'Warlords Will Take Over' and Other Lines Libertarians Are Tired of Hearing

We asked the attendees at PorcFest 2018.


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Venezuela didn't try real socialism. Bitcoin is a tool for criminals. Without big government, warlords will take over.

We traveled deep into the woods of New Hampshire to ask the libertarians at the 2018 Porcupine Freedom Festival, a.k.a. PorcFest, what lines they're most tired of hearing.

Organized by the Free State Project, the annual festival is a week-long campout for libertarians, anarchists, and other self-identified fans of freedom. They gathered to attend workshops, purchase cannabis-infused coffee with cryptocurrency, and talk philosophy around a raging bonfire.

There was plenty of ideological diversity, but the attendees seemed united by the reactions that their friends and family members have to their political views.

Produced, shot, and edited by Justin Monticello. Music by Dan Lebowitz, The Grand Affair, Geographer, and Matt Harris.

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