Police Abuse

Tulsa Police Officers Taunt Elderly Woman With Bipolar Disorder Before Violently Arresting Her

"This is gonna be so fun," one officer says.


Tulsa police officers taunted and laughed at a 70-year-old woman having a mental health crisis before violently arresting her, recently released bodycam footage shows.

The video has sparked outrage, but the Tulsa Police Department says its officers followed protocols when they kicked down a bathroom door and tackled LaDonna Paris in an incident last October. Paris had locked herself in the bathroom of a Habitat for Humanity store and refused to leave. She has late-onset bipolar disorder and was having a manic episode.

The Tulsa Police Department says Paris had an aerosol can and a lighter and was trying to set the bathroom on fire. It's what happened before police kicked down the door, though, that's drawing attention. The body camera footage shows a Tulsa police officer arcing her taser, asking Paris if she wants to get tased, and rattling the door to taunt the clearly distressed woman.

"This is gonna be so fun," the officer says as she and her partner wait for another officer to arrive and kick down the door.


Tulsa has a special response team to handle people experiencing mental health crises, but it was busy at the time. Instead, police tackled Paris, bloodying her face. She spent a month in jail on charges of arson, trespassing, resisting arrest, and other charges before a judge dropped all of the charges, citing Paris' mental health.

The Tulsa Police Department released full footage of the incident and defended the arrest.

"To be clear, the banter between the officers outside of the presence of the suspect can be received as unprofessional and has been addressed with the officers," Tulsa Police Capt. Richard Meulenberg said in a statement. However, Meulenberg said that the "overall actions of the officers and the way in which the call was handled is within the policies of the Tulsa Police Department."

Several incidents of police abuse of the elderly have made national headlines in recent years.

A police officer in Loveland, Colorado, Austin Hopp, was fired and criminally charged after bodycam footage showed him violently arresting a 73-year-old woman, Karen Garner, who suffered from aphasia and dementia. Garner was suspected of shoplifting $130-worth of merchandise from Walmart.

Back at the station, Hopp later watched the video footage of him dislocating Garner's shoulder with other Loveland officers for entertainment. "Ready for the pop?" he asked the other officers.

The Solomon-Simmons Law office is now representing Paris."The TPD officers involved were fully aware that Ms. Paris was suffering a bipolar manic episode, yet they still viciously provoked and attacked Ms. Paris while laughing off her disability as if it were a joke," the law firm said in a statement. "We are disgusted by this outrageous behavior caught on video and the fact that the Tulsa Police Department has attempted to shift the blame for the incident onto the victim of a mental health episode and police brutality."

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  1. Second Reason story on this local item in 2 days. No story on the laptop. No story on Fauci narrative.

    'Nothing to see here, folks' indeed.

    1. Wait, what? A laptop? What about it?

    2. When you've lost Vanity Fair...

      “This Shouldn’t Happen”: Inside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy
      Chasing scientific renown, grant dollars, and approval from Dr. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak transformed the environmental nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance into a government-funded sponsor of risky, cutting-edge virus research in both the U.S. and Wuhan, China. Drawing on more than 100,000 leaked documents, a V.F. investigation shows how an organization dedicated to preventing the next pandemic found itself suspected of helping start one.

      1. I didn’t know vanity fair was a far-right Qanon website.

          1. Sad!

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    3. I see nothings changed in the month or so I've been traveling.

      Also re these cop articles... Yeah the cops are assholes. Anyone not living under a rock already know that.

      But why in these articles do they never mention the property owners?

      Did habitat for humanity call the police? It would seem yes.

      Was this lady doing crazy shit before the bathroom? It would seem yes since someone told the cops she had aerosols and a lighter.

      Did habitat for humanity want her off their property? It would seem yes. So the cops cannot just allow her to remain in the locked bathroom.

      So she got roughed up. She could've just come out.

      And "late-onset bipolar disorder" sounds like a fake disease that older Karen's use to justify their karenness.

    4. If they discuss the laptop they have to admit their role in the media and deep state conspiracy.

  2. "Garner was suspected of shoplifting $130-worth of merchandise from Walmart."

    So two packages of ground beef and package of hot dogs?

    1. We prefer to call it pre-packaged Steak Tartare and craft sausage.

    2. I think that is a type-o. I heard/read $13 in all other reports about the Garner incident.

  3. This is why we need more women on the force. They're a counter to the violent, toxic masculinity that pervades our current policing regime.

    1. ...are you not seeing the screenshots? Or are you just not a biologist?

      1. Check your irony detector.

          1. Mine is practically only set to “overload” anymore.

      2. When you love OBL a bit *too* much.

  4. ""This is gonna be so fun," the officer says as she and her partner wait for another officer to arrive and kick down the door."

    So are they saying that a "she" officer cannot kick down a door?
    Is that department policy, or toxic masculinity?

  5. Not mentioned in this article but detailed in the video, the cops are required to record her mental state in their official reports, but failed to do so. So someone who needed medical help ended up sitting in jail for a month.

    1. Held in solitary, no less. Fucking unbelievable.

  6. Fuck the useless pigs. They are always badasses when with their other gang members and have loads of equipment on their Batman belts. One on one they’d either get beat or would puss out.

  7. Ah yes, good old "policies and procedures."

  8. At least when a crime family "offers" you "protection" you're nominally supposed to receive something in return. Not so much with the state gangsters.

  9. "Our departmental policies say it is ok for cops to kick the shit out of people having mental episodes. The cops followed policy, so what is the big deal?"

  10. Hope she sues these fucks' asses off. And the police wonder why so many want to defund them...

    1. They were never in any danger of being defunded. That was propaganda for rubes.

      1. What a delusional idiot you are!

  11. Karen Garner was arrested for stealing about $13 from a store. Not $130.

    1. $130 in *today's* dollars - the incident was a few months back.

  12. Cruelty to animals was part of the charges on the bond?

    Were the animals police officers?

  13. Because she's a basket case, the charges are dropped and she's released back into the wild? that makes no sense, either.

    1. Did she have any prior arrests? If not, it's possible they compared her criminal history with her medical history and said "Hm, she only acted as she did due to her medical condition."

  14. The only true incentive to be a cop is the enjoyment of the petty exercise of absolute authority, or "banter," if you like.

    1. Substitute the word ‘democrat’ for the word ‘cop’ and you’ve got it. Your own statements here over the years prove my point.

  15. Like Tulsa, my city Madison, has been developing a first response unit for mental health. The problem of course comes when two incidents happen at the same time. There needs to be more of the first responder units. I am sure that Tulsa has more than one paramedic crew for address when multiple people are physically ill or injured. There need to be comparable resources for mental health crises. Until that happen officer need to learn how to stabilize the situation until those units can arrive. It is clear that the officers in Tulsa did not know how to do what was needed in the situation.

    1. And what is a social worker to do when bathroom lady comes charging out with a flaming bottle of hairspray?

      Trip her into a bathtub like it's the three stooges?

      1. You may not realize it but there are ways of talking to people and dealing with people in dangerous situations. People do this all the time. Police Departments and other first responders have these types of trained people and they are the one who should be talking and leading.

  16. There was once a libertarian — an actual libertarian, not some Reason facsimile — who contended that "mental illness" is behavior with a medicalized veneer, and that a pseudomedical diagnosis does not excuse misbehavior. (Neither does a badge, but that's obvious.) As the movement has declined, with the deaths of the great libertarian intellectuals, so has what passes as libertarian media.

    1. That "actual libertarian" was ignorant or a fool. Not everyone claimed to be mentally ill actually is ill at all, or is ill enough to be an excuse for bad behavior. But with any experience with the seriously mentally ill, anyone who doesn't make a practice of ignoring what's in front of their face knows it is an illness that sometimes makes it impossible for a person to control their behavior or to understand the consequences of it.

      But the real problem isn't cops mistreating the mentally ill. It's cops that go out of their way to elicit misbehavior, whether from the mentally ill, from adults prone to temper outbreaks or childish behavior, or even from actual children. They cause or worsen the misbehavior, and then they use it as an excuse for violence.

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