Remy: NoMargaritasville (Jimmy Buffett Parody)

Drinking outside would be OK if the government considered you an adult.


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Some people claim that there's a woman to blame. But we know it's the government's fault.

"Margaritaville" parody written and performed by Remy; music tracks, mastering, and background vocals by Ben Karlstrom; video produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg.

I've got more ice than Sweden
More Maker's than Eden
More 12-year-old whites than Prince Andrew

I've got more melon squeezings
Than a Redskins team meeting
How I'll make rent I haven't a clue

Wasting away here in NoMargaritasville
Wishing I could sell cocktails-to-go
But the government claims we'd be a gross kind of place
Just like these where you can drink outdoors

I've got swanky Bacardi
More Tanq than a SWAT team
More fingers of Johnny than Amber Heard

If there's no ceiling above ya
While you're sipping I'll cuff ya
I guess us going under is what they prefer

Wasting away here in NoMargaritasville
Fully stocked with lost shakers of salt
Some people wail we put too many in jail
Well these laws might be a good place to start