Reason Wins 7 Southern California Journalism Awards

First-place finishes include an investigative piece on egregious misconduct in federal prison, a documentary on homelessness, best magazine columnist, and more.


Reason won seven awards on Sunday at the Los Angeles Press Club's 66th annual Southern California Journalism Awards.

The magazine and TV operation—which was nominated for 14 awards representing work in print, online, and broadcast media published in 2023—netted five first-place wins and two third-place finishes. Thank you to Reason readers, viewers, subscribers, and supporters, who make it possible for us to produce meaningful work.

Senior Producer Austin Bragg, Director of Special Projects Meredith Bragg, Producer John Carter, and freelancer Andrew Heaton won first place in best humor/satire writing for "Everything is political: board games":

Associate Editor Liz Wolfe, Senior Producer Zach Weissmueller, Video Editor Danielle Thompson, Video Art Director Isaac Reese, and Producer Justin Zuckerman won first place in best solutions journalism for "Why homelessness is worse in California than Texas":

Managing Editor Jason Russell won first place in best sports commentary for Reason's August/September 2023 cover story, "Get Your Politics Out of My Pickleball."

Reporter C.J. Ciaramella won first place for best magazine investigative piece for Reason's October 2023 cover story, "'I Knew They Were Scumbags,'" which one judge said "reminds us of investigative journalism's role in bringing hidden things into the light."

Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward won first place for best magazine columnist. "Deeply insightful commentary in a relatively short column," a judge wrote. "Mangu-Ward knows what she's talking about and isn't afraid to say what needs to be said."

Managing Editor of Video and Podcasts Natalie Dowzicky and Video Editor Regan Taylor received third place in best commentary/analysis of TV for "What really happened at Waco":

And I received third place in best activism journalism (online) for the web feature "They Fell Behind on Their Property Taxes. So the Government Sold Their Homes—and Kept the Profits."

Over 2,300 entries were submitted this year, according to the L.A. Press Club, which announced the winners last night at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.