Remy: Savage (Megan Thee Stallion Coronavirus Bailout Parody)

The last time we sent this much money to the Kennedy Center, it was for a pair of Hamilton tickets.


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Remy reports from self-quarantine.

Written, performed, and filmed by iPhone while social distancing by Remy. Mastered by Ben Karlstrom. Music track produced by Dices. Video edited by Austin Bragg. Produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg.

Look I know you're all concerned
with business starting to totter
People's biggest concern right now
is the survival of opera

What would you do with this amount
if we sent all of it your way?
Cut a bunch of people loose
and use the cash to clean the drapes

Cause I'm a Savage
$2 trillion-dollar package
Money folks need badly
But our curtains nasty
I mean they're nasty

Next up, United
A beloved aviator
We get you to your destination
your bags there two days later

We'll give you cash if by this date
you won't be job terminators
I'll take the cash and wait a bit
and fire them one day later

Cause I'm a savage
$2 trillion-dollar package
Money folks need badly
But their cash to me they're handing
It's baffling

Funding for abstinence programs
No, for sex that is safe
How about money for both?
Ah, the gas and the brakes!

See America's just fine
with us on the clock
The economy's strong
Hi, Mr. Schwab? Sell my stock

Curtains for the opera?
It's curtains for us!
Millions of people are hurting
these are the things you discuss?

I mean with trillions of dollars
and all these handouts withdrawn
that's like $7,000 for each
…your camera's still on.