We Can't Fund COVID Treatments for the Uninsured Because We Spent Trillions of COVID Aid on Wasteful Garbage

Congress used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to throw money around in ways that would be comedic if the results weren't so tragic.


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago, Congress has authorized $884 billion in aid for state and local governments, $62 billion for colleges and universities, and $869 billion in direct payments to Americans, including to individuals who earned as much as $90,000 annually and never lost their income due to the pandemic.

And now, it turns out, there's no money left to actually help those suffering from COVID-19 who can't afford to pay for treatments.

The White House announced this week that a program set up to give uninsured Americans access to COVID testing and treatments, including vaccines, will have to be shuttered next month unless Congress approves emergency funding. The Biden administration asked Congress to provide $22 billion in new funds for the program as part of the omnibus spending bill passed last week, Reuters reports, but the additional funding was not included in the package.

Without additional funding for the program, the "consequences are dire," White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday. It would mean "fewer monoclonal antibodies sent to states, an inability to purchase additional treatments, fewer tests available to Americans, less surveillance for future variants, and a risk of running short on vaccines."

Too bad so much of the federal government's COVID relief funding was spent on everything but COVID relief.

Budgeting is all about setting priorities, after all. That's true even in the midst of an emergency. But lawmakers used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to throw money around in ways that would be comedic if the results weren't so tragic.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonprofit that advocates for smaller deficits, put together a useful website for tracking the unprecedented levels of borrowing, spending, and printing that went on during the first two years of the pandemic. Out of more than $5.7 trillion in COVID-related spending authorized by Congress (which doesn't include actions taken by the Federal Reserve or executive branch agencies to respond to the pandemic), the group classifies a scant $682 billion—less than 12 percent—as "health spending."

Of that amount, only $53 billion—that's less than 1 percent of all COVID aid authorized by Congress—was spent on vaccines and other treatments.

In other words, there was plenty of money that could have been used to fund this program that provides COVID treatments to uninsured Americans. Indeed, if there's one justifiable role for government to play in the middle of a major public health emergency, it is providing care and treatment for those individuals who otherwise can't afford that care and treatment.

But Congress and the executive branch—which in this case includes both the Trump and Biden administrations—has utterly failed at the most basic task of governance.

Instead, colleges and universities got billions of dollars via emergency COVID legislation— much of it delivered with "few strings attached" and few requirements for reporting how the money was spent, according to Ed Source, an education trade publication. The same is true for K-12 public schools, some of which are using their COVID aid to pay for "practical needs, such as hiring nurses, restocking libraries, fixing playgrounds and bringing back art classes," according to a review by the Associated Press.

State and local governments were showered with federal dollars during the pandemic, even though all indicators showed they didn't really need it. Three rounds of direct payments to Americans probably did more to stoke inflation by putting extra money in peoples' bank accounts at a time when they were already saving than it did to combat COVID-19. And the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program, which was supposed to help workers in industries forced to close due to the pandemic, ended up being a massive giveaway to corporate executives, as Reason's Peter Suderman recently reported. We spent all that money, and more, at a time when the country was already in near-record levels of debt, and all we got for it was runaway inflation.

This would be slightly less infuriating if it weren't all so predictable. Two years ago, as Congress was debating the first round of COVID emergency funding, I wrote that lawmakers would "end up spending money we don't have to solve a crisis that can't be fixed by spending more money."

I was not completely correct. Funding COVID treatments for the most vulnerable was and will continue to be a worthwhile public investment. But it's a damn shame that so much of the COVID relief money spent over the past two years went to everything except COVID relief.

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  1. Damn, it's almost like the pork giveaway had more to do with politics than health, but that can't be true............

    1. For the government to use tax dollars to fund healthcare is just as much pork as any of the other trillions of dollars the government wastes.

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    2. If you are Progressive you feel deeply about things and recognize that you must act right away. Stand facing proudly into the wind and toss handfuls of cash into the air shouting 'See how much I care. Look at all I am doing!'
      The cheering you hear is those behind you picking bills up, mostly government employees and union members. But the cheering confirms what a good person you are.

      1. toss handfuls of other people's cash into the air shouting 'See how much I care. Look at all I am doing!'


        1. Other People's Money. The OPM of the masses.

            1. She may not be likeable, but if a predator might be involved, clearly additional steps need to be taken. To begin with, he should be arrested for being the cause of so many inappropriate rumors. A firm hand needs to be wielded to keep some of these "free speech" mongers under control. There is ample precedent, at least in New York. See the documentation of America's leading criminal "satire" case at:..........

              1. Interesting Gestapo copypasta from the bots...

                1. "copypasta"

                  Is that invoking the mighty Deity Flying Sphaghetti Monster?

                  All attend to his sauce and proper boiling time.

                  1. Recipes for sus sauce.

      2. From this article's own link.

        Health Spending 682 billion.
        Total Spending 5,760 billion.

        So that is 12%.

        Is it that Reason Employees can't do simple division,
        or are they just lying - as Libertarians always do?

    3. Perish the thought.

    4. From this article's own link.

      Health Spending 682 billion.
      Total Spending 5,760 billion.

      So that is 12%.

      Is it that Reason Employees can't do simple division,
      or are they just lying - as Libertarians always do?

  2. Thank you for not worshiping Trump like half the authors here. Most folks I know pretend that Trump never printed a dime. It's scary shit. It makes the people in 1984 look downright enlightened and critical.

    1. Mr. Boehm, if you’re going to create a sock to congratulate yourself on your own articles, try to be a little less obvious in the future.

    2. Presidents dont print money, dim fuck.

      You have terminal TDS. Try jumping in front of a train.

      1. Presidents appoint Federal Reserve Board members so, indirectly, Presidents print money.

        1. The Fed prints money that Congress demands. Absolutely the President signs these bills, but the President is never the author.

          I'll give Trump and that Congress the finger for their part in that early spending but also stipulate that there was widespread panic and the media making it sound like catching the bug was all but certain death. Add this to widespread rioting [aka mostly peaceful protesting]. Anything said to the contrary is nothing but hindsight.

          The press was marketing fear on steroids because it was sending ratings through the roof, and politicians react to panic as has been and always will be the case. Any attempt to tamp down that panic was met with political charges of putting money before lives, and of course.... charges of RACISM. No surprises here; it's inherent to the system and we can double that in an election year.

          That said, 2121 began the absurdity for the sake of absurdity, and the spending itself was endemic. There was no justifiable reason for spending on steroids and every damn body knew it, but the politicians were still enjoying the drunken buzz from handing out cash and they wouldn't put down the bottle.

          The same thing is now happening with Ukraine. The last count I saw said that the US has sent 17000 anti-tank weapons when all intelligence says that the entire Russian army only has 12000 tanks. But we will send another 20000 yet because... "Ukraine". It's the latest panic and excuse for drunken government spending.

          1. Well the Javelins can destroy other targets, not just tanks.

      2. "Try jumping in front of a train."

        I assume that you mean a MOVING train, right?

        DaveCA, drinking DaveCA Kool-Aid in a spiraling vortex of darkness, cannot or will not see the Light… It’s a VERY sad song! Kinda like this…

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          1. My threads are much shorter when SQRLSY is a gray bar.

        2. You’ve got…something brown on your chin.

    3. Straw man.

      People on this site have leveled plenty of criticism at Republicans for their runaway spending for years. This isn't Breitbart. You won't find many people who worship at the alter of Trump here. You probably just get that impression because we generally don't share your deranged obsession with the man.

      1. "You won't find many people who worship at the alter of Trump here."

        I beg to differ! I don't know HOW many times the morons here have offered to "interpret" for us, ANY and ALL articles that have criticized Trump, by saying "Orange Man Bad"!

        NOTHING is as stale as “orange man bad”!
        (With the implied idea being that “anyone who says bad things about Orange Man, no matter HOW long and well-documented the list of Trump evils may be, such bad-things-sayer must be a stupid moron”).

        Albert Einstein delivers a long lecture with 553 equations and tons of evidence. Conservative moron will say that Einstein said “stuff and stuff is relative”, and walk smugly away, thinking that they have “summarized” Einstein!

        Conservative moron will ATTEMPT TO START to tour Holocaust museums and “summarize” by saying “Mustache Man Bad”! (And skip the tour, lest they might actually learn something).

        1. Noticing that other people have had a deranged and irrational reaction to Trump is not worship of Trump. You can loathe both the man and the dishonest press coverage he gets.

      2. He pussy-grab His creditors in 6 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

        All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

        Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

        Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

      3. We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

        These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

        “Orange Man Bad” as a summary from conservatives, of page after page after page, detail after detail, testimony upon testimony, of HOW and WHY Orange Man is a lying hypocritical narcissistic and corrupt, self-centered weasel, who is ruining the good reputation (for years if not decades) of the USA, internationally, shows the utter contempt that conservatives hold the rest of us in! “Here, dummy, I can summarize ALL of the encyclopedic knowledge that has been gathered concerning Der TrumpfenFuhrer, so that YOU (dumbshit) will NOT have to trouble your pretty little head, studying all that boring stuff! It just amounts to Orange Man Bad, end of story!”

        Don’t study medicine or boring medical texts… I will summarize it for you! “The human body is made of icky pus and smegma, slimy blood and mucus, and icky poop!”

        Law summary: “He or she who habeas the corpus, must take proper care of it.”

        Computers? Stop studying, you fool! “Learn to code; garbage in, garbage out; just be logical!”

        Electrical Hardware Engineering? “Don’t stick your diode in an anode! Sparks is as sparks does!”

        And then conservatives and other Trumptatorshit worshippers and ignorance worshippers have the NERVE to say, “We need more SKILLED AND TALENTED immigrants and fewer ignorant ones coming into the USA!”!

      4. "You probably just get that impression because we generally don't share your deranged obsession with the man."

        And to prove Renegade correct, look at the huge 3 post screed SQRLSY posted. These are not the thoughts and rantings of a balanced individual.

        1. Please refute the FACTS listed in the link below, Super Scary totalitarian!

          Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

          The above is mostly strictly factual, with very little editorializing. When I post it, the FACTS never get refuted… I only get called names. But what do you expect from morally, ethically, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt Trumpturds?

          Totalitarians want to turn GOP into GOD (Grand Old Dicktatorshit).

      5. I can relate to this coming from Canada

  3. Money printer go brrrrrr

    1. Money printer gonna run out of paper soon unless the hippies let us cut down some more trees.

  4. We Can't Fund COVID Treatments for the Uninsured Because We Spent Trillions of COVID Aid on Wasteful Garbage

    Explain to me, from you "libertarian" point of view, why "we" should "fund COVID treatments for the uninsured" to begin with?

    1. We want to reward people for refusing to buy insurance.

    2. This is Reason. Not a libertarian publication.

      1. Daaaamn.

    3. I don't see anything about "should". The point is about the insanity of government spending. If we are going to spend billions on "Covid relief", then most of that should probably go to actual covid relief. A few billion carefully targeted could have done a lot more than the trillion or so that has been spent.

      1. If we are going to spend billions on "Covid relief", then most of that should probably go to actual covid relief.

        Government doesn't provide any significant actual "COVID relief". What is counted as "COVID relief" in government budgets is overwhelmingly just handouts to corporations and special interests. So, it doesn't really matter how you label the tax dollars that are wasted, they are wasted no matter what.

        1. Yeah, that's what's going to happen.

          I'm just saying, it's not inconceivable for something less wasteful and stupid to happen.

      2. We spent billions on COVID *avoidance* in the form of vaccines that are highly effective.

        COVID *relief*, post vaccine roll-out, is largely for people who refused free vaccines.

        On the bright side, maybe a few conservatives who are going bankrupt because of long COVID will start to see the value of a single-payer healthcare system.

  5. Treatments? You mean like horse paste?

    1. Everyone can afford the paste.

      1. MISINFORMATION. We will be banned soon.

        1. The Queen took horse paste.

    2. Continue to parrot back MSM propaganda

    3. Treatments? You mean like horse paste?

      Like a very widely used, effective, essential human drug.

      But science deniers like you wouldn't understand that.

      1. I took the comment as sarcasm.

      2. Who knew a drug meant for parasites could cure anything because it's a "very widely used, effective, essential human drug."

        1. Who knew a drug meant for parasites could cure anything because it's a "very widely used, effective, essential human drug."

          Most drugs have many different cellular targets. One consequence is that drugs usually have many side effects. Another consequence is that drugs are often useful for the treatment of diseases other than those they were originally developed for.

          One of the most prominent examples is Thalidomide, which was developed as an anxiolytic and antiemetic, was discontinued because it caused serious birth defects, and is now used in the treatment of cancer, leprosy, and HIV.

          I suppose this would be surprising to you if you know little about biochemistry or medicine.

  6. So part of the issue with vaccines is their short shelf life. They shipped millions of doses, which had to be disposed of rather than used. Currently, states are desperate to try and find ways to get rid of their excess vaccine doses before they expire.

    1. The "vaccines" don't work so it's better to discard than to use them.

    2. One thing I've not yet heard any complaints about is the environmental costs of creating, shipping, and then disposing of roughly 20 billion doses consisting of plastic syringes, needles, empty vials, wrapping, shipping packages just to start with. What does the unused and remnant vaccine turn into when it's disposed of?

      Then there's the whole PPE that gets changed out with every patient. Even the US doesn't have any comprehensive plan for any of this stuff and the CDC tells everyone to just follow local ordinances. You know that a shitload of this stuff ended up in dumps or just dumped.

      1. Now do the three foot thick layer of masks in the landfills.
        (technically hazardous medical waste)

      2. ::eye roll::

        Imagine the environmental costs associated with the mirriad plastic, glass, and other items used to treat COVID patients in the hospital for weeks. What is the environmental impact from a million+ extra deaths? Even if you refused to treat people with COVID and let them rot in the street where they die, there'd be environmental impacts.

        The issue is whether 300 million bits of trash created from vaccinating Americans against the disease has less of an impact than the alternatives.

        A lot of hospital waste is burned, actually, to prevent further contamination.

  7. "In other words, there was plenty of money that could have been used to fund this program that provides COVID treatments to uninsured Americans."



    Exactly like I been saying, theyre trying to hide that disaster...

    And in Korea, Lil Fat Boy can get it up but it goes off too soon. Sucks to be him.



  8. Did anyone see Frontline this AM? Xlnt docu on the history of PuXi forming a Kleptocracy, and the military bombing of apartment buildings using mil explosives and blaming Chechyna.

    Squeezed in between segments were ads for an expose on Pelosi.

    1. This comment thing needs edit.

      "But it's a damn shame that so much of the COVID relief money spent over the past two years went to everything except COVID relief."

      Similar rationale as Obozocare. Spend like sailors in a whore house and pretend to
      " fund it based on projected, future savings."

      AKA kick the can down the road. Flood vax makers with money, pretending that will stop a virus which is insanity.

      1. "fund it" ???? Whutchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

        I am informed (BY the government) that the government can spend two TRILLION dollars and "it won't increase the deficit one cent. In fact, it will *decrease* the deficit."

        Hear that, libertardians? We got people in charge who can pay down the debt by simply printing and spending money! This will cost the taxpayers "ZERO dollars", and Brandon punctuates this claim with a White Power symbol, triggering my inner supremacist.

        That's the good news...

        1. "I am informed (BY the government) that the government can spend..."

          Reminds me of a line fron a Who song...

          " the hypnotized never lie..."

  9. The Republicans would do well to publicize the waste (though I don't doubt their fingerprints were all over it too.) Yesterday, I sponsored a speaker at a Fellowship meeting, and speaker was opposed to the stimulus, Fed creating money out of thin air, etc. Afterward, one of the attendees - a man I know to be a Biden supporter - questioned him about "would you let those who lost their jobs due to Covid starve? We needed to give them stimulus money." After a little back and forth, even the Biden supporter agreed that the stimulus should have been targeted only to those who actually lost jobs due to government shutdowns, not to WFH white collar types who lost nothing. So perhaps there is an opportunity there to reach "common sense" Democrats who actually oppose the "indiscriminately throw money at it" policies of their irrational leaders?

    1. Many if them Dems are intelligent and rational but they just cant let go of the platform.

      A Repub canvasser from NC told me earlier this year that as she went stumping, the most virulent verbal attacks she heard towards the Left were from Democrats.

    2. As a white collar WFH liberal, I agree that sending me a stimulus was wasteful, especially since I had to pay a large portion of it back in the form of taxes. On the bright side, I only received one small stimulus check whereas more needy Americans received many more. So at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

      As a counter argument, I'm not sure the government would have been able to mobilize payments to those that needed them fast enough if they had to build out a system for determining valid need first. So the cost/benefit analysis might have been to just send the first set of checks out to everyone and then pull back and only provide to the needy once that system was in place.

      Imagine the money we could have saved if more American chose to be vaccinated?

  10. The three rounds of direct payments totaled $386 billion. This is not where the pork/inflation was caused.

    1. Correct.
      If the money were to be spent, would've been better just to divide it equally between every citizen and given to us directly.

      1. Agreed. $5.7T would have given every person in the US $15k. Instead, about 1/4 of the population got what, $4.2k? Over $5T went to...what?

        1. money laundering, Russian style.

        2. 10% for the big guy.

  11. If we spent less on omnibuses, we'd have more funds to spend on the peoples' needs.

    1. Meeting needs doesn't sell as well on the campaign trail as transformative nonsense.


    1. There is no treatment for Covid. Do not waste money on that. Horse paste and fish cleaner do NOT work. Only Vaccines will keep you from COVID!!! It worked for me. ( Until I it didn't).

      1. The test to determine if a treatment will be effective is:
        "Will this course of treatment increase the profits of a recognized Big Pharma company?" If not, it's voo-doo folk medicine and clearly misinformation.

        That's just science.

      2. There are several, approved treatments for COVID. Seriously, where do you get your information?

        Not all of the treatments work for every variety of COVID, though.

        COVID vaccines are very, very good at preventing death from COVID. Horse paste? It'll kill you first.

  13. Maybe [WE] en-slaver's funding isn't the answer for everything.
    Maybe; just maybe the U.S. Constitution has a purpose in the USA.
    Of which never gave the federal government authority for Health.

    1. ...or most everything else theyre doing.

      The Fox built the Henhouse and knows how to get in at night.

    2. Interstate commerce
      General Welfare
      The clause right after the right to kill babies
      The constitution gives the federal government total control over every aspect of daily life of every citizen. Ask any democrat.

      1. Well we got General Welfare all right...

        Almost everyones on it now.

      2. "Ask any democrat".....

        Right; And never-mind the fact there isn't a "General Welfare of the people" clause even there. Just chop phrases entirely out of context and create a General Thwart of the entire Constitution.

        ...because and I quote from a Democrat, "It's just too hard to live by the rules of the Constitution", the very definition of the USA and Individual Liberty, "Ratifying it (Liberty) is too hard, so we must just ignore it and champion Majority Democratic National Socialism"....

  14. Consider the possibility that it's just (or at least mostly) emotional blackmail to push Congress into authorizing more Covid19 money.


    I don’t think most people grasp the absurdity of what just happened. Without knowing the consequences, an infinitesimally small minority of people chose to gamble with the fate of the entire human race with a new technology that had no more than 2 months of data on 20,000 people.

    1. The consequences were known. Just not by the people being subjected to them.

      The Pfizer data dump directly shows horrific results from before the first jab was ever pushed. Moderna, using the same lipid nanoparticles with the same mRNA, had failed since its inception to manage to produce a safe or effective anything.

      Whether ignored for profit or pushed with malice should be a matter for a public trial.

  16. “We can’t fund covid treatments for the uninsured…”

    Wait, what? The uninsured can’t get the jab?

    That is the only treatment, right?

    1. Chicken soup, sprite, and NyQuil prices are through the roof because supply chain bs.

    2. Joe Friday and mike should be along anytime now to point out that the jab is free to all, and therefore the uninsured are in fact not being denied treatment.

      1. Just print more money, go to war with China, declare all debts void, then blame Trump.

        1. PBS are in tge docu theyre runn8ng 2r/7 lying about collusion and blaming trump for being weak and aiding and enabling putin.
          .1. PuXi doesnt need enabling.
          2. Trump shut him and Syria down by blowing the airfield up
          3. Bidens weakness is WHEN PuXi started murdering civilians

          Leftopaths are Liars

          1. Trump is a Putin apologist. No question.

      2. The only people who need "treatment" are the unvaxxed, and I believe the current narrative is that the unvaxxed should go untreated. So it's a self-correcting problem.

        1. EXACTLY!

    3. EXACTLY!


      Ukraine took in $41.4 billion in taxes in 2019.

      We just gave them $14 billion. That’s 34% of their total tax revenue.

      Let that sink in.

      1. Pussy traitor

      2. Your point is? Their tax revenue and aid in a war against Russia have NOTHING to do with one another. Let that sink in.

    2. Nardz the America hating traitor is up late.

      I’m against the death penalty, but unhinged traitors like you are dangerous.

      When are you gonna start killing “leftists?” You’re all talk you big fucking treasonous pussy!

      1. What delicious hypocrisy in peaceful men.

        1. I fail to see the hypocrisy?

          1. Hypocrites rarely see it. If they do, then there's no expectation that a dishonest man will become honest about his dishonesty.

            1. Just assume I’m really dumb or something. Explain to me why I’m a hypocrite?

              1. "I’m against the death penalty, but unhinged traitors like you are dangerous."

      2. Ironically in the USA; The idea of "killing leftists” is generally an act of self-defense of Individual Liberty and Justice for all (The *real* USA; instead of enforcing a Nazi(National Socialist)-Regime).

        ....because "leftists" remain entirely ignorant of the FACT the only reason government is government and not a general business is because they can THREATEN 'those people' WITH GUNS legally.

        Don't like it? Stop voting for SELF-PROCLAIMED National Socialists and representatives who IGNORE the U.S. Constitution for Democracy. The USA is a CONSTITUTIONAL Union of Republican States!!!!!!!!!

    3. Fuck you, Zelensky.

      Ukraine has asked the U.S. to provide them the following items: More MANPADS, Javelins and other anti-tank weapons. Mobile air-defense systems, armed drones, long-range anti-ship missiles, Electronic warfare capabilites (jamming) & satellite nav equipment.

      1. Traitor pussy

  17. So, recap of "safe and effective vaccines:"

    >Efficacy and safety data provided by manufacturers.
    >Cannot sue for harm.
    >1,291 (previously un)listed side effects.
    >Does not prevent transmission.
    >Efficacy in preventing serious illness wears off in 6-8 weeks.
    >Deaths rose dramatically after introduction into the general populace, and on each surge of prescribed boosters.
    >Eric Boehm says they work great for poor people.

    1. Be careful, speaking truthfully is no excuse for spreading "disinformation" and you are THIS [] CLOSE to being deplatormed. Section 230 only covers those who give regular and high-value contributions to the puppetmasters.

      1. But it's such fun to point out what Boehm still grabs his ankles for.

    2. Yes when the goal is population control.

      Wipe the poor masses out!

      Viva los Virus!

    3. For anyone with a few working brain cells:

      Efficacy and safety data are also provided by hundreds of millions of data points tracked by medical professionals and researchers around the globe. The vaccines work very well. Get your vaccine. Get your booster. Even if you've had COVID already. They work. They're safe.

  18. And just because it's worth sharing again...

    India won't be getting the Pfizer jab, it seems.

    Negotiations are hung up on little trivialities like India not wanting to grant Pfizer blanket indemnity from lawsuits and not having to prove anything by short local tests (which several other Covid therapeutic manufacturers already have done)...

    1. Old news. As of about a week ago, Pfizer has withdrawn its application for approval in India upon demand by India that it provide efficacy data.

      India: You have been tracking over a billion people. Please provide data that shows it works so that we can approve your application.
      Pfizer: "Nevermind"

      1. India: "Wait, how many died in the first 90 days? This was based on passively reported data? The Americans said this was fine?"

  19. How much of the stimulus money was stolen outright? How many hundreds of billions of dollars was stolen through fraud? How many expensive exotic foreign cars were bought with stimulus money?
    How many yachts? Private jets?
    The entire stimulus program was rife from fraud from the very moment and now we have to face up to the 30 trillion debt piled up from the past twenty years starting with Obomber.
    The economy is crashing. High fuel prices have expanded fuel theft. Soon high food prices will create a new market for stolen food. That is what food there is when you look for it in the grocery store. It won't be long. No fuel for the farmer's tractors, no fertilizer for the crops means NO FOOD for you! Get it? The democrats want to shut down all the oil wells....they don't want you to be able to drive your own vehicle.
    The government in Washington has done everything to wreck what's left of America , particularly the Obiden administration.
    So when there's nothing left to destroy where will they move on to next?

    1. They still haven't figured out how to get the Amish.

    2. Catch the current PBS Trump bashing docu where they describe Putins Kleptocracy doing EXACTLY that.

      1. ...that = stealing/ laundering money

    3. No need to use fraud to explain it. The funds were just given away legally to the connected. Just like always. Business as usual is not fraud, it's just business as usual. Fix the culture in D.C. or it will keep happening.

  20. Well, start by using all the unspent money from before.
    Then take as much as you need from the education department budget. With luck we can just get rid of it.
    After that, confiscate the campaign funds of any politician who voted for all the prior aid.
    That should vaccinate and boost all the uninsured that don't really exist under Obamacare.

  21. Why authorize emergency funding if they're going to waste that too? The answer is not more funding. The answer is to kick everyone out of congress and start with a new slate.

    1. The world must be ending; I completely agree with what you said.

  22. I work at a public university and employees did not see any of this money. This year we are getting a 2% cost-of-living raise but it amounts to a decrease when inflation is factored in. Covid money went to backstopping the budget so that people did not need to get laid off. Half the money went to scholarships. So those were more-or-less direct payments to students. The rest went to things like masks, plexiglass and so on. The plexiglass was a joke but oh well, live and learn. But backstopping the budget was crucial and absolutely not a waste. Even though barely anyone was laid off there was still attrition. When employees retired, in many cases their positions were not replaced. So hopefully readers will not get the impression that higher ed benefitted from graft.

    1. According to congress, a cost of living raise should be 21%.
      Time to unionize and strike.

      1. Sounds way too high!

    2. The heck you didn't. Hospital bills for Covid for one.

  23. Elections coming up

    Elect Beatings for Congress !

  24. It was clearly never about "saving lives", it was about grift, virtue signaling, politics and control. This country is fucked.

  25. Horse paste for people over the counter soon! (Though really not all that different from the "animal formula.")

  26. What uninsured? With Obamacare, isn't everyone supposed to have insurance? After all, if you can't afford it, you get a subsidized policy for free!

    1. General rule; when a democrat ends with the word "Period!", he's lying.

  27. It’s always the way. Whenever there is a crisis, make sure the pet projects are funded fully first, knowing that there will always be money for the real crisis later.

  28. That's rich coming from a magazine that thought I shouldn't be allowed to have insurance coverage because I have a chronic disease or that insurance shouldn't cover preventative care.

    1. Did you seriously just blame others for not being FORCED by a Gov-GUN to take care of you? Ya know; just like bank robbers do?

  29. If you pump billions of dollars into an economy without a corresponding increase in production and productive activity, you get inflation. It's that simple. It's amazing that so many in government, both the legislative and executive branches apparently didn't see this coming. To quote Homer Simpson, "D'oh!"

  30. We need to get real about Covid two years in. The government isn't on the hook for giving everybody free medical care - this needs to be moved to the private sector. And private insurance should be able to charge you a different rate based upon whether or not you had a vaccine (which needs to be free). Details to be worked out by the insurance company.

  31. Our local senior center is getting a new kitchen with COVID funds because...reasons I guess?

  32. From this article's own link.

    Health Spending 682 billion.
    Total Spending 5,760 billion.

    So that is 12%.

    Is it that Reason Employees can't do simple division,
    or are they just lying - as Libertarians always do?

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