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Judge Andrew Napolitano on Trump, SCOTUS, and the Return of Freedom Watch

The most libertarian legal analyst on cable news dishes on Brett Kavanaugh, the end of his GOP, and his forthcoming new show.

No legal commentator on cable news is more energetic, constitutionally minded, or libertarian than Andrew Napolitano, who has served as Fox News' senior judicial analyst for nearly two decades. A former New Jersey Superior Court judge, Napolitano is a nationally syndicated columnist—you can read him at Reason—and the author of a shelf full of books about law, history, and race in America.

Reason caught up with the judge at FreedomFest, the annual event held every July in Las Vegas. We talked about Donald Trump's ongoing makeover of the federal judiciary, whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will be good for libertarians, what it's like to be an ex-Republican, and the imminent return of Freedom Watch, the popular and controversial show that Napolitano hosted on Fox Business from 2006 to 2010.

Interview by Nick Gillespie. Edited by Alexis Garcia. Camera by Garcia, Paul Detrick, & Jim Epstein. Graphics by Austin Bragg.

"Namaste" by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Photo Credits: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Pat Benic/UPI/Newscom, Joshua Roberts/REUTERS/Newscom

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore || Flickr

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  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger||

    I clicked through for the transcript.

    There was no transcript.

    I'm debating whether I want to spend 23 minutes watching this video.

    Other commentators: thoughts?

  • Just Say'n||

    "What if the choice wasn't yours to make?"

    - the Judge

  • Chipper Morning Baculum||

    You want our thoughts on other commentators? Ok, here goes. Red Tony jumps to conclusions.

  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger||

    You said you were reporting me and then I got banned. How is Occam's razor not in effect there fucko?

  • Ornithorhynchus||

    I guess they fired their transcript writer. None of the videos have had any lately.

  • Ron||

    I don't watch the videos either waste of time

  • Mr. Dyslexic||

    Definitely worth the time IMO.

  • turco||

    Listened to it on the drive between workplaces. Totally worth it. Good distinction between conservative and libertarian judges.

  • Longtobefree||

    No. I like Napolitano, and still bailed at 13 minutes

  • Just Say'n||

    I haven't seen him in Reason in a long time. Did you guys stop syndicating him or do his articles appear at a weird time?

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    Don't be ridiculous. The squirrels use gmail.

  • Chipper Morning Baculum||

    Don't respond to you know who.

  • Cynical Asshole||

    Will we get new articles from him on Reason? Will those articles be written entirely in question? Will those questions ever be answered? Did the Judge hack my account?

  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger||

    To be decided. Probably not. No they will not be. Actually, that was Alternate-Alternate-Alternate Universe Me.

  • Architect of Liberty||

    Where's the fucking transcript??? I don't have time to sit through a 23 minute video.

  • jagjr||

    seriously. good comment. tired of video nonsense wasting my time. I just don't bother to click anymore - if it matters, someone will address it concisely.

  • Unemployed Armenian Tranny||

    Who do I have to kill to get Judge Nap on the SC?

  • Quo Usque Tandem||

    Took the time to watch the video just now; I wish everyone in the country would watch it, as they've likely never heard of 'natural rights" nor the intended limitations on the power of government and the role of agencies. Many may still want big gov to be in loco parentis and give them stuff and make the rest behave according to their dictates. but at least they might hear that is not the way it is intended to be.

  • Eggman||

    I'm somewhat new to Reason. If I understand Judge Napolitano correctly, "Pro-Life" is the correct Constitutional position?

  • JD Will||

    Spoiler Alert.
    Towards end he announces Freedom Watch is coming back to Fox.
    To be same show as it ever was.

  • tlapp||

    Glad he is back on the air. A great teacher of our constitution.

  • jagjr||

    when has Nap been libertarian?? he's long been a police state & drug war supporter.


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