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America Needs More Dentists: New at Reason

Too bad we won't let them come here from overseas.

CSA-Printstock/iStockCSA-Printstock/iStockAmerica doesn't have enough dentists, and Ahmed El Zawi could be part of the solution—if only the federal government would let him.

El Zawi emigrated from Libya to attend the University of Washington's dental school. He graduated in March 2017 and is licensed to practice dentistry in Washington state and Virginia. But it is illegal for El Zawi to work as a dentist—to work at all, actually—because his student visa expired in March. Though he found an employer willing to sponsor him for an H-1B, his name was not selected in the annual lottery that determines who receives one of those valuable government permission slips, writes Eric Boehm.

Photo Credit: CSA-Printstock/iStock


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