What Happens When an Endless War Ends?

Plus, a pithy summary of how government works


With our regular host on vacation, Peter Suderman takes the lead on this Monday's Reason Roundtable, joined by Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and special guest Eric Boehm. The Reasoners reflect on the latest in Afghanistan, discuss deficits and infrastructure, and answer your questions about vaccine mandates.

Discussed in the show:

2:06: A debrief on the situation in Afghanistan

24:08: Last week was Infrastructure Week! Now what?

38:48: Weekly Listener Question: "Like many libertarians, probably including yourselves, I'm a vaccinated person who is opposed to the idea of government mandates to get vaccines and other medical interventions, where 'mandate' implies 'get it willingly, or armed agents of the state will come strap you to a table to administer it.' That idea doesn't seem to be gaining real traction in the states yet, but a rash of recent government decrees has me wondering how much choice people are really being given. First, we have governments acting in their capacity as employers to tell public employees 'get jabbed or get fired.' Second, we have the beginnings in NYC and L.A. of barring unvaccinated people from much of public life and business by government decree. Am I crazy to think these are just backdoor vaccine mandates, and if they are, how can libertarians push back on the notion that the mere lack of armed enforcement makes them OK?"

55:16: Media recommendations for the week.

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  1. It ends. That’s fine. Should have ended when OBL was killed, at the latest. But we could have done something for our local supporters. Our interpreters in particular are facing death, and there is no reason why we couldn’t have helped them. Shameful.

    1. “Should have ended when OBL was killed”

      WTF?! I have the same initials as Osama bin Laden?????


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      1. briefly feared for your further existence there …

      2. Our OBL is a national treasure.

      3. Imagine an app that would spit out OBL-isms on demand. That would be priceless.

        1. i thought that was the cnn news app

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        2. @BidenInsultBot

          Not the same, but fun too

          1. Nardz, I think a whole lot of us would download that app. Heh, heh. Some OBL-isms truly are priceless. She has a hell of a sense of humor.

            1. She?
              How dare you!
              Everyone knows OBL is a they/them!

      4. You are the leader of the muhahahajadeen.

      5. You’re a fucking idiot.

        1. And you rape children, shreek.

      6. Like Elvis you’re still alive

    2. those afghans were traitors and should be shot. when US is at war and their soldiers help the enemy they get shot. it is another excuse to flood the country with tens of thousand of brown muslims

      1. Personally, *I* don’t feel any shame for the interpreters that *I* didn’t need in Afghanistan.

        If *I* had helped *them* in an effort to establish a legitimate government in Chicago, I dunno how much shame I’d heap on the millions of Afghans on the other side of the world for me continuing to live there after they left.

      2. I love how I get 99 angry replies, but this jane fonda traitor shit goes unanswered. Care to show your true colors any harder?

        1. People ignoring a moron is proof that they support him. Lmfao. Did you not get enough attention? Poor little baby bitch.

      3. So John Walker Lindh, Adam Gadan, and Jibril Hough are more trustworthy Muslims because they are a lighter shade?

      4. We have a new SQRLSY sock.

    3. Actually the mission changed. Listen to what Dan Crenshaw has to say about it. A bit of reason instead of the party line from both sides. We have similar operations ongoing in over 100 countries. When are we ending them?

      1. Ending the U.S.presence in Afghanistan, as awful as Biden did it, can be a good start to a better ending of U.S. presence in the other 100+ countries…without Biden’s mess, of course..

      2. Dan Crenshaw is a piece of shit MIC apologist. It’s a crying shame that the shrapnel that took out his eye didn’t pass through his skull and take the barely functioning parts of his gray matter with it.

      3. Reason? From Dan Crenshaw? LOLOLOLOL.

        Every generation gets the John McCain they deserve, I guess.

    4. Trump tried to end it and commie democrats voted to deny money to withdraw US troops.

      The piece of shit commies at unreason own this rout and the afghanis that fell from and run over by moving US planes today. They were trying to flee the tyrannical muslims of the taliban that unreason staff support with propaganda.

      You unreason staff are true pieces of shit and you will answer for your crimes against America.

      1. What the fuck is wrong with you? Weed is legal in most of America now, seems like you could use a few tokes.

    5. This is indeed an opportunity to import girl-bullying brainwashees steeped in the initiation of force and suicidal superstition. Selling out as collaborators with a foreign invader dedicated to Positive Christian National Socialism instead of Allah does not make them assets or allies. Afghanistan has been a hotbed of opium war intrigues since China expelled British and American drug cartels in 1837. Meddling will only bring more terrorism hither.

      1. So, Hank, what are your thoughts about my idea that the U.S. should lefalize opiates and grow our own Genetically Modified version that only kills pain instead of people and is spliced with kudzu growth genes to be as plentiful and cheap as candy?

        This would completely render Afghanistan’s opium fields worthless and end every opium dealeing organized crime cartel and Narco-Terrorist gtoup on the Planet, make our streets safer, provide needed pain relief to the infirm and elderly without turning them into criminals, and really Make America Great Again!

        1. Your idea shows that you are dumb as a rock and are detached from reality.

          1. IIRC, aren’t you the one who holds that anything bad that happens to humans is God granting Man free will and God being the ultimate Libertarian non-interventionist and yadda, yadda, yadda…? You may want to check yourself there.

        2. Or….we could just pay them for their opium. ‘Free minds, free markets,’ after all.

          1. No. Why pay them when we can make our own that is cheaper, plentiful, and safer when legal and genetically modified? Also, profits from home-grown opium wouldn’t go to the benefit of our Islamofascist destroyers. Read again above.

    6. War began. Not fine. Insane. Not civil. Not humane. Standing armies are used for offense, institutionalized murder/suicide, property destruction (infrastructure). The reasons are unclear because it is hard to come up with good lies. No matter. The public support it. That relieves them of thinking about it so they can go on with their lives. This willful ignorance will come back on them in many ways not obvious. Meanwhile, the opium trade and oil pipe line profit the warmongers, as usual. Enjoy your patriotism.

      1. The solution is “Drill Baby Drill!” meets “Fission Baby Fission!” meets “Cheap, Safe, Legal, Home-Grown Genetically-Modified Poppies, Poppies, Poppies!” Phooey on Islamofascism, Christofascism, Ecofascism, and Fascism-Fascism all at once!

  2. “What Happens When an Endless War Ends?”

    We Koch / Reason libertarians keep doing what we were already doing — encouraging the entire population of the country in question to immigrate to the US.


    1. Not then entire population. Believe it or not, there are decent people there who do not deserve to be beheaded for helping us when we asked for it. More than decent, they demonstrate American values much better than most of the overweight consumers I see around me.

      1. By ratting out their neighbors?

        1. They’re interpreters, not snitches. Are you guys just here to argue, or do you really hate people who are anti taliban in their own country? Weird hill to die on, defending the agents of a sharia law based government. Finally realizing which side of history you are on?

          Nick Fuentes realizes. Y’all quaeda jokes were closer to home than you thought.

          “The Taliban is going to ban abortion, vaccines, and gay marriage… maybe we were fighting on the wrong side for 20 years”

          1. Weird hill to die on, defending the agents of a sharia law based government.
            I thought they were interpreters?

            1. You’re pretty fucking stupid, eh?

              1. Are you Canadian ?

              2. No, espresso walked into that one.

                And taking him at face value, worked to insure those guys would be stranded by campaigning against Trump, whose plan would’ve gotten them out, for 4 years.
                Good job.

                1. Trump didn’t plan shit. He didn’t get the ‘terps out either, when he had 4 years to do it. Conveniently, the GOP just removed praise for Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban.

                  They really think you guys are this dumb. Stand up for yourselves.


                  1. We’ll never know how Trump’s evacuation plan would’ve gone, but your (claimed) guys are still there and you’ll have to live with how you helped make that happen.

                    1. I’ll sleep fine, soldier of fortune larping bottom boy.

                    2. So no guilt for getting people you claim to value killed?
                      Or is the abrupt switch to violent homophobia your Freudian attempt to cope.
                      I’ll guess both.
                      You clearly have no ability to value other humans (psychopathy) and were probably on boy rape duty with the locals.

                    3. “I’ll sleep fine, soldier of fortune larping bottom boy.”

                      Of course you will; you’re a slimy piece of lefty shit bereft of anything approaching principles. You’d ‘sleep fine’ after raping and killing your mother, asshole.

                    4. I’ll sleep fine, soldier of fortune larping bottom boy.

                      The projection is unreal. Offer still stand btw you pathetic faggot pussy. Any time. Any place. As long as you’re up for it, including to your death if you so choose. If you want to arrange it, try posting a real email address this time you simpering little quim.

          2. Are you guys just here to argue, or do you really hate people who are anti taliban in their own country? Weird hill to die on, defending the agents of a sharia law based government.

            By your own tenets we should’ve assassinated OBL and got out. I didn’t continue to fight in Afghanistan. I don’t feel any more shame cutting and running and letting these people down than I feel for the millions of other Afghans who aren’t yet Western-style feminists. Or the hundreds of Americans in Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore who get shot or worse every year. I don’t see how you rationalize the distinction with anything other than “muh feelz!” And “muh feelz!” is why we’re still there after 18 yrs.

            Behold the field of where I grow my fucks. There is but a single plant that is well past ripe. Clearly, it’s time to get the fuck out of there with no other fucks give.

            1. Where just returning it to the state it was in when we went in. We’re just a few trillion dollars lighter (or more accurately, further in debt) for the effort.

              1. It’s not quite at the status quo ante.
                When we went in the northern alliance held about a third of the country against the Taliban central government.
                The Ismaili’s under Ismail Khan, the Tajiks under Massoud, and the Uzbeks under Dostum we’re all united in resisting the Taliban.

                Now Ismail IKhan is a Taliban prisoner, Massoud is dead, Dostum fled to is Uzbekistan.
                And the Taliban are the undisputed masters of the entire country of Afghanistan.
                So the neocon dream of a Jeffersonian democracy in Afghanistan, died with Ahmed Shah Massoud.
                It would have been better if we had just toppled the Taliban, and given the 800 million we used to build up an Afghan army to local warlords.

          3. I mean.. you did say every jan 6th protestor was an insurrectionist that deserves to be killed.

            1. I did not say that. I said the capitol police would have been jsutified in using deadly force the moment the mob broke in. Try to be accurate, just once.

              1. I said the capitol police would have been jsutified in using deadly force the moment the mob broke in.

                Have you or any soldiers under your command, in or outside of a combat zone, fired on unarmed civilians?

                1. Lmfao. The closest this LARPing faggot has ever come to commanding soldiers is screaming into his Xbox mic on Call of Duty. Although on his TalcumX sock he did brag about murdering women and children in his pretend combat deployments.

          4. I have an app that translates really well. Why did they need tens of thousands of translators if they could use their phones?

            1. Apps do not yet have the capacity to interpret things such as slang, body language, tone, mannerisms, faces, gestures, and other human nuances of communication that a human interpreter could. Skynet hasn’t got that far yet. 🙂

          5. They’re interpreters, not snitches.

            They supported a war that I and many other libertarians objected to. And we don’t know what else they may be; if you were an enemy of the US, wouldn’t you try to get your agents into such positions?

            Are you guys just here to argue, or do you really hate people who are anti taliban in their own country?

            I don’t “hate” them, I object to giving out immigration visas to people simply because they worked as interpreters.

            And I object to the precedent that this sets. People who work for the US military in other countries should not come to expect that they are rewarded with visas. If this interferes with future US military adventures, all the better.

      2. Up until a coupe days ago there was supposed to be fight for Afghanistan. Uou don’t excavate the very people who are supposed to fight that battle. This panicked shit is a direct consequence of the Afghan leaders selling out their supporters.

        1. Yeah, droolin’ Joe screwed the pooch, didn’t he?

        2. Couple? Excavate? Are you having a stroke there, Jakie, or just exercising those keen “editor” skills again.

      3. traitors during wartime get shot including any in the US army that help the enemy

      4. Not then entire population. Believe it or not, there are decent people there who do not deserve to be beheaded for helping us when we asked for it.

        I strongly objected to the war. Why would I have sympathies for people who supported it?

        More than decent, they demonstrate American values much better than most of the overweight consumers I see around me.

        “Demonstrating values” is not a basis for immigration.

      5. More than decent, they demonstrate American values much better than most of the overweight consumers I see around me.

        First of all you live in Canada, cytotoxic. Second of all you’re a self-confessed obese lardass piece of shit. If you don’t like hanging out with fat fucks, maybe take down the vanity mirror in your mom’s basement.

  3. Biden is the bestest Libertarian President evah!!

    1. This war is like so 2 administrations ago – he’s already had this war, and soaked his hands in enough blood.

      Senile Joe wants a war to call his very own.

  4. did the endless war end for the Afghans?

    1. Narrator’s Voice (In Hellenic Greek): No. No it did not.

  5. So, I keep hearing about some crisis going on somewhere in the world… what’s the doddering old fool with a blanket on his lap, eating tapioca doing… I mean, besides watching Matlock?

    1. He’s tweeting and blaming Biden for following through on his withdrawal plans.

      1. Is he so far gone he refers to himself in the 3rd person?

      2. My calendar must be fucked up. It says today is August 17th, not May 1st.

  6. Am I crazy to think these are just backdoor vaccine mandates, and if they are, how can libertarians push back on the notion that the mere lack of armed enforcement makes them OK?”

    Quit ignoring the real tyranny while whining that some red-state governor banned the forced use of passports in his state.

    1. That’s basically the difference between socialism and fascism. Under socialism the government takes away most choices, while fascism ostensibly gives you the choices, while making it virtually impossible to choose anything than what the government wants

      1. I’m stealing that – thought it only fair to let you know.

      2. What about the freedoms of an employer to require that his employees get the vaccine or get fired. Seems like a pretty clear cut case of the 1st amendment.

        1. Now do fag cakes, kiddie fucker.

  7. Why is this our longest war and not Korea?

      1. We still have troops in Germany. Just saying.

        1. It would be weird if we pulled out of Germany and the nazis immediately took over.

          1. ha!

            we all know they’re all here in the US…

          2. you’ll get Misek all geeked up …

          3. Don’t give Biden any ideas. He might be able to make that happen.

        2. “We still have troops in Germany. Just saying.”

          We also have troops in Canada. Germany surrendered. That war is officially over.

          Korea, meanwhile, is not.

          1. We do not have bases in Germany because of the Germans obviously. They are a Cold War remnant and a forward staging area for our other military adventures around the world.

            Probably the two most important are the air bases. There is also a hospital.

            If we just adopted a policy of a smaller well equipped defense force we wouldn’t need them at all.

      2. Neither Germany nor the Korean Peninsula are considered active war zones. Afghanistan already was one when we got there, and will likely continue to be one for the foreseeable future

    1. In Afghanistan, smack laced with a monkey virus from mohammedan Africa simultaneously infected both the Soviet and ‘Murrican Great Satans. To this day invasion buffs pretend California queers somehow unleashed AIDS, not nativists eagerly retaliating against invaders with whatever bio-weapons are handiest. Twelfth-century monarchic theocracies are not allies of freedom. They are deadly sources of weaponized plagues and doublethink.

      1. well, you’re in luck, Hank! If we legalized and Genetically-Modified opium, U.S. Citizens would benefit from pain relief without death or turning to crime, the Islamofascists and organized crime cartels would go broke, and no Monkey-Pox either!

  8. Women 15 years old and up will be doled out to the Victor’s, among other things.

    1. So nothing is changing.

    2. Gays will become test pilots for the taliban space program.

      1. Is that the low-orbit, rooftop pogrom… I mean program?

        1. Nice!! Have been trying pun with pogrom for weeks!

          1. Get with the pogrom!
            Or do you need to be in the remedial pogrom?

            Ok, I’ll see myself out now.

    3. Don’t they prefer 10 year old boys?

      1. The Taliban is taking over, not the Democrats.

        1. Buttplug was about to convert to Islam.

    4. I didn’t think many of them were named Victor. Seems like a lot of Hamids

      1. I did not notice my autocorrect corrected my correction of it’s correction.

  9. Science is a process of asymptotically approaching the truth. We can never be sure we’ve reached it, but sometimes over a period of years we can be reasonable sure we’re in the right ballpark. Stuff like the orbiting of celestial bodies, the Krebs Cycle, and genetic inheritance.

    Political opinion can be informed by science, but political opinion is not science, nor does science provide policy statements.

    1. Science is not truth, nor is it asymptotic to truth, whatever you think that means. Science is a process for creating greater certainty about knowledge. Truth is always based on reality whereas knowledge can be sometimes based on falsehood.

      Much of what Mengele did was science. All of what he did was horrible. That is the difference between knowledge and truth.

      1. Mengele did divide altruist, racial-collectivist, nationalsocialist positive Christianity into pro- and anti-Mengele camps after May of 1945. To this day they quibble about whether Hitler-embossed church bells are historical landmarks or a national embarrassment. Both factions are unanimously in favor of naming trains after Martin Luther rather than Anne Frank. They are a lot like the GOP and Dems, still tilting over monuments.

        1. Lol. When Philip K Dick was writing The Man in the High Castle he should have consulted Hankie. Nobody does alternate history like this retarded, senile, obsolete old piece of shit.

      2. If it’s false, it’s not knowledge or truth. Where the Hell do you get this word salad?

        Science is the only game in town (“town” being the Natural Universe) for finding knowledge and truth. It’s distinguishing trait is that it is based in evidence and shows it’s homework.

        As the late, great Jacob Bronowski observed, science in both theory and practice, presupposes and requires respect for independent thought, free inquiry, integrity, autonomy, and the dignity of human beings, something totalitarians such as Mengele and Lysenko obviously did not have.

        1. Science is figuring out cause and effect, how things work.
          Just because something is evil or based on erroneous assumptions doesn’t make it not science, and you come off as an apologist for totalitarianism with this line of argument.
          Develop your own fucking identity without being so slavishly devoted to the word “Science”

          1. Mengele and Lysenoko did everything they did to confirm their totalitarian dogmas, not to refute them and find new discoveries about the Natural Universe. Again, not science.

        2. “Science is the only game in town (“town” being the Natural Universe) for finding knowledge and truth.”

          Any science that makes claims to truth is neither science nor true. Because that is not what science is. That you further assert it is “the only game in town” is everlasting proof of your ignorance.

          1. “science in both theory and practice, presupposes and requires respect for independent thought, free inquiry, integrity, autonomy, and the dignity of human beings”

            LOL. Those are moral statements you twit.

            Again, not science.

            1. What you argue for is Scientism. Which insofar as it is a belief system, is not all bad.

              It’s just not, you know, science.

              1. Frankly you are a paragon of everything that is wrong with the uneducated idiots of today.

                You spout high minded moral truths about things like dignity, autonomy, and freedom of thought and think it is the science that makes them special.

                BASS ACKWARDS

                1. Good rendition of Rev. Artie Kirkland. Needs more copypasta, though.

                  1. It’s exactly like Rev. Artie, except writing in a completely different style, reaching polar opposite conclusions. But yeah, other than that.

                    It’s rather hilarious that you’re apparently too stupid to offer even the pretense of a rebuttal to Rev. Artie.

            2. And Bronowski held, quite rightly, that the practice of science required the human values I mentioned above.

              So are ad hominems science?

              1. And Bronowski held

                Nothing says SCIENCE quite appeals to authority and the moral conviction that you alone are in possession of absolute truth.

          2. So what other way is there of knowing anything?

            1. Nothing could be known prior to the birth of our lord and savior Sir Francis Bacon. It is known.

        3. Science is the only game in town for finding knowledge and truth.

          Nah, you’re just a militant evangelical atheist materialist.

          As the late, great Jacob Bronowski observed, science in both theory and practice, presupposes and requires respect for independent thought, free inquiry, integrity, autonomy, and the dignity of human beings

          Like “Take this mRNA vaccine or else you will be denied health care” for example.

          something totalitarians such as Mengele and Lysenko obviously did not have.

          No TRUE Scotsman…

    2. The Krebs cycle? Does that involve WORK?!?!?!?

  10. What a speech.

    Nobody is saying we shouldn’t leave Afghanistan. The issue is the “Saigon 2.0” collapse, and why he couldn’t see it coming.

    And he’s had influence for 17 years of this war.

    1. It’s time to confront his supporters

      1. Do it pussy. All you ever do is talk.

        1. Where do you live.
          I’m in Jax if you want to let me know when you get here, soy.

          1. So you’re asking me to confront you? Don’t think I will.

            1. Actually he is asking you to be,/i> confronted. Something you encouraged him to do.

            2. From “Do it pussy. All you ever do is talk.”


              “No, I didn’t mean *me*” in less than an hour.

              Impressive Jakie. You faggot.

    2. What a spectacular fuck-up by Brain-Dead Biden’s NatSec Team.

      1. Was it?
        Hard to excuse as innocent error.

        1. Biden: “Fuck that. We don’t have to worry about that (Afghanistan). We did it in Vietnam. Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”

          A quote of Biden, provided by Richard Holbrooke

          1. The problem isn’t leaving Afghanistan or Biden’s disregard for the Afghan people.

            The problem is that the way Biden left massive amounts of weapons and money in Afghanistan, deprived the US of any ability to fight terrorism in the region, and signaled to China and Russia that it’s open season on US overseas interests.

      2. What difference does it make now?

  11. Biden gave the wrong speech today.

    Instead of explaining how the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in just several days, or why Americans and Afghan allies weren’t removed from the country before the US military, Biden instead tried to convince Americans that America shouldn’t continue occupying Afghanistan in the future (which most Americans agreed with several tears ago when Trump announced America would be leaving the country).

    Even Biden loving CNN has portrayed the events in Afghanistan and Kabul this past week as disastrous.

    1. The Big Guy’s refusal to take any questions from his ass kissers at the NYT, WaPo, CNN and MSNBC documented just how bad things are going for the White House.

      Meanwhile, Jen Psaki took the week off.

      1. That’s hilarious.

      2. I don’t expect him to take any questions on this, ever.
        If a reporter asks, the others will all shout over him, asking what Biden’s favorite breakfast cereal is.

        1. Similar to former President Carter refusing to ever discuss Iran in any interviews. Sometimes imbeciles need safe spaces from adult questions.

      3. It’ll be interesting to see if the news media starts agitating for a social justice invasion to save women from the Taliban.

        The Taliban closes a school for girls? The story about it writes itself.

        1. Well he did just send 7,000 troops back in

          1. Biden sent 7000 troops in to get troops out. Only government could or would or have to do something this moronic.

        2. Of course they won’t. The Media is more than happy to move on to whatever the next crisis is. Remember 1992 – 2000 when the Northern Alliance and the Taliban were fighting a bloody war on the backs of teenagers and donkeys? Neither does any other American. The only time anyone gave a shit is when the Taliban started menacing statues that Buddhist Celebrities loved, and then 9/11.

          As soon as the reporters feel like they’ve done enough to earn their Cronkite awards and Pulitzers, they will ghost the Afghans just as they have done with the Libyans, Syrians, Somalians, etc.

          1. Taliban just might ghost some of them first, though not in the usual sense of the term. More literal.

          2. And if Clinton had killed OBL (theirs, not ours) when he had the chance then Afghanistan would probably still be stuck on 92-00. And we would have avoided the whole mess.

        3. Will the Afghanistan Olympic team allow trans athletes?

      4. Surprised they didn’t tout that Afghani women are now masking in public at a 100% compliance rate.

      5. They could only wind him up for ten minutes. After that he needed to go back to Matlock.

    2. I don’t know what he said, but there’s no way CNN or MSNBC could realistically sugarcoat some of this stuff.

      They’d probably blame Trump if they could, but even that has the downside of forcing them to admit a) that Trump negotiated a deal to withdraw from Afghanistan with the Taliban and b) that Biden screwed that deal up.

      P.S. As of a week ago, I suspect most Americans still didn’t know that Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban. It wasn’t something the establishment Republican voices on Fox wanted to brag about, and it wasn’t something the progressive voices on the rest of the news media wanted people to know.

      1. He tried to take “responsibility” for leaving while blaming everyone else for how it was done.
        An absolute disgrace.

      2. The media calling the pullout a disaster is premature at best.

        Let’s see if the Taliban honor the agreement they signed in Qatar. If they do, then we achieved an important objective: The Taliban agreed not to attack the US or allies, nor to provide help to others who would. We left, and fulfilled our terms of the agreement. The guy now heading up the Taliban is the same guy who signed that deal on their behalf.

        I question the competence of Brain-Dead Biden’s National Security team. They did not see this coming? Really?!

        1. Let’s see if the Taliban honor the agreement they signed in Qatar.
          Why would they? SleepyJoe violated the agreement on day one!

        2. They’re already going door to door executing anyone who worked with the US

          1. Score-settling is bound to happen, Nardz. I don’t like it either, but settling scores is a part of every war. This was a very bad call, not planning and starting an evac of the Afganis who helped us. That process should have started last year, after the agreement was signed.

    3. The media loves war more than they love Democrats. If they have to wafflestomp Biden to get him out and continue the wars, that’s what they will do. You know Harris will bend over for whatever they want.

    4. Look, it’s all happened so fast, literally within hours. The media needs a couple of days of Zoom calls and narrative-building before they can fully blame this on Trump.

    5. Well, those Lockheed & Boeing ads aren’t cheap…

  12. Eh, we’re still in Japan and Germany 75 years later. For basically the same reason – we didn’t want to fight another, more costly war with them later.

    In small, persistent footprint in Afghanistan would have prevented this and would prevent us from having to go back there when the inevitable attacks happen again in the US

    1. This is one reason why Europe has an extensive welfare state. They don’t have to spend any money on a military. Imagine if all our trillions spent on defense went to welfare. We would make Denmark look like stingy old bastard.

      Not that I want those trillions going to welfare, but imagine the tax cuts if we didn’t have our love affair with massive military spending.

      1. … why not spend it on Welfare AND a Military?

        1. Hold on, let me call Jerome and tell him to print up another $5,000,000,000,000.

          He was going to do it pretty soon anyway.

          1. Jerome? Are you Morris Day from Morris Day and The Time?

        2. #Libertarians4WelfareAndWarfareStatism?

      2. The US spends way too much on its military. And that is a fraction compared to all of the welfare spending.

    2. Readers will observe the mystical appeal some armed meddling “could have” brought. Now recall the Saudi mohammedan hijackers actually crashing passenger jets into the World Trade Center after the Desert Storm meddling. That is the difference between officious self-deception and the causality reflected by facts of reality.

      1. Yeah Saudi terrorists flew planes into the world trade center as retaliation for the American intervention in Kuwait 10 years earlier which was performed at the behest of… Saudi Arabia.

        Please, for the love of fuck Hankie, never, ever pretend you are even notionally acquainted with either facts or reality. You are profoundly mentally ill, which is only compounded by the fact that you are historically illiterate and clinically mentally retarded.

  13. “What Happens When an Endless War Ends?”

    Now, let’s get out of Germany.

    Let’s see if Biden can hand that one off without fumbling in the backfield.

    1. Totally the same thing. So much corruption in Germany! And Japan too! So glad UK left Hong Kong!

      1. So, you’re a neocon now?

        You understand the lease on Hong Kong was up in 1997, right?

        1. Defending democracies has worked pretty well for the USA. Imposing Democracy not so much.

          1. I’m sorry, you’re saying that instead of bringing China into the WTO, we should have gone to war with them over Hong Kong–at the end of the Cold War?

            Should we have invaded Hong Kong when the British left? Should we have annexed it and made it a U.S. territory like Guam? What are you saying here?

          2. You’re saying we didn’t impose democracy on Japan after WWII?

            1. These States roasted imperialist aggression in retaliatory thermal and gamma radiation to exact its surrender. Japanese survivors deduced that it was in their best interest no longer obey godly midgets calling for Banzai charges and collective suicide cliff-leaping at Saipan. Reality is a harsh schoolmistress.

      2. What’s your justification for staying in Germany?

        Are you aware that we could come to their mutual defense even if our forces were stationed somewhere outside of Germany?

        I bet Poland would love to have a U.S. base. The closer the allies are to your enemies, the happier they are to host the the alliance’s foreign troops. It’s always worked that way–going back to the ancient world.

        Meanwhile, Germany isn’t living up to its NATO commitments and is actively undermining our shared strategic interests with Nord Stream 2.

        P.S. Funny how Biden supported Nord Stream 2 and opposed Keystone. Even from the view of climate change panic, that doesn’t make sense. Incidentally, supporting the interests of foreign governments at the expense of Americans is part of what got Donald Trump elected in 2016. This is part of what populists are talking about when they talk about America first.

        1. Biden didn’t “support” Nord Stream 2. He just didn’t sanction it. I’ve no problem with making better deals. You and I just disagree with what is or is not in our self interest. You’re also full of shit for thinking I’m for putting the interests of foreign govts above the American people. Trump is exactly the sort of person who would sell out his country for personal gain. You supporting Trump is another example of just how poor your judgment and/or understanding is.

          1. “The State Department detailed an agreement Wednesday between the U.S. and Germany allowing the completion of a controversial Russian natural-gas pipeline, giving Germany and Russia a long-sought victory on energy while limiting concessions to the U.S. and Ukraine.”


            How did that agreement benefit the United States? I can see how it hurt our strategic interests, by making Germany dependent on cheap energy from the country we’re supposed to be in a mutual defense pact against, but how did that agreement benefit the United States or our other NATO allies?

            P.S. Again, even from a climate panic standpoint, why is Biden providing Germany with cheap natural gas from NATO’s enemies and shutting down oil to the U.S. from Canada? In fact, didn’t Biden promise to make the U.S. power grid carbon free in 15 years–also eliminating natural gas from power production?

            Why is Biden supporting Germany’s use of natural gas and opposing it in the United States? Is it because using the coercive power of government to force Americans to make sacrifices in their standard of living for the benefit of others is central to what it means to be progressive?

          2. Biden was against the XL pipeline. If he had supported it he would have allowed it to continue. Like he did the Nord Stream. He lifted sanctions that would have restricted the Nord Stream to allow it to be completed. Logically that would be considered supporting it. Of course no one can force rational logical thinking from someone who believes a man that supports America First would sell out America. You probably even believe ol joe recieved nothing in return for lifting the sanctions and just did it out of the kindness of his heart.

          3. Trump is exactly the sort of person who would sell out his country for personal gain. You fucktarded oaf. Biden’s son and brother have been doing exactly that and giving a cut to Joe for years. Blatantly!

        2. How dare Germany do what is best for Germany’s energy situation.

          All over Crimea, which would still be an autonomous republic of Ukraine if we hadn’t instigated a coup in Kiev. I’ve been to Crimea (2008) – it was a Russian place, not Ukrainian.

          1. “How dare Germany do what is best for Germany’s energy situation.”

            How dare Biden do what’s in the best interests of Germany at the expense of the United States?

            How dare Germany fail to meet its NATO commitments on defense spending and parasite off of the United States’ taxpayers?

            How dare Germany do both of those things, and then make itself dependent on the enemy we’re supposed to be defending them from through NATO?

            I am not here for the benefit of Germany. The United States does not exist for the benefit of Germany. And if Biden wants to represent the interests of Germany–at the expense of the United States and its taxpayers–then he should declare himself a candidate for German Chancellor and run for election in Germany.

          2. “How dare Germany do what is best for Germany’s energy situation.”

            Do you think it clever to argue against something nobody is saying? Because it’s not.

            The questions are: Which was better for the US, NordStream or Keystone XL? So, why support something in German interests, but not support something in your own?

  14. “What Happens When an Endless War Ends?”

    Now, let’s get out of Germany.

    Let’s see if Biden can hand that one off without fumbling in the backfield.

    1. Yes…lets! = Now, let’s get out of Germany.

    2. Biden has made a 48 year career out of fumbling in the backfield.

    3. When terrorist attacks begin again in the US and we have another 9/11 Americans may realize the purpose of the war in Afghanistan and why we kept troops there.

      1. No, they’ll realize that we should have annihilated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, then pulled out and never rebuilt and rearmed Afghanistan!

        We are right now rearming them by leaving behind our arms without destroying them! Only a rebuilt and rearmed nation can do further 9/11 terrorists attacks!

        And if you think your mere presence in Afghanistan can change a culture of Islamofascist, woman-hating, goat-fucking, child molesters whose slogan was: “Allah’s Law For Allah’s Earth,” be my guest!

    4. Biden, like the Falcons, should have kicked the field goal.

  15. The video of hundreds of Afghans clinging to an Air Force transport as it tries to taxi to the runway is heartbreaking.

    Those Afghans put their lives on the line to defend the U.S. Constitution from its enemies, and they deserved to be treated better than this by Biden.

    Meanwhile, I’ve seen a lot of people here, today, argue that Biden screwed up the transfer of power, but I don’t remember seeing anyone argue that we’re wrong to get out of Afghanistan.

    If it’s the case that almost all of us think that getting out was the right thing to do, we should probably make it explicit. The rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand nuance anymore, so we may need to rub their faces in it. Just because we think Biden screwed up the transfer of power doesn’t mean we support a forever war in Afghanistan. It just means we oppose the incompetence of the Biden administration and needless human suffering that resulted from it.

    1. Explain to me how things would be better if there were no troops protecting and facilitating travel out that airport right now. It ain’t pretty but it’d be even worse without those American troops there to facilitate these evacuations. We wouldn’t even be there under Trump’s timeline. There would be no drama for the media to gorge on either. The Taliban would have shut that airport down yesterday. At least we’re there help as we can. And hopefully we can continue welcoming freedom loving Afghans for years to come. I hope you agree!

      1. “We wouldn’t even be there under Trump’s timeline.”

        Do you really not get that these people would have been evacuated before May 1st if Trump had been reelected or if Biden had stuck to Trump’s timeline?

        Biden announced that he was reviewing Trump’s withdrawal agreement with the Taliban on January 23, 2021–just a few days after he was inaugurated.

        The Biden administration started criticizing Trump’s withdrawal agreement for failing to force the Taliban to protect the rights of women after we left. At the time, just about everyone, including the Kabul government and the interpreters that we’ve evacuating now, thought this meant that Biden had no intention of leaving.

        Biden didn’t bother announcing that he really was withdrawing from Afghanistan until April 13, 2021–about two weeks before Trump’s agreement had us scheduled to be gone. Because there was so little time to get American equipment and Afghani interpreters out of the country, Biden unilaterally declared that the U.S. wasn’t withdrawing until September 11, 2021 no matter what Trump’s agreement with the Taliban said.

        Meanwhile, the U.S. military had largely laid off harassing the Taliban with its air power–abiding by the agreement Trump made with them. The Taliban used that time–not only from January to May of 2021 but also from May of 2021 until August 15, 2021, to move their troops and supplies wherever they needed to be in order to take Kabul.

        Trump was pushing to have the U.S. out of Afghanistan by Christmas of 2020. He wanted to have them out before the election in November. If Trump had been reelected, all of these people, our troops and the thousands of interpreters who helped us, would have been airlifted to safe harbors over the months between January and May 1st. All those months Biden dithered about whether to really leave, the Taliban used to make ready for the full take over of Kabul.

        If Trump had been reelected or Biden had stuck to the original timeline, we and our interpreters would have been out by May 1.

        1. “If Trump had been reelected, all of these people, our troops and the thousands of interpreters who helped us, would have been airlifted to safe harbors over the months between January and May 1st.”

          Pure fiction bs. Trump didn’t even invite the representatives of our allies in Afghanistan to his negotiations with the Taliban! What makes you think Mr. Muslim ban would have airlifted tens of thousands of Muslims into the United States. You’re just don’t know what you’re talking about.

          1. “Trump didn’t even invite the representatives of our allies in Afghanistan to his negotiations with the Taliban!”

            —-Lord of Strazele

            Didn’t invite them?!

            Trump had to force the Kabul government to release the Taliban POWs they were holding and force them to name representatives to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban in Doha.

            “WASHINGTON — Facing collapse of Afghan peace talks before they even start, the Trump administration has threatened to withhold up to $2 billion in aid unless President Ashraf Ghani and his main rival put aside their political differences and open negotiations with the Taliban.”

            —-LA Times, March 24, 2020


            Didn’t invite them?!

            He grabbed the Kabul government by the collar and dragged them to Doha to negotiate with the Taliban.

          2. Lol. You call put kens use of facts and the plan that was advertised and even admitted to by Biden and injection your own fictions supposition on what would have happened. Hilarious sullum.

          3. You’re just don’t know what you’re talking about.

            It’s always fun when some know-nothing sack of shit tries to insult others and can’t even spell. Aren’t you supposed to be an “editor”, Jakie?

        2. “Do you really not get that these people would have been evacuated before May 1st if Trump had been reelected or if Biden had stuck to Trump’s timeline?”

          To be fair, it is not at all clear to me that this is true. Last I had checked, the Trump Administration was being pretty strict in who they were allowing to come back. I believe Reason did several articles a year or so back.

          I think we owe it to be honest and say that likely in the event of a Trump withdrawal, very many US-supporting Afghans, or their family would have been left to endure whatever came next. And I think it is likely that it would have been something very similar to what is happening now. (Without this panicked race to dust off)

          1. “I think we owe it to be honest”

            Serious question.
            The people being the least honest, blatantly lying at pretty much all times to everyone’s face, have been getting more power, resources, and anything else they want.
            So who do we owe honesty to, and what the fuck value is it in a war we’re losing?

          2. While we’re arguing about what Trump would or wouldn’t have done, don’t miss the point that whatever happened to the interpreters and their families would have happened before May 1st if Trump had been reelected–or Biden had stuck to the original timetable.

            The question isn’t just whether the interpreters would have been given visas but whether Biden delaying the handover gave the Taliban the time it needed to move troops and supplies to where they needed to be in order to take Kabul the way they did.

            The negative consequences of Biden’s delay are all Biden’s–not Trump’s. Biden might have blamed Trump for this if he’d stuck to Trump’s timetable. Even then, some might argue that it was Biden’s incorrect decision to stick with Trump’s timetable, but we can’t blame Trump for Biden’s timetable–and Biden’s timetable seems to be a big part of the problem.

            1. P.S. It also shouldn’t be ignored that the interpreters and their families, like me and everyone else in the world, expected Biden’s review of Trump’s withdrawal deal to conclude that the United States wasn’t leaving after all.

              They probably weren’t even thinking about leaving until Biden announced that we really were leaving just a couple of weeks before the deadline. In fact, as the May 1st deadline approached, and it became obvious that the United States couldn’t remove its equipment quickly enough to get out before the deadline, the interpreters presumably felt secure in the assumption that the United States wasn’t leaving.

              If Trump had been reelected or Biden hadn’t dithered those months away between his inauguration and his withdrawal announcement in mid-April, whomever we were taking would have been gone by May 1st–and that’s regardless of whether Trump was elected. After Biden took the White House, who was to blame for Biden not having the interpreters out by May 1st?

              The correct answer is not “Trump”.

      2. We wouldn’t even be there under Trump’s timeline.
        That was the whole idea.

        1. That’s much more succinct.

          1. No, the idea is to help Afghans escape the situation created by their duplicitous govt. Thank god we’re still there to help. The Taliban is playing nice for now too. Which is good.

            1. Going door to door with executions is playing nice?

            2. Strazele, if you think that the troops Biden sent back in are doing anything BUT ensure that rich, connected Afghans and Westerners get out of Kabul, you are in for a sad awakening.

              “Thank god we’re still there to help.” I swear it’s like little Strazzy asking his mom, “Where’s Pa going with that gun and old Rex, ma? Where are they goin? Is he goin’ to help Rex, ma? Ma?”

              1. No, they’re getting the military age males out too


                Fuck! I literally dont see ONE woman or child?!?!! WTF is going on?? [Pic of your new neighbors]

      3. “Explain to me how things would be better if there were no troops protecting and facilitating travel out that airport right now.”

        Explain to me why shutting down Bagram and instead relying upon the only available public airport – with only one functional runway – was the better way to complete the evacuation?

        Stop making dishonest arguments and instead just admit that Biden screwed the pooch.

      4. It would be impossible to explain anything to you without a box of crayons for you, Jakie.

    2. The Afghans defended the US Constitution? That would imply they are traitors to their country. I am not sure why giving them a job that paid better then anything they could get in their country entitles them to anything but their pay.
      Biden has been on the wrong side of most issues since he has been in government for almost 50 years. His record is still intact as President. The border, Covid vaccinations, inflation, rising crime and now Afghanistan. He is only 6 months in and has another 3.5 months to do even worse and more. This is what people voted for and they deserve every thing they get.

    3. How should we have withdrawn from Afghanistan so it looked better. Stay for another year while they got their shit together? Fuck that.

      1. We could have stuck to the plan and time frame that were negotiated in February of 2020. We could have done that.

  16. “After nearly 50 years in federal public office as a standard-issue interventionist neoliberal, watch as I now suddenly, magically transform myself into a Ron Paul libertarian before your very eyes!

    Thank you, I will be taking no questions at this time.”

    1. SO a card-carrying, dues-paying, re-elected girl-bullying antichoice Republican politician is transubstantiated into a “libertarian” by the miracle of altruist self-deception? Astounding! Next up: James Larratt Battersby explains how the Holy Book of Adolf Hitler is an enduring blueprint for Positive Christianity.

      1. It’s wonderful that you describe an obstetrician who served thousand of patients over a long and successful career as “girl-bullying” you demented old obsolete hippie piece of shit. It’s going to be delicious watching you die in a government-provided old age facility, being withheld pain medication, abandoned by your family just like that stupid piece of shit wormfeeder Michael Hihn.

  17. What happens when an endless war ends? Biden gets to be the architect of the sequel to the fall of Saigon. That is what happens.

    1. I would call what we were doing in Afghanistan more of a restriction on terrorist attacks on the US then a war. Now that Biden has removed the restriction he will be the architect of the next 9/11. The success over the last 20 years is now ended.

      1. Anything other than total destruction of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is just “nation-building,” “winning hearts and minds,” and International Meals-On-Wheels…all acts of stupidity and futility!

        What emboldens the Islamofascists is our unwillingness to destroy them, as well as our unwillingness to drill our own oil and use nuclear energy to bankrupt their financier Saudi Arabia!

        As long as we do these things, more Islamofascist terrorism is coming regardless of anything Biden does or doesn’t do!

      2. What success?

    2. After Tricky Dick went all the way to Dallas to make sure his crew properly killed JFK so “we” could meddle in ‘Nam, the outcome was what sort of wonderful victory?

  18. KMW: “The way that I draw the line is: Can a person opt out without losing the ability to do basic life functions or to face fines? You can quit your job as a schoolteacher and get another job. Therefore, it is okay to me to have a vaccine mandate for schoolteachers . . . I’m fine with vaccine mandates anywhere where that person can choose not to do that thing.”

    JFC, what TF is wrong with you all at Reason? Never mind that, no, it’s NOT that simple, just to find another job. Never mind the severing of social and cultural ties, what about the economic? What about decades of dedication and service, down the drain, not to mention a level of salary that you likely won’t be able to meet by staring all over again. Those of us who refuse to get the jab should just be okay with a greyed out Soviet-style lifestyle? Limping along because, hey, at least we can buy bread and milk? FUCK YOU.

    The larger problem, which Reason has REFUSED to address from the beginning, is that people have been, and are even more so now, responding to the pandemic in an outsized, neurotic, almost medieval manner that has NOTHING to do with the “free market” and everything to do with fear instilled by our government and the desire to control other human beings and make scapegoats out of those of us who refuse to go along with this nonsense.

    The only proper freedom-loving response is: ALL MANDATES ARE WRONG, regardless of whether they are mandated by private actors.

    1. Not to mention that public schoolteachers are government employees and government mandates are un-Constitutional. Even Sweden, a country that progs salivate over, knows this is wrong.

    2. I think you hit the nail partially on the head. I tend to agree that Reason staff are allowing themselves to be drawn into EXACTLY the types of arguments that the Government wants us to argue about. They don’t want us talking about how week over week over month over month they have instituted more draconian policies while insisting that as soon as we [flattened the curve/masked up/made it through the surge/vaccinated the vulnerable/vaccinated a significant population] we’d get our Rights back. No, they want us screaming at each other about wearing a mask or sticking needles in our arms. And KMW, and so many others like Sullum, are just going right along with it.

      As I have said before, I have no major beef with a private business making these sorts of pronouncements at the individual level as they see fit. But it is nuts to act as if these businesses are acting independently when the government has been shutting down businesses consistently, while screaming “This can all end as soon as people vaccinate, hint hint hint!”

      And further, the biggest tell-tale is the kvetching about Governors prohibiting the use of vaccination status as a condition of employment. In a world where the government has made all sorts of stuff, from race, to medical disabilities, to religion and political beliefs (yes, check CA law), this one legal issue is the smallest of peanuts. Rather than being one more voice (and a faint one at that) arguing the latest wedge issue, Reason should be attacking the government that has made it a wedge by essentially holding our economy and freedoms hostage.

  19. What Happens When an Endless War Ends?

    We bring that show home and see how the citizens like it! Domestic terrorism FTW! You’re all under permanent arrest!

  20. As delusional as Biden was about how the Taliban was “highly unlikely” to overrun the country in his statement from a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi’s statement, from the day before yesterday, is completely unhinged.

    “The U.S., the international community and the Afghan government must do everything we can to protect women and girls from inhumane treatment by the Taliban.

    Any political settlement that the Afghans pursue to avert bloodshed must include having women at the table.”

    —-Nancy Pelosi

    Press Release, August 14, 2021

    Why would Nancy Pelosi ever think she could dictate feminist terms to the Taliban? She must imagine that her desires and pronouncements change the very nature of reality. I’ve got news for her. They don’t.

    The former Afghan government shouldn’t negotiate with the Taliban unless the Taliban agrees to negotiate terms with women–not even to avoid bloodshed, Nancy?!

    How many people do the Taliban need to massacre before Nancy Pelosi backs off on that demand?

    1. But no mean tweets!

    2. The former Afghan government shouldn’t negotiate with the Taliban unless the Taliban agrees to negotiate terms with women–not even to avoid bloodshed, Nancy?!

      I have it on authority that women have always been the primary victims of war.

      And DOL is whining about translators above…

    3. I fully support Pelosi visiting there and demanding this of them.

  21. Katherine’s support of government vaccine mandates is disgusting to this libertarian and the general acquiescence of the staff to Covid oppression is turning me away from Reason after 20+ years. Her favorable comparisons to bars carding for underage patrons and preference for 3rd party enforcement is pathetic IMO.

    1. Yep. I ranted about this earlier in the comments section. It’s shocking.

    2. It is entirely of a piece with almost everything else published here.

      They are not libertarians they are soft statists who want government to impose their preferred outcomes.

      1. Watching the fall of Afghanistan and Reason in one go . . .

  22. The commies at unreason arent fooling anyone. They hate America and seek to destroy it with dommie propaganda.

    Just like michael moore (the canadian) tries and fails to successfully destroy america with commie propaganda.

  23. Truly the graveyard of empires

  24. That war is not the end, I it started again with full swing. Alert guys.
    Its not gone end soon.

  25. Oh look, three left-wing “libertarians” who’ve never set foot in a war zone or Afghanistan and likely have little knowledge at all about the dynamics or history Afghanistan are going to “break down” what it all means.

    Any foreign policy conversation that has Eric Boehm as an analyst is not a serious discussion.

  26. Transcript please?

  27. Nobody Knows

    Yes, blame Biden for executing the disastrous exit from Afghanistan leaving 10,000 American hostages potentially to be executed by the Taliban. Blame Biden for this American defeat? No! Blame Bush the Second and the military-industrial complex.

    Initially, we had won using 1,250 American personnel advising the warlords. Then, we embarked upon a program of democracy by force with 125,000 troops that our erstwhile allies surrender their guns, thereby, converting allies into enemies. Twenty years later, we depart hastily in ignominious defeat.

    Let’s tell the truth. Obama, Trump, and Biden inherited this mess. Place the blame where it belongs … on the military-industrial complex and its puppets.

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” -President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1961)

    What happens next? Nobody knows.

    Excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever (2018):
    Next, consider the Iraqi and Afghan Conflicts. Having dishonored history by not remembering it, the politicians of the Republican establishment — Bush the First then his son, Bush the Second, together with their gang of neo-conservative advisors had plotted then controlled short-term executions of war but not long-term management of their soon-to-be brief victories. They, thereby, transformed minor American victories into major American defeats.

    1. “Let’s tell the truth. Obama, Trump, and Biden inherited this mess.”

      If only that were the truth. Truth is candidate Obama touted Afghanistan as the “good” war and said he had a plan to turn it all around. So he did not so much inherit it as he claimed it for his own. Something Biden was present for and participated in. they had eight years of their own to get us out. They didn’t.

      Trump tried to get us out, and was heavily resisted for all four years.

      Biden finally did it. He gets credit for getting it done, trainwreck (both humanitarian and diplomatic) that it is.

  28. “U.S. states counted at least 193,204 so-called breakthrough cases among vaccinated people between Jan. 1 and early August, according to data that health departments in 44 states and Washington, D.C., provided to the Journal. The figure represents 0.1% of the more than 136 million fully vaccinated people in those states and the capital.”

    One tenth of one percent.

    I’m getting on my flight today anyway.

    Also, I can’t help but speculate that the breakthrough cases may be people who were exposed to the virus after they were vaccinated but before their immune systems were fully beefed up.

    Even with the Johnson & Johnson one shot and done vaccine, it takes a couple of weeks for someone’s immune system to be at full strength against the virus. That tiny percentage of breakthrough cases may include those who were infected in those first couple of weeks after they were vaccinated.

    1. You should have a talk with your fellow travelers, Ken. They think if you just take your ivermectin, swab your throat with bleach and refrain from junk food you’ll be a-ok. Can you plz tell them that their chances of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine are vanishingly small and that your chances of dying from Covid after vaccination are basically zero. It would help if they heard it from you, man.

      1. Which is why we have to suppress data on adverse reactions to the vaccine? It’s for our own good and no way creates suspicion. For sure.

      2. Can you plz tell them that their chances of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine are vanishingly small and that your chances of dying from Covid after vaccination are basically zero.

        Half a million adverse events and about 10,000 deaths so far. More adverse events and deaths than all other vaccines combined since 1990. In less than 6 months.

        But let’s forget all that: can you plz tell your fellow travelers that their chances of being hospitalized with COVID are vanishingly small and that your chances of dying from COVID are basically zero.

        1. Oh also, could you stop raping children and welching on your bets and start paying your mortgage, shreek?

  29. The good news is we are finally getting out. It was never going to be easy.

  30. Imagine an app where you can get unlocked access to reliable news sites. An app that filters out fake news and clickbait but still shows you every story from multiple perspectives to counter bias

    I trust Reason won’t be available on that app.

  31. What Happens When an Endless War Ends?

    By the looks of it, libertarians piss and cry about “abandoning our allies” while running cover for the incompetent Democratic administration that pushed the withdrawal date back 6 months and still managed to have no plan and utterly fucked everything up.

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