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The Midterms Were a Mixed Bag for Food Freedom: New at Reason

XAMAX/dpa/picture-alliance/NewscomXAMAX/dpa/picture-alliance/NewscomThis week's midterm elections, in case you missed the news, were the most important election of your lifetime. While the president, control of the House of Representatives, and Bigfoot erotica dominated national headlines during this ostensibly crucial election season, food-policy issues were at the heart of several ballot measures and other contests around the country.

Did Americans get more food freedom? Did they have their food freedoms taken away? Baylen Linnekin takes stock of the big ballot questions (cage-free eggs, salmon farming, soda taxes) and the little ones (alcohol sales in a dry county with only a few hundred voters), and finds a mixed bag.

Photo Credit: XAMAX/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom


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