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The Real Constitutional Crisis Is Congress' Unwillingness to Do Its Job: Podcast

From Syria to spending, the legislative branch has lost all interest in performing its basic constitutional functions.

Another week, another volley of American bombs on a Middle Eastern country that wasn't remotely posing a direct threat to the United States. By letter of the law, Congress is supposed to provide the necessary authorization to use force, but if any single pathology marks our crappily governed 21st century it's the legislative branch's full-scale retreat from anything that even resembles performing its basic duties.

So we maintain on the latest editors' roundtable edition of the Reason Podcast, featuring Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, and me chewing on the news of the day/week. In this episode, that also includes James Comey's ABC interview on Sunday night, the latest in the Mueller investigation, President Donald Trump's caliber of insult comedy, Paul Ryan's failures, horror stories in advance of tax day, and a look at what cultural products the editors are binging on these days.

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Audio production by Ian Keyser.

"The First" by Scott Gratton is licensed under CC BY NC 4.0

Relevant links from the show:

"Trump Attacks Syria Without Congressional Authorization (or Clearly Defined Goals)," by Eric Boehm

"'Mission Accomplished'? Maybe Ask George Bush About That," by Stephanie Slade

"Rand Paul Worries Mike Pompeo Will Keep America in Afghanistan Even Longer," by Eric Boehm

"Rep. Justin Amash on Trump, Ryan, and the 'Stupidity' of How the Government Spends Your Money," by Nick Gillespie and Alexis Garcia

"Trump, a reluctant hawk, has battled his top aides on Russia and lost," by the Washington Post

"The Deep-State Liars of the #Resistance," by Matt Welch

"Republicans Have Finally Been Revealed as the Party of Fiscal Ruin," by Peter Suderman

"It's Good News for Libertarians When Paul Ryan Quits Congress," by Nick Gillespie

"RIP Miloš Forman, a True Hollywood Anti-Authoritarian," by Matt Welch

"Keynesian Economics in under 1 minute," via The Fifth Element

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    There was a scene in Darkest Hour where Churchill extols the virtues of broken windows? No wonder he needed the Yanks to win the war.

  • BYODB||

    I knew that the real reason why Zorg was a bad guy was because he was a Keynesian. It didn't have anything to do with his desire to kill a whole lot of people. Or, wait a second, did I just repeat myself?

    Either way, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a more recent Luc Besson film that really highlights the lack of Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis. He should really stay away from French main characters. And obviously stay even further away from idiotic economic systems.

  • Juice||

    a more recent Luc Besson film that really highlights the lack of Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis


  • Unlabelable MJGreen||

    And get someone else to write the script for him. What the hell was going on in that movie?

  • BYODB||

    The plot was basically a war crime and/or cover up of genocide, but you'd have to watch the whole thing to figure that out since, for some reason, modern movies must always start out on an action scene and work their way through the plot backwards.

    I can't say this for certain, but it seems to be the most prevalent in movies where the script is pretty weak or consists almost entirely of tropes. In all honesty, the starting on an action scene and telling the story backwards method is itself a trope so perhaps I repeat myself.

  • Weigel's Cock Ring||

    Another week, another volley of American bombs on a Middle Eastern country that wasn't remotely posing a direct threat to the United States.

    Yeah Welchie Boy, it is indeed pretty sad that Trump let himself get snookered by more bogus WMD propaganda manufactured by your beloved Deep State. Hell, even some of the characters involved are the same, like your fellow neoliberal John Bolton!

  • Verbum Vincet||

    Here we go again, you Liberaltarians always ragging on Trump and the GOP! Look, we know Trump and co. play chess, not checkers. On this particular scenario on the Grand Chessboard, he had three options. He chose the least expensive - what else would you have him do? Trump knows even the wrong action is better than the costliest option of them all, inaction. The leader of the Free World can't afford to lose face at any price, and must always be willing to demonstrate his strength with bold and calculated leadership from the front!

  • Tony||

    I'm no expert but I think that might be a caricature of a special case in Keynesian theory. And even in the mouth of a cartoon villain it is more obviously reasonable than "Give rich people money and demand for jobs will go up, we... promise?"

  • Mickey Rat||

    The Left gives rich people money all the time. Libertarians generally oppose crony capitalism and business subsidies.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen||

    Where's the transcript?

  • pemaintoto||

    Ya Welchie Boy, sungguh menyedihkan bahwa Trump membiarkan dirinya tertipu oleh propaganda WMD palsu yang diproduksi oleh Deep State tercinta Anda. Neraka, bahkan beberapa karakter yang terlibat sama, seperti John Bolton neoliberal Anda!

  • prediksi hongkong||

    terima kasih

  • prediksi hk||

    the political world that always confused many people

  • prediksifajar||


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