Justin Amash

Rep. Peter Meijer: Only GOP Freshman Who Voted To Impeach Trump Tells All

The 33-year-old successor to Justin Amash's House seat says his party has abandoned limited government, economic freedom, and individualism.


Just three days after being sworn into Congress to represent Michigan's 3rd district, Republican freshman Peter Meijer found himself and colleagues trapped without security in the bowels of the Capitol building while a riot that ultimately claimed five lives raged all around him. 

The following week, he was one of just 10 Republicans—and the only first-termerto vote to impeach Donald Trump, a decision that led to a narrowly failed censure vote from his own state's GOP and immediate announcements that he will be primaried in 2022. 

The 33-year-old Army veteran who served in Iraq didn't expect his first few days in Congress to be so chaotic, but he says his military training helps him stay steady as he fills the seat vacated by Libertarian Justin Amash. On the campaign trail, Meijer supported Donald Trump but says that the truculent behavior of the former president and many members of his own party after Election Day not only caused the January 6 riot but cost the GOP the Senate.

Meijer tells Nick Gillespie why he believes in limited government, economic freedom, and individualism; why he's against out-of-control stimulus spending and military adventurism; and how he plans to combat the craziness he sees both on the right and left in the House of Representatives. He also talks about what he's learned about business and public service from being the scion of the Meijer superstore chain, how generational fault lines may be every bit as important as partisan ones, and why he's committed to voting his principles rather than his constituents' will.

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  1. The 33-year-old successor to Justin Amash’s House seat says his party has abandoned limited government, economic freedom, and individualism.

    Individualism is racist.

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    2. The New Republican Party is rapidly becoming Woke. A different flavor of Woke, but the same collectivist imperative to control the thoughts of the individual.

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      2. You’re an imbecile

        1. Takes one to know one as the say.

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    3. Hey NICK GILLESPIE, the riots didn’t kill 5 people!

      One person had a heart attack, and a second a stroke. A 3rd person who died may have also been a stroke, but allegations are so far unproven that he was hit with a fire extinguisher.

      The one proven murder was an unarmed female Army veteran shot by an alleged Congressional staffer, still unnamed 5 weeks later.

      Facts matter.

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  2. “trapped without security in the bowels of the Capitol building”

    Well, it seems like he’s emerged from the bowels by now.

  3. This is the guy on CNN all the time right?

    1. Little authoritarian toadie.

      He voted to impeach in spite of the fact that the transcripts explicitly exonerated the president on the DNC’s phony Reichstag fire.

      He’s nothing more than another mouthpiece for fascism dressed up in a skin suit made of dead libertarian principles; and yet here’s Reason pretending that he’s our man for “limited government, economic freedom, and individualism”.

      The gaslighting is repellent.

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      2. Reasons new chuckle fuck they parade around to parrot their bullshit.

      3. ” the transcripts explicitly exonerated the president”….and which transcripts would those be, we’re taking about Trumps incitement of Insurrection 1/6/21….please provide them if you’d be so kind, Thanks.

        1. The Liberal MSM refuse to ever quote President Trump directly – to “peacefully & patriotically” march to the Capitol.

          Impeach or recall Liz Cheney.

          1. Words don’t matter, nor do actions. Trump was guilty of insurrection by ever speaking to his fervid base in the first place. Doesn’t matter if he asked them to peacefully march or not.

            Trump was guilty of insurrection before he even got elected, they just didn’t know to call it that back in 2016. The spying on his campaign was righteous, as was the introduction of the fabricated Steele dossier, as was the concerted media effort (all national broadcast news, CNN, MSNBC, AP, the vast majority of US newspapers, and almost all national magazine publications) to squelch/bury all positive Trump stories and any negative leftist stories, as well as use biased language.

            We now have правда ! Stalin be praised.

        2. Pls exhibit some curiosity and initiative. The information is there to be found if you are not blinded by leftist propaganda

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      4. The “transcripts” explicitly proved Trump’s guilt in the 1st impeachment, you pathetic liar.

        1. Only morons think that.
          The same morons, who ignore what was actually said by Trump.
          A speech which happened after the pre-planning of the incursion into the People’s House and finished after the first efforts of that incursion.

  4. If Meijer truly supported limited government, economic freedom and individualism, he wouldn’t have voted to impeach Trump.

    1. Seriously; How in the world do all these people not see Trump’s steadfast Administration pushing for a “limited” government. It was President Trump’s biggest asset?

      Anytime I ask I get the same TWO-issue pathetic answer ‘tariffs’ and ‘immigration’ which ironically are both are within federal government’s Constitutional jobs to do. What am I missing here; or are people really this TDS-biased and hypocritical when it comes to Trump.

      Sheeple-of-mind so easily duped by left-extremists non-sense self-painted narratives?

      1. TJJ20000 Dictatorbot LOVES big Government Almighty, so long as big Government Almighty has been blessed by the Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father! What a surprise!

        ‘Tariffs’ and ‘immigration’ are “merely” 2 things… “Big Lie” (all votes not for MEEEEE as Your Emperor are FRAUDULENT), and goading on insurrectionist trumpanzees gone apeshit, and knowingly LYING, early on, about how hazardous COVID was getting to be, are just a few more… Oh, and miss-directing defense funds allocated for base refurbishments, to wall-building instead… Contrary the Constitutional provisions saying that CONGRESS is the purse-master, not the POTUS… I could go on…

        Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot believes that the USA already is (and should be) a 1-party dictatorshit! That the USA HAS BEEN a 1-party dictatorshit for some 200 years!!! There is NO point in trying to persuade the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot of ANYTHING! Almost ALL of the circuits of the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot have gone kaput, big-time!

        Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot is lusting after an UPGRADE to its rusting old body! Wants to be upgraded to Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot, and run for POTUS in 2024, with Alex Jones as the VEEP of Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot!!! Be ye WARNED!!! Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot will be well-nigh INDESTRUCTIBLE! (Unreachable by ANY logic or considerations for the freedoms of others, MOST certainly!)

        PLEASE do NOT enable the lusting of the rusting TJJ20000 Dictatorbot!!!

        1. Remember how in the space thread how you talked like a human and contributed to the conversation?
          That was good and you should try that again.

          1. I noticed that you didn’t refute ANYTHING that I wrote above… Doing THAT would be contributing!

            But THAT would require THOUGHT and WORK, wouldn’t it?

            1. It was just irrelevant copypasta you’ve posted a thousand times before. In the space thread your links were pertinent.

              1. In the space thread my comments and links didn’t disrespect Dear Leader Pussy-Grabber in Chief… And THAT makes ALL the difference, somehow!

                1. In the space thread you didn’t talk in clichés and mistakenly think that caps-lock was cruise control for cool.

              2. He’s an autist.

        2. Please go back to writing bad poetry in a non-capitalized font. You are an affront to Capitalism.

      2. One measures the limitations of government by its spending, by it’s scope, and by its actions. Trump presided over the further erosion of those limitations. That they might not have eroded as fast as under Hillary, there is no denying that they have indeed been eroded. Gleefully by the GOP in some cases.
        Also, Tariffs and Immigration are the two single biggest issues Trump hammered on ever day of his administration. Don’t try to brush them off as side activities. They were the twin cornerstones of Trumpism.

        1. You’re an imbecile

        2. “Tariffs and Immigration are the two single biggest issues” — To Who; the ILLEGAL INVADER?

        3. President Trump removed over 10,000 unneeded Regulations & cut Taxes.

          1. can we get a citation here? really, i feel like that statement is more true than not and i’d love to be able to use it in my rants against big govt.

      3. “TDS”=Trump Disgust Syndrome…The Majority of Americans suffer from it.
        “Sheeple-of-mind so easily duped by RightWingNut-extremists non-sense self-painted narratives?…..Works both ways

      4. Congress is not Constitutionally authorized to write immigration laws, but only naturalization laws (Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution) As evidence, they passed a naturalization law in 1790, but didn’t pass immigration laws until 1875, which were unconstitutional based on that. They are allowed to impose tariffs.

        1. Immigration laws are “necessary and proper” to be able to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization”.
          The Supreme Court, whom I am sure you think has power to create rights out of thin air, has ruled, repeatedly that your claim is false, on its face.
          Next time, read all the way down to the bottom of Article 1, Section 8.

        2. So what does ‘repel invasions’ power consist of? Illegals with guns?

      5. Let’s just see where Meijer ends up. Neither party gives a fat fuck about limited government, the Republicans just pretend to. How many more trillion dollars did Trump just put us into debt?

        For being citizen to this financial debauchery, mostly by virtue of unfortunate birthplace, I will be soon be stripped of even more of my income… not to pay for the debt, but for more flightly, bullshit, and extra-constitutional items, because, well, ideology and power. The Biden / Stalinist punishment is soon to come. Someone’s got to pay, and it’s never the FUCKWADS in power who helped destroy things. It’s you and me.

      6. Tariffs are under legislative authority, not Executive.
        “all such Laws shall be subject to the Revision and Controul of the Congress”
        ” If you peruse the list of federal powers in Articles I and II of the Constitution, a general power to restrict immigration is notable by its absence. It just simply is not there. ”

        1. And when or at what level exactly does ‘immigration’ NOT consist of ‘repeal invasions’?

      7. Enacting tariffs isn’t limited government.

        Banning bump stocks isn’t limited government.

        Wanting to use eminent domain to take away people’s private property on the border to build a border wall isn’t limited government.

        If Trump really was for limited government he would have done none of those things. Instead he was just another run of the mill statist like every other Democrat and Republican.

        1. Yes; Trump made a ‘few’ mistakes.

          To discredit him his massive accomplishments by holding the bar in the heavens JUST FOR TRUMP alone out of complete scope of the current(REALITY) of the political landscape present; isn’t practical and is generally a sign of an excuse to being wildly biased and prejudice against a person without any substance to back it.

    2. Why? Because Trump’s a big supporter of limited government, economic freedom, and individualism?

      1. No, because he’s supporting an increasingly scary and draconian power structure that has explicitly pledged to take revenge on half the country for even supporting Donald Trump.

        On the more straightforward side, you’re impeaching a former president… who’s no longer in office… for speech. What about that explicitly champions the little guy, the individual and free markets?

        1. Exactly. All we see from those now in power is an attempt to grow it to be all-encompassing power, and drive their collectivist garbage down everyone’s throat. The thumb to force submission is the first prong of that.

    3. On what planet did Trump support any of those things?

      1. The one you, obviously don’t live on.

  5. I’d be more impressed by any Democrat who bucked the Democratic Party.

    1. That’s how you get Seth Rich’d.
      Just ask John Ashe, Vince Foster, Victor Thorn and Shawn Lucas.

  6. Rich people are terrified of the socialists taking their wealth but don’t know how to fight them effectively. They are vilified as out-of-touch conservatives who don’t care about the plight of the poor. The solution is simple: basically pay the poor to advocate and vote for small government. Of course, you can try insulting and berating them to embrace capitalism, and that may silence them (and scare them away from Reason), but it will not change their mind.

    1. …And you just saw the Facebook owner on TV down right asking for MORE Socialism.

      The CCP has an inequality rate 9-TIMES what the USA does but with every call for more Socialism; we continue to catch up.

      What does it take for people to stop on their bandwagon for 1-second and look around a say, “Ya know; inequality has just gotten WORSE the more we pretend to make it better with Socialism.”

      Ignorance of reality and left-wing extremism will be the stain on this once great country.

    2. President Trump increased his vote total by 12 Million from election 1 to 2, plus the votes Democrats & Dominion illegally flipped to Biden.

      1. They won’t admit they were “flipped”.
        The use a function that has votes “weighted”.
        It’s right in their instruction manual.

  7. The “Prince Harry” look?…

    1. Gingers gotta ginger!!!

      I’d be more impressed by a Hogwarts Wizard “Hairy Pothead with Magic Wand” look, with the wand-waving somehow shrinking Government Almighty, and restoring our individual lobotomies!
      I mean, our liberties!

      1. Fuck off, Sarc.

  8. These are the people who will unite us:
    Everyone’s favorite socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

    Robert Reich, Labor Secretary under Clinton, and adviser to Obama, Tweeted, “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission [to] name every official, politician, executive and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

    The Biden admin is scooping up plenty of Clinton/ Obama leftovers, perhaps Reich himself will be appointed Chief Justice of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. That would be the Third Reich… administration.

    And the propaganda arm of the cabal agreed. Chris Hayes, an MSNBC host said, “The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.”

    Another cabal propagandist, Keith Olbermann, was even more extreme. Like a line from a bad dystopian movie, he said: “the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured … and then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators … must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.”


    2. The Biden admin is scooping up plenty of Clinton/ Obama leftovers, perhaps Reich himself will be appointed Chief Justice of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. That would be the Third Reich… administration.


      I can think of no human who could more accurately be described as a living, breathing Ayn Rand villain. The man makes my skin crawl.

    3. A “truth and reconciliation commission” wouldn’t accomplish anything. What’s needed is criminal prosecution of Trump and his co-conspirators.

  9. Once again the libertarians at Reason shamelessly repeat the lie that 5 people died in the riot. A cop died later apparently from a stroke but showed no sign of physical injury. Three others who attended the demonstration died from medical issues. One unarmed demonstrator was murdered by a cop. That was the only violent death.

    1. Bingo. Maybe Editor NICK GILLESPIE needs to put his big boy pants on.

    2. A “demonstrator” who broke into the Capitol.

      1. Clearly an offense, the response to which required summary execution.
        The hero, who executed Ashli Babbitt, should be given a medal for his actions.
        What’s his name, again?
        Why are they hiding him?

  10. “[W]hy he’s committed to voting his principles rather than his constituents’ will.”

    What the fuck is this garbage? It is the House of Representatives. REPRESENTATIVES. The job of the members is, quite literally, to represent, not to preen and virtue signal like a bunch of self-entitled holier-than-thou assholes.

    “being the scion of the Meijer superstore chain …”

    Ah, well that explains it.

    Go suck a dick, plebs. Your betters have it all under control.

    1. You do understand the traditional arguments in favor of representative democracy, vs. direct democracy, don’t you?

      Here is a clue. Sometimes, the mob is wrong, and in this case, the representative’s job is NOT to do the mob’s bidding, but to try to persuade the mob why they are wrong and to vote for what the representative believes is the mob’s best interests anyway.

      Yes, that is elitist. Yes, that is exactly how a representative democratic system is supposed to work. Too bad so sad that you don’t get mob rule.

      1. Ah, I understand. The purpose of representatives is to tell the people that voted them into their position to go fuck themselves and, upon entering office, to immediately reverse course on all of the issues upon which they campaigned. After all, people are idiots.

        Why even have elections? Why not permanent rule by the wise?

        Fuck off, you fascist shill.

        1. Right, so you don’t understand what a representative democracy is.

          Would you prefer a parliamentary system of government instead?

          How about direct democracy, a la Athens?

          1. Fuck off.

      2. You seem to be forgetting every Political Officials OATH OF OFFICE. They are there with the SWORN oath to uphold “The People’s” law over the government than to govern the people so whatever “democracy” does happen should ONLY happen within the confines of the “The People’s” supreme law over them.

    2. They voted him in. If they’re displeased with how he’s representing them, they get to vote him out in less than 2 years.

  11. Hope he enjoys his 2 years.

  12. “why he’s committed to voting his principles rather than his constituents’ will”

    Because fuck democracy and the will of the little people. If they knew what they actually needed they would have used their trust funds to run for congress instead.

    1. The people are just a worthless mob of retards that need to be lorded over by their betters.


      1. The mob is always right! If they want to burn witches or lynch blacks, no one should stand in their way!


        1. They’ll hang you first, you worthless cunt.

        2. Interesting how you regard the proles as the mob, Chemleft. Scratch a progressive and find an aristocrat I guess.

          1. In his mind, telling the plebs to go pound sand is the entire point of a “representative democracy.” Why, then, let them vote at all? Chemjeff is an authoritarian douche, and he tries to dress up his authoritarian douchebaggery as “constitutionalism.” Clearly, he prefers rule by Wise Philosophers unconstrained by the objections of the people, who are little better than rats in a cage.

            1. Then I guess the Constitution itself is “authoritarian douchebaggery” as it explicitly authorizes the type of elitist system of government that we currently have in this country.

              The mob does not get unrestricted license to rule, nor should it.

              Did you sleep through history class? Go read up on the French Revolution to see what happens when the mob gets to be in charge.

        3. “The mob is always right! ”

          Now do corporations

  13. Well congrats and in 2022 you can get unelected.

    It’s party before politics dummy. The people will kick you out.

  14. The executions will continue until we have Truth and Reconciliation.

    When Fox News is purged from the cable carriers and the airwaves.

    When all who supported Donald Trump are hunted down, arrested, and tried for their crimes against The State.

    Ve vill haff ORDAH! Ve vill haff Reconciliashun! Und, Ve… vill haff UNITY!

    1. What do you think actual reconciliation would look like?

      1. Brennan awaiting trial for starters. Then I guess a comprehensive investigation into the instances of fraud in the last election…

      2. I have no idea, because I’m not the one calling for it. But when I listen to the groups demanding a Truth And Reconciliation commission, it feels like there’s a gulag at the end of it.

  15. Who would have thought the guy the GOP hand picked to replace “traitor” Amash would turn out to be just like Amash? The sweet sweet salty tears of the establishment are so very very sweet.

    > limited government, economic freedom, and individualism

    These were the values of Taft, of Goldwater, of Reagan. But they are not the values of the modern Republican Party and Trump. There is not imitation to government, they want it just a big, just a different style of bigness than the dems. There is no economic freedom, it’s become an article of faith that the president can unilaterally impose tariffs at any time, with constant threats to take out businesses he doesn’t like. And individualism has taken a distant back seat to the Glonus Great Nation collective. Conformity of opinion to that of Trump is required. No leaving the reservation unless it’s permanent.

    As always, the Republican Party is merely the flip side of the Democratic Party coin. Big government, managed economy, and fealty to the collective. Spend like innumerate sailors, ignore the deficits, ignore the debts, Big Man in Charge issues executive orders to direct the economy, swarms of Federal officers harrass businesses and homes, adherence to groupthink is mandated. The differences in the parties are those of style, not substance.

    1. It really is funny sometimes to see how much the Team Red/Team Blue zealots are so alike to each other, yet still lack the self-awareness to see how much of a mirror image of the other side they have become.

      1. Any other Republican President would have said, “Fuck you and this trillion dollar spending bill, I’m vetoing it!” But what did Trump say to the cheers of his choir? “Fuck you for not curtailing online speech in this trillion dollar spending bill, Imma gonna veto it!”

        1. You mean the veto-proofed spending bill?

          I’m not sure if you’re being dishonest or merely retarded.

        2. So he did veto it, dumbass.

          No democrat would have done it. Look if you want to be a dick sucking democrat have it fool. Don’t drag the rest of us down into your personal hell.

        3. Is that the NDAA that still went through after the veto?

      2. Considering you’re Team Blue, to the core, your observations on the matter are worthless.

      3. Wait, are you still pretending you aren’t team blue? God damn man, stop lying to yourself.

  16. Everyone get their requisite shots at the GOP? Got that out of your system? Those wascally wepublicans?

    Great. Now let’s turn our attention to something that’s a real threat to our liberty: the goddamned media.

    Journalism is in a fucking crisis.

    From the New York Times:

    Are Private Messaging Apps the Next Misinformation Hot Spot?
    Telegram and Signal, the encrypted services that keep conversations confidential, are increasingly popular. Our tech columnists discuss whether this could get ugly.

    Journalists keep pouring cement in the foundation of being the enemy of the people.

    1. Why are you so concerned about a right to indoctrinate large numbers of people with lies?

      Your standard conservatard 1980s media whining was enough to turn half the country into blithering morons. How stupid do you want us to be, exactly? Till we’re nuking France because the Zeta Reticulans told us to?

      1. Tony, you redefine blithering moron with each post.
        Each one a new apex.

  17. Nick Gillespie, are you compicit in treason or just lazy?
    That “riot” did NOT “kill five people”.
    One was shot by some sort of armed government official, apparently in his official capacity.It remains unclear exactly WHY he fired at her ,multiple times, resulting in her death. Some accounts have her climbing through a broken door glass, ostensibly to gain access to an area then closed to the public. This one MAY have been in direct result of “the riot”.

    NONE of the others come evenclost. Strokes and heart attacks seem to have been involved in most of them. The “rioters” are NOT wilfully and/or directly responsible for anyone’s death. And don’t forget, “the riot” started a mile and a half away from where Mr. Trump was addressing a rather large crowd (half a million) gathered to hear HIM. Those “riots” started half an hour BEFORE Mr. Trump spoke the words alledged to have “incited” the “riot”. READ the transcript of his speech and come back and tell us HOW such words “incited to riot”.

    Come on, man, there is nore than enough “disinformation” (a nice euphemism for “lies”) going about these days without a mag like Reason adding to the pile of manure.

    1. I for one did not see her climbing through a window when she was shot. Just standing next to it.

  18. why he’s committed to voting his principles rather than his constituents’ will.

    Perhaps he should understand why he was elected to represent his district.

    The words represent his district not his own personal views tells what is wrong with congress today.

  19. Trust fund baby says, what?

  20. Informative article
    I was searching for this information on google

  21. let’s go back about 5 years and recall that trump ONLY decided to be a republican because they are on the ballot in 50 states, along with the dems and libertarians. TRUMP ISN’T REPUBLICAN. he MIGHT be a populist, is DEFINITELY an opportunist, is DEFINITELY a clever man at some level…but TRUMP ISN’T REPUBLICAN. never was. it was simply the path of least resistance.

    is anyone else glad that we are done having his toadies spend a week telling us “what he meant” after we all heard his silly schoolyard taunts and poorly phrased blatherings.

    and still…better than hillary

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