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Research Supporting Chile's Anti-Obesity Regulations Doesn't Tell Us if the Regulations Work: New at Reason

Katharina Meyer/dpa/picture-alliance/NewscomKatharina Meyer/dpa/picture-alliance/NewscomA host of anti-obesity measures adopted in Chile in 2016 are working, according to a new study by U.S. and Chilean researchers that was published last week in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity. But that's only true if you define success down to a meaningless level.

The purpose of the Chilean food law is to reduce high rates of obesity in the country. The study published this month demonstrates that some consumers say the Chilean law has impacted their perceptions of the foods they and their families buy. Baylen Linnekin notes that it's unclear right now what, if anything, the latter has to do with the former.

Photo Credit: Katharina Meyer/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom


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