Gov. Brown's Water Plan: Hose Little Guys, Shower Cronies (Nanny of the Month, April '15)


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They're tearing down kiddy forts in Utah and banning fast food in Idaho, but this month you'll find the most obnoxious finger wagger in California.

Gov. Jerry Brown has busted out an executive order filled with directives, possible fines, and court actions for bad boys and girls who shower too long or hose down their Hondas without consulting state and local code books.

We're in a new era," declares Brown. "The idea of your nice little green grass getting watered every day–that's going to be a thing of the past."

Brown's new era involves cracking down on those of us who use comparatively little water while continuing to give special treatment to agribusiness and other water-guzzling cronies.

In other words, Brown's "new" era is awfully similar to the old era that Brown and company have enforced for decades.

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