What We Saw at Women's March on Washington

500,000 people turned out because they see Donald Trump as a threat to social progress.


On January 21, an estimated 500,000 people attended the Women's March in Washington, D.C. as a protest against incoming President Donald Trump.

Reason TV spoke with protesters to find out what they fear the most about a Trump presidency and what they hope their rally will accomplish. We also talked with members of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA), a feminist group that approaches gender issues from a libertarian perspective.

Produced by Todd Krainin and Joshua Swain. Camera by Mark McDaniel, Swain, and Krainin, who also edited.

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  1. Otherwise known as the “Waaa! Daddy Didn’t Buy Me a Pony!” march.

    1. seriously, why aren’t these people in the workforce…

      1. Would you hire them?

  2. In honor of the inauguration of 45th president of these United States, I grabbed a pussy. The little furry bastard scratched me.

    1. Wynona took her big brown beaver and she stuck him up in the air, said “I sure do love this big brown beaver and I wish I did have a pair.
      Now the beaver once slept for seven days and it gave us all an awful fright,
      So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch and the bastard tried to bite me. Wynona loved her big brown beaver and she stroked him all the time.
      She pricked her finger one day and it occurred to her she might have a porcupine.

    2. ” I grabbed a pussy. The little furry bastard scratched me.”
      Can you imagine what it would have done to you if you had tried to eat it?

    3. Pussies tend to be very irrational and easily agitated.

      I don’t recommend amateurs trying to grab them bare handed.

      Best to leave this kinda work to the pros.

  3. They turned out for attention. They have no coherent message

    It is all boilerplate nonsense

    1. Um, that just sounds too right to be the real amsoc, who are you?

      1. That is amsock, the fake amsoc who manages to be more annoying than the real one.

        1. It’s funny to watch it argue with itself, but there was a thread that Tony (or a T0ny clone) got into…
          I felt like I was watching the singularity being born.

          1. I just wish it was the gravitational singularity, not the technological.

            1. I’d definitely take the technological singularity. Call me an optimist, but I’m of the opinion once technology advances to that point, there will be no purpose for government any longer.

      2. There are two now. One is the real one, one has a capital i [I] as the L is socialist.

        1. Ah, ok, didn’t think of that.

    2. I don’t know what to make of this comment. It’s like Tony *suddenly* sincerely caring about black people and criticizing the politicians who use them as pawns.

    3. Since when has the lack of a coherent message stopped the far left?

    4. That’s exactly what it is. I mean I have friends posting long ass speeches that don’t say anything, and the idiots tag it #deep. I’m waiting for #SuccinctReasonsWhyWeMarch, of course it we all know it’s #SorosMoneyBroughtMeHere

  4. I saw a bunch of commie’s whining for free shit? Did anything new happen and I missed it?

    1. All the signs I saw were either variants of “my body my choice” or generic “grrl power”.

    2. From what I saw before the weather came on, it was a dog’s lunch of every lefty ’cause’ you could imagine; free shit, other free shit, more free shit, free shit you never heard of before, screw the jooze and free shit.
      Oh, and ’cause Trump, we think.

    3. It wasn’t just commies asking for free shit. There were also ‘libertarian’ women (as the article mentions) desperately trying to get invited to a cocktail party.

  5. I love that photo. Grow a pair. Looks like someone finally did and that’s what they fear. Not a Trump fan, but the guy has the only pair in government at this point.

    1. Being bipolar isn’t the same thing as having a pair.

      1. Sure it is, it’s a pair of polarized states. That’s what it means etymologically.

  6. “(LOLA), a feminist group that approaches gender issues from a libertarian perspective.”

    What the fuck is this? How can anyone approach any type of divisiveness from a libertarian perspective? Libertarians believe that everyone is equal. There is no room here for identity bullshit.

    1. Libertarians believe that everyone is equal.

      In their rights, not in their ability or their morality.

      1. Of course, that is what I meant.

    2. I looked up their website. While it is pretty slim pickings it appears as though they would agree with you.

    3. Not true. Since Gary Johnson’s campaign ‘libertarian’ is just a synonym for ‘coward’. That’s what makes it so malleable now. All the cocktail parties and none of that icky liberty stuff.

    4. Could be “feminist” in the simplest sense that just means that women shouldn’t be treated differently from men on the basis of their sex.

      1. Maybe in the same way that “liberal” means advocating civil liberties and personal freedom. It has been 50 years since “feminist” meant equal rights.

    5. It may be an attempt to convert people on the left by casting libertarianism into their own words. Or maybe it’s just confused.

  7. I dunno, it seems like the producers managed to find the coolest possible examples of demonstrators from the 40% mark forward.

  8. Would, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, would, would, would, would, would, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, would, would, would, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, would, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, would, wouldn’t, would, would, would.

    1. Less a squirrel, more a wouldchuck.

  9. Those libertarian ladies are so cute when they think they can make a political outreach to the Left.

    1. political outreach to the Left.

      Is that what they call pussy grabbing nowadays?

      1. “Is that what they call pussy grabbing nowadays?”

    2. Bless ’em for trying. But Jeebus! The derp on display is astounding.

  10. I’m glad to see all those women marching, because a lot of them look like they need to lose weight.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

    1. Tip your waitress… wait person..uh…person of waiting.

    2. Well, it was being touted by some media outlets as 5 times bigger than the inauguration crowd. That might be true when measuring in tonnage.

      1. Michael Moore probably brought ten thousand Oberlin wastrels along, whether they wanted to or not, in same gravitational way the shepherd moons of Saturn manipulate the rings.

        1. No.
          Michael Moore, aka El Porko, only ushered in 500 triple cheeseburgers…for himself.

      2. NYC2AZ|1.21.17 @ 8:59PM|#

        I keep reading your handle as a GA tail-number.

        1. If only I could get N0TAX as my tail number. Oh, the possibilities.

  11. So…and I guess you should have known this was coming…will any Reason people be in Washington DC on January 27? They could cover the March For Life (the prolife libertarians will probably be there, too) –

    “Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson will speak at the 44th annual March for Life on January 27….

    “Watson will speak alongside New York Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan, #1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas, Mexican telenovela star Karyme Lozano, top Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, and former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.”

    Come on Reason, show that everyone who calls you cosmotarians is wrong.

    1. I’ve only heard of two of those people. NOT CELEBRITY ENOUGH!

      Also, ya know who else had a tight end?

      1. I hope Metaxas is one of the two you’ve heard of – if not, at least you’re in for a treat as you look up his books.

      2. Hitler and Eva, in a fire?

      3. “Also, ya know who else had a tight end?”

        Most football teams?

    2. Even on Fox News they were estimating the crowd at over a million and Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) said it was the ‘biggest worldwide demonstration in history’. 500 K for the day does sound more accurate.

      I do agree with you, and I’m fairly pro-choice — even if they get 2 million for the March for Life next week, it will go almost completely unreported by the media (perhaps one network news will show a quick clip about it near the end of the broadcast, after their usual heartwarming human-interest story about an armless DJ who scratches with his toes or something like that). They will just say it wasn’t really newsworthy, unlike marches with women dressed as vaginas.

      1. Or white supremacist gatherings where the press outnumbered the actual participants.

      2. I highly doubt that this was the ‘biggest worldwide demonstration in history”. The candle protest in Korea drew well over a million.The Arab Spring was probably larger.

        1. It was definitely better armed.

          1. And a crapload more coherent.

    3. (the prolife libertarians will probably be there, too)

      Both of them?

  12. Is this like what happens when an anarch-capitalist group shows up to a communist march and tries to fit in?

    1. There was a young lady of Niger
      Who smiled as she rode on a tiger
      They returned from the ride
      With the lady inside
      And the smile on the face of the tiger.

      1. In Soviet Niger, pussy eat you.

        1. (Sheez, I’ve been on H&R too long)

  13. The tolerant and inclusive left who speaks for everyone uninvited the new wave feminists

    Why? They are pro life.

    Inclusive as long as you agree with me

  14. People chanting no to facism carry ussr flag. Self awareness is not a strong suit

    1. I always stare at a woman’s tits, your won’t find anyone more anti-facist than me!

      1. Yes! It is always important to nipple fascism in the bud.

        Bravo for these brave wymyn who showed up to areola their grievances against reality!

        1. I am filled with the rage of the ?lfh??nar.

          1. Are you standing in for Swiss? If so, damned fine job! Please forgive my irrespunsibility.

          2. Are you standing in for Swiss? If so, damned fine job! Please forgive my irrespunsibility.

    2. I guess what their say is that its better to be oppressed by Stalin than Hitler.

  15. Anyone think the so called people who are against oppression love it in reality? I suspect they will be in competition to out grievance each other

  16. Listen, lady, if the government starts letting people braid hair without proper credentialing, it’s going to be total chaos.

    Some people, I tell ya.

  17. I hope The Red Pill makers decided to set up a booth promoting their documentary at the march.

  18. Look, women aren’t walking, talking vaginas, that oversimplifi…

    *sees video*

    Ok, so never mind

    1. Indeed, the modern era signals the death of satire since it’s virtually impossible to lampoon these people.

  19. Participation in the Ladies of Liberty Alliance is open to any female who identifies with, or is wishing to explore, libertarian ideas. LOLA participation is free and self-defined.


    1. Does LOLA hold its meetings in a club down in old Soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola?

      1. Is that a microaggressive dig at wymyn with penises? Such intolerance will not be tolerated!

        1. Actually, I’m more used to L-O-L-A standing for Lesbian-On-Lesbian-Action.

          1. That sounds like a meeting I could identify with.

            /I’m a guy but I identify as a lesbian female.

  20. Speaking of political-jawboning the “intelligence community”…

    Democrats Have “Closed Door*” Meeting with FBI.

    (*and of course, then immediately shared their “interpretation” of everything that happened in that ‘supposed to be off-the-record’ meeting with the press)

    Featuring ace spin-work from Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Whassername, “Fat Jerry” Nadler, et al.

    The NYT does its moral-duty by ensuring there is at least a caveat by someone, somewhere = “”I don’t want to go into the contents of what were discussed,” Mr. Schiff said. “But….______________”

    but you have a job to do.

    1. *this was intended to go in the CIA-speech post, but… meh, who cares.

  21. I could really go for a glass of milk right now

  22. Prince was right.

    We do need pussy control.


  23. So I looked at the news for the first time today and it looks like trump found Obama’s pen and phone, and they were still warm.

    1. Yeah, but then he proved he was Trump and whinged when someone mentioned Obo drew a bigger crowd.

  24. Do you know who else marched through the streets in boots?

    1. John Wayne?

    2. Nancy Sinatra?

      1. lol, that cracked me up

      2. Winner!

      3. Winner!

    3. Carrie Bradshaw?

    4. Heinrich Himmler?

  25. Armpit hair and piles of burning promissory notes?

  26. What are they mad about? I don’t get it.
    Tell these socialist pricks to get off my lawn.

    suddenly morals matters to the moral relativist. ok

    1. Pussies. Socialist pussies.

  27. “When it gets hard to love, let’s love harder.”

    -Van Jones

    Gotta give to Van, that left me speechless.

    1. “When it gets hard because of love, let’s fuck.” -CMW

      1. The “bend over” part was included in Van’s pregnant pause.

        1. Pregnancy has nothing to do with it.

    2. Evidently by ‘love harder’ he means getting the government to force us to love harder.

  28. Since this was primarily a pro-abortion march, should we also ecpect such ectensive coverage (four articles) of the pro-life March for Life next week (which turned out 600,000 attendees next year? I’ll start holding my breath now

    1. Do you want angry leftists to yell at Reason staffers at cocktail parties?

      1. Yes. Maybe it will knock some sense into them

  29. RE: What We Saw at Women’s March on Washington

    The only thing I saw from that video were a bunch of cry babies, despondent snowflakes and attention whores.

  30. Two thoughts;

    With much of the active Left given to Protest as a hobby, it’s getting hard to tell the real thing from the latest ProtestCon.

    “500,000 people turned out because they see Donald Trump as a threat to social progress.”. Maybe Trump got elected because a large swath of the country wants you to take ‘social progress’ and cram it up your collective ass, children. And if that’s the case, maybe you should be trying to find a way to get along with them instead of piss them off. Just a thought. Might consider it if you don’t want the Donald to rack up a real landslide in 2020.

  31. I see waves of white liberal women getting a lot of mileage out of “grabbing the pussy”, and yet – the alternative to Trump was a woman who went after women abused by her husband and displaced many women in the middle east thanks to her interventionism.

    And of course, they have no issues with inviting someone like Alec baldwin to speak in their rallies.

    It was a flash mob of leftist women. That’s essentially what it was. It’s not any sort of a spontaneous, organic movement. I honestly never heard of this march until the organizers turned away pro lifers and warned white women to check their privilege.

    Trump stormed the blue wall that hadn’t voted for a republican in over 20 years. If he ran a more disciplined campaign many conservative holdouts would have voted for him. THAT is a movement.

    1. “I see waves of white liberal women getting a lot of mileage out of “grabbing the pussy””

      I’ve grabbed a few in my day that belonged to liberal white womyn, and most came back for more. I suspect that the hetero ones at the march probably wouldn’t mind either-esp the ones who are stuck with wussy proggy boys who they dragged to the march.

  32. all any of it amounts to right now is flashing the right colors, so to speak. letting people know where you stand so they won’t think you’re “one of them”. it’s like dogs marking their territory honestly.

  33. I couldn’t go to the amazing march yesterday (although pretty much everyone else in California did). To make up for my absense I’m thinking about going to the March for Life March in SF next week. I was thinking that my poster would read “Libertarians for abortion on demand”, “Libertarians for Choice”, or “I think health care decisions should be between a patient and a doctor– not the government”

    I think these signs are pretty lame. I’m just no good at being pithy. Is there anything else you guys can come up to tell these evangelical right-wingers to go fuck themselves? Thanks, beforehand.

    1. You’ll be a lot safer with a pro-abortion sign in the middle of a crowd of prolifers than you’d be with a prolife sign in the middle of a crowd of pro-abortion people.

      But don’t take my word for it – try the experiment for yourself. Take a sign with a picture of a fetus and “it’s a child not a choice,” and go to a “reproductive rights” march.

      1. Maybe. So what? What’s that got to do with telling nanny-staters and sky-fairy worshippers who want to impose their world outlook on the rest of us?

        1. … to take their laws and shove them up their ass?

          1. Yes, I certainly don’t like socialists and other statists who think the government can designate entire categories of living human beings as unpersons without rights.

        2. Nanny staters? So you’ll, what, tell yourself to go fuck yourself?

        3. “who want to impose their world outlook on the rest of us?”

          I know, amsoc, the competition must really suck for you.

        4. See, the thing is, if the Pro-Life people are wrong, the consequence of a victory for them is that women will have to be careful of birth control or be inconvenienced for several months. If the Pro-Choice people are wrong the consequence of victory for them is millions of murdered children.

          I happen to be pro-choice. I think abortion should be broadly legal. I don’t think a fetus is a human being. But I don’t think I can prove that last, or that anyone else can either. And the way my ‘side’ dropped the ball in Pennsylvania with Kermit ‘the ghoul’ Gosnell, and in some cases had the monumentally poor judgement to DEFEND the swine once he got caught bothers me a lot. The ‘we have to allow poor women access to reproductive options’ narrative, under those circumstances, frankly sounds an awful lot like ‘we gotta keep all those trashy black women from having babies’.

          I’d really like to see Roe v Wade overturned and the decision on abortion turned back to the States.Roe is lousy law and bad precident. If the Federal Government has the authority to declare abortion legal, it has the authority to declare it illegal. Not good.

          1. Canada’s Supreme Court overturned ALL abortion laws. Yet Murrican ku-kluxers and televangelists for some reason are not dinning tales of resulting Demonic Possession of the provinces in our ears. More women immigrate to Canada than men, and cold and taxes aside, the place is as close to Utopia as it gets.

          2. Antiabortionists are cowardly goons who want the political state to send men with guns to force women to reproduce against their will for some mystical or collectivist agenda. Calling them pro-life is the leper’s bell that identifies one of their agents infiltrating a crowd of what are perceived as weak-minded fools. Pro-life was plagiarized from Fromm and retasked in 1971, on cue from Richard Nixon when the Libertarian Party emerged as a replacement for God’s Own Prohibitionists. The retasking took the form of package-dealing contradictions to challenge what they perceived as the weakness of objectivism: integrity and consistency. To this was added the Nixon tax code amendment subsidizing looter parties. But the Supreme Court republicans, faced with Hospers-Nathan gaining an electoral vote, acted to protect the GOP from the Klan, National Socialist and televangelist support by taking the issue off the chessboard. The same thing happened with the Gay Marriage lynch mobs, just in time to get Trump into office to legalize energy.

            1. All I managed to gather from your psychotic babble is that you are incapable of nuance.

    2. I think health care decisions should be between a patient and a doctor– not the government”

      Oh, so you’re for Obamacare repeal, then?

      1. Yes,absolutely. I’m for a system where when the doctor tells you to get an MRI you go get one. Insurance for all– just like our President says.

        1. “when the doctor tells you to get an MRI you go get one”

          but you don’t pay for it of course. that’s someone else’s responsibility.

        2. I’m for getting the government the hell out of issues for which it has no demonstrable talent. Governments have no taste, scant tact, and little subtlety (Politicians often mistake complexity for subtlety; they are wrong). They should, therefore, stay the hell away from areas that demand such qualities. Health care. Support for the Arts. That sort of thing.

          The British National Health system is so rotten, and went rotten so quickly, that the (Socialist) cartoonist Giles was alread mocking it by the mid 1950’s. That makes me very leery of a Single Payer plan, and Obama’s ideas failed spectacularly.

        3. Insurance isn’t care, so what you’re really in favor of is rationing and death panels. Hopefully you’re on the ‘approved’ list, comrade! If you aren’t, well, at least you know that your betters decided you weren’t worth the cost of fixing your mortal coil. Of course, if you’re wealthy, you’ll just fly abroad to get that MRI and/or buy yourself a new liver from some kid in the congo and skip the line. This only punishes the poor and the middle class, everyone else is still golden.

    3. I can. Most of them dress up in Minuteman drag and impersonate the Founders. As Go-Pee Republicans they can hardly piss on their own Reconstruction Amendments. The next time some Sharia State Socialist gets in your face over the Baby Jesus and those uppity Jezebels at Planet Parenthood, ask this: “What are the first three words of the 14th Amendment?”
      You may get sucker-punched, but the ku-kluxers lose the debate.
      This is like asking a socialist what “Free State” or “Shall not be infringed” mean in the Second Amendment. It locks up their brainwashing circuits.

  34. How many of them supported or voted for Bill Clinton? WOOOOOOO!

    Also, this thing that Obama was some sort of foreign policy genius with a stellar record of diplomacy is ridiculous.

  35. How about “Health Care Decisions Shouldn’t Be Subject to your Religious Tests or Moral Beliefs”

    1. So employers should be able to decide for themselves whether and to what extent to provide employees compensation in the form of medical services, and that the moral beliefs of bureaucrats as to what these employers ought to do is irrelevant?

      1. (also, I’m glad to see that socialists never impose their moral beliefs on others)

      2. You mean should we accommodate some religious bigot who doesn’t want to insure his employees because the insurance plan covers abortion? Yes, I suppose we must. Maybe in that case we should make it easier for employees to unionize and tell said boss that his moral beliefs shouldn’t cost his employees potentially thousands of dollars a year. It’s precisely one of the reasons why I advocate for some sort of workplace democracy and the ability to kick an unthinking and shitty owner to the curb.

        1. So create your own union-owned business, you fucking goon.

        2. Yep. Initiation of force is the nationalsocialist go-to solution.

    2. How about “my wallet, my choice,” you piece of excrement?

      1. I like that one. Defund Planned ParentHood so they can reap a whirlwind of money from rich liberals.

      2. Won’t work though. 95% of the people wielding that argument are doing so because they think Jesus will send them to Heaven for imposing His Will on the rest of us. I want to be clear that I’m on the pagan heathen side of the culture war.

        1. How about “I’m going to abort the shit out of my 3rd kid.” Ding, ding, ding… I think I’ve got it.

          1. american socialist|1.22.17 @ 10:46PM|#
            “How about “I’m going to abort the shit out of my 3rd kid.” Ding, ding, ding… I think I’ve got it.”

            How about your mom aborting YOU! I think I’ve got it, asswipe.

            1. National Socialist, I’d like you to meet Klavernkeeper Ed Hominem, aka Sevo. You guys have a lot in common, so I’ll just move along…

  36. How about “More abortions = More Loving Families?”

    1. How about, opposing Parental Notification laws, defending late term abortions that closely resemble infanticide, and selling parts of fetuses are all political poison, so if you want to keep abortion legal KNOCK THAT THE F*CK OFF.

      Seriously. I think abortion should be legal. And I also believe that the Pro-Choice movement is so determined to never give an inch on anything that I am going to see abortion banned everywhere except possibly Nevada in my lifetime.

      1. After the Second Amendment is repealed, the 14th will be replaced with one that begins: “All ova fertilized…”
        The world will finally be safe for mystical altruism and communism both! Just unfortunately, not for reason or freedom…

  37. I see the Occupy Wall Street gaggle has returned from their 8 year hibernation.

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  38. Guessing the women in the picture also wonders why people call her “C**T!”?

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