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Canadian Comedy Sneaks over America’s Borders in Letterkenny: New at Reason

The hosers are coming!

'Letterkenny''Lettterkenny,' HuluTelevision Critic Glenn Garvin takes note of a Canadian comedy that is making its way to U.S. viewers via Hulu:

Letterkenny has been kicking around on the Canadian streaming service CraveTV—mostly a reservoir for U.S. premium cable shows like Game of Thrones—for a couple of years. A stapled-together series of talky sketches about some guys sitting their otherwise-deserted roadside produce stand somewhere in rural Ontario, it has no discernible plot, story, or production costs. Its sole purpose seems to be Canadian self-immolation

The characters chat about good Tinder come-on lines: "You just, you know, say something like, 'On a scale of one to America, how free are you right now?'" Although there are cautionary notes about Tinder having a worrisomely similar name to Grindr, the gay dating site: "That's a good way to get a finger in your bum."

Photo Credit: 'Letterkenny,' Hulu


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