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Ron Paul Says the Time for Marijuana Federalism Has Come: New at Reason

Ron Paul believes Congress should insist the next attorney general respects state authority over marijuana policy.

Today, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana while ten have legalized recreational marijuana. The majority of Americans now live in states where some type of marijuana is legal. Further proof of changing attitudes is that in 2016, Donald Trump's stated support for respecting state's authority over marijuana policy not only did not damage his campaign, it did not even cost him support from the religious right.

Ron Paul Inst. for Peace & ProsperityRon Paul Inst. for Peace & Prosperity

In this year's elections, medical marijuana was legalized in the conservative states of Utah and Oklahoma while recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan. Texas Representative Pete Sessions' use of his powerful position as chair of the House Rules Committee to block legislation prohibiting federal government from jailing sick people for the "crime" of using medical marijuana in accordance with their state laws may have played a role in his defeat. Voters, especially young voters, are increasingly turned off by conservatives who favor individual liberty and federalism when it comes to guns and Obamacare but favor a federal police state when it comes to marijuana.

Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul thinks it is time for Congress to make sure the attorney general believes in marijuana federalism, and to pass federal law guaranteeing it.


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