The Real War in Ukraine and the Culture War in Florida

Plus, is the "Libertarian tent" too big?


On this Monday's Reason Roundtable, with Katherine Mangu-Ward out, Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, Nick Gillespie, and special guest Fiona Harrigan discuss the latest on the war in Ukraine and the ongoing Disney "groomer" panic.

1:37: Ukraine update: What the U.S. should and shouldn't do in Ukraine

19:27: The great "groomer" debate.

38:01: Weekly Listener Question: "Can a tent be too big? I understand the definition of libertarianism is fluid, but there has to be limits to that. Any time someone tries to nail down a few ideas, it's always countered with them saying "no true Scotsman fallacy" or "libertarianism is the goal, but we need to be pragmatic in the short term". All of this, however, is a convoluted way for me to say the LP of NH, the Mises Caucus, and last week's Roundtable emailer are not libertarian and should stop using the word. DeSantinistas, Trumpers, pro-Putin trad cons, and all right-wing reactionaries need to be disavowed and loudly."

This week's links: 

"The Case for Pursuing the Issue of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine—Even Though Putin is Highly Unlikely to Ever be Tried and Punished" by Ilya Somin

"From Iraq to Ukraine, the American Press Loves a War" by Fiona Harrigan

"Ukraine Crisis: U.S. Must Use Restraint" by Nick Gillespie

"'Equity,' 'Multiculturalism,' and 'Racial Prejudice,' Among Concepts That Could Be Banned in Schools by Wisconsin Bill" by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

"40 Years of Free Minds and Free Markets" by Brian Doherty

"Goodnight, Moonshot" by Matt Welch

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Audio production by Ian Keyser

Assistant production by Hunt Beaty and Adam Czarnecki

Music: "Angeline," by The Brothers Steve