Joe Biden

Inauguration Eve Notes From D.C.'s Green Zone

“Inauguration Day makes me grumpy.”


With inauguration less than 24 hours away, Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Matt Welch discuss what they would like to see happen in the new Biden administration vs. what will most likely transpire.

Discussed in the show:

1:21: inauguration speeches and security theater
17:31: Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief package and eviction moratoriums
33:14: the $15 minimum wage
44:17: Trump's parting pardons
56:19: media recommendations of the week

Other links:

"The Last Thing We Need Is Another War on Terror," by Spencer Ackerman

"Biden's $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Package Includes More Stimulus Checks, State Government Bailout, $15 Federal Minimum Wage," by Eric Boehm

"The Year Teachers Unions Killed the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg," by Matt Welch

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