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Molly Jong-Fast on Trump's Impeachment, Democratic Candidates, and Why Twitter Is Great

"I don't think you should do Twitter if you think you're better than Twitter."


"I don't think you should do Twitter if you think you're better than Twitter," says Molly Jong-Fast in a wide-ranging interview with Nick Gillespie.

Molly Jong-Fast is a journalist, novelist, and memoirist who is an editor at large for The Daily Beast, where she writes frequently about President Donald Trump (she doesn't much like him) and the Democratic presidential hopefuls (she will vote for whoever wins the nomination but isn't excited by them). She's also a contributor to Playboy, The Independent (U.K.), and The Bulwark, a website started up by some folks left homeless when The Weekly Standard bit the dust a while back.

Just after the first day of the Senate impeachment trial concluded, she sat down to talk with Gillespie about the 2020 election, what it's like to grow up with famous relatives (her mother Erica Jong wrote Fear of Flying, her father is a well-respected author, and her grandfather Howard Fast was a massively popular novelist who wrote Spartacus and received the 1953 Stalin Peace Prize), and why she thinks Twitter (follow her at @mollyjongfast) is a great leveling force in contemporary media. Jong-Fast also has kind words for Bret Easton Ellis, whose 2019 book White she trashed, and explains why as a liberal Democrat she has a lot of overlap with libertarian beliefs about free trade, capitalism, and the legalization of vices.

Audio production by Ian Keyser.