Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin's Hypocritical Lament About Cancel Culture, J.K. Rowling

"Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians."


Even Vladimir Putin—who is currently waging an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine—finds himself distracted by the culture war, it seems. In a televised speech on Friday, the authoritarian Russian president criticized the West for engaging in cancel culture against the Russian people.

"They are trying to cancel our country," he said. "I'm talking about the progressive discrimination of everything to do with Russia—this trend that's unfolding in a number of Western states, with the full neglect and sometimes encouragement of Western cultures. They are now engaging in cancel culture, even removing Tchaikovsky."

Putin also criticized the West's treatment of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, whose high-profile disputes with transgender activists earned her condemnation from many liberals, progressive media figures, and even the broader Harry Potter fan community: Warner Bros. appeared to distance itself from her, declining to include the franchise's creator in the recent 20th anniversary HBO special.

"They canceled J.K. Rowling recently, the child's author," said Putin. "Just because she didn't satisfy the demands of gender rights."

It's certainly odd to listen to Putin fretting about a fabulously wealthy author of children's books catching flak for her public statements at the same time that he is invading a sovereign country, destroying its cities, and murdering its people—as if the (not entirely justified) cancellation of Rowling is somehow a justification for Russia's violent aggression. To use a metaphor that feels appropriate (and since I refuse to "read another book"), this would be like Voldemort complaining about the declining quality of the meals at Hogwarts while sending his army there to kill everyone.

Indeed, in some sense the ultimate "canceler" is Putin himself: He silences his critics, not merely with the kind of informal social stigmatization typically implied by the term cancel culture, but by actively imprisoning and killing them. This irony is not lost on Rowling, who clearly wants nothing to do with Putin's hypocritical appeal to her.

"Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics," she wrote on Twitter.

As for the broader embargo of Russian culture now taking place in the West following Putin's invasion, it's perfectly reasonable to point out that canceling Tchaikovsky concerts is foolish and borderline xenophobic. The West's quarrel is with Putin, not with the people of Russia, their music, their literature, or their history. We gain nothing by demonizing all Russians; if anything, we give intellectual ammunition to Putin when he inveighs against the West in his speeches.

There is plenty to criticize with respect to how various governments, organizations, and private citizens are cracking down on Russian media outlets, punishing Russian composers, and in general engaging in performative denunciation. Similarly, the public effort to hold Rowling accountable for her views on gender issues has also taken a sinister turn, most notably with The New York Times running a bizarre ad campaign in a Washington, D.C., Metro station that asked commuters to envision "Harry Potter without its creator."

None of those decisions are as morally deficient as Putin's war in Ukraine, however—nor do they begin to justify his actions. Cancel culture is bad, but Putin is not a victim of it, and widespread destruction and murder are considerably worse.

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  1. LOL

    Totalitarian globalist leftists, and there simps, really do not have a sense of humor.

    1. Let’s not pretend Western Progressives aren’t worse people than Vlad Putin. They’d indiscriminately imprison and kill anyone who crosses them with much less gusto than VP.

      1. These people talk about the world needing to be depopulated.
        They are intent on robbing us of all independence and "programming humanity".
        These are the most evil people in the world.

        1. The democrats have to be removed from all areas of power or influence.

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          2. Wow, this board is crackpot city, We can thank them I suppose for making their ridiculous ideas obvious.

            1. Feeling at home?

              1. With a superiority boner.

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        2. Western Progressives are the theory. Putin is the practice.

      2. Feeling the weight of awkward ideological alliances today I take it.

    2. I'm just disappointed that we got so close to having the first Black Woman on the Supreme Court, but instead, now the best we can hope for has been reduced to merely the first Black Not-a-Biologist on the Supreme Court. That really has to suck. Women had just finally started to make some real progress on catching up when they just faded away into a vague indistinct nebula of incomprehensibility and indeterminacy.

      What's the point in even recognizing a "first woman" achievement if it's a dude in drag, or the person in question doesn't even know what the word means.

      "Congratulations, you're the first squarlbengthrup to become an NCAA gold medal winner!"

      "What does that mean?"

      "No clue, but doesn't it make you feel proud?"

      1. Ha

      2. Liberty has ever been difficult to tolerate. If it's any consolation, just as you hopefully don't obsess as much on having to share indoor space with African-Americans as prior generations did, the generations to follow will not fixate to the same degree on having to hear about homosexual or transgender people on the internet. Not saying you shouldn't fixate. To their dying breath many should probably think of little else, if Western civilization is to be saved etc etc.

        1. Liberty...

          - Bake my cake!
          - If you're fighting for the "liberty" of biological men to use women's bathrooms / locker-rooms . . . let's just say I want to part of your "libertarianism."


          You sick fucks...
          (This refers both to the perpetrator and the folks trying to make shit like this possible.)

          1. waxliberty isn’t a libertarian and wouldn’t understand liberty if it came up and kicked it in the ass.

            1. The war on semantics... as this thread shows, a proper Libertarian needs to at least make an attempt to provide air cover for Russian boots on Ukrainian necks, to be a true defender of liberty.

          2. "You sick fucks"

            Says the guy scouring the internet for stories about child molestation.

            This is the historical pattern I referred to playing out; conservatives for years have searched high and low and celebrated every story that involved a gay man doing something wrong as proof that tolerance for homosexuals was a grave threat to society (naturally, skipping the logic explaining how tolerance is causing the problem – but reason isn't the high order bit when fear is at the wheel). Meanwhile studiously avoiding the endless rain of stories of individuals brutalized by the "pro-liberty" forces of social enforcement such violent fucks privately cheer.


            1. Yet another guy not knowing the difference between libertarians and conservatives.

              1. This subthread is literally about the difference.

      3. "Congratulations, you're the first squarlbengthrup to become an NCAA gold medal winner!"

        I'm still not exactly clear on what exactly stops Lia Thomas from being the greatest Special Olympian Swimmer of all time. Just give him all the girls Special Olympics medals for swimming he likes.

    3. So Putin's little putain thinks his case of the clap has something to do with humor.

      1. Undiagnosed. Which might explain the one-note symphony.

        1. Look at all the new friends our leftists have made

  2. https://twitter.com/mtaibbi/status/1507461518320939008?t=fC_BMJHlbxEAih6e3VvCiw&s=19

    TK Mashup: the Media Campaign to Protect Joe Biden Passes the Point of Absurdity:

  3. https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1507468302251356160?t=MBDeHlAuen1kLA1V29B9ow&s=19

    Ukrainian President Zelensky in talks with Academy to make Oscars appearance

  4. It's called "trolling". Putin is pretty good at it. Which isn't an endorsement. Trolls are assholes. But he's not "distracted" by cancel culture. He's fucking with you.

    1. Speaking of which, your comment is surrounded by grey boxes of muted users.

      1. https://twitter.com/miss_anthrop75/status/1507043363144577038?t=ac0yjzhsBd1mpfdysknN6A&s=19

        How come some of us can see the Great Reset and a NWO being ushered in under our noses while others can’t?

          1. "I was instructed that the proper way to draw 4:30 was to put the big hand on the 6 and the little hand directly on the 4."

            I experienced the very same thing. One of the questions was a rectangle divided by one vertical and 3 horizontal lines. Instruction was to fill in half the figure. So I colored 4 of the rectangles, but in a checkerboard pattern: top left, 2nd row right, 3rd row left, bottom row right.
            Teacher marked it wrong. Said the answer was the 4 rectangles on either the top, bottom, left, or right.
            My parents were PISSED.

            1. It seems like most people have a similar story, and it happened when they were very young.

              1. My story about stupid teachers was trying to tell my third grade teacher that a mile is much, much longer than a kilometer.

                1. Remember that those sainted teachers come from the bottom quartile of college students.

                  1. The lowest ten percent of the bottom quartile is probably more accurate when discussing early education majors.

              2. I was lucky. My third or fourth grade teacher presented all us kids with quotes from JFK and Hitler, but with the labels switched. I still remember the lesson on how many kids agreed with the “JFK” quote just because of who supposedly said it. (To my credit, I was a savvy kid, and immediately figured out what she was up to.)

                1. Sure thing Dee.

                2. You know who else wanted Citizens to ask what they could do for their country?

                  1. Pretty much every government of every country.

              3. Private school, so most of my teachers were pretty darned good at what they did. But in 1st grade in the mid-80's I did have a teacher that insisted that being left-handed was WRONG. So, I still write with my right hand to this day.

          2. I remember a High School English Teacher who pronounced the word "Macabre" as "Mack-a-bree." No joke.

        1. Special goggles?

    2. Yeah, better than killing you, which is what he's doing to Ukrainians and his own troops.

      1. How much does MSM pay u to keep pushing out thier talking points? As u never say anything with any nuance or intellectual depth on ANY subject. How do u even sit down with your masters hand so stuck up your ass? U r but a puppet who has never uttered a truthful statement in your entire pathetic life. Your like.... Gross dude.
        The Phucko Knows

  5. https://www.politico.eu/article/poland-10-point-plan-save-ukraine/

    Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic have prepared a 10-point plan to support Ukraine and bring an end to the war.

    First, we must cut off all Russian banks from the SWIFT international payment system. Otherwise, the Russian economy will adapt to the new conditions within a few weeks.

    Second, we must put in place a common asylum policy for Russian soldiers who refuse to serve the criminal regime in Moscow.

    Third, we must completely stop Russian propaganda in Europe. Freedom of speech does not mean the right to lie.

    Fourth, we must block Russian ships from our ports.

    Fifth, the same blockade must be put in place for road transport in and out of Russia.

    Sixth, we must impose sanctions not only on oligarchs but on their entire business environment.

    Seventh, we must suspend visas for all Russian citizens who want to enter the EU. The Russian people must understand that they will bear the consequences of this war. And it is our hope that they will turn their backs on Putin.

    Eighth, we must impose sanctions on all members of Putin’s party, United Russia. They know perfectly well what is happening in Ukraine, and their complicity is indisputable.

    Ninth, we must put in place a total ban on the export to Russia of technologies that can be used for war.

    And tenth, we must exclude Russia from all international organizations. We cannot sit at the same table as criminals.

    If this does not stop the war, then we must go further. In Kyiv, we proposed a peacekeeping mission under the aegis of NATO and other international organizations. If we cannot introduce effective sanctions, we have no choice: We must protect the people of Ukraine with our own shields.

    1. In 2001: Don't blame everyday Muslims for 9/11!

      2022: Russians need to understand they will suffer because of the war.

      1. It's such a striking contrast.
        Marxism has fully taken over the globalist/western institutions

        1. One begins to wonder whether Russia is now being blamed / scapegoated for being a beacon to point to as the failure of socialism.

          Also, Russians are white.

          1. I think Himmler was white too.

            Just sayin'

            1. And a socialist.

              1. He loved him some Big Gubmint. Just like Joe.

          2. Think think think... how can I grievance signal about people not liking a murderous invasion of Ukraine by my tribe's chosen ideological allies? Think think think. Ah, it's BeCauSe We'RE wHiTe

      2. Is going to be really hilarious the next time the US feels the need to invade a country.

        1. Or when cartels start getting loaded up with SAMs and anti-armor rockets...

    2. ..or you could agree to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. Cede the regions which have been at war for the last 8 years to Russia. Promise not to bring in NATO. Sign on the dotted line. NOTE: This deal has been available since the start.

      1. How do you figure this deal has been available from the start? Putin clearly stated his goal was to March into Kiev and liberate the grateful Ukrainian people from their Nazi oppressors.

      2. The new narrative is that Russia is changing its strategy and goals. Press pushing it hard.
        Which is funny, since their goals have been the same as they are now for 8 years.
        Media and politicians have to keep coming up with new lies as reality makes their old lies untenable.
        It is absolutely ridiculous.

        1. Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

          1. Smartest thing you ever said joe.

      3. Wait was Putin elected to the Ukrainian Parliment. How does he get to dictate terms?

        1. How did the US get to dictate to Iraq?

      4. This war should be over tomorrow. The offer is on the table.

      5. 'Peace for our time' declared Chamberlain after the ink was signed and the cameras went dark on the Ukrainians in trains headed to camps.

        this message has been sponsored by cap-l Libertarians for Liberty Under the Boot of Ethnic Nationalism, and we endorse this message.

    3. U r clueless. Period! The question is HOW? How does a human like yourself so willing allow others to tell u what to think? Your "sources" of knowledge have been lying OPENLY to u for the last (more like forever) 6-yrs. Yet there u idiots r... Sitting in front of your glowing box of propaganda... Gorging down the latest lies of the day.... Convinced that THIS TIME..., your overlords r speaking truth to power. Stupid truly is as stupid does.
      The Phucko Knows

  6. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1507466654900391938?t=IOEBYnNj6zQMPqrDBZyF8g&s=19

    What the funk does an “in kind” response to chemical weapons mean, exactly

    Weekend at Bernies Presidency

  7. "Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians."

    Agreed, they should be cheering it on, because it's at least in part what enabled them to do so.

  8. Critiques of foreign dictatorships are possibly not best made by those currently supporting domestic dictatorships

    1. Good re-work. Love the EU Parliament members from Croatia and Belgium (are there more?) telling Justin Trudeau what he is to his face.

      1. That was awesome.

  9. https://twitter.com/WorldNewsIL/status/1507369303020118016?t=WvhBsUuXe1d6v-JJPjpKUg&s=19

    #Breaking | A few minutes ago, the Houthis attacked Jeddah and hit Aramco’s petroleum facilities in Jeddah, west Saudi Arabia, a loud explosion was heard and a fire broke out.


    1. Thanks, Crazy Eddie. Good timing. :-\

      1. And we haven't even mentioned North Korea yet...

        1. Yeah, but they're sorta just off to the side unless they decide to do something retarded on the world stage. Random rebels blowing up their infrastructure isn't going to affect my life because the Norks don't make anything.

          I suppose from the perspective of the Houthi this was probably the optimal time to do this, since doing it now is going to have the most noticeable impact on the largest number of people in the outside world. I'm not sure I actually agree with the saying "there's no such thing as bad publicity", but this is likely to raise awareness of their existence in a way that doing this three years ago wouldn't have.

  10. "Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians."

    What about those who were formerly slaughtering civilians, like Bush, Clinton, Obama and old Joe?
    Ten family members, including children, dead after US strike in Kabul

    Also, Putin is fucking with you guys, Robby. It's hilarious how you all fall for it.

    1. Also, Putin is fucking with you guys, Robby. It's hilarious how you all fall for it.

      Indeed. Some of the things Putin used in his earlier speeches were the same bogus justifications our Western leaders have used for our own bogus wars.

    2. Whataboutism, the great race to the bottom and friend to all foes of civilization.

      Today's panel of scholars – what *can't* you justify with whataboutism, really? The answer may surprise you!

      1. Cries about whataboutism are the refuge of douche canoes who don’t like the abject hypocrisy being pointed out about their preferred team/narrative.

        1. So test your hypothesis. As a pro-reason, pro-liberty, pro-civilization type, what is my 'preferred team/narrative' and what "abject hypocrisy" am I demonstrating by way of a consistent pro-liberty opinion on Ukraine?

          Let's assume you are merely knee-jerk pursuing mindless culture war against those you choose to brand "the Left". What % of your apologia for Putin do you think:

          (a) contributes to FUD and that aids the subjugation of Ukraine,


          (b) sticks it to the "Leftists" for the hypocrisy over their Iraq and Afghanistan wars, launched over the noble and loud objection of the anti-imperialist Right, who marched strenuously but unsuccessfully for peace (while also mostly loudly yelling that anti-war simps were wusses, but don't let that confuse the story.)

          I'm gonna be generous and say 90/10. But what a precious ten percent eh, and wgaf about (a) end of the day.

          1. I’m sorry you don’t like having that mirror held up, but America has 0 credibility when it comes to calling out other world leaders for invading another country or killing civilians. That’s not Putin apologia, that’s just the state of affairs since Bush the lesser decided it would be a swell idea to invade Iraq for freedom.

            And I didn’t limit my comment to just one party. But please, keep on showing everyone what a partisan fuck you are.

            1. Persuasively if randomly ranted. We'll have to agree to disagree on this apparent great moral greyness around the slaughtering of civilians.

  11. The West's quarrel is with Putin, not with the people of Russia, their music, their literature, or their history. We gain nothing by demonizing all Russians; if anything, we give intellectual ammunition to Putin when he inveighs against the West in his speeches.

    Uhm, Robby, don't you think that was the fucking point he was making?

    1. Like, Vlad started a war with a neighboring country, and that's wrong and obviously bad. It doesn't mean he's wrong when he points out the left are hypocrites, like Trudeau when he claims to stand up for Western Democracy while silencing dissenters in his own nation. Or the US claiming to stand for self-determination despite supporting the Saudis' attacks on Yemen for the past however-many-years.

      1. "Like, Vlad started a war with a neighboring country, and that's wrong and obviously bad"

        Like, golf clap. Baby steps.

    2. Wokesters and their related simps won't ever put 2 and 2 together. They can't see their own hypocrisy even if their goddamn lives depended on it.

      1. Wokesters don't believe 2+2 is 4. Facts, and math, are racist. What matters is that they feel some sort of manufactured "sympathy" for the Urkanians, so that trumps (if I may use the word, nowadays) even socialist loyalties.

        The left nowadays is all "feelz over realz."

        1. For now. When they actually come face to face with Ukrainian refugees and notice all that blond hair and blue eyes…all bets are off.

          1. I'm just waiting for the news of a Ukranian business being attacked/burned because they were mistaken for Russians. All Eastern Europeans look alike, and all that.

            1. I presume any actual Russian owned business in the States these days has posted tactical Ukrainian Flag Decals. I mean, after all, Eastern Europeans all look alike... 😉

              Like, ha ha only totally serious, if I was Russian in the US right now I'd definitely be doing this.

              1. Chinese restaurants in the U.S. did this during the Korean War, not just for safety or virtue signalling, by as a heart-felt gesture. They knew they couldn't make money restauranteuring and make Long Marches and Great Leaps Forward. Likewise, I'm sure most Russians in the U.S. are fully aware of Putin's evil.

          2. Means more for the rest of us, right? And a Pan is at least three times more likely to go home with a date. 🙂

        2. "Facts, and math, are racist"

          There is likely an endless series of topics that will ultimately cause you to regret the positive endorsement of math here. Don't cede dialectical flexibility to the academic enemy unnecessarily.

      2. Let’s take the Cardiff Philharmonic, for example. What makes anyone think their management are leftists, or progressives, or “wokesters”? Just assuming?


        1. Because the overwhelming majority of cancel culture is on the Left.

    3. Not really. Thing is Putin wasn’t really “making a point” at all. He was engaging in pretense, to justify his brutality. Rowling called him out on it.

      1. He’s a Russian for fucks sake.

  12. US natural gas stocks gained big today because Biden promised Europe 15 billion cubic meters of LNG.

    Pretty good for a guy wingnuts say won't let us drill anymore.

      1. The national poll, conducted March 21-21, showed 54% of Americans disapproved of the president’s job performance, citing issues with high inflation and concerns over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

        Pretty good for a guy who most Americans consider a failure.

    1. You’re a desperate asshole. And a pedophile. Just like Biden.

  13. He’s got a point: woke cancel culture sucks.

    1. If only the Russian army was shelling Hollywood and the Bay Area.

  14. Even Vladimir Putin—who is currently waging an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine

    Yes, Putin just woke up a month ago and said "you know what, I'm just going to start attacking Ukraine, for no reason whatsoever"! /sarc

    Putin has been warning about military action if the West kept pushing closer and closer to Russia's borders. He stated clearly that starting negotiations about admitting Ukraine into NATO was something Russia wasn't going to tolerate. People like Biden, Stoltenberg, and Scholz chose to ignore and dismiss him.

    1. https://twitter.com/meghaverma_art/status/1507425453178601480?t=Z121DtnHIzpCSJRDKupJWw&s=19

      People lie because they don’t have the power to handle the consequences of telling the truth. The more power you have, the less you need to lie. If you’re lying, you’re weak.

      People who always tell the truth end up becoming powerful out of survival instinct alone.

      1. Ask yourselves: who is lying?

        1. Answer: just about everyone. And we can't be sure who the exceptions might be.

    2. Not Putin's call NOYB, unless he moves to Ukraine and runs for office.

      1. Yeah, a nuclear superpower should have no say about foreign nations pushing into their sphere of influence.

      2. Not Putin's call NOYB, unless he moves to Ukraine and runs for office.

        And because of idiots like you, millions of Ukrainians are suffering now.

    3. Yeah the "unprovoked war" thing is a Reason cut and paste thing these days.

  15. In America, culture cancels people. In Russia, people cancel culture.

    ps. Who knew that Putin was a quidditch fan?

    1. In Soviet Russia, culture cancel you!

  16. So, Mr. Soave, in which ways IS the cancellation of J.K. Rowling justifiable?

    BTW, there's nothing a mature woman needs so much as a kid half her age mansplaining what an actual female is.

    1. Robbie doesn't want to be canceled by his hair stylist.

      1. That would be quite a dis-appointment

      2. What kind of demon could cancel Robbie’s hair?

        1. Bah! His hair is uncancelable.

          1. “He who thinks he is uncancelable shall be first to be cancelled!” —Stalin. (OK, something to that effect)

    2. I have the same question. What was untrue in Rowlings' statements that set the progressive & activist chatterati into howling fits? When does freedom of expression by an individual, on a topic that an in-group known to be virulently clannish to the point of being quasi-religious finds objectionable, need to be curtailed? Freedom of expression is not something the progressive left values. In fact, freedoms of any sort, other than to complain, generally about things that do not exist or are grossly exaggerated, and to be irrationally frightened seem to be the only freedoms that this group cherishes. Minus the freedom to harass, intimidate, threaten, and generally be the insufferable authoritarian pieces of shit they claim others are. As commendable as many of Rico's pieces are, this stance is not simply wide of the mark, it is anti-individual rights.

      1. Indeed Hank. In comparison, when some in the GOP questioned Trump's claim to have actually won the election he was handed his ass in, or question the organization and intent of the Jan 6 Capital riot, they were met with good cheer and invitations for open discussion.

        1. Eat shit and die, you dumb fagott.

          1. Negative on both vulgar, but thanks for the invitation.

          2. Joe Friday isn't a faggot. He's your typical goose-stepping totalitarian.

        2. Joe Friday is still defending war mongering, totalitarian neocons, I see.

          And those "nice people" you defend didn't "question Trump's claim to have won the election", they wanted to destroy any American who had questions about election integrity.

        3. Only a complete and wantingly ignorant jackass believes that the life long loser Joe Biden got more votes then any potus in history. Biden ran two other times for POTUS. Both times the Democrats said.... "Know f-ing way" r we voting for that clown. Harris was the FIRST to drop out of the last POTUS run. As the Democrat voter said... "what? R u f-ing serious?" Ain't happening. When the poles LEGALLY closed... The Orange Man was kicking ass across America. Yet in the middle of the night... Uncle Joe came storming back with JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of votes needed to take over the lead. That's right folks. The man that wrote laws taxing your SS and throwing young men in jail over having a joint on them. Suddenly got millions more votes then the rock star Obama. All while "winning" HALF the counties Barry did. Obama rallies were packed full.., with the energy created off the chart. JOE literally hid in his basement and couldn't draw flies to his few rallies. But so many of u idiots believe he got those 80-million votes. Stupid believe as the stupid gonna believe. Soon the courts will begin to actually hear the cases of voter fraud. Which means soon.... U fools will be once more munching on your bullshit lies. As u and your MSM overlords have not been correct in the end about anything u spout from your lying ass pie holes in over 6-yrs.
          The Phucko Knows

      2. Everyone knows that a man's right to don a bra and panties, prance into the ladies' loo, and waive his hard penis around in nine-year old girls' faces is the most fundamental of all human rights--indeed the very foundation of ALL of our liberties....

    3. He was just using an understated voice in his writing. If you follow the link, he makes no argument that her cancelation is justified.

  17. I’ve got a certain amount of respect for Robbie getting paid to write this.

  18. The Russians are not slaughtering civilians. Death is inevitable when fighting with lethal weapons. Some civilians are just unlucky.

    1. Putin is responsible though. All of those deaths could have been prevented if he had not ordered the invasion. He should be charged with hundreds (or thousands) of counts of murder.

      1. Ok, what was the alternative?

        Yall keep avoiding this question.

        1. Not invading.

          1. So hoping for the best as NATO strengthens its position for regime change?

            How's that strategy been working out for us in the increasingly less free United States?

            1. So Nardz, you have some evidence that NATO was planning regime change in Russia? Really?

              Lay it out.

              Things have been working out pretty well back here in the US. You should visit sometime!

              1. So Nardz, you have some evidence that NATO was planning regime change in Russia? Really? Lay it out.

                If all the prior evidence wasn't good enough for you, Biden called for it publicly.

            2. I dunno. I suppose even now I still have a hard time seeing Ukraine as actually all that relevant to that equation. Perhaps it's excessively naive of me, but I don't think NATO would launch a "regime change" in Russia with a military first strike even if NATO had both Ukraine and Belarus. It seems vastly more likely that they'd do the CIA thing like they normally do, and that doesn't require any sort of land border at all.

              And I don't even see what having Ukraine gets him. If he takes over Ukraine, then his new border is still right up against NATO. I dunno. This just all seems like last century's war, or something. Because even if we had just basically looked the other way while he waltzed in and took over Ukraine, and if it went as well as everyone seems to presume that he must have thought it would, just boom, a week, "ha ha I own Ukraine now", he'd *still* have to worry about the US dedicating a great big chunk of the budget to the CIA with him as a special project.

              And as far as I can tell, that sort of thing is now significantly more likely. And once again, I'm left feeling sort of stuck. I'm pretty sure Putin isn't stupid or ignorant or unwise, so that means I'm probably missing something that might make this all make more actual sense.

              1. It's possibly an error, but I see only 3 options for Putin/Russia:
                1. Do nothing as NATO continues cornering them, getting in better and better position, strengthen their capabilities, for invasion and/or regime change
                2. Invade Ukraine, hoping to somewhat reset the board and signal that they will fight if endangered
                3. Putin resigns or gets ousted, a yeltsinesque globalist puppet is installed, and Russia gets pillaged like the 90s all over again
                None of those are good options, but only #2 provides the possibility of retaining independence and avoiding catastrophe for the Russian people.

                1. I'm for #3 Nardz. How about you?

          2. Yeah, that's what I as thinking. Not invading.

            1. Drink bleach

    2. The conscriptees are not civilians, so we can remove those from any death count. And, I find the hand-wringing sadly amusing. There has been a dearth of articles for prior wars focusing on civilian death tolls, on the impact of military actions on civilian populations. Suddenly, with this trendy new war, it's cool to opine on it, I suppose.

      1. I guess you don't read newspapers Hank.

        Try it sometime.

        Deaths and population displacements were well covered during Iraq and various incidents in the ME before and after. Or at least we did under Obama who directed the DD to make public estimates of collateral damage. Trump ended the practice upon taking office.

        Look it up.

        1. Deaths and population displacements were well covered during Iraq and various incidents in the ME before and after. Or at least we did under Obama who directed the DD to make public estimates of collateral damage.

          Gosh, what could possibly go wrong with the US military publishing estimates of collateral civilian damage! Some people might almost mistake that for propaganda and manipulation.

          Trump ended the practice upon taking office.

          Good. Estimates of collateral damage should be done by media and neutral third parties.

    3. Putin has not simply hit civilians as an accident or an ancillary target. Putin has targeted civilians deliberately. Stick to bullfighting, Don Diego.

      1. Pure, fictional, globalist neoconlib propaganda

    4. That's the spirit.

      Next the woke mob is going to claim getting your home shelled impinges on the precious liberty of Ukrainians. Revealing how little they understand that it is the act of shelling to expand ethnic borders that is the purest expression of man's liberty.

  19. The "not entirely justified" cancellation of Rowling? So, mostly justified then? For what? Understanding better than a potential Supreme Court Justice what "woman" actually means? If you go back and read what Rowling initially said that got everyone upset, it is expressed with respect and empathy, but with a polite refusal to dismiss reality.

    1. She committed the grave sin of refusing to say water is wet and the sky is blue to a cult that insists you agree with them water is dry and the sky is purple.

      Refusal to absolutely bend the knee. The crime of saying the emperor is actually naked.

      But they def arent a cult.

      1. And most of those little faggot actors whose careers were made off her work turned on her.

      2. Is amusing to see a group that may be more toxic and irrational than 'radical' feminists, who are also so similar to a cult that may as well be one.

        1. Yeah Hank, fortunately this board is not toxic. i read it to my grand daughter at bedtime.

          1. You sick fucks are ruining a perfectly good country. I am sorry if my commenting on it betrays a certain level of anger.

    2. Read the linked post by Soave. He doesn’t think it is justified at all.

    3. He was just using an understated voice in his writing. If you follow the link, he makes no argument that her cancelation is justified.

  20. The pride bunch and specifically the trannies are the most inflexible, deranged, and culty of the wokesters.

    Anything less than full support and agreement with their psychotic delusions is a hate crime to them.

    1. It's not a hate crime. It's just getting criticized on Twitter.

      Twitter is not mandatory for life.

      1. "It's not a hate crime."
        It is in England! And didn't Jordan Peterson become famous for opposing a Canadian law that would've made it a "hate crime"?
        I really don't want us (U.S.) to be next...

      2. According to the insanity cult, it is either a hate crime, literal violence, or genocide.

        But ya, I'm the one being dramatic

        1. Between the two of us, yes.

  21. 'Waging an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine,' this is some high school level histrionics. The Russia's actions to us, seems shitty, and they are pretty bad, but the call them unprovoked when there is plenty of evidence that we were pushing the envelope on what is acceptable, Rico. Russia may be an opponent, but unless the goal was to go from semi-warm relations via semi-cold and proxy war, then what has been going on can not be called a lack of provocation except by those who believe that nations do no have the right so secure their borders. This has nothing to do with whether or not invading the Ukraine on the pretext of freeing the Donbas regions was ethically correct, or removing ultranationalist neo-nazi groups, as laughable as that claim is, is a reason for military intervention. 'Bash the fash,' after all, is a plank of one of the favored groups that continue to terrorize the US public. A bit of even-handedness in reporting on issues in regard to individual rights might be a good look for a nominally libertarian magazine.

    1. Yeah the simplistic Reason endorsement of the neocon spin doctors is not libertarian. Free minds see propaganda for what it is. The battle is always for the hearts and minds of 51 percent. Both sides lie. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Robbie beclowns himself with every article and every tweet. He is a silly little man.

  22. https://twitter.com/ElectionWiz/status/1507778361506123779?t=BgvZcjEWaJ9v_e7_uuBoPw&s=19

    WARSAW — "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power," said Biden, referring to Putin, as he closes out his speech in Poland.

    1. Let's hope.

  23. Seems to me that mainstream media doesn’t want to address western cancel culture.

    Who could straddle the fence of funding Nazis in Ukraine while canceling them?

    1. Fuck off and die, Nazi shit.

      1. You again!

        I thought you’d still be hiding your lying face in shame after the last time I rubbed your face in your own bullshit.

        Looking for more, fuckwit?

  24. "...Even Vladimir Putin—who is currently waging an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine—"

    Asshole nardz hardest hit.

    1. Poor sqrlvo's little mind can do nothing but endorse childish, globalist propaganda.

      You will own nothing, and Slava ukraini, sqrlvo!

  25. https://twitter.com/CariKelemen/status/1507879186052096001?t=qmI5D4dnbmlZeNPOwoRINA&s=19

    18,486 dead people voted in Georgia in 2020.
    Margin of "victory": less than 12,000.

    1. Who'd they vote for?

  26. I've never read any of this woman's books which strike me as being kind of like Tolkien for the short-bus crowd, but I do admire her for her courage in standing up to those vile pedophilic thugs of the TransMafia.


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