Advance Your Political Career by Hassling Small Soap Makers! (Nanny of the Month, May '15)


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They're pounding online gambling in Nevada and AirBnB in California, but this month we zero in on, well, California–but also Maine! Because the bipartisan Senate duo of Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Susan Collins (R-ME) is messing with small-time soap makers and looking squeaky clean in the process!

Sure their new bill would dump new fees and regulations on artisanal cosmetics makers to fix a problem that doesn't exist, but on the other hand the Personal Care Products Safety Act provides a handy blueprint for all those lowly state senators looking to take the next big step. These savvy senators reveal (in three easy steps!) how to advance your career by advancing the nanny state!

About 2 minutes.

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Nanny of the Month is written Ted Balaker (@tedbalaker) and produced by Balaker and Matt Edwards (@MattChrisEd). Edited by Edwards.

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