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A New Podcast Explains Why We Can't Have Nice Things

The answer? Because special interests and government prevent the free market from working the way it should.


Hey, Reason Roundtable listeners, we've got a special bonus for your Friday afternoon this week!

You might already know Eric Boehm from his occasional guest appearances on the Roundtable pod and from his written work at Reason over the past several years. But he's also the host of a brand-new, limited-run podcast that's going to be right up your alley if you're a fan of free minds and free markets—and we know that you are.

It's called Why We Can't Have Nice Things, and each week the show focuses on a different rule, regulation, or law that prevents the free market from working the way it should. These are stories about how protectionist policies get made and why they can be so difficult to undo.

Like, for example, a 100-year-old shipping law that makes traffic worse on American highways: The Jones Act. It's a law described as "a very classic case of everything wrong with Washington." That's the focus of this week's episode, the third in the six-part series.

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