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Why School Choice Is Growing Everywhere: Podcast

Q&A with the president of National School Choice Week, Andrew Campanella


National School Choice Week, an annual event that coordinates thousands of events designed to bring attention to alternatives to traditional public K–12 education, is running nationwide through Saturday, January 26. (Go here for more information.) For today's Reason Podcast, I spoke with the group's president, Andrew Campanella, about the remarkable growth of school choice over the past few decades, especially since the introduction of charter schools in the mid-1990s.

About 10 percent of the nation's 50 million K–12 students attend a school they choose rather than following the traditional method of residential assignment, says Campanella, who notes that the trend is getting stronger every year. In a wide-ranging conversation, he argues that school choice is part of a wider social movement toward increasing personalization in many goods and services—and a reflection of the recognition that education is one of the central ways for people to realize their potential.

As a media sponsor of School Choice Week, Reason publishes articles, videos, and podcasts related to school choice during this week. For coverage from past years, go here.

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