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Woman Calls Security on Dad Taking Pictures of His Own Kids, Then Pepper Sprays Him

"The suspect then intervened, deployed pepper spray and sprayed the victim, before fleeing the scene on foot," according to the police.


Earlier this month, a woman in Arlington, Virginia, saw a man taking pictures of kids and suspected the worst: a creep on the prowl with his camera. Disgusting.

She quickly alerted a security guard and, according to a subsequent police report, told him she believed the man was photographing children he didn't know, for presumably nefarious purposes.

The security guard went to investigate and made contact with the man. As it turns out, the guy was taking pictures of his own children: He was a dad on an outing with his kids. The guard went back to report this reassuring news to the lady. Case closed?

Not quite. As the Arlington police reported:

The suspect then intervened, deployed pepper spray and sprayed the victim, before fleeing the scene on foot.

So the suspect is a woman in her 20s or 30s—a pepper-spraying maniac—and the victim is the man taking the pictures. (The dad sustained non-life threatening injuries, which were treated at the scene by medics.) The suspect was so obsessed with the idea there are predators everywhere that she literally couldn't accept reality when confronted by it.

Security guru Bruce Schneier coined a term for this leap from mundane reality to thrilling depravity. He calls it the "movie-plot threat." The more something resembles a movie-plot threat, the less likely it is to happen in real life, hence the less time and money we have to spend preventing it.

Thinking that way is the equivalent of seeing a small bruise and automatically assuming child abuse, or seeing a child alone and automatically assuming neglect, which also happens: Watch dad Ashley Smith testify in favor of Let Grow's "reasonable childhood independence" bill in the South Carolina Judiciary committee. His family was investigated for child abuse and neglect because someone saw his daughter doing her homework on the front lawn and called 911.

How much better off we'd all be—saner, smarter, safer, nicer—if instead of assuming the very worst anytime we see a child, or an adult with a child, or an adult near a child or photographing a child, we gave everyone the benefit of the doubt.

In the meantime, the police investigation is ongoing.

Correction: The headline of this article has been updated.

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  1. In the meantime, the police investigation is ongoing.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cops aren't going to investigate that.

    1. you know they couldn't care less

  2. This is ALSO highly similar to hateful and fearful busy-bodies who barge in, in cases of (for example) a 15-year-old with "gender dysphoria", who is taking puberty-delaying drugs, of his or own free will. ALL INVOLVED ARE THE SAME AS RAPERS OF 3-YEAR-OLDS, say the power-lusters!

    Texas social workers (child protection workers) are quitting right and left, due to Texas hate-filled laws about prosecuting parents, "children", and doctors who treat "gender dysphoria", which is NONE of YOUR business, Nosenheimers and Buttinskies!!! YOU and your busy-body ways are endangering the REAL victims of child abuse, with your self-righteous meddling!

    READ this with an open mind... If you can EVER develop an open mind, plus benevolence... And you will see!!!

    Distraught over orders to investigate trans kids’ families, Texas child welfare workers are resigning
    Other investigators don’t want to follow an order they believe harms families but worry about the impact of a mass employee exodus on the state’s most vulnerable children.

    1. Distraught over orders to investigate trans kids’ families, Texas child welfare workers are resigning
      Other investigators don’t want to follow an order they believe harms families but worry about the impact of a mass employee exodus on the state’s most vulnerable children.

      An unexpected benefit of the law!

      1. So now the REAL abusers of children will not face NEARLY the probability of paying the prices for REALLY abusing children! You know, not ALL government employees do bad things all day every day! Are you ready to live in a nation with NO police and NO military? Because of witch hunts over "gender dysphoria", the REAL abusers can now rest more easy, about their foul deeds! And Noy-Boy-Toy rejoices over this! WHY am I not surprised?

        (You are as bad as Islamofascists killing people and burning down buildings, 'cause drawing pictures of The Prophet should be punished the same as mass murderers.)

        1. The real abusers are the sociopaths gaslighting and castrating their sons, that your evil "welfare workers"' clapped like trained seals for.

          You make me sick, you fucking old degenerate.

          1. Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, more than ANYONE else, is TOTALLY capable of PERFECTLY expressing why anyone who is sympathetic to a "gender dysphoric" teenager, is the EXACT same as a raper of 3-year-olds!

            Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, as an Ascended Perfect One, has the PERFECT Christian Theology to back Her up, so She NEVER needs to worry about the EVIL ideas that She spreads in this imperfect world!

            Hear, hear, HEAR ye the self-righteous preachings of MammaryBahnFuhrer! (Imported below). She knows JUST the right “Popular-with-the-Cool-Kids-in-Her-Own-Mind” theology to espouse, along with wearing JUST the right purse, hairstyle, whorestyle, and other accessories! Meanwhile, in the EXACT same source, She engaged in identity theft! Her heart, in truth, is a ravening black hole of hypocrisy, greedy self-righteousness, and other evils!

            Now, the preachings of The Great Mammary. Note that She picks the verses that say that the right BELIEFS and whorestyles get you “in” with the “in” crowd, and then you’re free to engage in ID theft and other evils, at will!

            Mammary-style whorestyles - preachings below:

            It amazes me how Americans living in a purportedly Christian culture don't even understand the basic tenets of its theology.
            Pretty much the whole point of Christianity is that everyone has sinned and is worthy of damnation so God became a human and took our punishment for us. And the libertarian angle is, that you still have a choice to accept or reject the gift already given.
            Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV: For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
            Romans 6:23 ESV: For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
            John 3:16-17 ESV: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

            1. Castrate yourself freak.

              1. R Mac, do you, too, have a Perfect Magical Theology that will protect YOU, ass well, from the consequences of YOUR own evil?

                PS, You (Oh Perfect R Mac) are apparently saying that it's OK to act HOWEVER YOU WANT, and get a "free pass" with Your Magic Beliefs, fashionable hairstyle and whorestyle, etc. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!! Your Magic Beliefs DO NOT protect You from the consequences of Your evil choices!!! If You drink a gallon of whiskey every day, is God going to forgive You because You have Magic Beliefs? AND give You Your healthy liver back? Have You SHOWN this to be true? Or do You know ANYONE who has demonstrated this?

                If You spit in the faces of ALL of Your friends, will You have any friends left? You're not married, are You? Is this perhaps the pay-back that You have earned by being a Perfectly Superior One, in the face of EVERYONE that You meet? Can you NOT see my basic point, that Your Magic Beliefs are ZERO protection from "karma", or, "what comes around, goes around"?

                1. Castrating a confused and gaslit teenager, is equally as bad as raping 3-year-olds.
                  They're both horrible fucking, you repulsive old freak.

                  1. Judgmental self-righteous asshole describes you to a "T"!

                    You have "human dysphoria"... You're an evil inhumane being stuck in a human body! Try to LOVE being a humane human, for once!

              2. Not good enough. Csstration is a bandaid anyways - the root cause of sqrlys oxygen thievery is his indignant refusal to engage in self-chippery.

                Fuck him.

                1. EvilBahnFuhrer, drinking EvilBahnFuhrer Kool-Aid in a spiraling vortex of darkness, cannot or will not see the Light… It’s a VERY sad song! Kinda like this…

                  He’s a real Kool-Aid Man,
                  Sitting in his Kool-Aid Land,
                  Playing with his Kool-Aid Gland,
                  His Hero is Jimmy Jones,
                  Loves death and the dying moans,
                  Then he likes to munch their bones!
                  Has no thoughts that help the people,
                  He wants to turn them all to sheeple!
                  On the sheeple, his Master would feast,
                  Master? A disaster! Just the nastiest Beast!
                  Kool-Aid man, please listen,
                  You don’t know, what you’re missin’,
                  Kool-Aid man, better thoughts are at hand,
                  The Beast, to LEAVE, you must COMMAND!

                  A helpful book is to be found here: M. Scott Peck, Glimpses of the Devil

                  Hey EvilBahnFuhrer …
                  If EVERYONE who makes you look bad, by being smarter and better-looking than you, killed themselves, per your wishes, then there would be NO ONE left!
                  Who would feed you? Who’s tits would you suck at, to make a living? WHO would change your perpetually-smelly DIAPERS?!!?
                  You’d better come up with a better plan, Stan!

              3. Better he just kills himself.

      2. Certainly a win/win.

        It's almost a certainty that the Repubs are going to do wrong and stupid things with the power they're going to gain in the fall.

        Still, that's not a good enough reason to NOT vote out every fucking Democrat that can possibly be voted out, on the basis they are ALREADY doing "wrong and stupid things" with the power they have.

        Wild swings resulting in shorter incumbencies might eventually have a positive result. And if not, it will at least discomfit the political class. A little.

  3. We discussed this earlier.

    I have personally experienced this. Well. Not the pepper spray part. When my kids were really small I routinely took them to local parks with kiddie playgrounds. The "working class" parks were never a problem. But the rich people area? Yeah. Karen city. Twice I had some crazy lady call police when I brought my nice camera and took pictures of my kids playing (the first time I had a baby in a Bjorn.. predators bring a baby as a prop?).

    At least the cops were cool... The first time they actually came up and asked if I had seen anything unusual, then let me know they had a call reporting some guy stalking kids. Since I was the only dude there, I figured they must have meant me. The guys laughed pretty good at that, what with me wearing a baby at the time. The other time the police figured they had been called to talk to me. I was sitting on a bench at the time while my kids played, so I pointed out my kids. They were apologetic and said they just had to follow up.

    Still, calling the cops might not be the worst thing about the rich Karen mom. She thinks her kid farts rainbows and never did anything wrong, even if he is a little bully. And rich Karen mom thinks every guy is hitting on her, in addition to being a child molester.

    1. And rich Karen mom thinks every guy is hitting on her, in addition to being a child molester.

      Men are just natural predators. They must be stopped.

      1. What do you think the progressive movement is all about? The fewer people who admit they has a penis the better off we will all be.

        1. The fewer people who admit they has a penis the better off we will all be.

          Suddenly all of this "trans woman" crap is starting to make sense.

        2. I can haz penis? 😉

      2. Misandry, it's everywhere and a fundamental part of the Karen phenotype.

    2. And rich Karen mom thinks every guy is hitting on her

      Wishful thinking, and too much porn consumption.

    3. projection, much? Seems like it to me.

    4. My little brother is adopted from El Salvador. He arrived at 5 months old and we're the only family he's ever known. He's been my brother since I was about 5.

      When I was about 8 and my little brother was about 3, our dad took us to the post office to drop off a package for shipping. While we were leaving, my 32-year-old-ish dad was holding the door open for both of us kids.

      I walked out under his arm, but when my brother tried to follow me, a lady mail carrier swooped him up in her arms and loudly demanded, 'Who's child is this?!'

      1. Hope your dad filed charges. You don't just go grabbing someone else's kid without an invitation.


        1. It was the '80's, so we didn't sue people back then for being assholes.

      2. I would punch you in the face if you touched my kid like that.

    5. What gets me are the parents in my store who don't like me talking in a friendly, harmless way to their children or keeping their children out of harm's way-- even in the presence of the parent!--then when it comes time to pay for their buggies full of junk food, the parent whips out their WIC and EBT/SNAP card!

      So I'm not good enough to talk to their kids or keep them safe, but I sure as Hell am good enough to pay for their children, and not just for WIC and EBT/SNAP, but for their day-care, Gummint Skoolz, and their Earned Income Tax Credit checks thwt come for each child, not to mention State paymsnts for foster care!

      Fuck Taxpayer Teat-Sucking Homicidally-Negligent Breeder Assholes!

    6. Cyto - as a retired cop, I have to say cops DON'T have to go to every call. Much of this could be handled by dispatchers getting details and having the reporting party explain in detail what exactly the problem was. We have never had enough patrol cops to handle all the real calls in a timely matter. BS calls make that worse. And, yes, it happened to me. My partner and I stopped to help two kids with a broken bike. It was quiet, so we loaded the bikes and gave them a lift home. Some idiot called to report a possible kidnapping from the same intersection. Had dispatch call back for a suspect vehicle description. This time she described it as a marked patrol car... and this was 25 years ago so the problem isn't new.

      1. that was pretty cool of you...I can remember I rode probably 10 miles to my friend's house with my old beat up BMX bike and it broke the chain on the way home and a cop saw me on the side of the road trying to fix it and since neither one of us had an extra chain he was cool enough to give me a ride home - now my Mom seeing me pull up in the driveway in a police car was definitely more than a little concerned but was grateful to hear the officer was just helping out and I wasn't in trouble or anything...I hope cops are still cool like that but I'm betting times have changed a bit since the 90s

    7. Pro Tip, Folks: Keep a little medicine bottle of powdered milk with your bottled water and mix them together and dab onto pepper-sprayed eyes and skin for just such occasions. Keep some bottled powdered milk also with your First Aid Kits and Bug-Out Bags.

      Vision is, by natural selection, the sense most used by humans, so keep it protected. The vision, as well as Life, Liberty, and Property that you save may be your own!

    8. I am not advocating this. To be clear.

      Part of me thinks people like this should be hit with a fine for false police reports. Seriously, this sort of behavior being tolerated feeds the most antisocial trends, to the detriment of society.

      1. Their kids are in public. I'm well within my rights to watch them play, and to take their photograph. Don't like it, Karen? Keep them in your yard. This is true of everyone, everywhere, always, and has been that way forever.

      2. You have as much right to a playground as the children. Whether or not you have kids, though obviously it's worse when you get reported while one of your kids is in your arms. Again, it is public. Anyone who paid taxes paid for it.

      3. Since when is taking a picture the action of a predator? Like, taking a picture, in public, of a kid running around on the grass or climbing a jungle gym. If you can get the police called on you for that, something is really fucking wrong.

      Again, I don't actually advocate getting the police involved more than they were, but fuck would it tickle my schadenfreude fancy if someone doing that got cited for harassment or some petty law about wasting the time of the police.

    9. The worst part is that there is nothing illegal about taking pictures of kids in the park. I could do it all day and not be charged unless it's private property and I'm asked to stop or leave. This woman would never have any grounds to attack the man. This has to stop.

  4. This why women should not be out without a male relative.

    1. Without thier hijabs.

      1. Those lo' jabs are deadly too.

  5. You know, even if the cops do figure out who this sociopathic Karen is, what is going to happen to her? Anyone think she's not going to open up the waterworks in court and tell everyone how she only did it because she just cares so much? And if she did go to jail, does anyone really believe she'd learn her lesson? I'm inclined to say for cases like this, bring back corporal punishment. Obviously, flogging would be a bit extreme. But, a night in the stocks with a scold's bridle might be just the right punishment.

    1. Can we add a Scarlet K to her dress too?

      Asking for my puritanical friend. 🙂

    2. A year in prison might give her pause.

      1. Lashings are more immediate learning.

    3. Not to whet Sqrlsy's appetite but they can also subject Karen(s) to the stool of repentance.

      1. I am now more highly edu-macated, thanks! From now on, instead of saying, "If XYZ, then I'll eat my hat!", I will say, "..., then I'll eat my stool of repentance!"

        1. “then I'll eat my stool”

          We know.

      2. Oh, that kind of stool. Here I was thinking it was going to be something much less hygienic.

      3. "Sqrlsy's appetite... stool"

        Very clever, almost missed it.

    4. At the very least, a good pepper-spraying would seem unequivocally justified. What's she gonna say in her defense to that? She's not guilty of anything (but good intentions)? I hope the 'executioner' says "No shit. That's the point." right before spraying her.

      1. I like this. Idiots like that "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" quote, but A.) That assumes half the world is criminals, and B.) Assumes nobody is going to stop plucking out people's eyes if the punishment is blinding.

        "I just had good intentions!"

        "Well, just remember that this is the punishment for guessing wrong the next time you're confronted with a choice."

        1. That assumes half the world is criminals

          I'm not a fan of the whole systemic bias/CRT in schools ideology, but:

          "'An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind' means what percentage of binocular humans were criminals? (Show your work.)

          A) At least half.
          B) At least two thirds.
          C) At least three quarters.
          D) None of the above."

          Is a damn good question. Still not really appropriate for 3rd graders (unless we mandate crossing hearts and eating horse manure pies along with it).

          1. “Still not really appropriate for 3rd graders”

            Lying Jeffy disagrees.

          2. The amusing part to that question is that the answers are not expressed in percentages. It should read what portion, not what percentage.

        2. My reply to that silly cliche: Turning the other cheek makes the whole world red-faced.

    5. +1 scold's bridle. And, no, a caning would not be too extreme.

    6. Maybe a microphone and a set of earphones that direct her voice back to her in Infrasound! This will make the Karen literally sick of hearing her own voice! 😉

  6. My brother (45 yo white guy) is married to a Laotian woman. He has been detained twice in airports traveling with his teenage Asian-looking daughter. Once, airport police tried to separate and question them, but the daughter wasn't having any of it. She started repeatedly screaming "Dad" and the cops backed down.
    Both events were initiated by an "anonymous caller".

    1. That's fucked up.

    2. So concern for "the children" meets racism. Unstoppable force meets unst9ppable force slqmming into the immovqboe object of reality. Wow!

  7. I'd say "Fuck this lady," but I doubt there's any man willing to suffer through that.

    1. I'd say "Fuck this lady," but I doubt there's any man willing to suffer through that.

      Whatever happened to the noble act of taking one for the team?

    2. Alcohol is a hell of a drug. Even Hillary Clinton got laid at least once.


      1. Chelsea coulda' been via artificial insemination... just sayin'...


        1. Nah. Bill would nail anything that didn't nail him first.

        2. You could ask Webb Hubbell.
          Compare pics of Chelsea and Hubbell. That is before Chelsea had some cosmetic surgery.

    3. Don't...It might breed more of them!

  8. Karens are psychos in any scenario, in any era. I was walking home one fine day with earbuds and a bag of groceries, taking shady shortcuts in a more direct path when I got assaulted by a spandex clad woman out jogging the roads wielding her can of anti-rape mace.
    Only one eye blinded (I was fine washing my face with some milk to stop the burning but I couldn't bring myself to rinse the eye without water) so I made it home alright, but the bitch made me drop the eggs for my breakfast.

    1. I was walking home one fine day with earbuds

      We need more information to properly evaluate this one. What were you listening to at the time? Was it something like Celine Dion, Wham or Bruno Mars? I mean, you might have had it coming.

      1. Nothing nearly as memorable as mace is all I can tell you on that one.

    2. How could anyone attack her while holding a bagful of groceries? Not only a psycho bitch, but stupid!

  9. Pepper spray Joe Biden.

    1. Ghost pepper paste enema.

      1. +1

        Dear god.

  10. A person like this would justify her actions by her subjectively good (albeit deranged) intentions. I say let her be charged with battery and punished to whatever extent the law will impose on her, then sue the bitch for damages. IOW, he’s gotta make her pay.

  11. "The suspect was so obsessed with the idea there are predators everywhere that she literally couldn't accept reality when confronted by it"

    the same thing happens with masks. people can't accept the reality that masks are worthless so they continue to push mandates and continue to wear the obedience mask. these people are all the same. mentally retarded liberals.

    1. Even if they've hard-wired in the "data" that "the masks do SOME good!", I'm consistently stunned by their refusal to accept science arouind "outdoor dispersal of aerosolized exhalations (coughs)" and "air on planes is filtered more than any air you will breathe in any indoor environment".

      I marvel as people retreat into what can only be called an "argumentum ex ignorantia": "Well, I don't know, I'm not a scientist!" It's like it is an act of intellectual courage to accept that 4 things is more than 2 things, even if the things are polysyllabic or really sciency.

      It's fake respect for fake intellectual authority.

      1. i actually think that the pro-maskers were brainwashed into a state of fear. they think that they could get the rona at any millisecond and die. so they double mask outdoors to save their life. these last two years have been very revealing. it showed us how easily people will just believe and obey their leaders without any critical thinking. and the media played into this with their censorship and catering to a single narrative. it showed me that the people i respected and thought were so smart are really not smart at all. i lost respect for so many people and so many institutions through all this.

  12. I'd beat her senseless.

    No joke.

    1. I'd beat her senseless.

      It sounds like that would be closing the barn door after the horse.

      1. unless this particular karen is as stuipd as horses, she might take a pause before pepper spraying the next random male she happens accross who is interacting with children in public.

        Sheesh.. think for a moment. If he WAS up to something nefarious, do ya really think he'd be starting up his plot in public?

        Next thing ya know, some equally crazed busybody will be pulling out her Glock instead of her spraycan. "Its for the chidren, of course, dummie!"

  13. To be more accurate, the title of this article should actually read:

    Karen Calls Security on Dad Taking Pictures of His Own Kids, Then Pepper Sprays Him

    There, I fixed it for everyone.

  14. I remember after Polly Klaas was kidnapped reading about fathers being confronted in malls while with their daughters.

    1. Right, because any perp who kidnaps a kid is going to take the kid to a public place with ample opportunities for the kid to bolt and seek help, and not keep them confined somewhere far from public view. Totally logical.


      1. Joseph Duncan was caught when he took the girl he had kidnapped into a Denny’s. This was after he murdered her family except for her and her brother. He later raped and tortured the little boy to death. He’s probably Buttplug’s hero.

        1. The waitress recognized the girl from news reports and called police. No one called just because a girl was having a meal with an adult male.

    2. What kidnapped doesn’t take their captive out to buy them needlessly expensive blue jeans?

  15. Young people today have been taught all their lives that adult men are dangerous and that masculinity is a disorder. This is how that manifests in women. In boys it causes a fear of maturing.

    1. In boys it causes a fear of maturing.

      Fear of maturing, then acceptance of relatively inevitable physical maturation, then justified loathing.

  16. If you see something, or imagine something, or just need something to fulfill your narrative and special role in society, then say something.

  17. Are any of those who routinely use the word "groomer" self-aware enough to realize that this woman is you?

    All of you who say homosexuals or transgender people are sexual predators are this woman.

    Everyone who claims that teachers talking about gender identity or homosexuality are prepping kids for abuse is this woman.

    All of you hyperbolic idiots who see sexual predators behind every tree, read sexual connotations into any legislation about kids you don't like, and claim all liberals are deviants are this woman.

    When there is no evidence to support such accusations, and even when there is specific evidence to the contrary (remember the child sex ring in the basement of a pizzaria that had no basement?), you refuse to acknowledge reality.

    You are at least as awful as this woman, and probably worse.

    1. False Dilemma Fallacy. Ten-yard penalty, replay the down.

      Oh, and go fuck yourself, idiot.

      1. Good call. He's lucky, you could've also called an "Illegal Use of Hyperbole" on him (her/it/them).

      2. Not a fallacy and not hyperbole.

        What is the difference between a woman (probably one of the moral panic/cultural conservative crowd) going batshit crazy on a completely innocent person and not accepting any information that doesn't support her delusion and the loathsome people who indiscriminately (and baselessly) call anyone to the left of George Wallace a groomer?

        If you baselessly call people "groomer", you are this woman. And a horrible person.

        1. calling someone names online same as calling the cops (and pepper spraying).


          1. It's the same irrational and paranoid beliefs. There are pedophiles and groomers everywhere! Anyone who opppses the "don't say gay" bill, anyone who supports transsexuals, anyone who is a liberal (or a Democrat or a moderate or a RINO), ... the list is endless, and completely devoid of facts.

            If you use the word "groomer" or "pedophile" to describe someone for whom there is no evidence whatsoever (outside of their beliefs), you are the same as this woman. Your irrationality is the same as this woman. Your immunity to facts is the same as this woman.

            The fact that you haven't shot pepper spray at someone yet doesn't change the similarities.

            1. Note the person who claims it's wrong to use the word groomer to describe grooming nevertheless lies that the bill is "Don't Say Gay".

              It's revealing he never even considers that his demand for restrained language could possibly apply to his team.

              1. "Use the word groomer to describe grooming"

                Since there isn't any evidence of grooming when the word is used, you aren't using it to describe anything except "people I don't agree with".

                Pedophilia is a terrible thing and using it indescriminately and baselessly to smear people is reprehensible.

                "Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards."

                This is the text of the Florida law. Since it forbids discussion of homosexuality (loving someone of the same sex, which is the same as loving someone of the opposite sex) and gender identity (also not a sexual subject), the law literally tells anyone in the school that they can't talk about anything involving gay people.

                So yeah, "don't say gay" is about as spot-on as you can get.

                And calling it an "anti-grooming" bill, like the lunatic fringe does, is about as inaccurate as you can get, since it never addresses any issue connected to pedophilia.

                But you live in your own little world, bubble boy. Just please leave us decent folks alone.

                1. the law literally tells anyone in the school that they can't talk about anything involving gay people.

                  This is a lie. As usual left wingers create a fantasy and pretend it is real.

                  since it never addresses any issue connected to pedophilia.

                  Grooming refers to more than pedophilia. It is commonly used to refer to circumstances where adults lead children into extremism such as ISIS. You pretend it must mean pedophilia because it justifies your outrage, but it's another lie.

              2. He's a genuine dyed-in-the-wool pedophile---oh I'm sorry, "MAP."

                What were you expecting?

    2. Pathetic, even for a groomer like you. Go to libsoftiktok and see what we’re talking about. Marxist freaks in their own words.

      Are you in any of those videos?

    3. and claim all liberals are deviants are this woman.

      Nobody confuses groomers or those who support them as liberals.

      1. According to the moral panic folks, they are the same thing. Just look at how often the word "groomer" is thrown around by the paleoconservatives in these comment threads.

        1. According to the moral panic folks, they are the same thing.

          No, according to you they are all the same thing. Similarly you absurdly claim the charges are made against homosexuals and transgenders at large. These hysterical charges are particularly amusing from someone criticizing other people for supposed extreme language.

          You're propagandizing to Protect the Shield.

          1. Apparently you haven't followed any of the comment threads after articles about transsexuals. All the finge folks do is label liberals, Democrats, and moderates who support homosexuals and transsexuals, people who suggest that the parents and doctors in the situation have more information and know better than you what is right for their child, and anyone who speaks against the "transsexuals aren't [insert irrelevant personal opinion here)" comments as pedophiles and groomers.

            And I have no idea what shield you think I'm protecting, since I am a libertarian who is registered independent and have never straight-ticket voted in my life. It seems like you are jumping to a lot of seriously flawed conclusions.

            1. since I am a libertarian

              No, you're a far leftist who pretends to be libertarian so you can pretend your defense of the left is independent.

              All the fringe folks do is label liberals, Democrats, and moderates I

              People who support teaching children extremism they cannot deal with and lie to their parents are not moderates or liberals. They are extremists.

              people who suggest that the parents and doctors in the situation have more information and know better than you what is right for their child,

              One of the easy ways to identify the liars is who gets basic facts wrong. You pretend to support parents and doctors. In fact the groomers specifically hide their actions from parents. This is the primary function of the Florida Law, making it illegal for school officials to hide from parents what they are telling their children.
              Amusingly the idiots such as yourself lie about what it does do so you don't have to discuss what it does do.

            2. Oh I should guessed---your one of those pedo tranny-lovers too.


    4. Damn! You stole my thunder! That is an excellent thought! 🙂

      Although this could easily be a Misandrist Rad-Fem, it could just as easily be a Q-Anon-er bitch. Both are conspiracy-minded, both hate the idea of being rational and evidence-based and both hate due process and extoll vigilantism.

      As much as I rail against The Roman Catholic Church, The Southern Baptist Convention, The Latter-Day Saints, and Islam for their abuse of children, I would never make baseless charges and exact vigilante justice against any of their members. Ossifer Friendlies with rational, scientific forensics techniques and devices and fine Judges and DAs have done a fine enough job against religious child abusers and will continue to do so as they navigate how deep the rabbit hole goes.

      My contention all along has been that anyone who truly cares about children will pass the "Do Say Or Do Compulsory Schooling Act" or formally "The Abolish Conformity Factories Act." Children are less likely to be abused or bullied by anyone if they aren't a captive audience.

      Also, DeSantis could prove lack of bias against Disney by repealing all Crony Capitalist "sweetheart deals" and make Florida business-friendly for both established and newcoming business equally.

      Anyone in our present Kulturkampf with any concern besides Equal Individual Rights and Justice For All can all go screw!

      1. Correction: The Don't Say Or Do Compulsory Schooling Act." See,you don't need Gummint Skoolz to self-proofread! 😉

    5. Wait you're the board pedophile as I recall, so your opinion is hereby discarded

  18. I was a single Dad, and raised my daughters from the ages of 3 and 5 to adulthood. This was over 30 years ago, and the Supreme Court had just invalidated a state law requiring that deference be given to women in custody disputes, so single Dads were about as common as feminists with a sense of humor.

    Single Dads were a bit of a novelty: Some people were a bit curious about my situation, but the vast majority of people were fine with it.

    The glaring exceptions were usually left leaning, college educated women with degrees in the social sciences. Over the years, I was scolded for expecting my daughters to do well in Math (don't you know that girls aren't naturally good at math?), for not letting my children be with their mother (she was in prison), for not working to get my daughters' mother out of prison so that they could be with her, etc.

    And yeah, I had about a dozen instances where the cops or H&W showed up at my door just 'cuz somebody thought it was weird that I was raising a couple of girls.

    1. Princess sexism drives my wife up the wall, especially when it's another woman telling her to let a man do it. Ignore those useless decorations.

      Unless it's on the top shelf or that damn pickle jar, she'll do it herself.

      1. Well, there are safety step-stools and giant rubber bands for pickle jars, so she doesn't even need you for that.

        1. She removes spiders herself, so I gotta have something to affirm husband status.

          Top shelf pickle jars are empowering.

          1. Or you could both use labor-saving devices from the Robot Overlords and save your strength for the bedroom. 😉

    2. We should never have allowed leftists to be treated like normal people.

    3. That certainly belies the Feminist claim to be breaking down fixed gender roles and their claims to want Equality in Family Law. Good for you and your kids for fighting this sexist injustice!

  19. Obviously, Continental flight attendants didn't get the memo - in 2002 I - middle-aged WM - was flying back from HK in an aisle seat. There was an 9 or 10 yo girl in a window seat (with a Gameboy). One of the attendants came up to me and said, wait for it,

    "She's traveling by herself, do you mind keeping an eye on her for the duration of the flight?"

  20. There's a park near where I work. On a nice day it wasn't unusual for me to go get lunch and eat it at a picnic table while reading a book. A few years ago I had a police officer come up to me and ask me to leave the park because I was making a woman uncomfortable.

    A couple of years ago I took my Great Niece and three of her friends for pizza and video games. (local place, not Chuck E Cheese) I was asked to wait for a table in a practically empty restaurant. A few minutes later two police officers come in and the guy who asked me to wait pointed me out to them. That was at the same time that Michelle, one of my Great Niece's friends runs over to one of the officers yelling "Daddy!" They had called the police on me because I was with the girls. It was almost hilarious.

    1. I would have 8n sister on my tab being comped. And I would be ordering like it was the end of the world.

      1. ‘Insisted’

    2. With crap like that to deal with, a convection oven and a video game system at home is a much better idea for entertaining the Kiddies! I don't know first hand, but maybe gamer stores might rent the systems out.

      1. You can rent theatres and hook up the game/movie to the projector. Always wanted to do that...

        1. Wow! Invite the whole neighborhood for a game of WOW!

  21. There is nothing so bad, so irritating as the busy body. They will torment you to no end for they do so in the belief it is for your own good. In reality it is for their own self esteem.

    1. That’s what beatings are for. Their education.

      1. Exactly. One punch in the face learns a lifetime of discretion.

  22. Thanks Lenore. The take-home is that the politician was threatened and coerced thanks to laws instructing cops to do exactly that. Then the camera shifts to that same politician helping get rid of just such a law. Hmmmmm...

  23. Was it racist that I assumed that the woman was white?

    1. Maybe. But id admit i had also. I mean, her name is karen not karlicia. And she's a real thing.

      There is a lot of ethnocentric sexism against white men at the moment. Seems the junky catholic fgt mafia and feminazis felt it was a worthwhile angle. Did fuel a few riots recently yaknow.

    2. I don't know - are you?

      "The suspect is described as a Black female with an average build, approximately late 20’s to mid-30’s, wearing a blue jean jacket, white shirt, and black sweats. "

  24. Eventually im sure we'll learn the woman was an overweight lesbian kindergarten teacher who's out trying to trump up baseless charge statistics for the upcoming election. The demand eclipses the market.

  25. Very On-Topic: At my store today, I saw something that should jar anyone concerned with due process, especially with all the talk about "groomers" and Q-Anon from the Alt-Right and "Sex Trafficking" and "the Male Gaze" from the Ctrl-Left:

    A man came into the store with a T-Shirt that says "#KYLP" on the front and on the back it says "Kill Your Local Pedophile." He didn't look like a sagely Justice studied in Due Process either, but more like the disaffected loser type that gravitates to ugly mass movements.

    A search for this reveals other imprinted specialties like "Bikers Against Pedophiles" and "Vigilantes For Children" with a set of "knuckle dusters."

    Could the types who wear these things be White Knights for Karens and do even more dangerous things to innocent by-standers?

    Needless to say, I kepy my distance and kept my cane for "instability" ready!

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