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NYPD Cops Busted for Running a Prostitution and Gambling Ring

An ex-NYPD detective allegedly used his knowledge of police procedure to keep the operation afloat.

|||Nc11383/Dreamstime.comNc11383/Dreamstime.comCurrent and former New York City police officers were found at the center of a major prostitution and gambling ring.

Seven active members of the New York Police Department (NYPD)—three sergeants, two detectives, and two police officers—were arrested and stripped of their badges on Wednesday for allegedly facilitating a prostitution and gambling ring in Brooklyn and Queens. They face charges for enterprise corruption, promoting prostitution, and official misconduct, according to news reports.

Retired NYPD detective Ludwig Paz and his wife, Arelis Peralta, a former prostitute, are believed to be the leaders of the operation. Paz has been charged with promoting prostitution and enterprise corruption. A three-year Internal Affairs Bureau probe into police-protected brothels, surveillance, undercover operations, and wiretaps led to the arrest of 40 civilians and the questioning of an additional 30 police officers. Much of the investigation is focused on the Brooklyn South Narcotics Squad.

Investigators reportedly found that in some instances prostitutes were directed to give sex and massages to officers as a way to congratulate them for their work. The ring, which is believed to have brought in $2 million between August 2016 and September 2017, used online ads and a knowledge of NYPD procedures to stay in business.

NYPD Commissioner James P. O'Neill released the following statement in response:

In a 2017 case, a former NYPD officer stood trial for running an upscale prostitution service. Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown has reported on numerous cases in which officers solicited prostitution or ran their own operations.

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  • Hugh Akston||

    Why are prostitution and gambling illegal in the first place?

  • Fist of Etiquette||


  • MoreFreedom||

    Because if it were legal, there wouldn't be so much money in it.

    The only surprise of this story, is that these cops were caught and will be prosecuted for it. Perhaps the reason, is that they were in competition with some other cops.

  • gaoxiaen||

    "Retired NYPD detective Ludwig Paz and his wife, Arelis Peralta, a former prostitute, are believed to be the leaders of the operation." A match made in heaven... um...

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    Was that wrong???

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    If they had only stuck to jacking prostitutes and johns up and maybe gunning down an unarmed craps shooter or two, they'd be enjoying official protection from prosecution right now.

  • Hugh Akston||

    "Yeah well I'm gonna build my own police force. With blackjack, and hookers!"

  • IceTrey||

    C'mon it's just one bad apple, ok 7 bad apples.

  • Rich||

    Many of the women involved in the case appear to be from Central America.


  • Jerryskids||

    Prostitution and gambling involving women from Central America? You mean an international sex trafficking and money laundering ring then.

  • Agammamon||

    Funding terrorism to boot!

  • Francisco d'Anconia||

    Wonder how they feel about victimless crimes now?

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    Totally O/T

    Worlds oldest brewery found in Israel

    Of particular interest to Reason commenters, it doesn't say whether the first beer was an IPA or not.

  • Juice||

    Israeli Passover Ale?

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    Israeli Palestinian Ale

    Responsible for more bar fights than St. Patrick's Day.

  • Eddy||

    "The location of the mortars in the burial caves implies the drink was "apparently connected to the ceremonies, or some sort of social event," Nadel said."

    They were filming an ad.

    "You just buried a close relative and one of your favorite wives. Don't they deserve a prehistoric wake with genuine prehistoric beer?"

  • Eddy||

    "The location of the mortars in the burial caves implies the drink was "apparently connected to the ceremonies, or some sort of social event," Nadel said."

    "Don't worry, honey, they won't think to look for us here...look, you need to loosen up, have some prehistoric beer."

  • Eddy||

    "No, you idiot, that's embalming fluid...great, now we have *another* funeral on our hands."

  • Adans smith||

    NYPD (so) Blue.

  • Scarecrow Repair & Chippering||

    Somebody didn't get paid off.

  • Dillinger||

    blue going down for a "what should be legal" syndicate is delicious.

  • sharmota4zeb||

    That reminds me, I mentioned the off-Broadway drug den in Paterson this morning to a detective from the NJ Office of Homeland Security. To be frank, I'm surprised she didn't know where it was. The drug dealers painted their colors in the street so that the local cops knew to avoid the area. What type of national security officer can't find a terrorist organization when it literally paints signs in the street to make everyone aware of its location?

  • target||

    "The people of this Department are rightly held to the highest standard"

    suuuure they are

  • sharmota4zeb||


  • Agammamon||

    Ok, so - shitty cops. But these things shouldn't have been crimes in the first place. I don't look down on drug users, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, johns, ect *because they're breaking immoral laws*. I don't look down on cops who refuse to enforce immoral laws.

    Not certain I should be hating on these guys for what they've done here even if they are cops.

    Its kind of a tricky moral question. What *have* they done that would be wrong if anyone else did it?

  • Agammamon||

    Not that I can't enjoy the hypocrisy of cops going down for what they kept arresting other people for though. That part's gold.

  • Eddy||

    What did they do to people who tried to muscle in on their turf? Is a key question, does anyone know?

  • markm23||

    What did they do wrong? They joined a gang to beat, kidnap, and steal from their competition.

  • JBSparks||

    Servin the public is fun y'all! Lucrative too!

  • majil||

    Usual Thug Pig action is all I see

  • cheapmcmbelt||

    I agree! You can discuss with other side. That's how you learn and expand your view points.

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