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Try Common Sense and Dump Old Right-Left Ideologies, Says Philip K. Howard in New Book: Podcast

He also offers up concrete proposals not just to reform government but to route around it and get on with our lives already.


Philip K Howard burst on the scene over 20 years ago with his best-selling book, The Death of Common Sense: How Law Is Suffocating America, which argued that out-of-control lawsuits and and rules and regulations were choking off vitality, innovation, and common decency. In 2002, he founded Common Good, a nonprofit whose credo is "simplify government, put humans back in charge, and cut mindless red tape." In 2014, I interviewed Howard about his book The Rule of Nobody.

A lawyer by training and profession, Howard's new book is Try Common Sense: Replacing Failed Ideologies of Left and Right. I spoke with him about how Americans might route around the federal government and get on with their lives.

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