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Stephen King’s Castle Rock Gets Its Own Show: New at Reason

The familiar Maine town that’s the setting of many a horror story is a series on Hulu.

'Castle Rock''Castle Rock,' HuluThey say you can't go home again. If you were from Castle Rock, why would you want to?

For about four decades now, Stephen King has been peopling this (fictional) little Maine town with vengeful witches, homicidally rabid dogs, political assassins, Satanic shopkeepers, telepathic ghost magnets, Polaroid portals to hellish alternative universes, and mutant rats the size of cows. It's not quite the most accursed of the western Maine hamlets where King sets his works—that would surely be 'Salem's Lot, so thoroughly overrun by vampires that the handful of survivors burned it to the ground in the mid-1970s—but with 30 or so appearances in his novels and short stories, Castle Rock is clearly the most persistently malevolent locale in Kinglandia.

Hulu's new series Castle Rock is clearly an attempt to answer a question that has occurred to nearly every King reader multiple times over the years: Do the folks in this town ever notice the unholy frequency with which their neighbors fall into quicksand pits, get ravaged by their house pets, or are driven insane by mundane household items purchased at pawn shops? As television critic Glenn Garvin explains, they most certainly do.

Photo Credit: 'Castle Rock,' Hulu


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