Officials Won't Let Some Ukrainian and Russian Ship Crews Enter the U.S. Because They Might Try To Stay

Now is the time to welcome vulnerable Russians and Ukrainians, not turn them away.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are denying entry to some Ukrainian and Russian seafarers at American ports, fearing they might try to overstay their visas or otherwise remain in the U.S. upon reaching American soil.

Though the number of sailors being barred from entry is unknown, a government official confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that the denials were indeed happening. With the global shipping network only recently recovering from COVID-related supply chain issues, the port restrictions on Ukrainians and Russians could disrupt international trade—and punish people the U.S. should be protecting.

Seafarers arriving in the U.S. typically have crew member visas, which "are nonimmigrant visas for persons working on board commercial sea vessels…in the United States, providing services required for normal operation and intending to depart the United States on the same vessel or any other vessel within 29 days." According to The Wall Street Journal, some crew members requested humanitarian protection at U.S. ports due to the war in Ukraine. But port officials may turn seafarers away if they believe they might overstay their visas.

Aside from the question of overstaying visas, U.S. immigration law allows people to seek asylum if they fear persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Asylum is distinct from refugee status in that applicants must be physically present on American soil or at a port of entry in order to file a claim. It is not yet clear whether port officials worry about seafarers pursuing asylum or whether they are solely trying to prevent them from overstaying visas. Regardless, it is fully legal for Ukrainians and Russians to apply for asylum, and it is concerning that they are being denied the opportunity to do so.

Additionally, it is not yet clear whether entire crews are being barred from disembarking their ships or whether the restrictions only apply to the Ukrainian and Russian sailors aboard ships. The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) explained in a press release that "the average ship has a mix of at least three nationalities on board" and sometimes up to 30, meaning this is not as simple as keeping out "Russian ships" or "Ukrainian ships."

Circumstances in Ukraine and Russia certainly call for the U.S. to ensure immigration pathways are open to nationals of each country. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already driven over 3 million Ukrainians to leave home, and though Ukraine's neighbors have proven very receptive to the refugee influx, the Biden administration has been largely silent on America taking in migrants. Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains heavy-handed restrictions on dissent and expression, leaving Russians who protest his war at risk of imprisonment and abuse. Ukrainians and Russians looking to escape hostile circumstances in their home countries should not be barred from entering the U.S.

What's more, the port restrictions serve to destabilize a large portion of the global seafaring industry. Combined, Ukrainian and Russian sailors comprise 14.5 percent of global shipping workers. Nearly 90 percent of global trade is facilitated by shipping, and as the ICS has noted, "seafarers have been at the forefront of the response to the pandemic, ensuring essential supplies of food, fuel and medicine continue to reach their destinations."

The conflict in Ukraine has thrown the lives of many sailors into disarray, with Ukrainian and Russian seafarers facing issues with compensation due to Ukraine's strained institutions and the sanctions heaped on Russia. Thousands are stuck at sea or in ports because they cannot return home or access pay. By refusing port entry to Ukrainians and Russians, U.S. officials are further adding to these issues by preventing ships from switching out their crews and allowing them proper rest—not to mention the immigration implications.

"We understand there are some field offices that are prohibiting disembarkation of Russian and Ukrainian crew members even though they may have valid U.S. visas," a group of shipping organizations expressed to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a letter obtained by The Wall Street Journal. "This is creating confusion for these individuals and operational challenges for the shipping community."

With Russians and Ukrainians making up such a massive share of the motors behind global trade, it is critical that all components of the machine can function as intended. It is also imperative that U.S. port officials allow Russian and Ukrainian seafarers to pursue legal immigration pathways and seek protection on American soil. Now is the time to welcome vulnerable Russians and Ukrainians, not turn them away.

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  1. Biden called Putin a war criminal today due to damages against civilians. A certain Afghanistan aid worker and his 7 children staring down in confusion.

    1. Staring down from where? I thought you were an atheist or agnostic! Staring down from atheist or agnostic Heaven, are they?

      About that them thar God v/s atheism v/s agnosticism thang…
      I used to wonder a lot, but I had my agnostic friends convince me that God, if He does exist, does NOT want us to worship Him, because He does not believe in Himself (He needs self-esteem counseling, I was told. Else He’d make Himself FAR more visible). If God doesn't believe in Himself, then we obviously shouldn't, either. I was left to wonder, well then, WHO in the Hell is qualified to give self-esteem counseling to God Himself?!?! Never got an answer…

      Then my devout atheist friends convinced me, that to get to Atheist Heaven, one had to NOT believe in God, and do that non-believing thing in JUST the EXACT right way… As for example, they'd say, "See, Madeline Murray O'Hair, SHE is the ONLY one who REALLY quite properly, understood EXACTLY how God does NOT believe in Himself, and only SHE in Her Divine (Anti-Divine?) Perfect Understanding, was fit to be "Ruptured" through the space-time vortex portal (rupture), straight to the Atheist Heaven that She deserved, and all the rest of us… Even the less-than-perfect atheists… Are "Left Behind" after the "Great Rupture" (rupture in the space-time continuum or some such thing?). And since Madeline Murray's body was never found, I had to accept their argument. She was the PERFECT atheist, and only SHE, in Her Perfect Disbelief, had been Ruptured… Her and Her alone…

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      1. Weird way to take this to defend biden. Who cares if he killed kids right sqrsly? The important thing is defend biden at all costs.

        1. He trys to redirect in the weirdest ways, doesn't he.

          1. It just doesn't make any sense. The only way to read his ignorant drivel is to read it as a defense of Biden as he truly doesn't care bidens administration had an airstrike against an aid worker and his kids due to a trunk full of water. He can't even admit that is bad yet would rant for hours about how a mean tweet was destroying democracy.

            1. You smugly superior assholes name me ONE lousy war, where the war-leaders were PERFECT, and never killed ANY innocents? ONE, just ONE, Oh Great Perfect Smug Ones? A REAL war, and NOT an imaginary one?

              1. And now he outright defends biden. Or are you now saying Biden was wrong to call Putin a war criminal? Quite the trap you set for yourself there sarc.

                Which is it?

                Also amazed you can't say killing an aid and his kids cause he loaded water into his trunk was bad. Good work buddy.

                1. Way to totally ignore the question, arrogant asshole!

                  It is true that Biden (and his military officers and soldiers) are NOT perfect! ONLY Der JesseBahnFuhrer and Mammary-Bahn-Fuhrer-the-Great-Necrophiliac are Perfect In All Ways! All Hail!

                  1. I see you recognize the trap and are now flailing.

                    Maybe you can invent a wife that was killed in war to try to hide your authoritarian bullshit behind sympathy like you did for covid.

                  2. Where the fuck did you come up with the idea we've defended a war?
                    No war-leaders were "PERFECT", all killed innocents. Why the fuck did you expect us to support the warpigs? Your "question" was a phony accusation, you freakish psychopath.

                    1. He knows he fucked up. He is flailing. Sarc isn't intelligent. Always fucks up.

                    2. Is Mammary-Bahn-Fuhrer-the-Great-Necrophiliac capable of admitting that under the fearless leadershit of Der TrumpfenFuhrer, innocents were killed in Afghanistan? Under war that was NOT stopped under the Trumptatorshit, but WAS stopped by Der BidenFuhrer? You can't admit that, can You, Oh Perfect One?

                    3. You mean the guy that actually worked out a sane deal with the Taliban to peacefully depart, that old Joe took a match to, and then bugged out anyway while spraying drone attacks.

                      Given Biden's long and very public political career of supporting Vietnam, Granada, Beirut, Panama, the Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, you might not want to compare him to the one president who publicly opposed all those wars even when it was unpopular to do so.

                      But you're neither honest or smart so I don't expect that you'll explain yourself.

                  3. Man, you’re really defending Biden killing kids shit eater. That’s so fucked up.

                    1. I just don't know why sarc thinks this sqrsly character is good. Almost as bad as shrike with Ali.

                    2. He really showcases the true nature of leftists.

                    3. She may not be likeable, but if a predator might be involved, clearly additional steps need to be taken. To begin with, he should be arrested for being the cause of so many inappropriate rumors. A firm hand needs to be wielded to keep some of these "free speech" mongers under control. There is ample precedent, at least in New York. See the documentation of America's leading criminal "satire" case at:.........gj...

              2. See? Weird.
                He's pretending we defended a war.

                1. To be fair he thinks trump started world wars 3 and 4.

                  1. We must pray to Saint Babbitt that there will be NO more wars! Here, let me lead us all in a song of praise!

                    Don’t fear the revolt!

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                    1. You’re defending Biden killing children. You’re a psychopath.

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                    7. Fuck off, Sqrlscasmic, you piece of shit troll.

                2. "He's pretending we defended a war."

                  Citation please!

                  I see! So you’re saying that the Intergalactic Sub-Smegmonic Boogoidian-Strawmen-Hybrids have deployed booger-beams (Those unspeakable BASTARDS) and have hijacked your tinfoil hat! You have my sympathies, but no more… I have no good advice for you, sorry! Other victims of the Intergalactic Sub-Smegmonic Boogoidian-Strawmen-Hybrids that I have known? They all ended up on Skid Row, and I could NOT help them!

                  1. Get help.

                    1. He is too old for basic education. No help for him.

                    2. You resent the hell out of the fact that many other people are flat-out, better, more honest people than you are, right? More “live and let live”, and WAAAY less authoritarian?
                      From the conclusion to the above…
                      These findings suggest that we don’t need to downplay personal triumphs to avoid negative social consequences, as long as we make it clear that we don’t look down on others as a result.

                      SQRLSY back here now… So, I do NOT want you to feel BAD about YOU being an authoritarian asshole, and me NOT being one! PLEASE feel GOOD about you being an evil, lying asshole! You do NOT need to push me (or other REAL lovers of personal liberty) down, so that you can feel better about being an asshole! EVERYONE ADORES you for being that asshole that you are, because, well, because you are YOU! FEEL that self-esteem, now!

                    1. PROOF!

                      That the shit eater defended Biden killing children. And he’ll keep doing it, because he doesn’t care about dead children if Democrats kill them. A true psychopath.

                    2. That’s pretty much every serious democrat.

              3. So, is it like a baseball stat, Squirrely?? "Innocent Civilians Killed Percentage"?

                "Yeah, Biden's ICKP is pretty low, but his EDA* is waaay high. Don't know if that evens out, really."

                *-Economy Destroying Average

          2. seriously, how do you two do it JessAZ and ML? I never get past the first sentence.. and then not even that far.. my eyes see all the long paragraphs and CAPS CAPS CAPS and i just skip..

            hats off to you two masochistics

      2. "What do y'all say, especially you atheists? PWEASE advise me, ah ams ignernt…"

        Not an atheist, but after reading this, my advice to you is to do blindfolded wind sprints across a 10 lane highway.

        1. So if the cars don't get him the heart attack will?

        2. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

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      3. Seeing how the protesters in Moscow are being treated is confusing.... Does Putin actually think he can get away with the same things Biden and Trudeau get away with?

        1. Hitler and Trump got away with it, so why not Putin? The Big Lie is a sure-fire way to SUCK-Cess(pool)!!!

          Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

          The above is mostly strictly factual, with very little editorializing. When I post it, the FACTS never get refuted… I only get called names. But what do you expect from morally, ethically, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt Trumpturds?

          Totalitarians want to turn GOP into GOD (Grand Old Dicktatorshit).

          1. Fuck off, troll. At least a dozen people here have debunked your bullshit Salon propaganda, but you keep dragging it out like a retard with his hump pillow.

          2. Did Trump freeze bank accounts for protesting? Did he lock up political prisoners for over a year?

            You’re truly evil and broken sarc.

          3. I'm confused as to what trump did that was authoritarian? I think Biden is pushing us into socialism with every great catastrophic move he makes. If that child molesting symbol of dementia is in your favor you're no better than he is. I can't even believe you people don't see what your puppet is doing to this country.
            Tell me one thing that Biden has stuck his nose in that has helped us in any way... Dictators censor speech and silence conversation that involves anything that could possibly make people see what is going on. This whole thing will not end well for the U. S. Everything being labeled tin hat or misinformation actually hold more than a grain of truth if you step outside and look in.
            Biden has a war on energy and the Russians actions just helped it along. Strange how this war was lined up perfectly with those idiots grand idea of stopping all use of fossil fuel in this country. Almost as If maybe it was planned that way. I mean Afghanistan, China, Russia, and Korea didn't start shit until that good ole chomo got in office. People like you make me wonder if I'm in the twilight zone. I'm not a die hard trump supporter but he was a metric fuck-ton more helpful to this country than the dude who can't recall who he even is the majority of the time. I hate politics but now I have to pay attention because it has and will effect everyones life in more ways than just inflation. I didn't even read this article all the way because I feel like it's gonna say we should welcome more people into our country that has already taken on millions of illegal immigrants and thrown money at them like it's nothing. Why are we so worried about that while our country is falling apart at the seams? Do you see the bigger picture or are you still on about getting atheism wrong? By the way I think you're more agnostic if you're torn between not knowing if there is a god and straight up just not believing in anything that can't be presented physically for all to see. But then again everything is ass backwards in the minds of democrats now so the definition has probably changed on that like everything else. This sucks because I'm all deliriously tired and I can't convey what I'm trying to say properly so that it even makes sense.

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        1. Thanks, Amanda. Good to see such a useful post, especially after several Sqrlsy rants. You've raised the quality.

      5. Comments like this lead me to read the Bible - Cover to cover, The Quran - Same, and the Book of Enoch - Same, among others. Maybe we all should read the whole thing instead of just cherry picking what we want to believe or heard form some dude. If it is true - Then you better be fearful and believe. If not then you will just have lived a pious life that didn't hurt anyone. Truth is, not all are chosen and some are just cannon fodder. You just have to figure out which one you will try to be? Let me know when you have the answer cause I'm still looking


      It doesn't work that Russia gets to invade an unoffending neighbor, kill thousands of people, smash cities - and then if its dictator realizes that he cannot win, propose to retreat to its starting line and pocket a no-EU-for-Ukraine concession as a consolation prize.

    3. Biden is also enriching Putin to allow us to enrich Iran. Biden is a war criminal.

    4. Just remember SHOCK AND AWE.

      The difference is that the US has admitted that Ukraine was developing biological weapons.

      1. Research isn’t decommissioning Cold War weapons. It violates the Biological Weapons Convention & Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.

        Every American involved with or funding these Ukraine labs, like Victoria Nuland, needs to go to prison.

        “On 11 March, the UN Security Council convened at Russia's request to discuss the "biological activities of the US on the territory of Ukraine". Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defence discovered 30 biolabs in Ukraine and released documents indicating collaboration between Kiev and the Pentagon on studying highly dangerous pathogens.

        "The US State Department says that the public mission of the biolabs in Ukraine is about securing Cold War era Soviet bioweapons", says former Pentagon analyst and retired US Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski.

        "The companies that operate and have constructed these labs competed far more recently for contracts awarded by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), so the Cold war or Soviet era weapons disposal rings hollow. In fact, the successful 2014 US colour revolution in Ukraine opened the door for fresh DTRA contracts, and these facilities appear to be relatively modern. What they are working on is not strictly defensive, and Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland publicly stated as much before the US Congress a few days ago".

        Nuland's exchange with Senator Marco Rubio during the Tuesday hearings at the Senate triggered a heated debate, given that Washington had previously strongly denied the presence of any US-run biolabs in Ukraine.

        When asked whether Ukraine possesses "chemical or biological weapons", Nuland admitted that "Ukraine has biological research facilities." “

  2. It's not like any of this has been thought through.

    Russia Sanctions!

    What does that mean.

    Umm, not sure... lemme call the UAE and see if THEY'LL release more oil. Huh, they're not returning my calls, lemme call up Venezuela.

    Venezuela has a heavier, more dense oil, our refining capabilities aren't set up for that. We can get set up, but it's not going to happen over night.

    You're speaking greek to me, what's the problem.

    It's complicated.

    Well, I suppose we could hold a briefing for *checks notes* Tik Tokers... get 'hold of the 16-24 demo!

    Sssure, I'm not sure why we would even do that.

    Well, what else can we do?

    Tell Canada to kick that piano prodigy off the Montreal Symphony orchestra!


    *checks notes* He's Russian.

    *scribbles notes on Big Chief pad* Ok, this is actually going pretty well.

    1. Psaki had the temerity yesterday to say that even opening new leases wouldn't change things overnight so it didn't matter if they did or not.

      Astounding response.

      1. Well, we're at war.
        No, not with Russia.
        With Psaki, the regime, globalists, leftists, oligarchs, and their new allies: the boomers stuck in a pathological cold war mindset and the #IStandWithUkraine faggots.
        We didn't start the war. We aren't doing much fighting. We've denied it even exists.
        But like it or not, we are at war, taking casualties, and headed for utter ruin.

        1. Why do you say that the Lizard People are eating our brains? What did the Lizard People ever do to you? Can you show us, on the doll, where they touched you, in a BAD way?

          1. If you oppose war with Russia, ᛋᛋqrlsy, Reichsführer of the Sqrlsstaffel, will call you a conspiracy theorist or traitor.

      2. Well yes, but consider that Psaki is the source that first said that prices weren't increasing, then that increases were temporary, then a sign of a good economy, then blamed Trump, then greedy consumers, then greedy business, and now blames Putin.

        Anyone who can literally change her story overnight and without showing any signs of emotion other than anger and frustration that someone catches her in it is a true psychopath.

        1. Shes the Spawn of Hillary

          1. She's only a year older than Chelsea so she could be the progeny of Hillary and that time she had the fling with Satan and sold her soul. Of course, it's arguable that Satan had no idea how bad a deal he was actually making.

    2. The left wants to ban Russian AND American oil concurrently.

      SCOOP: House liberals to urge Biden to declare climate emergency, ban drilling on federal lands as part of a sweeping executive order plan to be released by @USProgressives this week
      Progressive Caucus member @JaredHuffman told me calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency is one of the “centerpiece” actions to headline their EO plan. A draft of the plan I saw also calls for Biden to ban oil/gas drilling on public lands and end fossil fuel subsidies
      There will also be calls for executive orders related to promoting environmental justice and clean air and water
      .@JaredHuffman told me the national emergency declaration would unlock Biden's authority to invoke the Defense Production Act in order to build more renewable energy and heat pumps to ease the strain in oil and gas markets that has been caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine.
      The U.S. could use those clean energy products domestically to reduce exposure to Russian fossil fuels, but more importantly, Huffman said, companies could export them to Europe, which is more reliant on Russian oil and gas.
      “People are talking about what a great idea it would be to use the [DPA] to ramp up heat pump production and get those to Germany,” @JaredHuffman told me. “To stop being a clever idea, you have to declare a climate emergency. You can’t do it unless you invoke this authority.”
      The context: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and its dramatic effect on global energy markets, has put pressure on Biden to act unilaterally from competing corners. As action on clean energy and climate has stalled in the Senate, the calls for EOs have grown louder.
      There are lots of ideas floating out there, as Congress continues to be antsy for more action after Democrats and Republicans united around banning Russian oil, a rare bipartisan moment on energy policy.

      1. Saw that yesterday. It is insane.

        Cheap energy has pulled more people out of poverty than any other form of progress.

        1. What an utterly weird way to defend your necrophilia!!! So your cheap "energy" derived from meth, keeps you humping those dead road-killed skunks to the wee hours?!?! "Is this sustainable", you might want to ask yourself, as your meth-gums rot away! Are you ready for dentures yet? And why do I have to pay for them, as an insurance buyer and-or taxpayer?

          1. I see you're flailing. Badly. It makes me laugh, so please continue. Sorry you have not a single set of principles but defend the left.

            Now are you going to be against cheap energy as a solution to poverty?

            1. The biggest "bang for the buck" is "thermonuclear weapons for urban renewal". Massive death, mega-death, for all of those in poverty... AND those NOT in poverty, too!!! MASS DEATH will end ALL suffering!!! With CHEAP energy!

              No, I am ***NOT*** in favor of this!!! Certain death-worshipping, power-at-all-costs asshole necrophiliacs are in favor of these kinds of things, but count me OUT of your evil schemes, JesseBahnFuhrer!

              WHY do you defend the Evil One, JesseBahnFuhrer?

              1. So youre not for market forces creating cheap energy to help poor people. Good to know.

                The funny thing is if a conservative was convicted or found to practice necrophilia or pedophilia I would condemn it. You can't even say Biden was wrong to kill kids.

                1. Biden was wrong to kill kids. Biden wasn't perfect, like YOU, Oh Perfect JesseBahnFuhrer!

                  Are YOU capable of denouncing YOUR (supposed) Perfection, Oh Perfect One? Have YOU ever done ANYTHING less than PERFECT?

                  Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit!!!

                  1. It took you 20 posts being backed into a corner to say that. Lol.

                    God damn you have no principles sarc.

                    1. So I am still waiting for Der JesseBahnFuhrer to admit that Der JesseBahnFuhrer is NOT Perfect!!! I bet that I will wait... FOREVER!!!

                      (The high-school-dorp-out status of Der JesseBahnFuhrer qualifies Der JesseBahnFuhrer for the Perfection Degree, it seems. Keep on dorping out, Der Most Esteemed JesseBahnFuhrer!!! You do YOU!!!)

                    2. Hey sqrsly, dumbass.... I've criticized trump more than you ever have biden or any leftist of your choice. In fact I did so just a few days ago without being backed into a corner.

                      You really are a know nothing unprincipled hack sarc. Lol.

                    3. "So I am still waiting for Der JesseBahnFuhrer to admit that Der JesseBahnFuhrer is NOT Perfect!!!"

                      Why? Compared to your delusional and disgusting withered old ass, most of the commentariat here ARE perfect. Comparitively but definitely.

            2. Sqrlsy is a Putin puppet that wants us dependent on Russian oil!

              1. R Mac Who Talks (and Snorts) Nothing but Smack wants us all to be slaves to Der TrumpfenFuhrer, and Through Him (Blessed Be His Name), to the Evil One Itself! All Hail!!!

                Trump is the Chosen One!!!

                President Trump: 'I am the chosen one'

                1. You defend murdering children psychopath.

                  1. You defend fucking road-killed, maggot-laden skunk carcasses, necrophiliac! (WHY, for cryin' out loud?!?!?)

                    1. You still defend murdering children, psychopath.

                    2. Everyone can see you defended murdering children no matter how much gibberish you spew.

        2. Uh, that's why they want it banned.

      2. Make heat pumps in a helter skelter hurried fashion like we did with ventilators. That worked out real well..

        1. Make shit pumps to pump democracy OUT and authoritarianism IN!!! That COULD have worked out SOOOO well for us, on Jan. the 6th, except the truth stood in our way, dammit!!!

          Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

          The above is mostly strictly factual, with very little editorializing. When I post it, the FACTS never get refuted… I only get called names. But what do you expect from morally, ethically, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt Trumpturds?

          Totalitarians want to turn GOP into GOD (Grand Old Dicktatorshit).

          1. Hey look sqrlsy’s bringing up shit again. Must be dinner time in the sqrlsy household.

            1. R Mac can NOT refute the cited FACTS!!! What an utter surprise!

              WHY does R Mac threaten to hold its breath till the universe implodes?!?!

              (We better all OBEY The Sacred Will of the Uber-R-Mac RIGHT NOW!!!)

              1. You didn't cite any facts. You never do. You just spaz and sperg and post gibberish.

                  Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

                  Refute it, peabrain!!! You can't, because the cited link is TRUE!

                  1. [ok, one attempt at a rational thought to spaz]
                    @sqrlsy (spaz) - I think the illiberal leftist/progressives (aka revcuntland's "betters") are actually the totalitarian ones no? (one cannot even say on social media that one thinks the election had problems big enough to question its validity - think about that, one cannot even type that on twatter - weird...I don't give a shit how much stuff you say on any platform, but those above words cannot be "spoken")

                    seems every time orange man lost at SCOTUS he accepted the loss and didn't reach for an ExecOrder or ask a department to make a regulation out of thin air.

                    But when the Pedi-in-chief lost at SCOTUS, he turned and told business to do his bidding anyway... WTF..

                    you don't have to like Trump to see that the current left is too powerful and no longer cares about the freedoms of the citizens (yes, the RNC is not much better BUT they don't wield power) -- its why Glen Greenwald, a classic liberal, is speaking truth to power..

                2. SQRLSY is a good argument for capital punishment.

    3. That conversation was probably supposed to be kept private. I notice the sections involving "pouring perfectly good vodka out on the street" and "changing that one Rocky movie so the black guy kills the Russian in the first act" were redacted though.

    4. Don't forget the Russian TikTok influencers also being used for the same thing. Looks like for some reason they all had the same idea at the same time. Lmao

  3. We KNEW this was coming. Good job Fiona. Who I THINK is actually OBL's sock puppet inside Reason, not the other way around.

    Let everyone in. Illegal and Legal immigration are the same. Open the borders.

    1. I doubted this was possible, but Fiona's devotion to billionaire-funded open borders advocacy surpasses even mine. 🙂

      1. Hey, the crews of cargo ships could sure help us with our temporary supply chain issues. Let them in.

        1. What makes you think they'll continue to work once admitted into the country? They'll receive all the "enhanced benefits" that Biden has been pouring over the country and join the ranks of the quitters.

    2. Maybe Fiona would just indulge us with a perspective piece on how what she thinks is an ideal stopping point on the US population [if she has thought that far] and how she would divvy up the resources to support that population.

      She also references "vulnerable Ukrainians, so that would suggest there are invulnerable Ukrainians. One could easily argue that the LEAST vulnerable Ukrainians are those on board merchant vessels, as they are the ones not on Ukrainian soil.

      The fact that Reason publishes Fiona's one-solution-fixes-all-problems articles is rather embarrassing. Nobody her age is competent to argue public policy.

      1. A certain Mr. Yglesias put the number around 1,000,000,000.

        No wonder Reason likes him.

        We should have a billion Americans for two big reasons. One is that in a globe of international competition, it’s good to be a big country as well as a wealthy country. And the United States has historically benefited from having a large population relative to a lot of its competitors. And then the other reason we should have a billion Americans is that it will make this country a better place. The steps we need to take to get there will improve the country and make us richer as well as larger.

        1. we might have that many, including dead Democrat voters.

        2. But wouldn't it have been more logical to not cut if oil production in the U. S. If that was the plan?

      2. "...and how she would divvy up the resources to support that population."

        This is a very REAL problem! And native-born babies need resources, too!!!

        Government Almighty needs to step up to the plate, and start issuing "birth permits", and cracking down on violators! Geezum, what could go wrong here?

    3. Nah. Lock down the borders until we can sort things out and get rid of the illegals. Democrats top while we’re at it.

      Got to stop the bleeding.

  4. We teeter on the brink of WWIII. The main story in my local newspaper:

    America is finally united on something — just one reason I’m against it

    The subject of the article? Daylight savings time.

  5. Way to go Fiona! I knew you would eventually submit your 4th or 5th minor rewrite of "Russia attacking Ukraine proves the US should allow unlimited, unrestricted immigration like's benefactor Charles Koch demanded even before Russia attacked Ukraine."


    1. She's to immigration as Sullum is to cleanest election ever narratives.

      1. What is Bailey to COVID testing, chopped liver?

  6. "Aside from the question of overstaying visas, U.S. immigration law allows people to seek asylum if they fear persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion...
    Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains heavy-handed restrictions on dissent and expression, leaving Russians who protest his war at risk of imprisonment and abuse. Ukrainians and Russians looking to escape hostile circumstances in their home countries should not be barred from entering the U.S."

    Is Reason this big hearted for Canadian truckers?
    They peacefully protested unjust, illegal mandates and were in turn lied about with phony racism and weapons charges, had their bank accounts illegally seized, were trampled by horses, beaten by police, and imprisoned on phony, trumped up charges, while PrettyHitler suspended the Canadian Bill of Rights. Shouldn't Reason be advocating Biden do the same for these Canadians?

    Oh wait, Biden endorsed that.

    1. How dare you notice that.....


  7. Concerning? Concerning? It's a damned outrage, is what it is! These communo-fascist hyenas ignore any law they want with zero consequences, meanwhile it's a federal felony for us to seek shelter from rain in a cave in a national forest if the cave floor has any mud on it.

  8. Load the ships with illegal alien Mexicans and send them to Motherfucking Russia, like in the Star Trek Tribbles episode where Scott sent the Tribbles to the Klingon ship.

  9. "Now is the time to welcome vulnerable Russians and Ukrainians, not turn them away."

    No, it's not. What's happening in Ukraine is terrible, but it is not our cross to bear. These people have zero right to be here, and there is absolutely no benefit to the American public in allowing just anyone to show up. There are plenty of industrialized countries in Western Europe, and the EU's stated mission is to create a united Europe. It's time for them to live up to the organizational mission and protect their own.

    1. Actually Clinton promised in 1994 to defend Ukraine if they gave up their nuclear weapons.

      1. Promises that aren't enforceable are worthless. His promise wasn't even backed by a treaty or a law.

        And Clinton's promises represent the American people about as much as Putin's war represents the Russian people.

      2. In general, our leaders should ask themselves how a given action benefits United States citizens. If there are no benefits to Americans, that action should not be undertaken. We do not owe Ukrainians refuge because America failed to keep a "promise" Bill Clinton made 20 years ago. Any person moved by such dubious moral argumentation should not be anywhere near elected office.

  10. "“Transnational repression harms people in the United States and around the world and threatens the rule of law itself,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew G. Olsen. The department, he said, “will not allow any foreign government” to threaten the safety or impede the freedom of speech of Americans and people who come to live, work and study in the United States"

    Right, thats Biden and the Prog Lefts job and they dont want competition.

  11. So biden is approving a back door 10 billion dollar deal to lift sanctions for Russia to build an Iranian nuclear plant. The owning company in charge? The one that worked with Hillary to have state approve a US based uranium contract. Lol.

    1. Impressive that Biden is NOT Putin's puppet, ain't it?

      1. cant have a Puppet wearing a diaper. Cant get a hand up its ass..

        1. That's a hand puppet. There are also string puppets. Strings work better on someone as desiccated and wooden as Biden. Pinocchio was a string puppet, after all, and he lied almost as much as Biden.

      2. Perhaps only unintentionally. Biden certainly has been good for Putin. Trump wasn’t. Of course, Trump wasn’t a traitor, like the typical democrat.

  12. Oh sure now that the immigrants are white we have to crack down on the border.

    1. Oh, it's even worse than that! They're not only white, but MALE, and, most damning of all...they have useful skills! NOT the kind of people we want just walking into our country. One does not simply walk into...oh wait, that's Mordor.

  13. Officials Won't Let Some Ukrainian and Russian Ship Crews Enter the U.S. Because They Might Try To Stay....and vote against leftist tyranny.

  14. Well, if they speak spanish they should be allowed to stay.
    That seems to be the precedent.

    1. Its a conspiracy by Taco Bell.

  15. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are denying entry to some Ukrainian and Russian seafarers at American ports, fearing they might try to overstay their visas or otherwise remain in the U.S. upon reaching American soil.

    That's the law. Change it or live with it.

  16. i think the title wasnt finished...
    Officials Won't Let Some Ukrainian and Russian Ship Crews Enter the U.S. Because They Might Try To Stay and vote Republican

  17. I'll just come out and point to the elephant in the room. Biden let over 2,000,000 illegal aliens stroll across our southern border, board planes with no covid tests and flew them across the country in the dead of night last year dropping them off everywhere except Delaware. He doesn't want to let these people in because they won't vote right and are white. Period

  18. It is not terribly unusual for ship's crews to be denied shore leave in some ports, or under certain circumstances.
    That does not mean that the ship is not allowed to load or unload. If we are talking about container ships, they are likely to be in port for only a few hours anyway.
    This is not a big deal.

  19. It is totally logical to deny entry to the Russian and Ukrainian crew for a good reason. Logistics.

    If the Russian and Ukrainian crew members decide to seek asylum in the US, the. That means there is a big ass container ship stuck in port without adequate crew numbers to sail. That would clog our shipping ports and lead to a supply chain catastrophe that is far worse than what we have seen so far.

    Shipping companies would then need to recruit more crews, which is easy enough to do at overseas ports, but almost impossible in the US. The US has the Jones act, which requires ships with significant US crews, that visit US ports to pay US taxes. The Jones act makes it so that mariners are almost NEVER Americans. There are no American crews to even recruit.

    So the shipping companies would have to fly in new crew members just to sail.

    Totally a logical thing to prevent to keep the ports running.

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