,000 State Retirees get over 100k and many over 150-300k. What, your pension (if you have one) isn’t that high? Too Bad. Public Employee Unions run California. They elect their candidates. That’s why California is a one-party state and going broke. They tried Prop 15 and it didn’t work. Now Kamala has got to get busy. After all, they elected her.

    1. “Got to borrow trillions to bail out CALPERS and CALSTRS, the extravagant California State pension plans…”

      That steaming pile of lefty shit Am Soc claimed CA with moonbeam as gov had ‘a balanced budget!’
      Yeah, by ignoring the deferred maintenance like forest management (the victims of the wild fires should be thanking you, you pathetic piece of shit) and infrastructure like the Oroville dam, picking dimes from the sofa cushions and paying the $25 minimum on the credit card.
      Where is commie kid? Did his employer demand actual results and he can no longer show up here to prove how stupid he is?

  17. “Biden? $11 trillion,” says Brian Riedl, a budget expert at the Manhattan Institute. Riedl notes that the president-elect also stumped for $3.6 trillion in new taxes over the coming decade, which would be the single-largest increase since World War II.”

    NOW they tell us!!!
    If only we had known BEFORE we voted – – – – – – – – – –

    1. but the tax hikes will only be on people making over 40K.
      oops, I meant to say 400K, but my psychic reality filter kicked in.

  18. “now a trillion-dollar policy gets laughed at for being insufficient.”

    Biden’s infamous for confusing “thousand” and “million”. He probably meant to say “gazillion-dollar policy”.

    1. no, he liked the sound of “eleventy trillion”

  19. If Biden does become the next president and a GOP Senate won’t stop this slaver [WE] mob – I guess it’ll be a good time to test out the Supreme Court for honest (not crooks)…

    And just a reminder to everyone; Every office of the federal government swears to uphold the U.S. Constitution (that’s why you elected them; surprise, surprise?!?!?!) and not a single person can argue that the U.S. Constitution DOES NOT delegate everyone’s healthcare to the federal governments power.

    1. The senate? Yeah… Good luck. I remember when they were the staid, conservative body that protected us from our wilder whims. Yeah, we do t do that any more.

    2. It will be an even better time for a civil war.

  20. That’s just the first year. Harris and her (you’re never going to have a job again) government paid monthly income will cost $6 trillion/year. There will be no more elections if the Marxists gain full control of the government…a likely event since they can use as many fake mail in votes as they need. Who will stop them? The wimpy, gutless Republicans? They are part of the establishment scam. This is the end, my friend.


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  23. Why did we wait until the last moment to begin writing these pieces? Isn’t this the sort of thing that needed examining 5 months ago?

    1. Not even last minute, but after the clock has expired.

  24. We can talk all we want about fiscal responsibility but the fact is the vast majority of congress and certainly not any president have given a shit about deficits in the past 40 years. Congress has not even passed a budget by the “normal” process since 1997 and nobody wants to give up their free shit or cut off their rent seeking friends. 2/3 of the budget goes to entitlements anyway that will never be touched, and of the remaining third, half of that goes to the military, so that leaves 1/6 for the Ds and Rs to fight over. I don’t expect that to change in my lifetime.

    1. “…2/3 of the budget goes to entitlements anyway that will never be touched, and of the remaining third, half of that goes to the military, so that leaves 1/6 for the Ds and Rs to fight over…”

      We often get lefty shits who whine that if we cut the defense budget, all would be fine; they mimic the adolescent ‘wisdom’ of M4e.
      Personally, unless the military can show a profit selling to other nations, I’d prefer the budget to see drastic cuts; we have no business being world cops.
      Regardless, cutting the defense budget to zero would hardly make a dent in the welfare costs.

    2. oh, it will change in your lifetime, when inflation kicks in and the interest on the debt takes up a third of the budget.

  25. Someone ought to inform these candidates that they can’t serve for 10 years. 8 years is the max. 8 months is likely for Biden, with Harris carrying the papers around already.

    So why the 10 year plans?

    1. If Trump were to resign after January 2023, or later, Pence could serve the remainder of Trump’s term and still serve two full terms in his own right. That would be the limit.

      Not sure why you’re bringing up Biden and Harris, as they have not been yet been elected to office. Despite the irrelevant proclamations of some media organizations.

    2. Because the one world government global elitist’s have already prepared a 10 year and longer plan so all the demonrats need to do was get into or remain in positions of authority.

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  28. Republicans have no credibility on this subject, of course, but I bet you ten trillion dollars that Democrats will still find pay-fors for their legislation.

    Deficit and debt are simply a Republican-caused problem and it’s been that way since the 80s. But none of you actually care about that issue or practically any other. The only thing you idiots care about is worshiping the cock of Donald Trump and hating Democrats, because that’s what some fat cancer-ridden radio shock jock told you to believe.

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  30. The political continuum shifted, did you feel it? Trust me when I say things are not as they appear…don’t look foolish by swallowing the garbage the media is serving you.

  31. I, for one, am glad we’ve gotten through the denial phase and are finally admitting that all our money is fake and therefore it doesn’t matter how much of it we print, borrow or spend. Now we can quickly progress to the phase where the system breaks down and has to be rebuilt from the ground up, right?

  32. You mean the different plan than the Republicans paln that involves cutting taxes on people who actually make money and spending more money?

    that seemed like such a good plan

    1. The plan that neither party would ever consider is a plan to STOP SPENDING money that does not exist and stop funding agencies and programs of the Federal Government that have no Constitutional authority to exist. We know that will happen when pigs fly over the moon.

  33. It seems like Trump already has a massive debt problem.

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  35. Joe Biden sold all the federal land to the Mexican cartels, including the land under the White House.
    Tunnels! Ola Donnie!

  36. Biden is not president elect until Dec. 14th Nicky

  37. I think that thanks for the valuabe information and insights you have so provided here soccar

  38. Time to give up. Vote for all the spending Modern Monetary Theory and let it all collapse. Just like an alcoholic it will never be addressed until the nation hits rock bottom that will be one day after our bonds can’t be sold.

    1. Well your rulers have been working to demoralize you to the point you want to give up. Hope you are happy living under totalitarianism-total control over your thoughts, your speech, your acts, and your ability to survive because that is going to be your reality. As for me, I will fight these demons to the death, even if it means I die for they can kill my body but will never kill my soul as it belongs to my Ruler, King, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  39. Are Americans as stupid as they act? Yes. Both the misnamed parties are people with the same goal but using a different method to obtain it. “Republicans” and “Democrats” are in service to themselves. What they believe will benefit them or those who have paid to get them elected and re-elected is what they work for. “The people” are only useful idiots conditioned to believe governments made up of lying, corrupt, greedy puppets who force them to give up their rights, freedoms, money, property and assets work for their best interests. The reality is governments-local, state, and federal will continue to grow in power and have more control over every single facet of human life whether liberal or conservative because “we the people” have willingly given them authority over us and will do as we are told.

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