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Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler Accused of Coronavirus-Motivated Insider Trading

Tucker Carlson: "There is no greater moral crime than betraying your country in a time of crisis, and that appears to be what happened."


Plague trading? Privately, Sen. Richard Burr (R–N.C.) warned constituents weeks ago that coronavirus was "akin to the 1918 pandemic," NPR reports. Publicly, he towed President Donald Trump's line that the new disease would not be a big deal.

Worse still, ProPublica reports that Burr sold off between $600,000 and $1.7 million in stocks on February 13, suggesting that he used his private knowledge about the coming economic impact of the pandemic to prevent personal financial losses. Burr chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee and is a member of the Health Committee. At the time he sold the stocks—a significant proportion of his wealth—he was being briefed regularly on COVID-19.

It was the largest single-day stock trade for Burr in 14 months.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R–Georgia) also sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stocks between January 24 and February 14. Loeffler has claimed that she was not made aware of these transactions until February 16, and that "investment decisions are made by multiple third-party advisors without my or my husband's knowledge or involvement."

Sens. Jim Inhofe (R–Oklahoma) and Diane Feinstein (D–Calif.) also sold stocks around the same time period. Feinstein asserted that her assets are in a blind trust and that she has no involvement with it.

Conservatives wasted little time in calling for Burr, at the very least, to resign from office if he can't explain his actions. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Burr appears to have "betrayed your country in a time of crisis."

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.) tweeted that she was with Carlson on this 100 percent. She ended her tweet with the "gasp" emoji.

Loeffler probably has a better defense than Burr. She's so wealthy—with a net worth of $500 million, she's the richest member of Congress—that the sum total of her recent trades would hardly matter to her.

In any case, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK) of 2012 bars members of Congress from using insider knowledge to turn a profit. In practice, it's probably not always possible to prevent lawmakers from being influenced by the sensitive information they learn. But the reason it's such a scandal in this case is that Burr and Loeffler appear to have been worried enough about the coronavirus to look out for their own finances but did almost nothing to alert the broader public. Outwardly, they perfectly embodied the administration's this-is-fine-dog approach to the coronavirus.

Given that people will almost assuredly die—perhaps by the hundreds or thousands—because government authorities did not take this pandemic seriously enough from the start, this alleged behavior is utterly despicable.


Need a brief break from coronavirus coverage? I participated in a debate about cancel culture for Paiaragraph:

Cancel culture is a tricky subject that suffers from a lack of clearly defined terms. Indeed, some people who have suffered a fate akin to "canceling" have merely been held, at long last, accountable for their actions (Harvey Weinstein is one such person). Those who are wary of cancel culture's excesses do not mean to suggest that it is always wrong, or even usually wrong, to call out bad behavior. It would be ludicrous to suggest that journalists, watchdog groups, and the public should refrain from criticizing powerful people.

But yes, cancel culture occasionally goes too far, causing some person or entity to suffer an unwarranted or overly punitive social sanction because of mob-like behavior on the part of critics. These occurrences tend to attract our attention when they involve people of public significance, like comedians and famous writers, who are often wealthy and well-suited to weathering the storm. This gives the false impression that being canceled is no big deal, or even a positive thing (Dave Chapelle's complaints about being canceled make for comedy gold). For the many, many people who find themselves suddenly dragged on social media over trivial slights—think of the young white woman who infamously posted a picture of her traditional Chinese prom dress, an alleged act of cultural appropriation—this is not the case. In fact, it's quite harrowing when thousand upon thousands of people accuse you, not simply of having done a bad thing, but of being a bad person (a racist, in the case of the prom dress girl). When I say that "cancel culture has gone too far," I don't just mean that it has ensnared too many people, but also that its enforcers tend to essentialize their criticisms—it becomes about a person's fundamental character, not their regrettable actions or words. This is hardly surprising, but social media mobs, it turns out, are not always judicious and fair-minded.

Read the full exchange—including the response from my debate partner, the socialist writer Aaron Freedman—here.


Coronavirus layoffs are already overwhelming the unemployment system. BuzzFeed News reports:

The number of Americans filing for unemployment jumped by 70,000 last week, the highest level since September 2017, because of the increase in coronavirus-related layoffs, according to the Department of Labor.

Thousands of people who have been recently laid off, lost their jobs, or had their work hours reduced were then subjected to further frustration after several states websites' crashed because of high traffic. Many on social media were left confused and fearful over their eligibility for unemployment benefits, including those who were furloughed or on zero-hour contracts.


  • Netflix slows down streaming in Europe to prevent an overload.
  • The actor Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin on Lost, has contracted COVID-19.
  • A new poll finds that 55 percent of Americans approve of Turmp's handling of the crisis.
  • Oh, also, this happened:

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  1. …Burr sold off between $600,000 and $1.7 million in stocks on February 13, suggesting that he used his private knowledge about the coming economic affects of the pandemic to prevent personal financial losses.

    The LP has its candidate!

    1. Barr, Burr… they could probably use the same signs with a little masking tape.

    1. Notice that Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R–Georgia) is up for election in 2020.

      While this should be a story about insider trading by Congress, unreason and all the media propagandists ignore all the insider trading done year after year by Congressmen until the Democrat Party is on the ropes.

      Diane Feinstein is a senior Senator who has already had multiple Chinese spies on her staff. One would think this would be a big get.

      Nope. The media hacks are going after the junior Senator from Georgia (SUCCESSFUL WHITE BUSINESS WOMAN) who is up for special election in 2020.

      Richard Burr is not up for election in 2020 but North Carolina is certainly a battleground state.

      1. Kelly Loeffler is trash backed by the never Trumper GA GOP establishment.
        Club for Growth (the anti-Trump, pro Romney PAC) has been running nonstop hit ads on Doug Collins for having the temerity to challenge for her seat.
        Rep. Doug Collins you may remember from the impeachment debacle, where he made strong arguments in defense of Trump and the constitution.

        1. I was not a fan of Kemp for Governor as he does seem like a sneaky little prick. Better than Abrams though.

          Senator Kelly Loeffler did seem like an odd pick but I was glad someone with some cryptocurrency experience would be in Congress. I have not been following her closely.

          I saw this hit piece this morning and knew unreason would bite. Once I saw Feinstein’s name on the list of 4 congressmen, I knew she would be excluded in the By-line. They cannot help themselves. So I had both barrels ready.

          1. Thanks for the heads up Nardz on Club for Growth. I will check out that development.

          2. “Once I saw Feinstein’s name on the list of 4 congressmen, I knew she would be excluded in the By-line. They cannot help themselves”
            Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.

            1. How is Feinstein, who’s husband became a billionaire in a community property state, not richer than Loeffler?

        2. Alternatively, Brian Kemp is a traitorous bastard more concerned with the welfare of the Georgia GOP than with sucking Trump’s dick like Doug Collins – and this after Trump was so nice as to appoint Kemp governor of Georgia!

          See, Kemp thinks appointing an urban female to the job might attract more women and more city folk to the GOP whereas Collins thinks that the big tent strategy is for fools and all you need to do is praise Trump long enough and hard enough to achieve victory. He actually thinks being a fervent Trump supporter is the way to long-term success because surely Trump will be leading the GOP for the next 100 years. Unfortunately, Doug Collins has limited appeal to people who live in the parts of Georgia that aren’t Appalachia.

          Like it or not, if you’re pinning your hopes on Trump for electoral success beyond 2024, you’re as big an idiot as Doug Collins and the rest of the Lindsey Graham wing of the GOP. But they don’t call it the Stupid Party for nothing.

          1. The Lindsay Graham wing if the GOP is the Kemp-Loeffler wing.
            You ever actually listen to anything Collins has to say?
            But sure, progressive-lite R is totally the way to go.
            Standing for something is so hard!
            Great call, jerryskids.
            Hey – at least it let’s you keep bitching

        3. “where he made strong arguments in defense of Trump and the constitution.”

          Interesting. They let him argue for both sides?

          1. Both those sides being aligned, yes

            1. Hmm. I’m failing to see any precedent for blanket stonewalling of congressional subpoenas. Hard to argue on a basis for constitutionality when your defendant is giving themselves rights and privileges that no other executive has claimed in 243 years.

              I also don’t buy the unitary power of the executive, or whatever other all-empowering horse shit the GOP tries to throw at the wall when their guy is in power.

              1. 3 EQUAL Branches of Government.

              2. Aww you thought you had a gotcha.

      2. I’m not seeing the scandal here. I hopped out of the market around the lunar new year, with my far less impressive investments, because I could see that, ‘the country that makes all our shit, is going offline for awhile’. I didn’t need a Senate briefing.

        Figured that missing out on a month or two (so I thought) of gains was outweighed by the risk of getting caught in a major drop.

        They may have traded on specific material non-public information, but the information was out there for the public long before.

        1. Anyone who didn’t see 1Q 2020 as a great time to reconcile some investments by selling some probably made a mistake. Some people just let portfolio managers do all the work and some portfolios simply sell and buy on certain days each Quarter/Month.

          Insider trading by Congressmen is a problem but nobody in the media is going to investigate this issue fully because Democrats are neck deep in it. Plus, how do you prove that Congressmen are buying/selling based on insider info if they don’t admit it. Corporate executives have the same problem. Executives are guided by a myriad of SEC rules and Congressmen are not.

          1. “Anyone who didn’t see 1Q 2020 as a great time to reconcile some investments by selling some probably made a mistake.”

            – Same guy pumping stocks as a buy in Q1 2020.

            1. poor sock troll wont get all those good deals on cheap stocks as of March 20, 2020.

              1. Is it missing out when my short position did 12% return today? That’s more than your long position has returned in 3 years.

                1. Haha. You must be a millionaire by now. Shorting a 9,000 DJIA drop in 3 weeks.

        2. The problem is the timeframe and the fact that both Loeffler and Burr were receiving briefs about the extent of coronavirus that were not available to the general public. Loeffler’s defense is that her assets are in a “blind trust”, which is an informal mechanism to supposedly prevent conflicts of interest, although it’s a lie that politicians have told for years to cover for insider trading. She can provide evidence to back up her claims if she provides the correspondence with her financial advisors. Same with Feinstein, who is also claiming her assets are in a blind trust. That said, I’m not sure that Loeffler’s constituents are going to buy her story or have much sympathy, considering that she’s got a strong challenger in Doug Collins in her primary. If she’s already doing things that appear unethical two months into the job, why keep her around?

          Burr’s in the worse situation. His stock transactions were a significant part of his net wealth and he was supposedly passing information along to select constituents in closed door meetings. He’s in some trouble if they investigate…people go to prison on less evidence. Inhofe (the third Senator implicated) said that his stock sales were part of a mutual fund (he said he divested of all individual stocks in 2018 when he took his chairmanship of Armed Services to avoid the appearance of impropriety), not decisions he got to make as an individual investor, and he wasn’t part of the brief Loeffler and Burr attended, so if the mutual fund story is true, he’s probably fine.

          1. Aren’t congresscritters exempt from the ’33 and ’34 Securities Acts?

            It’s just a public relations hit to them, albeit a huge one.

            1. Nope, that changed with the passage of the STOCK (Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge) Act in 2012. Insider trading is now a prosecutable offense for members of Congress. It didn’t use to be.

              Burr was one of three no votes on that bill in the Senate, by the way.

        3. You know what else was public knowledge for quite some time prior to the coronavirus outbreak? Berkshire Hathaway was holding a $100 billion + cash position. Or, as an actual I-swear-to-God-I’m-not-making-this-up Business Insider headline from November 5 had it, “Warren Buffett has a $128 billion cash pile. Wall Street can’t figure out why he isn’t spending it.”

          “We were lion-hunting in Africa, when suddenly our guide dropped his gun, screamed in terror, and ran like a mother-fucker straight up the tallest tree he could find. We have no idea why he would possibly do something so strange so we’re just going to stand here and wait until he comes back down.” I have an idea.

          As I’ve said before, this coronavirus didn’t cause the market to collapse, it’s just the straw that popped the bubble and there have been any number of people who have been saying for six months or more that the market is way over-valued and way over-due for a big correction and if you’re smart you’d take your profits and get the hell out even if it means missing out on that last market top.

          1. None of that excuses Senators who get inside information from insider trading. This is a clear violation of law and ethics.

      3. You can yap and BS all you want about Dems.

        The FACT is that these two will suffer no consequences whatsoever from their own voting base of eRps. In large part because of what you are doing. These two critters will point to irrelevant things done by Des in other districts/states to assert – Oooh they are the evil ones. And the De on the ballot in this district is just like those other Des way over there in evil-land. I’m not so bad really. And you need me to go back to DC to fight against those evil Des. And if I profit from insider trading well so what really? It’s just not that important compared to those evil Dees way way over there.

        The world is well again and all the DeRp sheep can baah in contentment that the wolf is protecting them from the big bad wolf.

        1. Burr is wildly unpopular already and won’t run for re-election in 22. He will likely serve out his term and not care about the consiquences. Lafler will likely get primaried over this. She is in a lot of trouble and unlike Burr actually wants to run again.

          So, no they will face consequences. The Democrats, however, will not. No Democrat other than the occasional small time black politician caught red handed is ever held accountable for anything. Republicans often are. So you are engaging in an exercise in false equivalence.

          1. I’m in the Jax area, right across the border from GA. I’m guessing the tv market is the same.
            And Club for Growth, up until the Corona pan(ic)demic, has been running non-stop hit ads against Collins and milquetoast “I’m a good Republican” ads for Loeffler. From what I can tell, at least all the way down here, Collins isn’t even really campaigning

            1. Collins has been in quarantine for two weeks and was tied up with impeachment for most of his time in office.

              I’d say that Collins will be ramping up his campaign shortly, though, and it will definitely get nasty. He’s already begun blasting Loeffler over insider trading. That and Club For Growth is Mitch McConnell’s Senate packing proxy, and voters don’t seem very fond of it judging by how they rejected McConnell’s preferred candidate for Senate in Alabama in 2016.

              1. Let’s hope so.
                Loeffler is a big donor, but she’s only there to follow CoC orders

          2. Hello? Franken?

            GOP has more criminals in it. You can hate on D for their policies, but one of the things about them that annoys you guys so much is that they like and follow rules.

            Two former RNC deputy finance chairmen and one finance chairman were all under investigation or in prison for their misdeeds, at one point in time in 2018. Don’t forget the eight Trump associates (8!) who were convicted or plead guilty since he was elected, including his campaign chairman and personal attorney.

            Also don’t forget that the GOP actually nominated known kiddie-toucher, Roy Moore. Absolutely disgusting and unforgivable behavior.

            GOP does not hold any moral high ground.

            1. Fraken quit, he wasn’t thrown out.

              1. Exactly my point. As soon as there was an appearance of impropriety, he resigned. He knew his party wouldn’t defend him.

                In the GOP, you can be a bonafide kid diddler and get nominated.

            2. You can hate on D for their policies, but one of the things about them that annoys you guys so much is that they like and follow rules.

              Hey dumbfuck, did you miss the fact that Democratic Senators were named in this as well? Of course you didn’t, you just don’t give a shit.

              Also don’t forget that the GOP actually nominated known kiddie-toucher, Roy Moore. Absolutely disgusting and unforgivable behavior.

              The Dems are about to nominate one for President, so you’re hardly in a position to be sanctimonious about it.

              1. Bidens a doofus, not a kid fucker. Unless you have some information the rest of us don’t.

      4. Except that Loeffler bought as much as she sold, and it wasn’t her, it was her blind trust

        1. Blind trusts are largely a sham. They’re informal arrangements designed to give the appearance of separation, but it’s easy to lie about them. That said, the case against Loeffler is weaker than the one against Burr (and a bit weaker than the one against Feinstein, who used her husband as her intermediary). And if she can provide correspondence with her financial advisors proving she actually did set up a blind trust, she could make a decent defense for herself.

          Burr’s pretty much screwed though from what I’ve seen. And if he refuses to step down, Trump should sic the SEC on him to investigate and force him out. I’ve long suspected that he’s part of the “resistance” within the GOP against Trump, and most of the advice he provided to Trump on building his NSC team seems to have turned out badly…possibly by design.

        2. Trusts have Trustees.

          If the Trustee is just looking out for the assets in the Trust because of their fiduciary duty, then it sounds legit.

          If any Senators contacted their brokers or Trustees to make trades, that could be a problem.

      5. “But the reason it’s such a scandal in this case is that Burr and Loeffler appear to have been worried enough about the coronavirus to look out for their own finances but did almost nothing to alert the broader public.”

        Seems true enough of Burr, but a fact not in evidence for Loeffler, and something she has specifically denied.

        There’s evidence that Loeffler’s account sold stocks. There’s no evidence that she had anything to do with the sale.

    2. Did you read the fucking article?

      Sens. Jim Inhofe (R–Iowa) and Diane Feinstein (D–Calif.) also sold stocks around the same time period. Feinstein asserted that her assets are in a blind trust and that she has no involvement with it.

      What a maroon.

      1. “blind trust and that she has no involvement with it.”

        I don’t know the details, but in the article they imply that Feinstein’s “blind trust” is managed by her Husband. If that is true, is it REALLY a blind trust?

        1. Weird how leo and sarcasmic jump to the D defense…

          1. Trump’s dick won’t suck itself. That is why you and LovesTrumpsTinyMushroomDick1789 are here.

            1. Fuck off, child rapist.
              I sincerely hope you’re executed by your neighbors or the FBI

              1. SPB used to be a joke. Now he’s more sane than the Trumpistas who advocate for violence on anyone who is critical of the Republicans.

                1. This is why you’ve become sad and pathetic.

                  1. Good point. I’m sad and pathetic because I don’t suck the dick of every Republican politician I see. Oh wait…

                    1. Nothing says “sane” like molesting children and leaping to the defense of those who do.
                      Truly pathetic

                    2. Like I said, SPB was a running joke until you, JesseAZ and lc came along. Now he looks sane by comparison. That is what’s truly pathetic.

                    3. Buttplug posted links to child porn on this site. If you think that JesseAZ and lc are in any way worse than Buttplug, you really do need to put down the bottle because you’re the joke.

                      And I second Nardz’ sentiment about Buttplug. Go kill yourself, Buttplug…it’s the only honorable course of action for you.

                    4. Instead you suck the dick of every leftist pol.

                      Just look at you go, pretending that it’s actually a blind trust even though hubby is running it;
                      “Did you read the fucking article?… Feinstein asserted that her assets are in a blind trust and that she has no involvement with it.
                      What a maroon”

                      Wow, you didn’t even gag, but gobbled the whole thing.
                      What a champ.

          2. No, dipshit. We jumped to show that lc is either a blatant liar or didn’t bother to read the article.

            1. Seems like a strange thing to care so much about.

          3. Notice the pedo who is being protected by unreason and sarcasmic a known ball chortler of unreason is also rushing to defend unreason.

            ITS THE HEADLINE DIPSHITS. unreason purposely left off Feinstein.

            The goal of the media hit piece was to go after rich non-Democrats AND put certain states into play implying insider trading.

            I fucking guarantee not a peep about all other Congressmen who do this exact thing and get away with it. It should be investigated and if illegal, it should result in removal from office. It won’t because many of them (Democrats AND Republicans) engage in insider trading based on national policy.

          4. I didn’t defend Feinstein. If anything I defended Reason. They are hardly pro-Feinstein or pro-Inhofe. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

            I mostly just wanted to point out that LC was flat out wrong. Then he moved the goalposts to the headline.

            1. YOU and unreason are full of it. It’s why YOU are defending unreason in the personal way YOU are.

              They had 4 names to choose from. 3 Republicans and one of the most senior US Senators in Congress.

              unreason chose a junior US Senator who is up for election and left of that senior Senator. Lying through omission is a favorite tactic of hacks in the media.

              1. Reason shills for the Dems.

                Globalists to the Left.
                Nationalists to the Right.

            2. And it was pointed out how your attempts to dismiss criticism of Reason/Ds was disingenuous and servile

              1. I’ll admit to dismissing criticism of Reason, in general. In most cases the criticism from the commentary is because they aren’t a wing of the Republican party, which is precisely why I prefer them to other media outlets.

                As has been pointed out criticizing Democrats (although it does happen regularly) is pretty much preaching to the choir for Reason’s readership. Let’s face it, an article condemning socialism on this website is not really going to advance libertarianism. Anyone who is even remotely libertarian already understands socialism for what it is.

                The strong pro-protectionism, nationalist shift in the Republican party is problematic to liberty in that otherwise liberty-minded individuals in the Republican party are embracing this in droves and abandoning individualism in the process. Appealing to these people is more likely to get positive results.

                At least that’s my take on why Reason seems to be more critical of Republicans than Democrats these days.

                1. Reason is more critical of Republicans than Democrats because Republicans currently have more power, and as libertarians they are skeptical and critical of power.

                  When the pendulum swings the other way there will be a new crop of leftist commentariat whining and crying and bitching and moaning about how Reason is a conservative rag, and the current crop of conservative whiners will *poof* disappear.

                  1. Reason is more critical of Republicans than Democrats because Republicans currently have more power

                    Democrats control the civil service and actually drummed up a conspiracy against the President of the United States, tried to rig an election in 2016, and have worked to undermine his administration consistently from within through leaks and sabotage.

                    That indicates that the Democrats are very much still the party in power, through very corrupt means, and Reason seems oddly uninterested in those stories.

                    1. Reason seems oddly uninterested in those stories.

                      “Free Minds and Free Markets”

                      You want an outlet that harps on that go to Alex Jones or Coast to Coast.

                    2. Reason was all in on supporting the IC in its attempts to frame Trump, and cheered on the SWAT raid of Roger Stone.
                      Reason is all in on the AGW doom and gloom.
                      Reason is all in on the white supremacist movement narrative, and systemic racism.
                      Reason is all in on portraying Rs as having bad motives, while Ds are merely mistaken.
                      To Robby’s credit, he did shoot down the Covington Catholic thing after only a day or two of ENB pimping the racialism narrative.
                      Reason was all in on the Kavanaugh smear.
                      Reason promotes Molly Jong Fast, hates on Jordan Peterson.
                      Reason is, of course, all in on open borders – a philosophy based in Marxist doctrine.
                      Reason is all in on the goal of “progress”.
                      If Reason were trying to appear like progressive-controlled opposition, they’ve succeeded.
                      But some shallow, reflexively leftist thinkers are emotionally committed and have their identities wrapped up with Reason as “non-partisan” and live in pathetic denial

                    3. You want an outlet that harps on that go to Alex Jones or Coast to Coast.

                      So you admit that Reason slants their coverage to minimize Democrat abuses, thereby engaging in the dishonest journalism we’ve all been claiming.

                      There, isn’t that better, admitting that all the people you’ve been arguing with were right?

                    4. So you admit that Reason slants their coverage to minimize Democrat abuses, thereby engaging in the dishonest journalism we’ve all been claiming.

                      They have plenty of articles criticizing the Democrats. Oddly those articles have very few comments on them. That’s because Nardz and his fellow Republicans pretend like those articles don’t exist. They only see what they want to see. All they see is criticism of Republicans. And in their simple minds, the only explanation for being critical of Republicans is being a Marxist. True libertarians are Republicans who support Trump in everything he does. Trump is the most libertarian president ever, and if you disagree you’re a damn commie or something.

                      Funny thing is that these same people who don’t agree with Republicans were accused of being conservatives only a few years ago when the other party occupied the White House, and Reason was critical of them.

                    5. You’re pathetically delusional, sarc.
                      But there’s totes nothing wrong with burying your head in the sand and pretending like Reason comments is your sacred community where your real friends are.
                      Nope, not at all

                    6. Nothing you said refutes the fact that Reason was constantly portrayed as a conservative rag when they criticized the Democrat in the White House.

                      And nothing you said refutes the fact that Reason is constantly portrayed as a leftist rag when they criticize the Republican in the White House.

                      Nothing you said refutes the fact that partisans like yourself who are emotionally invested in your guy freak out when your guy is criticized.

                      All that has changed is party of the guy being criticized. Reason didn’t flip from conservative to leftist. They stayed libertarian. Mostly. I never said this was the Bible or something.

                    7. Reason is a leftist rag, dude.
                      Sorry if that hurts your feelz.
                      But the fact that you give equal to progressive bitching as to non-progressive bitching says everything – you’re committed to the idea of Reason, not it’s reality.
                      They swallow and promote whole hog the leftist perspective, voicing slight disagreement over some policies.
                      But keep bitching that people aren’t as deferential to the Reason establishment as you, it’s an awesome look

                  2. ding ding ding.

                    Everyone was my buddy around here when Obama was president. All the sudden I’m a socialist because I believe in checks and balances.

                    1. You mean your other sock right?

                2. “Abandoning Individualism…….”

                  That may be, but the guilt and grievance identity politics of the left absolutely cannot survive any individualism.

                  Soooo………. yeah. Other side.


        2. Yeah, and she’s claiming that the fact that her husband made the transactions and not her (and that fact alone) makes it a “blind trust” and puts it beyond question.

          I don’t think the SEC would agree with that interpretation.

          1. The ruling class is perfecting husband-wife corruption teams.

      2. Please Sarcasmic, defend Reason for this:

        Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler Accused of Coronavirus-Motivated Insider Trading

        1. You didn’t like the headline. Boo fucking hoo. They still call out the Democrats in the article. Try being honest for a change.

          1. I am being honest. I am calling out the headline idiot. Something you completely ignored in your attempt to get a dig in at LC.

            You calling people dishonest is hilarious. You’re the new Jeff.

            1. Are you aware that writers rarely write their own headlines? Editors do that. The same editors who, if you were indeed correct about Reason’t bias, wouldn’t have mentioned Democrats at all in the article. Heck, I doubt you’d be satisfied unless they omitted all the names of your precious Republicans, because hiding your pet party is the only thing you could comprehend as unbiased.

              1. Are you aware that writers rarely write their own headlines? Editors do that.

                You’re aware that actually paints Reason in a worse light, because it means the people in control of the final product are the ones selectively editing the headlines and displaying bias?

              2. HAHAHA. Now writers are not responsible for their own headlines?

                HAHAHA. What a load of horseshit.

                Even if that was true, then the unreason Editors still picked a lie of omission as a headline.

                unreason is still the rag here. Whether it is writers, editors, or combination.

                1. “then the unreason Editors still picked a lie of omission as a headline.”

                  Lies of omission are the #1 propaganda move of the #EnemyOfThePeople.

                  “Trump Pressures Ukraine to Dig Up Dirt on Political Rival”

                  They are scum.

        2. This is how you know sarasmic is a sock troll for unreason.

          Nobody but unreason staff would take my criticism so personally.

          unreason staff chose those two REPUBLICAN Senators carefully for the headline, they got called on it, and now send in sock trolls to defend their lying asses at unreason.

          1. Yeah. The only explanation for calling you out on your lies is that I must be a Reason employee. You couldn’t possible imagine someone would call you out on your lies because they don’t like liars.

            1. What lies? He was clearly referring to the headline or are you too stupid to understand that?

              1. He is clearly moving the goalposts after people pointed out that, contrary to his assertion, she was mentioned in the article. Or are you too stupid to understand that?

                1. No shit for brains.

                  Read my critique again. I dont move goal posts.

                  I saw the story and was ready for unreason staff morons to fall into the trap which they did. It’s why I posted second today.

            2. Please praise Reagan again despite you not knowing he actually issued 100% tariffs against Japan. You base your entire ethos on ignorance.

              1. I give praise where praise is due. I’m not going to praise him for that.

          2. Keep making yourself the obvious unreason shill sarcasmic.

            You hacks are not fooling anyone.

          3. Why do you feel obligated to whore yourself out to some Rep notion of fairness and whataboutness? Are you that trapped in the DeRp fearmongering of the other? Grow some stones.

            Reason damn well should be highlighting the probs of R’s more than D’s in headlines. R’s are a much bigger part of their readership – and certainly the commentariat – than D’s are. It is far far better for a media to challenge their readers presumptions/biases than to wrap security blankets around them like a baby. Would that more media challenged their readers instead of this DeRpty DeRpty DeRpty bullshit that you and the other dingleberry-munchers prefer.

          4. Look at unreason send in other known sock trolls like JFree as some neutral voice of reason.

            1. Get over yourself. It’s absurd to believe Reason would pay people money to pretend to be a host of different people in order to refute your inane Trump-sucking. Seriously. You aren’t that important. You are an insect. Nothing more.

              1. “sarcasmic
                March.20.2020 at 10:36 am
                Get over yourself”

                Oh, irony

              2. To refute Trump-sucking? No.

                To drive web traffic for a site that was free-falling in web views? Maybe. I’ve long thought that some of the more argumentative trolls were Reason employees, trying to stir the pot. They’d have to work for next to nothing though, and eventually one of the ex-troll writers would spill the beans.

                1. NDAs.

                  It’s clear as day when the difference between personally defending unreason and challenging a commenter who says something where your reply happens to defend some point unreason made in some article.

              3. Poor unreason. They know that they got exposed…again and then try to deflect how they use sock trolls to boost web traffic and defend the shitty writers from criticism since they dont want post comments using their pen names. Ron bailey is one of the few who does but even he focuses on softball comments.

                As Trump fucks with Lefties and they fall for it. I knew unreason would fall for it today when I saw that hit piece in the morning news feeds.

            2. If there are any socks here, it’s you, Nardz and JesseAZ, playing the contrarian role just to stir up the pot.

              1. “Muh Reason, leftist safe space!”

                1. First of all, there aren’t any leftist commenters except maybe Tony and maybe PB, although I can’t really tell what or if they have any real positions.

                  Second of all, the only people who start flinging insults and demanding people kill themselves are Trump fanatics. So if anyone here desires a safe space, it is the Orange Cult.

                  1. Aaaw leftist baby crying bout being leftist

    3. RTFA

      Sens. Jim Inhofe (R–Iowa) and Diane Feinstein (D–Calif.) also sold stocks around the same time period. Feinstein asserted that her assets are in a blind trust and that she has no involvement with it.

      1. Poor leo. RTFA

        Its about the headline dipshit. unreason knew which names to put in the headline.

        1. By that logic you would be also claiming that they are pro Inhofe?

          Both sides!

          1. Gottem.

            1. You misspelled Golem.

        2. HAHA. Here the sock trolls go off the rails.

          unreason got shone for the hacks that they are today. Then sent in obvious sock trolls in such a personal defense move.

          My job is done for today.

          1. It would be fascinating to see the world through your eyes.

            1. First you’d have to take a hammer to your head and reduce your IQ to something near room temperature. After that I don’t think anything would be very interesting.

              1. Well yeah, it wouldn’t change you at all.

            2. Seriously. The guy is so dull that he can’t comprehend the Nolan chart and insists that all politics runs on a linear left-right spectrum, and took it as a compliment when I called him two-dimensional.

              1. How else can you call everyone who disagrees with you a socialist?

                1. I thought everyone who disagreed with him was an anarchist.

                  1. Eh, same thing, right?

                    1. Remember the anarchists for Bernie during the Occupy Wall Street? Talk about cognitive dissonance.

                    2. “bignose
                      March.20.2020 at 11:01 am
                      Eh, same thing, right?”

                      Historically, yes

                    3. Nardz, Its actually fun watching unreason keep posting misquotes to deflect from the severe burn they got from me.

                      Then the sock trolls back each other up. Classic Tammy.

                2. But you are socialists…

                    1. Ya

                  1. You should look that word up sometime.

                    1. DOL, are you now trying to pretend you don’t routinely imply here that the state should control the means of production?

                      Fuck off.

                    2. I have never, ever suggested such a thing. You guys would like me to, so you can dismiss my criticisms of trump. But I’m a free marketer and a patriot and it hurts your little heads.

                      You fuck off.

                  2. Its so funny that sarcasmic, bignose, and Leo sock trolls all cant defend unreason anymore on this shitty article so they get up in arms about some other time I quoted their non-Libertarian affiliations.

                    Then they call me a Trumpista and/or sucker of Trumps YUGE dick.

                    You know you got unreason staff all upset when they send in 5 sock trolls to say how reputable unreason is. Glibs ditched this bitch for a reason.

              2. LC1789, who who was hitting Jim Cramer’s buy button since early February, loudly proclaiming how he’s picking up all these deals on cheap stocks, is just today trying to dismiss GOP insider trading by calling sales of stocks in the same period a “no brainer”.

                If it was such a no brainer, then why were you giving advice to and claiming be doing the exact opposite?

                Just call everyone who notices your dishonesty socialists, that will get them.

                1. poor unreason. It really needs to invest in better sock troll bots.

    4. In Reason’s defense, it’s a given that Feinstein is making money off her position. Just that this time it’s not for her husband’s firm.

      1. The media suck a bag of dicks.

        Not a fucking peep about Feinstein rarely working outside government since 1969. Yet she has $6M just in these listed investments.

        To be fair (unlike the hacks in the media), her parents might have had money since her father was a surgeon. She has been widowed once and her current husband is an investment banker. She may have money based on life decisions and not benefiting financially from her government positions.

        1. Wasn’t Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK) created because of the 60 Minutes report on her and Pelosi. I know Pelosi was involved 100%, can’t remember if Feinstein was.

          1. Not sure. I might look into today. I know unreason or the regular media won’t. The Narrative was a hit piece and mission accomplished.

            I could point out all the Congress who have done it in the past as the information is listed on federal disclosure forms. unreason will change gears now that they were all caught sucking the bag of dicks.

      2. “Just that this time it’s not for her husband’s firm.”

        Except that according to her article, the “Blind Trust” is managed by her husband.

        “Hey honey, how was your day?”
        “Oh not great. This virus thing looks to wreck our economy.”
        “I see. I’m gonna go work on the computer.”
        “Sounds good. By the way, how is our blind trust doing?”
        “Fine. Just fine.”

    5. Amen! I stopped subscribing for myself, and many others, due to this! I’m Independent – not Maoist like ALL Reason writers and Editors!!

  2. I asked Sen. Burr spokesperson Caitlin Carroll if her office had a comment re: the reports about the senator’s stock sales amid the Coronavirus crisis.

    She responded, ‘lol.

    She’s good at her job.

    1. Burr’s going to be in some trouble if they start digging, I suspect. Loeffler can at least claim that the stock sales were a coincidence because the amounts were inconsequential to her net wealth. Wealthier people trade in larger amounts. That said, she had access to the same information that Burr and Feinstein did.

      But those stock sales for Burr were a huge part of his net wealth. That’s the kind of thing that flags transactions…when someone heavily invested in the market as part of their overall portfolio starts dumping their positions in advance of a big event.

  3. Conservatives wasted little time in calling for Burr, at the very least, to resign from office if he can’t explain his actions.

    He can multitask.

  4. Outwardly, they perfectly embodied the administration’s this-is-fine-dog approach to the coronavirus.

    They’re not smart enough to make money off of a panic?

  5. This libertarian is truly embarrassed for all of you who expected politicians to be something other than self-interested hacks.

    How dare you use this perfect example to make your point.

    1. What libertarian?
      Did Stossel do the roundup?

  6. “She’s so wealthy—with a net worth of $500 million, she’s the richest member of Congress”

    That’s rather impressive, I’ll admit. But Koch / Reason libertarianism exists to serve the interests of people even richer than that. Like our benefactor Charles Koch, who even in these tough times is worth a little under $50 billion.


    1. I was wondering what your take was on this. Thanks for sharing! Great post!

  7. Thousands of people who have been recently laid off, lost their jobs, or had their work hours reduced were then subjected to further frustration after several states websites’ crashed because of high traffic.

    But I’m sure government ventilators would all function like clockwork.

    1. This is what makes the hysteria and “I told you so”s from the comm-symps so farcical–because not only where countries with “universal health care” caught flat-footed, they’re implying that putting the same system here would have resulted in a different outcome.

      I’m looking forward to Reason’s take on California and its rapid descent into full-on fascism when it comes out today.

      1. They’ll blame it on trump.
        Progress uber alles

        1. +10000

  8. Ex-Biogen Employee Who Hid Coronavirus Symptoms to Fly to China Faces Criminal Charges

    Here is another story that sheds light on how our government is lying to us about how Coronavirus was spread around the USA by only a few hundred non-Americans and Americans returning to the USA and likely could have been prevented.

    According to the L.A. Times, Jie Li, a Chinese citizen living in Massachusetts, became ill with coronavirus symptoms was denied testing when she went to a local hospital. The newspaper said she decided to fly to China through Los Angeles, took fever-reducing medications before boarding the plane and lied to flight attendants.
    According to the Boston Globe, Li did not attend the Biogen conference held in Boston in late February, but had contact with someone who did. Nearly 100 coronavirus cases have been connected to that conference.

    Trying hard not to take a tin foil hat from Lefties and put it on but if you wanted to infect a nation, this is a smart way to do it. Send 20-30 people to major congregations of people using airlines, infect others, and then have your agents return to their home nation.

    1. Sounds like a cool movie plot, but it will never get past our Chinese censors.

    2. kind of pointless to blame China now. it’s in all 50 states. maybe they should have tested her when she first asked.

      And how did Italy and Iran get so hard hit? Lots of tourists go to Italy so that makes sense. What about Iran?

    3. I don’t believe the Chinese are that competent.

      Besides, if you wanted to do this quietly, you’d do it with a hundred low level grunts posing as tourists and hanging around crowded tourist locations, grocery stores, airports, and malls, not fairly wealthy individuals in Biotech conferences.

      The simple answer is the most likely one. People hate quarantines and they hide and deceive to get where they are going anyway. Especially this one, as she doesn’t want to get quarantined in a foreign country. She wants to go home. It’s understandable, if inexcusable.

  9. Talk about “Crash Proof Retirement.”

    1. Two weeks ago people we saying 60/40 in stocks was way too conservative, since stocks go up 11 percent a year.

  10. Netflix slows down streaming in Europe to prevent an overload.

    They’re just going to have to watch The Witcher in standard definition for now.

    1. Netflix slows down streaming in Europe to prevent an overload.

      Bend the curve!

      1. I’m waiting for governments to take over and force Netlix to stream much needed hospital beds and ventilators into every living room in the world.

      2. Can’t they just randomly assign you a Netflix show or movie when you log in? They have more offerings than subscribers.

  11. Important piece from Vice illustrating how we in the transgender community are suffering from the #TrumpVirus.

    The coronavirus pandemic has shed light on how transgender people’s care can be treated as “non-essential.”

    1. One bright spot in all this is that addressing real crisis’s sometimes puts an end to indulging frivolous delusions.

      1. for example, climate change

    2. I went to the hospital last week to see about some problems with my hernia and they just turned me away, saying they were postponing any sort of non-essential surgeries. I should have worn a dress.

    3. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

  12. This libertarian is truly embarrassed for all of you who expected politicians to be something other than self-interested hacks.

    Robby, don’t you read the H&R Peanut Gallery comments?

    You can’t be a true libertarian unless you’re a Trump-loving conservative GOP hack.

    1. Since your idea of “true libertarian” includes pedophiles, you’re the last person to criticize anyone’s preferences.

      1. Sexual deviancy is pretty much the only “freedom” progs like Buttplug believe in. They always confuse libertinism with libertarianism.

  13. The actor Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin on Lost, has contracted COVID-19.

    A Korean-American friend of mine said that on the show he spoke the language like a child.

    1. Wait, you mean there is no genetic memory of language?

      1. Cultural de-appropriation.

    2. Yeah, because he was born and raised in America and he didn’t know Korean before he got hired for the show.

      The actress who played his wife Sun didn’t know English before she took the job.

      1. Which made it kind of funny that his character wasn’t able to speak English but hers secretly was. 🙂

    3. He had to be coached by another actor he had a lot of dialog with who spoke Korean fluently.

      However, what most observers of Lost didn’t catch on to was that his character hid his knowledge of English. In fact, casting him to speak Korean badly might’ve been a clue to the fact that Jin was doubles, one of whom spoke Korean well but not English and the other vice versa. See . You didn’t think those people were supposed to have survived that supposed airliner crash, did you? The season 2 promo blurted it out:


      And the references to “candidates” meant the Manchurian kind.

      1. it was purgatory all along

    4. RIP

  14. A new poll finds that 55 percent of Americans approve of Turmp’s handling of the crisis.

    WHERE’S MY $1200 AT?


      1. I like how you’re dumb enough to ignore that democrats are pushing it as hard as anyone else is. Good for you.

    2. I still cannot decide which unreason staff member is getting my torn up Treasury check in the mail.

      1. send it to Suderman with a message asking him if he really thinks they’ll use the excess $1000 to pay down the debt

    3. You would actually get some of the 1200? I’m well outside of getting any of my taxes back.

    4. sorry, I make more than 99K.
      well, maybe not this year.

  15. Tom Brady is officially a Tampa Bay Buccaneer!

    Hopefully for his sake he took the Patriots equipment manager in charge of footballs with him.

    1. I loved the meme that said, “In the divorce between Brady and Bellichek, which one gets the refs?”

    2. Next year: Tom Brady has been killed in Arian’s slow play development system.

      1. It’ll be very interesting to see.
        Brady has played 20 years in one system he helped create – now he goes to a team coached by a guy who loves to throw bombs (“no risk it, no biscuit” being Arians creed), has a subpar offensive line, and no running game to speak of.
        Arians also has no idea how to use TEs.
        Evans and Godwin are superior to any WR Brady has played with (except Moss), but precision route running isn’t necessarily their forte.
        OJ Howard will be an interesting fantasy player – Arians offense killed his value last year, but you’d think Brady would look to him often

        1. I’d watch the Bucs moves for a RB very carefully. I suspect that Melvin Gordon might be brought in if his price drops. I don’t think they have any faith in Ronald Jones’ pass protection to trust him with saving Brady.

          1. You’re correct there.
            Would’ve made sense for Gurley too.
            What they really need to do, personnel wise, is find a tackle.
            The interior o line is solid, but the edges are questionable. Arians could just insist on using Howard and Brate as blocking TEs, but that would really be squandering their strengths.

    3. And Todd Gurley is a Falcon!
      I like it at a small price, but not north of $5m/yr

      1. I think Gurley is done, and his trade is contingent on him passing a physical.

        The Rams took a horrible cap hit to release him even as a post-June 1 cut, and they got very little relief for it. I think if he had anything to offer, they would have kept him another season just to offset that hit. That they didn’t indicates that they see his ability as below replacement level.

        And I think they’re probably right, because in the games I watched last year he had no explosiveness. I had him on my fantasy team and dumped him fast in a trade once I realized that his decline was likely permanent.

        1. Sorry, his contract is contingent on him passing a physical, I meant.

        2. He’ll certainly never be the MVP caliber back he was, but I think he’s good as a portion of a backfield.
          And he gets another $10m if he doesn’t pass his physical…
          But the Rams are trying to dump Cooks too. They save like $5m this year by cutting Gurley, they’re locked into Goff (horrible decision), and they’ve got to get a deal with Ramsey done after trading 2 1s for him – and that’s going to be north of $17-18m/per (since Byron Jones just signed for $16.5m/yr).
          They cut Matthews too, and he was useful for them.
          They’re in cap hell and traded too much draft capital.
          They’d have kept Gurley if they could, but the structure of his contract was such that it was basically now or never to get out from it

    4. you don’t need to worry about cold weather in Tampa, so no need to let some air out of the ball

  16. This libertarian

    . . . isn’t.

  17. Those who are wary of cancel culture’s excesses do not mean to suggest that it is always wrong, or even usually wrong, to call out bad behavior.

    For the vast majority of the piler-ons it’s alleged bad behavior.

    1. Yup.

      The left doesn’t cancel others because they’re good people who just feel too strongly about injustice.
      It’s because they’re terrible, awful, evil people who are using injustice as an excuse to indulge their garbage natures.

  18. Bush: ‘I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System’

    The Dotard beats Dubya!

    1. What part of “nATioNaL cRiSIs” don’t you understand?

    2. The coronavirus is not a suicide pact. But governors in California, New York and Illinois will kill their own economies anyway.

  19. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

    14,250 confirmed US cases as of March 20, 2020 @ 0930. 205 deaths and 121 recovered. Washington State, California, New York, and New Jersey seem to be where the growth in new confirmed are located.

    1. 205 deaths? Holy crap, we are up to 2 days of traffic fatalities. and about a week of Flu deaths.

      1. yup, no one was shutting down car travel over the 36,000 a year who are killed by it. so maybe the quarantines will save lives after all, by getting people off the roads….

    2. But still no sampling of sera from the general population to see how widespread specific immunity to this virus is, and how many have been colonized without ever knowing it.

      1. Yep. And that’s the major problem. All this lockdown is worthless if this thing has been circulating for months and we’ve just been chalking it up to the flu.

    3. I had posted this in another article this morning:

      According to this, there are (as of this moment- it is updating regularly) 14213 current “active cases” (those that haven’t either recovered or died) in the US. Of those, 14,149 show “mild” symptoms, and 64 show “severe or critical.” Now I’m assuming that mild symptoms mean anywhere from asymptomatic to a bad cold or flu, but not requiring hospitalization. So right now, we have about 0.4% of cases that fall into the “severe or critical” category. And this based on a “population” of tests that as of right now is severely biased towards those exhibiting symptoms, probably pretty significant ones. I have to imagine that the overall population statistics would be much, much lower. And FWIW, since I started watching this morning, there have been something like 183 new “mild” cases added, but zero “severe or critical.”

      1. Slight correction, “severe or critical” should read “serious or critical.” And, since that post, there have been another 1437 cases added to the “mild” category (some state(s) must have updated their numbers) and… 0 in the “serious or critical.”

        1. We had 64ish severe cases yesterday, and 57 deaths, I believe the day before we were listed with 64 severe as well. So likely there are people with severe cases not getting counted as such.

          That said the CFR in the US with expanded testing is currently around 1.3% let’s hope that keeps declining.

          We’re going to see a lag of exponential growth on the confirmed cases as testing catches up with reality. Hopefully all this shutdown has put a dent in transmission.

          1. Yeah, through the day there have been over 3500 active cases added, but… zero serious or critical. Incidentally, the deaths have gone up by ~25 or so- you would think some or most of those would come from the serious/critical category. So yeah, something is off there. Also interesting, apparently there is not a lot of reporting on recoveries, because that hasn’t changed either (still at 125). Washington is the only state reporting any significant amount of recoveries (102), which can’t be right. That’s the kind of incomplete data that people grab without further analysis and freak out- of the closed cases, 65% died and only 35% recovered, OMG!

  20. Walmart is hiring and giving out Bonuses in these troubling times.

    Liberals everywhere: burn it down, that is the government’s job.

    1. Yeah, and Amazon is hiring 150,000. Those EVIL corporate giants.

  21. The Lincoln Project… that project where respectable Republicans joined together to fight Trumpism from a conservative perspective. With such heavy weights as Rick Wilson and George Conway. The group DOL, aka Neutral Jeff, loves to cite. They are now releasing Trump is a virus ads in our time of fear. Good people those Lincoln Project guys. Respectable, noble, brave.

    1. The Lincoln Project=George T. Conway III, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson. Yet those mighty top men couldn’t even get it together for Bill Weld.

  22. Privately, Sen. Richard Burr (R–N.C.) warned constituents weeks ago that coronavirus was “akin to the 1918 pandemic,” NPR reports. Publicly, he towed President Donald Trump’s line that the new disease would not be a big deal.

    This is the next Ukraine call. This is Coronagate–every thing Trump has said to show a brave face in this will be taken as him trying to fool people into thinking it was a hoax.

    Gone will be their outrage at his racist overreaction of banning travel to and from China.

    In it’s place will be the tale of how his deliberate indifference cost lives.

    I’m already hearing it from co-workers.

    1. Wait, if he told his constituents about it in meetings or Town Halls, how is that “private”? Saying something like that is guaranteed to spread regardless of whether anyone tries to hide it or not.

    2. All I’m hearing is that any governor who issued a “wreck the economy” order will be voted out of office.

  23. Journalist makes all the other journalists in the WH press corps squirm.

    “Do you consider the term ‘Chinese food’ racist because it’s food that originates in China?” Rion asked. The president, of course, said no.

    “On that note, major left-wing news media, even in this room, have teamed up with Chinese Communist Party narratives and they’re claiming you are racist for making these claims about Chinese virus,” Rion responded. “Is it alarming that major media players — just to oppose you — are consistently siding with foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals, and Latin gangs and cartels, and they work right here at the White House with direct access to you and your team?”

    1. Fucking presstitutes. I wonder how ol’ Rico would respond to that.

      1. “I only eat Fruit Sushi”


    2. Wow.

      I’ve been wondering for about 12 years now why nobody in the press has called out their own.

      I have wanted to wind up with the microphone at one of these town hall meetings so that I could ask the real questions instead of playing gotcha or pandering, and then turn to the press and call them out on their BS.

      My initial motivation was watching Obama go through an entire campaign and then a presidency without ever facing even one tough question from anyone other than Joe the Plumber.

      But the same could be said about Trump’s press corps. They never ask any real questions… always some stupid talking-point gotcha.

    3. The Media: “The Wuhan virus…”
      The PRC: “Ahem…”
      *literally overnight*
      The Media: “Calling it the Wuhan virus is racist”

      So the real question is; how many of these journalists and media outlets are bought and paid for, and how many are just being your typical Baizuo?

      1. It’s a good point.
        Probably majority baizuo.
        Only takes a couple to direct the herd

  24. I feel like it’s time for my favorite libertarian writer Shikha Dalmia to submit a column on India’s handling of the virus, explaining how that country’s problematic actions are ultimately Drumpf’s fault.


    1. #DotardRecession2020

    2. well, he did visit India right before it hit

  25. Feinstein asserted that her assets are in a blind trust and that she has no involvement with it.

    I think all of the (so far) identified legislators have claimed their assets are in trusts, or handled by third parties, and the like. What is not made clear, for obvious reasons, is the status of their spouses “private” assets. So politicians are crooks; turns out water is wet, hot things burn you, and sharp things cut you. Who knew?

    1. The blind trust managed by her Husband?

    2. As our experience with President Pre-Elect Joe Biden has taught us… there is no corruption involved if someone close to a politician makes money off of that connection, absent written proof that the politician took actions solely for purposes of obtaining said favors.

  26. the socialist writer Aaron Freedman

    When did Gener become a socialist?

    1. I was actually supposed to see them in Dallas in a few weeks, but it looks like it’s been postponed for a few months. Bummer.

  27. So Burr and others acted on information, perhaps both public and confidential, in order to prevent economic harm.

    My only disappointment is that all of our elected officials do not have this level of insight and action, on behalf of the whole country.

  28. If Burr voted for insider trading laws, than he should be called out for hypocrisy. Otherwise, libertarians should push for eliminating insider trading rules not calling for better enforcement.

    1. The STOCK act though is good from my perspective because Congress had initially exempted themselves from insider trading laws and were only forced to change that when 60 minutes exposed their hypocrisy. They were using information supplied to them for legislative purposes to enrich themselves but were all to happy to put Martha and others in jail for the exact same behavior. And as long as Congress can force a company to give them inside information then they shouldn’t be able to enrich themselves using that same force.

      But yeah insider trading laws are bunk.

      1. Remember when Congress edited the STOCK act something like a year or less after they passed it and no one noticed?

  29. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.) tweeted that she was with Carlson on this 100 percent. She ended her tweet with the “gasp” emoji.

    Ah, yes, Omar. Any updates on the statuses of the investigations of her shenanigans?

    1. Spending 500k of campaign money on your soon to be Husband’s political firm is not insider trading!

      1. True; it is just plain old graft.

    2. “Procedures were followed, nothing to see here. It’s gonna be the same as the Epstein and Philip Haney cases, muck about until the public forgets and then let the case die a slow death from neglect.

  30. Reason leaves out Feinstein. Just. Like. Always. At least since they adopted total Never-Trumper attitudes! This is why I did not renew any of the Subscriptions I have had for years – Reason has been taken over by Political Hacks against all Independents. They refuse to comment on “their real leaders” since 2016 – Democrats! Have adopted total ‘vote Blue no matter Who!’ and thus only ever give one side of the argument: the pro-Mao hard core Leftists. I will remain Independent, thank you; and, reserve the Right to redress grievances of the Leftist Political Hackery by Reason Writers and Editors!

    1. I take it you didn’t follow any of their coverage of the Democrat primaries? The only Democrat that they consistently showed even the least bit of support for was Gabbard, and that was primarily based on her anti-war stance.

      1. No, they made Yang look a little bit non-bad too. Booker they were a little sympathetic to in 2016, though not now.

      2. Good for them. That doesn’t justify leaving Feinstein off the list. She is just as guilty as the two Republicans Why leave her off the list other than bias towards the Democrats?

      3. And Feinstein sold much more stock than either of the Republicans. So why is reason giving her a pass and not mentioning her name, even though her name was mentioned in the original story?

        Come on reason fan boy, give us a “pox on both houses” excuse for that.

        1. They mentioned her in the article in the same place as Inhoffe. Your exact arguments could be made for him.

        2. Its the same John. Why dont you understand? unreason explained it via their sock trolls.

          Youre crazy if you think lying through omission is what the media does. They add Democrat names in the article and do corrections when called out.

          *unreason* still doesnt know why Trump was elected in 2016 or how he got reelected in 2020.

    2. With all the extra time we have imprisoned in our homes, perhaps you could read the articles now instead of just commenting based on the headline.

    3. Reason Magazine is not a Maoist publication, and it’s very silly of you to think so.

      1. Maybe not, but they see the world as Maoist

        1. There’s really no maybe about it if you understand what Maoism is. But feel free to provide examples.

        2. unreason will continue to send in sock trolls like big nose to defend unreason.

          They dont even see their covers are blown.

  31. How does one tell their continuants its like the 1918 flue while towing the Trump line other than ask people not to panic which is ok if your Cuomo

  32. Flacking your own tweets now? Man, you are a sorry ass.

  33. “Publicly, he towed President Donald Trump’s line that the new disease would not be a big deal.”

    I’ve heard the one about how President Trump is a racist for calling it the Chinese virus, but can somebody fill me in on what Robby is talking about here?

    My first guess says this is probably some time when President Trump was urging people not to panic, but considering Robby is the source for this, it’s probably even worse than that.

    Before this came to the U.S. in a big way, we discussed in comments that the shitheads in the media would blame President Trump for everything he did about the virus as well as everything he didn’t do–no matter what he did or didn’t do–and if they’re going after the president for urging people not to panic in the middle of a market route, the media will be living up to expectations.

    If FDR had said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” today, the news media wouldn’t have gone after him as a racist for not fearing the rise of the Nazis, but that’s only because the news media today is so progressive–not because they aren’t shitheads.

    1. I’ve heard the one about how President Trump is a racist for calling it the Chinese virus, but can somebody fill me in on what Robby is talking about here?

      I chalked it up to TDS. Especially when brought up in the context of his personal insider trading. What was he *supposed* to do? Start drawing down public pension funds and investing the money in gold? Jump on the insider trading bandwagon and suddenly become a champion of single-payer? Moreover, the selloff happened in Feb., the “Don’t Panic!” came considerably later, at which point no panicking was actually advisable.

      Doing whatever you like with your personal finances while not fucking with public policy is what we libertarians *want* politicians to do. What kind of idiotic libertarian thinks that because he personally committed to a(presumably illegal) draw down that the public should be committed too?

      1. Trump has tried for 3 years to limit nonAmericans entering the USA for several different reasons. Lefty media like unreason went after Trump like a wild animal.

        Trump mentioned months ago about potentially limiting persons from china via some evaluation process to prevent coronavirus from easily getting into the USA. The media attacked that idea too.

        unreason staff will never understand why Americans mostly consider the media enemies of America.

    2. It’s like a somebody pooling all their money behind an inside trade and, a month later, telling people to ‘diversify’. Then calling them out not because they pooled their money in an illegal trade but because they were inconsistent in their trading and advice and/or were parroting the broader recommendation.

  34. The stock sale issue is worthy of much more investigation. It looks absolutely horrible. If they did dump, based on classified knowledge, I don’t care what fucking party label they have: You go to fucking jail.

    My question: Can the ethics committee pull their phone logs and their spouses phone logs? I bet we can see if they called their financial people after their briefings.

    These Congress-critters give new meaning to ‘Cronyvirus’
    (props to Unicorn for coining the phrase)

    1. I agree with you. But there is no way the Senate is looking under that rock. I wouldn’t say all of them are guilty of this sort of thing but I bet a large number in both parties are. No way does the Senate start investigating its own for it.

    2. I agree in principle. However being a US congressperson shouldn’t preclude you from trading stock or looking out for your own financial interests. So there’s a fine line between trading and insider trading.

      What would save everyone from insider trading is to have much less confidential information. Why do these congress critters really need to know more than the general public? It leads to cases of impropriety like this.

    3. What is the libertarian argument for prosecuting insider trading?

      1. It is fraud.

      2. Fraud.

        Potentially conspiracy too but conspiracy is a bullshit mind/speech crime.

    4. it shouldn’t even be a crime.

      1. Ordering 40 million people out of work should be a crime however.

    5. On the other hand, essentially none of the stock information was private. Everything was in the public eye. People were saying in early February that this was a pandemic that would sweep the globe. China’s crushactions.

      Heck, look at Youtube. Tim Pool has been publicly talking about this for months now.

      For it to be insider trading, there has to be inside information. The writing has been very much on the wall for anyone to see for a long time.

  35. The order to shutdown 40 million people in California might be the best example of the kind of progressive view of the economy we’ve ever seen.

    If this goes on for another four weeks, the economic fallout from social distancing is going to be so huge, people will forget about the impact of the virus itself. We’re talking about bankrupting entire sectors of the economy, from airlines to hotels, but there’s also the impact on small businesses–from restaurants and bars to the people who work in them and depend on tips to make their credit card payments. Especially since so many people have newly joined the workforce in recent years, we’re likely to see the unemployment rate spike up deep into the double digits again.

    . . . and Gavin Newsom shut all the people who desperately want to operate despite the virus down?

    If you don’t want to be in a bar room full of people, stay home. If other people don’t want to cloister themselves, who are you to make choices for them about what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to do? If a construction worker cares more about making a paycheck than he does about the risk of infection, that’s between him and the people who hire him–and if Gavin Newsom doesn’t like it, he should be free to go fuck himself.

    Most of this is steeped in the bullshit belief that social distancing will stop the spread of the virus. This is a false belief. Even the basis of the flattening the curve logic recognizes that the same number of people will be infected under both curves–it’s just that the flattened curve minimizes the number of people who are turned away due to a lack of ventilators and ICU beds. Social distancing slows the spread of the virus–it does not stop the virus from spreading. And the sooner people come to terms with that fact, the sooner idiot politicians with progressives logic, like Gavin Newsom, will stop perpetrating unnecessary damage to our economy by making choices for other people over their objections and against their will.

    No one should make a law that prohibits people from cloistering themselves if that’s what they want to do–despite the fact that the impact on this to our economy is likely to be devastating. As loan defaults, lease defaults, and purchase agreements fall apart, and the rates of those things accelerate, the question isn’t whether we’ll be in a recession over the next two quarters. The question is whether the unemployment rate will spike to something like 15% or something like 25%.

    And the actions of idiot progressives like Gavin Newsom who live in a delusional dreamworld of a command economy are making it more likely that unemployment number comes in as high as possible. Staring into the abyss of an oncoming recession, the governor of California makes it against the law for people to go to work. It’s as amazing as it is typical of politicians like that to do the exact thing they shouldn’t at the worst possible time.

    1. four weeks? were looking at great depression levels of unemployment by the end of next week and I’m in virginia where they’ve largely been lax.

      1. Yeah, it can’t go on past next week. I think most of the damage being done to the economy can be undone pretty quickly if this thing ends in the next week. If it goes on, then the effects of the efforts to control the virus will quickly surpass even the worse case scenarios for the spread of the virus. We can’t shut down the economy and civilization for weeks and months. The world doesn’t run itself. These draconian measures have to end and end over the next week.

        1. The aid bill they just passed basically ensures everyone with a business and with under 500 employees will shutter and lay everyone off.

          1. Why is that?

            1. Probably referring to the part where the employer must pay X amount of sick leave, even if the job originally didn’t offer that benefit, if the employee is retained after Y date.

              Lots of small businesses can’t afford to pay people with no money coming in.

              1. IS that a condition of getting the aid or just a mandate?

                1. Mandate.

              2. It’s 7 weeks of 2/3 pay if you have a child not in school.

                1. That is idiotic. That said, it won’t destroy every business. It will mostly just raise prices. A large part of the cost of that will be passed to consumers.

        2. Gavin Newsom isn’t worried about the effects on the economy of shutting down 40 million people any more than he’s worried about the effects on the economy of the Green New Deal or Medicare for All.

          We stab it with our steely knives but we haven’t killed the goose that lays the golden eggs yet, so the capitalists who keep telling us to stop stabbing at it must be uneducated homophobic rednecks.

          Welcome to the Hotel California!

          1. I don’t think these people have any idea what they are doing. I honestly think they think it’s a spicket they can turn off and on at will. Like they think they are just going to lift the bans and it will be business as usual the next day. That ain’t going to happen.

            1. If they lift the bans, it will be business as usual. The public will immediately go out of their houses and start doing all of the things they were doing but stopped.

              1. I swear to god John I hope your right. Truly.

                1. If they stop this shit soon I will be right. If not, then things will be very screwed up.

                  Meanwhile. US cases keep rising at about 19% per day. They are not bending the curve here. I would like to think that is due to better testing finding cases that already exist. The problem is deaths are rising even faster. Fifty seven people died of this crap yesterday up from 41 the day before and 23 the day before that.

                  It takes about two weeks between catching this stuff and it killing you if it does. So, those 57 deaths are out of however many people caught it approximately 2 weeks ago. On March 6th, two weeks ago, there were 289 confirmed cases of this stuff in the US.

                  Surely to God the 289 number is wrong. If it were accurate, that would give the virus a mortality rate of 19%. But, if the virus has a mortality rate of the 4% that keeps being reported as the worst case, that would mean that given a deaths of 57 people two weeks later, the real number of infected was like 14,000 of which 4% or 57 people are now dead two weeks later.

                  That means that if the mortality rate is 4%, (granted a big if) the actual number of infected people two weeks ago was 48 times higher than those tested. If you assume the same growth curve in actual infections that have occurred in tested infections, (the tested number has increased by a factor of 48 in that two weeks), that means there are currently around 778,000 people infected with the virus right now. If 4% of those people die, that means about 31,000 people are going to die of this shit in the next two weeks.

                  Granted, those are total back of the envelope out of my ass calculations. But, they are based on the numbers of tested positive and deaths that are pretty solid. So, it is not out of the question that they are wrong or something close to them is true.

                  The bottom line is that in the next week or so, either a whole lot of people are going to get very sick and die or if not it will be clear this thing isn’t the threat we feared it was. I don’t see how it can work any other way.

                  If the optimistic predictions that this virus is incredibly widespread already and the death rate is therefore very low, then the death rate is going to stay very low over the next week or two. If my assumptions and calculations are true, then the death rate is going to skyrocket over the next week or two. I don’t see how it turns out any other way. We should know in the next week whether we are totally fucked or going to be okay.

                  1. Consider that the treatment cocktail is going to be widespread over the next two weeks. Also consider that a lot of Covid deaths were—and maybe now, given the lack of available tests—passed off as viral pneumonia/flu. Like a department of health is going to burn a test on a deceased 60 year old derelict who died of pneumonia.

                    All of that should combine to obscure the true number of deaths from SARS v2. That said, I really hope, and am beginning to think, given the multiple studies in multiple countries showing this stuff may work, that we might have a pharmaceutical way out of this mess.

                    Still a nasty flu, but it will no longer be a disease worth nuking your economy over.

                    1. The other thing is that while the death rate is increasing at about 19% per day, it is only at 57. Even at a 19% increasing rate, it would still be less than a thousand in two weeks. Basically, if the death rate doesn’t explode over the next week or so, it isn’t going to do so.

                  2. The death rate is likely wrong because there surely thousands of infected people who are not confirmed. Some were exposed but never got sick.

                    We know this because the cruise ships didnt have 100% infection rates even with circulated air.

              2. I wish that were true.

                Regardless, the people who are willingly cloistering themselves should be free to do so, and they people who are more worried about keeping up with their house payments should be free to make tough decisions for themselves using their own individual qualitative preferences.

                Either way, the idea that Gavin Newsom is making choices for me that I should be making for myself is fucking revolting, and when the economy is in tatters, I hope my fellow Californians are clear about who did what and when.

                In the aftermath of 9/11, I remember driving down the 405 through Los Angeles and seeing that almost every vehicle had an American flag flying from its window. People forget how unified we were in the aftermath of that tragedy. That’s about where we are now. The economic fallout hasn’t really hit us yet, but when it does, expect it to divide us like the Iraq War, torture policy, warrantless wiretapping, and the Patriot Act.

                . . . and if you live in a place like California, all you can hope for is division. Nothing quite as scary to the economy than circumstances uniting 40 million of my fellow Californians under a progressive idiot like Gavin Newsom. When things get bad, the working half of them who lose their jobs will hopefully want to kick him out of office so bad, they’ll be willing to vote for Republicans.

                1. Newsome has lost his mind. People cannot shelter in their homes for more than a day or two. Civilization doesn’t run itself. People have to get out and make a living and make civilization run.

                2. “The economic fallout hasn’t really hit us yet, but when it does, expect it to divide us like the Iraq War, torture policy, warrantless wiretapping, and the Patriot Act.

                  . . . and if you live in a place like California, all you can hope for is division. Nothing quite as scary to the economy than circumstances uniting 40 million of my fellow Californians under a progressive idiot like Gavin Newsom. ”

                  The bit where the DAs and judges in those states are publicly urging that prisoners be released from jail over this bug—in states, given recent bail reform laws, where they likely weren’t locked up in the first place unless they’d committed crimes even the cops couldn’t ignore—while, at the same time, those states were closing gun stores and prohibiting gun sales: all of that is a really bitter pill to swallow.

                  Large parts of this country will eat each other if the people can’t get back to work and if Jane Doe’s AFDC/SNAP card can’t buy anything in the stores.

            2. That’s always been my worst fear–what if the progressives aren’t lying? What if they really believe this stuff?!

              1. Civil war 2.0

    2. on the bright side, I’m thinking Gavin Newsom just cost himself his own job at the next election. People won’t forget this.

  36. Insider trading is a fake crime. Impossible to clearly define, easy-peasy for prosecutors to pick and choose. It also provides information to markets which is not available otherwise.

    1. No. It deprives markets of information. The whole point of it is for one person to take advantage of information not available to the rest of the market.

      It is difficult to define in all cases but in some cases, like acting on classified information not available to the public, it is quite easy to define. Just because you can come up with a large number of examples that are very close calls doesn’t mean there are not some cases that are not close at all.

      That said, I think there is a good case to be made why insider trading should not be a crime. But to the extent that is true, it is true in the private sector. If know something about what my company is going to do before it is public, why shouldn’t I be able to act on it? I lawfully have the knowledge what makes insider knowledge special? Not a lot as far as I can see.

      That argument, as persuasive as it is when talking about private sector insiders, doesn’t really apply when you are talking about public sector insiders acting on classified information. They have access to information because it was given to them by the public and done so for the purpose of serving the public good. What gives them the right to act on that information for their own personal benefit?

      I am generally opposed to insider trading laws. Public officials acting on classified information is an exception to that. If they did this, they misused their position for personal gain and deserve to be prosecuted.

      1. Insider trading is so loosely defined that it is one of those crimes defined entirely by prosecutors. That alone is reason to not make it a crime.

        It provides info to markets by leaking insider information. If the big wigs are selling, that says something. Corporations should be the ones looking for insider trading and punishing their own officers; they are the ones hurt. Let then deal with it. Once vote-grabbing prosecutors get involved, it becomes another meaningless political crime.

        As for politicians, why should they be singled out? The real crime is the government doing so much in the first place, collecting all sorts of secret information which does nothing but increase government power. Making the symptoms a crime, but not the causes, is just typical government masquerade.

        1. It provides info to markets by leaking insider information.

          No it doesn’t. The big wigs sell in secret. If they had to do it publicly, it wouldn’t be insider anymore and it wouldn’t do them any good to sell it. They are only able to sell the stocks at the higher prices because the person buying them doesn’t have the insider information. The whole thing is based on depriving the market and the buyer of the stock of relevant information. Your claim that it provides information makes no sense, since if it did, the stocks could never be sold at the inflated prices.

          And yes public servants should be singled out. It is one thing to have access to information because it is your company or the company you work for. It is quite another to have access to information because it was given to you as a public trust to serve the public. Your using that information for personal profit is misusing your official position. You are there to serve the public not take advantage of them by selling them stocks you know are going to nose dive thanks to your being given access to information the public isn’t.

          1. They do NOT sell in secret. Sales are reported. If some stock volume suddenly jumps and the price drops, that is public information. It doesn’t matter that the seller’s identity is unknown.

            1. >>Insider trading is a fake crime.

              Agree. Is more due diligence than the next guy.

              1. Exactly what due diligence can you do that would give you access to classified information only available to select government officials?

                That is just complete bulslhit. Even in the private sector, if I know about a buy out because I am involved, how is anyone else supposed to know or could ever find out with any amount of effort? It is a secret. Things are kept secret specifically so that the public doesn’t find out and the resulting market reaction blow the deal.

                1. not the senators dude if they used their seats that’s wrong. in the private sector i think it’s naive to believe people are dealing w/equal information across the board at *any* time. you know things I don’t bc of who you know and would be stupid to not benefit from the info.

                  1. I agree with you about the private sector. But I think it is totally different when you are talking about public officials trading on knowledge gained from their jobs.

                    1. absolutely. lamppost them. upside down by their feet so we can throw rotten food at them.

                    2. hey and to add to this I would totally cheer you on for making a killing in any market even if you said “a buddy told me…”

                  2. I got a tip about this one stock.
                    He’s a mudder.
                    His father was a mudder.
                    And his mother was a mudder.

                    1. His father was a mudder?

                2. All you have to know is that a lot of stock sold and the price went down; or a lot of stock was bought and the price went up. The buyer and seller are immaterial; all that matters is that someone thought they knew enough to buy or sell a lot more than was usual.

      2. They have access to information because it was given to them by the public and done so for the purpose of serving the public good. What gives them the right to act on that information for their own personal benefit?

        Moreover, with their ability to legally distort markets, they can be the effective progenitors of knowledge, factual or otherwise.

        1. Yes, and that is what is wrong, not the insider trading.

    2. If they have evidence of conspiracy, that’s one thing.

      Selling something you know to be relatively worthless as if it were more valuable to an unsuspecting buyer is basically fraud, but proving that seller intentionally deceived the buyers is a tough one without evidence of conspiracy.

      Most stock transactions involve someone selling a stock they think is going down to someone who is buying the stock because they think it is going up, and a law that requires people to sacrifice themselves because they are more knowledgeable sure seems strange.


      “In a strange twist, ImClone Systems the biotechnology company whose stock was dumped just before bad news was announced about an experimental cancer drug has received a multibillion-dollar takeover bid pegged to the success of that very same drug.

      Eli Lilly bought IM Clone for a much higher price than where it was trading just before Martha Stewart dumped her shares. Martha Stewart got screwed for selling her shares–even without going to prison.

  37. Also in regards to Gavin Newsom and California’s lock down of 40 million people . . .

    Weren’t the progressives going after President Trump for his racist travel ban just like a week ago?!

    I defy anyone here to think of anything more hypocritical than progressives going after President Trump for that travel ban–and then progressives in California and New York banning travel by American between cities.

    Give me a fucking break.

    1. yeah it was Iranian New Year last night too. what of all the celebrations in Teherangeles?

  38. Reporting as bad as what I read in the Washington Post on this issue. The stock market had been setting new highs – and Burr could easily justify taking profit off the table. Earnings growth for many companies had been slowing down – so I would argue it was prudent to reduce equity exposure given that the stock market was not cheap. And we also know nothing about the rest of his portfolios. His stock sales could have been part of decision to rebalance his portfolio. This is lame. Move on.

    1. It very well may have been. If it was in the works before he had the briefing, fine. All he has to do is explain that and show proof that was the case. I think it is fair to ask him to do that, however.

      1. Yup and, in an era where everyone in government and media is declaring themselves Witchhunter General and loosing the dogs of war on the superficial implications, his Republican detractors are stating pretty much this. If he’s innocent, he can prove it pretty trivially and easily.

  39. >>She ended her tweet with the “gasp” emoji.

    dude this part is not news. just stop.

  40. Intelligent politicians, like corporate officers, generally use blind trusts for stock trades. This gives a third party sole control over trading decisions, and allows intelligent trades without making use of inside information. A number of the accused politicians explained this, but the media and the public is too dumb and uninformed (and eager to find fault) to understand.

    1. Did the people in the story say that? Was it a blind trust? If so, then you are right. But I have not seen where they have.

      1. The thing you’re missing is the idea that these people were engaged in insider trading by being privy to secret information that this coronavirus was going to be much worse than what Donald Trump was assuring the nation it was going to be. The problem with that narrative was that approximately 5 seconds after Trump said this was going to be nothing to worry about, every paper in the nation was repeating what he said atop a story deriding what a stupid ignorant moronic idiot Trump was, that he was full of shit and didn’t know a damn thing, and that when he said there was nothing to worry about, it was a pretty damn good indication that we should not only worry but that we should indeed panic. So how were these people getting some “secret” insider knowledge about how bad this thing might be when every paper in the country was telling us that we should panic because this thing was going to be much worse than Trump was telling us?

      2. Yes, they did. The first words out of Feinstein’s mouth were “Blind Trust,” and Loeffler said immediately that she only knew about the transactions after they had occurred.

    2. That doesn’t work when the 3rd party is your spouse.

      Blind trusts are great when they’re actually blind and not just blind on paper to keep regulators off your back.

      1. Yup. Depends on who the Trustees of the Trust are.

      2. This is Bernie-style paranoia. There is no reason to assume that the Blind Trusts were being violated. That would be an end-of-career move for the investment manager if caught, and it’s hard to imagine that Feinstein or Loeffler would be do something that extreme. It’s a lot more likely that their investment managers were panicking and selling, just like everyone else.

  41. The more I think about it, the more I realize just how much this whole thing is like the climate change issue compressed into a few months rather than a few generations. All we hear is “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED! MILLIONS WILL DIE UNLESS YOU LISTEN TO US, THEN IT MIGHT ONLY BE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!” And when you dare to potentially question these completely blatant worst-case, doomsday scenarios, you just get “LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS!” Unless they are one of the few scientists willing to stick their necks out and disagree, in which case they are clearly ignorant of the “consensus” and jail time should be considered for being so reckless. The willingness to completely trash the economy and give up any individual rights because “WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF WE’RE ALL DEAD???” And the constant “IF WE DON’T DO OR ACHIEVE X BY TIME Y, THEN WE’RE ALL DOOMED,” then Y comes and X hasn’t happened so the rest of us say “OK, can we just sit back and see what happens and go on with our lives,” and of course the answer is to move the goalposts and come up with some new goal or action in some new timeframe that is REALLY REALLY the last chance to save us all. But it will require fully turning everything over to the progressives.

    Part of me hopes that perhaps people will learn some lessons from this, because unlike climate change, this is going to play out in the next few months. If things do in fact not come close to the dire predictions everyone has been swallowing without question, perhaps people will realize that people with very real but very narrow fields of expertise and their “consensus” should be looked at very skeptically, particularly when their predictions serve to make them very important people and make society hang on their every word and take it as some sort of gospel, because “expert.” But I’m not holding my breath- people will be ready and willing to swallow the next panic that their betters tell them to get lathered up about.

    1. Science only makes progress when one scientist questions the consensus and decides to investigate what the facts really are.

  42. Given that people will almost assuredly die—perhaps by the hundreds or thousands—because government authorities did not take this pandemic seriously enough from the start, ……

    Because everyone knows only the government can save us.

    1. Strong libertarian arguments on Reason, yet again!

    2. they were going to die either way. the government is only making things worse by throwing the economy out the window.

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    1. dude, everyone’s working from home now.

  44. How did all these libertarians spontaneously decide that it’s bad to sell stock when you learn bad macroeconomic news? It wasn’t even illegal until the Leftists made it so in 2012, and even then, it’s definitely one of those “crimes” that libertarians believe should be legal.

    Heck, libertarians should want to legalize “insider trading” of all forms.

    And what’s the line of criticism – that they didn’t go uber-statist on us fast enough after the briefing? Yeah, real strong libertarian complaint there, too!

    What was one congressman supposed to do, anyway? Larger voices than his were saying different things.

    1. Either we all play by the same rules or we dont.

      I would never buy stock if I knew corporate executives and politicians could rig the price of the stock by buying or selling based on information that is not public information.

      1. you mean like the coronavirus outbreak? seems like that was public news by then.

  45. The mystery number of confirmed infections went from 10,442 to 15,219 today.

    In three days the number has tripled.

    1. Massively expanding your testing will do that.

      1. Yeah, California liberal math:

        We had 200 test kits in Feburary and 200 cases, since we only tested people who were in intensive care and had visited Wuhan.

        In March we have 20,000 test kits and 2000 cases. The infection rate went up by 10 times! At this rate we’ll have 40 million dead by June if we don’t force everyone out of work!

  46. Insider trading my fucking balls. Anyone with half a brain could see something. Decade long bull, over valued stocks, and retarded leadership at the helm. It was a recession waiting to happen. I have buddies that barely know shit about the market that sold in late feb early march. This isnt insider trading its good sense. Even with a cloudy crystal ball this was the loigical move.

    Laughing all the way to the bank on this one, thanks for dropping the ball Trump! And sorry about your stock market, it was good while it lasted. Maybe give it back to black jesus, he treated it right

  47. I just want to take a moment to rave about the real good news this week: Reason has apparently stopped running those damned annoying, bandwidth-sucking AnyClip autoplay videos.

  48. This anarchist is truly contemptuous of all of you who expected politicians to be something other than self-interested hacks.

  49. LOL… Insider Trading??? As-if COVID-19 wasn’t public knowledge clear back in December 2019.. What a joke.

    1. yup. people who bought puts on the travel industry cleaned house.

  50. Does anyone believe that ONLY four Senators and members of Congress were insider trading? (or that only the ones with R after their names should be mentioned)?

  51. I thought Reason was a libertarian site. (Just kidding.) To libertarians, insider trading isn’t a crime, it’s just a somewhat extreme example of the usual asymmetric information involved in all economic transactions. It’s not like no one had heard of the corona virus or might have guessed it would hurt stocks. If some wealthy Congress crooks sell large stock holdings, that’s a valuable signal to everyone else. Prohibit the sale and you prohibit the signal.

    1. ” If some wealthy Congress crooks sell large stock holdings, that’s a valuable signal to everyone else.”

      Is there a way for the rest of us to track and trace the trading activity of Congress persons? Or anyone else?

  52. Most of these comments are beside the point, at least for Feinstein and Loeffler. While the ladies were the beneficial owners of the stock, they have both stated that they had structures in place to manage their portfolios without their intervention. The trading decisions were made by investment managers. The ladies didn’t pick up the phone and say, “sell.” (Burr may have.) Blind trusts are commonplace for corporate officers, politicians, and other folks exposed to being accused of “Insider Trading.” Soave should have explained this.

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