Why Did Armed Officers Raid a Strip Club and Take Photos? Don't Cops Have Better Things to Do?!


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Ten armed officers stand poised for action outside a building. What kind of hardened thugs might be lurking inside? Murderers? Rapists? How about unlicensed strippers?

Earlier this month, San Diego Police Department officers raided a Cheetahs strip club to bust any dancers who weren't properly permitted.

"I didn't know if it was a bank robbery or serial killer on the loose the way they had come in like that," said manager Rich Buonantony. "The show of force, show of power was incredible."

The officers were so committed to the operation that they spent hours meticulously documenting all 30 dancers' paperwork and bodies (with cameras, of course!).

"They made me feel like I was a gang member pretty much and they wanted to document every single one of my tattoos," said stripper Katelynn Delorie.

Yes, this is the same San Diego where the mayor and police chief have recently resigned amid a variety of sex scandals. Mayor Bob "Feel 'Em Up" Filner's scandals were of his own making, while Chief William Lansdowne oversaw a department beset by scandals involving officers, such as Christopher Hays, who faces felony charges for groping and illegally detaining women and Anthony Arevalos who is serving time for his habit of demanding sexual favors from women he pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.

So, while they're on the clock, maybe San Diego's finest could ignore the neighborhood strippers and keep their eyes on each other instead.

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