Aaron Ginn on the 2014 Reboot Conference and Conservatarian Millennials


"People feel like they are less free than ever, and thats concerning because thats what makes this country great." So says Aaron Ginn of Lincoln Labs.

Ginn is one of the co-founders of Lincoln Labs and one of the chief organizers of the 2014 Lincoln Labs' Reboot Conference, held July 18-20 in San Francisco, California. He sat down with ReasonTV's Nick Gillespie to talk about how the Reboot conference is targeting young, tech-savvy millennia's, and challenging them to get excited about Liberty ideas.

"I think the movement is going forward, I think people in the tech community are more or less coming out of the closet that they may not want government in every part of their life."

About 6:00 minutes. 

Interview by Nick Gillespie. Edited by William Neff. Shot by Detrick and Tracy Oppenheimer. Music by The Custodian of Records.

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