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Brickbat: Lèse-majesté

Facebook LikesSomchai Rak-in / Dreamstime.comA Thai military court has sentenced a man identified only as Wichai to 35 years in prison for Facebook posts it found to be insulting to the country's royal family.

Photo Credit: Somchai Rak-in /

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  • Rat on a train||

    King is just a polite term for thief.

  • Radioactive||

    but the really bestest thief around, and he's got those guys with the guns and everything, so I think king is a better thing to call him than thief esp. when he'll throw your ass in gaul

  • Citizen X - #6||

    Not Gaul! Fucking proto-Frenchies.

  • John C. Randolph||

    Wasn't it the great philosopher Johnny Hart who said: "The King is a fink!"?


  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Prosecutions have continued under Thailand's new king, Maha Vajiralongkorn, who took the throne in late 2016 after the death of his deeply revered father.

    So deeply revered they needed a law.

  • loveconstitution1789||

    When is a piece of wood like a king?
    When it's a ruler!

  • Pogue Mahon||

    I guess the Thais really opened up those libel laws.

  • Adans smith||

    'It's good to be king,at least for a while' Tom Petty. Btw saw him and Joe Walsh last week in Columbus..Great concert 'In the City'.

  • aamir||


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