Rob Long: God is Good, Drugs Are Better

The former Cheers producer talks faith, ayahuasca, and what it’ll take to bring back the blockbuster comedy.


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Today's guest is comedy writer Rob Long, who served as a writer for and producer of the great sitcom Cheers for years, writes the weekly Martini Shot commentary, and cohosts the GLoP Culture podcast with Jonah Goldberg and John Podhoretz. He is a columnist for Commentary and a cofounder of Ricochet, the online community and podcast platform. At a live event in New York City, Reason's Nick Gillespie spoke with Long about whether Hollywood is out of ideas, what it's like being a libertarian-leaning conservative in a very progressive industry, and the role that psychedelics have played in his creative process.


0:00- Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Jesus

3:22- What's Scarier; God Or Guns?

8:59- Road To Damascus, Hollywood

13:45- Jesus: A Weird But Groovy Dude

17:30- A Hollywood Solution To Hell

22:50- A Psychedelic Life Lesson

29:48- Comedy As Aggression

32:09- MDMA: A Non-Specific Amplifier

34:25- O Hollywood Mega-Hit, Where Art Thou? 43:35- The Comedies That Made Rob Long

45:39- Q&A

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