Don't Let Fascists Steal Free Speech [Podcast]

Reason editors talk white supremacy in Virginia, free speech, the controversial Google memo, and more.


"To say 'no free speech for fascists,' which was on many a protest sign this weekend, is [the equivalent of saying] 'no free speech for Muslims,'" says Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward. That killing someone with a car means "everybody loses their speech rights" is "the exact same argument as saying if you are a big group of people and one of you is a suicide bomber, you all lose your speech rights."

On today's podcast, Reason's Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Andrew Heaton discuss the recent violence in Charlottesville, Trump's initial response (Note: the podcast was recorded before Trump's press conference today), and the anti-free speech backlash that followed.

Last week, Google's James Damore was fired for an internal memo questioning the company's diversity policies. Justified or not?

Finally, how worried should we be about nuclear war with North Korea?

Audio post production by Ian Keyser.

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