Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz: "The Obama economic agenda has exacerbated income inequality"


"The single biggest lie in politics is that Republicans are the party of the rich," says Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).  "The dirty little secret is that the rich do just fine with Big Government."

Reason TV caught up with Cruz in Houston at the kickoff to National School Choice Week. During the interview the senator discussed income inequality, how the problem has has gotten "significantly worse" under Obama, and why the country should be focusing on how policies impact those who are struggling. 

"Right now today the top 1%, the millionaires and billionaires that the president loves to demagogue, earn a higher share of our national income than any time since 1928." 

Camera and editing by Sharif Mattar. Interview by Todd Krainin. 

Approximately 3:15 minutes. 

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