Is It Time to Ban Catcalling? (Nanny of the Month, Nov. 2014)


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Whether it's chronic delays or the occasional used condom dangling from a handrail, New Yorkers have plenty of reasons to sour on the subway–and that was before an official proposed easing overcrowding by banning backpacks (or at least forcing straphangers to place their bags on the ground, which is often filthier than the handrails).

Meanwhile, control freaks in Westminster, Massachusetts sparked a public revolt after pushing a proposal that would outlaw the sale of all tobacco and nicotine products. However, the ordinance is still far from dead–officials are scheduled to vote on it later this month.

And is it time to ban catcalls?

Writing in the New York Times, a sociology professor likens catcalling to cross burning, and some Missouri cities had already criminalized verbal harassment before that viral video set the Internet on fire.

Hollaback!, the company that produced the video, doesn't support throwing catcallers behind bars, but only time will tell if our nation's lawmakers agree.

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