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Toronto Van Attack Reminds Us Weapons Are Just Tools. It's People Who Are Dangerous: New at Reason

Restricting guns—or vans, knives, or planes—won't make the world safer. The peril lies in people with bad intent, not with how they get it done.

Richard B. Levine/NewscomRichard B. Levine/NewscomAs Toronto cleans up the bloody mess caused by Monday's van attack, J.D. Tuccille notes that Alek Minassian, who has been charged in the attack, seems to be a very dangerous person. The attacker drove for two kilometers along Toronto's Yonge Street, killing 10 people and injuring another 15.

The van was only a tool the murderer used to fulfill his malevolent intent, notes Tuccille. Once he decided to harm other people, he then chose the van as a means of achieving that goal. The van was effective in accomplishing harm, but it was only a tool—it's the person who used it who is at fault.

Photo Credit: Richard B. Levine/Newscom


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