Trent Horn: Can a Catholic be a Socialist?

Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn explores the nexus of Catholic social teaching and libertarianism.


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Can a Catholic be a socialist? Can a libertarian be a Catholic? Just asking questions. 

Today's guest, Trent Horn, is an apologist and speaker for Catholic Answers and a defender of capitalism. He hosts The Counsel of Trent podcast and has authored several books on Catholicism, including Can a Catholic Be a Socialist? In this episode, we discuss the themes of that book, respond to some of the anti-capitalist rhetoric that has come from the Vatican over the past decade, analyze the rise of "post-liberal" Catholics on the right, and question whether religion is becoming more palatable to the modern person.

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Sources referenced in the conversation:

  1. Can A Catholic Be a Socialist? The Answer is No—Here's Why
  2. Evangelii Gaudium: Apostolic Exhortation on the Proclamation of the Gospel in Today's World (24 November 2013) by Pope Francis
  3. Pope Francis' 2017 TED Talk: "Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone"
  4. Against David French-ism by Sohrab Ahmari
  5. Motte-and-bailey fallacy
  6. Zach and Liz's Interview with Johan Norberg
  7. Jordan Peterson on the Power of the Easter Message


  • 00:00 Opening Monologue
  • 01:25 Can a Catholic Defend Capitalism?
  • 03:30 Pope Francis and Capitalism
  • 05:21 Historical Criticisms of Socialism
  • 07:06 The Tension Between Employers and Workers
  • 09:38 Catholic Teachings on Economics
  • 29:35 Libertarianism and Catholicism: A Natural Overlap?
  • 41:50 The Role of Natural Law in Catholic Thought
  • 43:49 Understanding Catholic Definitions of Law
  • 44:06 Natural Law and Moral Commands
  • 45:42 Human Laws and Justice
  • 48:28 Catholicism and Science
  • 50:35 Liberty and the Good Life
  • 52:46 Debating Legalization of Prostitution
  • 54:49 Libertarianism and Consumerism
  • 01:01:39 Catholic Politics and State Intervention
  • 01:13:21 Jordan Peterson on Catholicism
  • 01:19:31 Final Thoughts: Who are you supposed to be?