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Kurt Loder Reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story: New at Reason

They said it couldn’t be done.

LucasfilmLucasfilmIs it still possible to get worked up about a Star Wars movie? Three of them have been released in just the last two and a half years, and now—on the 41st anniversary of the very first film's debut—comes Solo: A Star Wars Story. I don't think many people are likely to see this picture as a cultural event, or were even hankering for it to be made. It's basically an old-school Saturday-serial b-movie—which of course is exactly the sort of picture that inspired the whole Star Wars project.

It's a pretty good b-movie, too. The story is silly, but it's fun, and so are the effects, especially the ones used to create the several new creatures we see, who are replete with nose hoses and eyeball stalks and all manner of other exotic whatnot. There's also a really big caterpillar thingy called Lady Proxima, who's much less gracious than her name might suggest; and lots of galactic action too, naturally, writes Kurt Loder in his review of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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