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Reason Staff Bitterly Divided on Planned Parenthood Defunding: Podcast

Civil debate, whether on Trump/Russia, gun policy, or fungible abortion funding, begins in the workplace.


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Is President Donald Trump's plan to enforce a "bright line" separation between Title X funding recipients and even referring to the practice of abortion a good start or a self-defeating political stunt? It depends on who you ask. Including, at least to some degree, within the Reason staff.

On today's Reason Podcast, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman and yours truly duke it out over the lines between conscientious objection and hypocritical stunt, between government imprimaturs and nonprofit branding, between fungibility and non. The quartet also tangles over Trump/Russia, post-shooting argumentation, and Reason's staff dress codes over the years.

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