George Floyd

Glenn Loury on Police Abuse, Systematic Racism, and Hysteria

The Brown University economist says prejudice and systemic racism are not the primary problems facing African Americans.


In the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests have erupted around the country, calling attention to racial disparities in the way that black people are treated by the criminal justice system and by American society more generally.

Brown University's Glenn Loury has emerged as one of the most vocal and outspoken critics of Black Lives Matter and other groups arguing that systemic racism is at the center of the African American experience in the United States today. Loury worries that our institutions are failing "to affirm the primacy of reason over violence in calibrating our reactions to the supposed 'oppression,'" as he wrote in response to an open letter from his school's administrators that highlighted "anger" at what they called an "ongoing epidemic of racism."

The 72-year-old professor—the first African American to be granted tenure in Harvard's economics department back in the 1970s—talked with Reason via Zoom about how the U.S. has changed for the better over his lifetime, why understanding history is vital to social change, and whether rational discourse has any purchase in social and political debates.

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  1. The Brown University economist says prejudice and systemic racism are not the primary problems facing African Americans.

    Maybe, maybe not; but it IS the excuse the socialists are going to use to openly destroy the governments in the USA.

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  2. Just another chapter in the denial of personal responsibility. By blaming racism for the problems of blacks, they are denied agency and disempowered from self improvement. It’s a plot to keep them on the Donkey plantation, just like all the government handouts.

    Trump’s economic miracle of the lowest black unemployment ever was an existential threat to this scheme, hence virus hysteria and lockdowns and George Lynch’s murder were heaven-sent in the eyes of the Donkeys.

  3. Did you see the campaign video from the Libertarian Party Vice President nominee? He’s going to fight the biggest problem facing this country right now, systematic racism.

  4. Well, I’d love for Mr Loury to talk to the CEO of my company. The last two weeks at my company have been constant seminars explaining how important Critical Race Theory is, and how key it is that I adopt the mantle of Anti-Racism.

    It is almost shocking how quickly we got to the point where some of the largest companies in the world are actively welcoming the marxists that would see them nationalized and destroyed.

    1. More likely the largest companies don’t want to be shamed and canceled by the Marxists, who, ironically also have very fat wallets.

  5. I don’t listen to people who associate with institutions endowed by slave owners!

  6. Joe Biden will be an shoe-in if he nominates for Loury for Vice President

  7. The main problem seems to be crime in inner city black communities. The worse crime you have, the more cops will overreact or make fatal mistakes and the more excuse you have to encourage criminal behavior. Increased crime reinforces preexisting racism in some and over-policing, which is then “justified” by the increase in crime. Riots, looting, etc., discourage police from working in those areas, which also encourages more crime. It’s vicious cycle that no one seems willing to do anything about.

  8. Can’t we use this moment to talk about how the drug war/war on the poor have highlighted and exacerbated racial division? The fatherhood issue and broken family in the black community is linked directly to the drug war! End it now and save our country!

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