Ron Paul Expects "Dramatic Good News" Night Before Iowa Caucus


"I'm keeping my fingers crossed," said Congressman and Presidential hopeful Ron Paul the night before the Iowa Caucus. "I think we may have some dramatic, good news for tomorrow night." Paul supporters at the Prime N Wine in Mason City, Iowa were in high spirits during his final stop on the Iowa Whistle-Stop Tour, which he embarked upon with his son, Senator Rand Paul.

Reason.tv was on the scene to gauge the mood and to investigate what it is about the Texas Congressman that inspires such a devoted following. Answers varied, but common themes were Ron Paul's
consistency, his peaceful foreign policy, and his willingness to take serious steps to reduce the deficit.

Reason senior editor Brian Doherty , who is writing a Ron Paul biography , was also there to document the event and provide political commentary. "The interesting thing about Ron Paul fans that I found is that whatever hooks them first," says Doherty, "once they're hooked in, they decide, almost universally, that they like everything about him." Perhaps because they value his logical consistency, most of Paul's supporters told us that they would not be willing to support another Republican candidate should he fail to get the nomination.

While many pundits still consider a Paul nomination a long shot, Paul and his supporters feel optimistic about his chances in Iowa. "I definitely expect Ron Paul to come in over 20 [percent]," says Doherty. "Absolutely he'll finish a strong second, and a win is definitely still a possibility."

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