Stossel: The Stosscars!

John Stossel picks the best and worst political performances of the year.


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It's time for the Oscars. Hollywood will give actors awards ­for what Hollywood thinks are the best performances.

But they leave out a most important category: political actors. John Stossel says that's wrong: Politicians deceive people just as much actors do, so some of their performances deserve recognition. So Stossel created the Stosscars.

Here are some of this year's winners (and losers):

The Stosscar for "Best Performance by a Rich Elitist" goes to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. In her eagerness to trash Trump's tax cuts, she described $1,000 bonuses as "crumbs."

"Best Democrat on Free Speech" award goes to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. At a Senate hearing, "Exploring Free Speech on College Campuses," she said: "It's dangerous to suppress speech. First, suppression can backfire. Instead of shutting up individuals with disgusting views, it becomes a launching pad to national attention."

The Stosscar for "Best Defense of the Constitution" goes to Sen. Rand Paul for his fight against the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act renewal. Sen. Paul demanded the National Security Agency and FBI follow the Constitution and get warrants before they listen to Americans' phone calls that may have been picked up during surveillance of foreigners. Unfortunately, he lost that fight.

The "Worst Act of Bi-partisanship" Stosscar goes to Sens. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer for their budget deal. It added billions of dollars to our unsustainable debt, and it cut almost nothing.

Finally, Stossel gives a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Ron Paul for his years of constantly challenging the enemies of liberty.

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