SNL to Liberals: It's OK To Question Nonsensical Mask Mandates

Mocking COVID public health theater is finally going mainstream.


The best Saturday Night Live sketches feel like funhouse-mirror versions of real life—echoes of conversations or situations we've experienced, but with comedic exaggerations. I mean, who hasn't seen lobster on a menu in a diner and wondered: "Why?"

The best sketch in last night's show, hosted by former SNL writer and recently out-of-rehab standup superstar John Mulaney, is a perfect example. It could have been yanked out of probably thousands of conversations around the country this week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally loosened their guidelines for masking—guidelines that have been used to justify all sorts of local and state polices that often make little sense. Like, say, the rules in D.C. and several other major cities requiring you to wear a mask to enter a restaurant even though you're going to take it off as soon as you sit down to eat.

That's where the sketch begins, with six friends gathered for dinner. One of them, Keenan Thompson, is still wearing his mask when we join the group mid-conversation. After he removes it, fellow diner Heidi Gardner cautiously mentions an article she'd read suggesting that "mask mandates had, I don't know, little to no effect on COVID."

"It's not like I'm anti-mask or anything," Gardner quickly clarifies, "I just sometimes wonder if any of the things we did actually helped."

That sets off a chain reaction around the table, with each member of the group rest of the table reacting in exaggerated, GIF-tastic horror—before slowly, even painfully admitting that they, too, are questioning the effectiveness of the pandemic theater that we've endured over the past two years.

It's an unexpectedly subversive sketch from a show that rarely aims its fire these days at the liberal political consensus. It's five minutes of saying aloud thoughts that a lot people have been condemning as off-limits.

Kate McKinnon's character is "personally so relieved to be vaccinated" but then wonders aloud whether those who are vaccine-hesitant might not have a valid reason for refusing the shot? Mulaney timidly suggests that maybe "we"—read: the show's liberal audience—have been too quick to demand that the unvaccinated lose their jobs and get shunned from public life.

From there, it becomes a rapid-fire unraveling of the logic behind much of what's happened in the past year. Outdoor dining? "Oh, you mean when they built a smaller restaurant in the street, how is that outdoors?" asks Mulaney. The CDC's ever-changing and confusing guidance? "When I make a mistake at work, I don't get to say 'the science changed,'" complains Thompson.

But it's McKinnon who delivers the final blow with a long story about how she attended a child's birthday party in which all the kids were masked while doing gymnastics—and then took off the masks to eat pizza.

"So did they really need the mask?" she says, looking like she's about to vomit simply by stating the question out loud. "Did any of us ever need the mask?"

These are, of course, questions that a lot of us have been asking for months, even years. And while masking in some circumstances helps slow the spread of coronaviruses, it's also true that mask mandates are mostly about virtue signaling and haven't been shown to work. As McKinnon points out, there's little logic behind masking in some settings and then immediately unmasking in the same setting. And officials' disregard for their own COVID policies has only further demonstrated how silly many of these rules were in the first place.

Good on SNL for telling viewers that it's fine to question, and to laugh at, all this.

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  1. Two years late? I'm supposed to applaud this daring move?

    No thanks.

    1. This. Fuck off SNL.

      1. “The science changed!”

    2. They, themselves, probably had a line to that effect as one of the jokes that got cut for time. They're chicken, they know it, and they'll make fun of how chicken they were once they're safe.

    3. What rebels!

      1. Sat. Night Lame.

        And Lamer, the morons that have to wait for SNL to OK it for them?


    4. Reason wasn't any better. Not sure how they can claim any morality on masks.

      1. Yep. Boehm et all should be groveling on their knees through a mile of bent syringes.

        1. It's nice that some mainstream outlets are finally admitting the obvious, but, much like J.K. Rowling trying to make Dumbledore retroactively gay well after the culture shifted and her book sales were no longer at risk from such a move, it would've been braver for SNL to do something like this back when it mattered.

      2. A solid point.

    5. Completely agree. The fact that they are just getting around to possibly having these conversations in a "subversive" manner when the vast majority of us were having them 2 years ago, says more about how they are just living in a bubble.

  2. Jen Psaki says Biden wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by using green energy, not by expanding U.S. energy production.

    Fuck this guy. And fuck everyone who lies on his behalf (yes, I'm especially looking at you, Dave "The Hedgehog" Weigel, you dipshit).

    1. Even if one thinks green energy should be used, we're still quite a way from it being mainstream and commonplace so right now the best they could realistically hope for is keep using gas and oil while green energy technology improves. However, they don't seem capable of grasping this as they think that if we just stop using gas and oil, green will be much more available and efficient.

      1. “However, they don't seem capable of grasping this”

        They grasp it just fine. They don’t care about it. They care about the graft and their power.

      2. Many seem convinced that all that needs to happen is Thanos to snap and all fossil fuel use will just stop. The idea of a transition seems to boggle the mind. Even worse when they fail to accept that the only real path to achieve the world they want involves nuclear power rather than covering vast deaths of land in solar panels and wind turbines.

        1. Even if we could conceivably produce enough with solar, you still need reserve production for the high-demand periods, or to cover shortages. You can't produce enough to meet all your demand plus excess. Battery storage isn't there yet and batteries have a shelf-life anyway, so it's not exactly zero-carbon.

          Hydro makes for a pretty good option where it's available because you can increase the water flow to push the turbines. It's also got limitations, which is a why you need a number of nuclear facilities as well.

          1. in WA state, hydro is not considered renewable. how do they think the water got up there in the first place? 🙂

            1. "It might not rain next year." - Jay Inslee, probably

        2. The world they want is a relatively small elite class with some accompanying gentry lording over completely dependent, dumb, impotent masses consigned to eternal serfdom.
          It has nothing to do with "clean" energy, other than its utility to give them the feeling and exercise of superiority over the commoners.

      3. Ah the BS about green improving.

        Its ALREADY improved and still useless except in areas with meager demand.

        Buffett put wind powered bird murderers in W IA. Financial failure till they hired crews to fix them bc they were off line so much.

      4. Anyone who wants to go all green can do so, but that means not only direct personal use (and making sure they never take any electricity from the grid that might be tainted by fossil fuel--time averaging does not count), it also means green energy only for all the goods and services they consume, including transportation and government.

        1. Face it-what the Green/Blue Team really wants is for everyone to stop losing electricity period. They know their wind, solar, and unicorn farts plan won’t deliver and nuclear is off the table, so is hydro because it disrupts ecosystems. Of course, humans seemed to do ok wi the our electricity for thousands of years, if you didn’t mind that the life expectancy was 35. We had fire too, but progs now want to ban that.

          1. I meant stop using electricity

          2. They don't want to stop using electricity, and they don't intend to.
            They want to deprive you use of electricity.
            It will be a class distinction, and tool to keep you in your place.

      5. However, they don't seem capable of grasping this as they think that if we just stop using gas and oil, green will be much more available and efficient.

        Or reliable.

    2. The only reliable ‘green energy’. Comes from the central power battery on Oa. Which is only found in fiction. Just like the green energy Psaki thinks will help.

      1. Pskaki’s pshamelessly telling pstories. What a psinp!

        1. Pfuck Psaki Pitiful Pbitch.

          1. I thought her name was spelled Pissaki, pronounced as spelled.

    3. So increase dependency on foreign solar panels to decrease dependency on foreign energy... or just open up energy exploration here.

      1. Foreign solar panels made by slaves in China.

        1. And made of materials inefficiently strip mined, then discarded to leak toxins into the earth.

    4. Here in St. Louis, we had a progressive environmental group sue to shut down our main natural gas supply pipeline, just in time for winter. Luckily, they failed. But if the democrats think people are going to forget about shit like this come November, they are in for a bit of a shock.

      1. They failed but they'll be back.

    5. Shes axRectum with teeth.

      Just a Parrot.

      GND isnt gonna make power when the sun doesnt shine and wind doesnt blow.

      Her blowing wind might do it...

    6. Renewable energy is a wonderful idea, but not a reliable one.

      And when applied to industrial scales, it often becomes just as ecologically destructive. I can get behind solar panels on residential homes and shading parking lots.

  3. Maybe they’re tired of paying their audience to get around covid rules.

  4. SNL has not survived four and a half decades by being edgy or cutting edge. They've survived by being safe and anodyne - hence why, 2 years after everyone else is over it, they finally feel safe to do this stuff.

    1. Still No Laughs survived four of those decades without even being funny.

      1. Imagine them trying to do Dick in a Box today.

        1. God forbid they reach way back and do the "whats that?!...It's Pat!" ambiguous gender joke. There wouldnt be enough web space for all the "problematic" articles coming from huffpo, vice, vox, and salon.

        2. Add to that, "schweaty balls", Norm mcdonald constantly shitting on women (always great), Chris farley fat jokes, and them mostly focusing on a male heavy case since women are rarely actually funny.

          1. Don’t forget Norms Clinton jokes.

      2. Yeah I don't know how old Eric is but SNL hasn't been worth watching since sometime in the 80s. You could watch Redeye or Adult Swim if you needed a laugh.

    2. The last time I watched SNL was during the W. Bush administration.

      1. Haven’t watched since Clinton’s first term when they had Adam Sandler and Mike Meyers. 90% of the show would be canceled nowadays.

    3. There was a brief period in the mid 90s with Norm McDonald

      1. Even then ,SNL was not funny. *Some of their performers were*.

        1. Out of curiosity, did you think Mad TV was funny?

          1. "It's possible."

      2. Will Ferrell had moments, but it was hit or miss and pretty rough overall

        1. That cast was OK, but also the beginning of the downfall.

          But the cast prior to that was amazing. Spade, Farley, Sandler. That was their best lineup since belushi.

          1. Completely agreed. Bill Murray, Aykroyd, Chevy, Belushi era vs Spade, Farley, Sandler, Myers era for the best.

            Ferrell/Fallon era had some ok points, but def the turn where they started hiring mostly people that were more interested in political activism than actually being funny. AKA poehler, Fey, Seth myers, the other lib hacks. There were some occasional moments with Sudekis and Samberg but at that point the poison had done too much work.

    4. I'd argue the first 2-3 seasons were what SNL was supposed to be. But once the initial crew moved on, Lorne Michaels fucked it all up and made a safe lib space. It hasn't been funny, edgy, or anything else but boring since.

  5. Reason For Romney 2024

    Anarcho-capitalism= Extreme Right
    Libertarianism= Right
    Reason= Center-right

    1. LOL

      The only way Biden doesn't win in 2024 is if he decides not to run. In that case Harris will win.

      Best economy ever + shutting down the virus + scaring Putin into submission = bigger landslide than 2020


      1. You forgot the rig count.

        1. Works every time!

      2. "Biden... decides"


      3. or maybe Biden will keel over on stage from a vaxxine injury and flop around like a fish out of water.

    2. Did you get 5 pts from your poly sci class for that post?

  6. SNL will be canceled.

  7. Mocking COVID public health theater is finally going mainstream.

    Oh how safe it is for the fearful and weak-minded to claim they were against it all along.

    1. Ignoring the fact that the Democrats, CDC and MSM are desperately running from mandates to rehabilitate the party prior to the November election. SNL is reading from the party playbook and Reason thinks they've seen the light. It could be just their childlike naivety or simple ignorance. Or it could be a cynical propaganda effort to ensure that a "within normal parameters" regime saves us from all of those conservative authoritarians lurking in the far corners of the interwebs.

      1. Better to rip off the Band-aid now rather than in October.

  8. "mask mandates had, I don't know, little to no effect on COVID."

    "It's not like I'm anti-mask or anything," Gardner quickly clarifies, "I just sometimes wonder if any of the things we did actually helped."

    Was this presented in a comedic way or was it a short teleplay where people said some shit?

    1. If it was on SNL, it had nothing to do with comedy.

    1. An empty headed podcaster with opinions. Tuned out.

  9. Trump again calls Putin ‘smart’ and blames Biden for invasion

    Um, Trump is correct, Putin is smart. He's orders of magnitude smarter than almost anything we have at the top levels of our Federal government. Calling Putin "smart" doesn't mean calling him 'correct'. And Biden is at least partly to blame for this invasion. Biden is both dumb and weak.

    1. Media analysis: Putin is a mean poopyhead! QUIT CALLING HIM SMART!

    2. Calling him "correct" doesn't mean calling him "good".

    3. You are so tiresome. Muting you.

      1. Mute yourself. You’re universally reviled here.

        1. Tony and Shreek like him, because now there is someone even dumber here.

      2. It's so nice when you proudly proclaim yourself to be the fragile, pussy, faggot bitch you are so I don't have to.

        1. I like how you have to tell people that you're muting them.

          "You're not going to get one more word out of me. No sir. Not another word. See how you like it. Total silence from me. Good luck getting me to ever respond to another thing you say. yep, complete silence. I will not respond or hear anything you say. You are muted. Totally muted. I will not spend any more time thinking about you. Not one more second. Oh you can beg and whine. But you'll get zilch out of me. Not another word. The lips are zipped, and it's quiet-time from hereon out. Nope. Try as you might..."

          "Could you please... shut the fuck up?"

          "I'm not talking to you. You're muted. Not one more peep. Not one more. Not a single peep..."

          1. There’s something to be said for idiot lefties providing a new way to laugh at them.

      3. For understanding how smart doesn't mean correct? Sorry your idiotic talking point is easily undone from understanding English.

      4. Cope and seethe, Liarson.
        Then grit your teeth for midterms.

      5. Hahahahaha. Goddamn you’re such a fucking wussy.


    4. Trump is correct? I guess broken clock and all that.

      Not that I disagree with the idea that Biden is a weak minded fool but would you care to expand on how Biden is responsible for the action of the Russian president? This seems to assume that the US has responsibility for keeping the world in line.

      As for Biden wing weak and dumb that seems to be all we've been offered for president in the last few elections. At best he matches rather than exceeds the idiocy of his predecessor.

      1. B-b-b-but TRUMP!!!!!!!

        If you weren't such an autistic retard sarcasmic, you'd realize how literally everyone can instantly identify your socks.

        1. Don't be mean to autistic retards like that.

      2. Do you know ow what the word partly means? Take a look at his actions last year to undo sanctions.

      3. Well Biden...

        Removed sanctions on Russia that we just reinstated 3 days ago.

        Canceled numerous pipelines and drilling permits around the country, causing oil and gas futures, and thus the price of oil and gas, skyrocketing. Allowing putin a windfall he is using to fund this invasion.

        Canceled lethal aid to Ukraine (just like Obama) which was just reinstated 3 days ago.

    5. Putin read the room, did the math, and acted on it. He is smarter than our excuse for leadership.

      He's also a very bad guy. Russia would be a lot better off without him.

  10. Hey Reason Kidz! Welcome to RealPolitik!

    Saudi Arabia rejects US request to increase oil production
    European Union looks to Qatar and Egypt for increased supply of natural gas, should Russia withhold shipments

    Saudi Arabia has declined requests from the United States to increase its production of oil in order to reduce gasoline prices, instead sticking to an agreement not to pump more oil than the output decided last year by Opec and Russia.

    At an energy forum in Riyadh on Wednesday, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman rejected calls to pump more oil and said renegotiating quotas among Opec members risked stoking more volatility in oil markets, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Brett McGurk, the White House's Middle East coordinator, and Amos Hochstein, the State Department's energy envoy, were sent to Riyadh by the administration "to pressure Saudi officials to pump more crude oil and stabilise markets", a US official told CNN.

    "The kingdom is not on the same page with the US currently," said an OPEC delegate. "We all know they are not ready to cooperate with the US to calm the market."

    Now, let's go back to tweeting our outrage and posting our Ukraïna flags on our bios. Along with our pronouns.

    He/him, btw.

    1. Who/what

        1. Me/Myself/I

          1. His Royal Highness/The Great Superior Being

            1. SSdtIHRoZSBiZXN0/SSByZWFsbHkgYW0h

    2. The fucking zoomer interns running our country have no fucking idea what they're doing. We voted for a president for whom we admitted we only needed a "corporeal presence" to defeat the mean tweeter.

      Good luck with your choices, America.

    3. For Russia, higher oil prices mean that the country’s economy will be able to weather the impact of any potential sanctions that will be imposed in case of any invasion or incursion into Ukraine. The higher oil prices will increase Russia’s forex reserves and provide support for the rouble.

      At the same time, higher oil prices are also driving the record-high inflation in the US. The high prices will also impact the options that the US and other Western allies have in terms of imposing sanctions on Russia.

      1. (scratches head) Wow I don't know how anybody could see that coming.

        1. It's truly a mystery

          1. C'mon guys, if we had shut down domestic production earlier, we wouldn't be in this situation, and would all be living in a green energy powered utopia under this overachieving Brandon recovery.

      2. Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund is divesting itself of its investments In Russia. If the "civilized" world succeeds in cutting off the Russian oil supply from world markets, it follows that oil prices will go up and that will increase oil revenues into the Norway SWF. I am certain they have not considered that.

    4. We dont need the Ragheads. We can get oil and illegal aliens from Petro Mex.

    5. Well, the last time we crushed the Soviet/Russian economy we did it will dropping crude prices. With the right leadership, we could do it again.

    6. Why should Saudi Arabia do this when we won't? Or try to get more from Canada? (The cancelled Keystone pipeline)

      1. Yep. They don't stand anything to gain when we ourselves won't do this. I guess it was worth asking? But it would be stupid to think they would sabotage oil prices in the name of screwing Russia over.

    7. Is there a super coolkid hashtag yet? IstandwithUkraine or some other pathetic drivel?

  11. To the left, watching SNL, Trevor Noah, and listening to NPR, is like going to church.

    And they will believe whatever their preachers say

    1. As if the 'right' is any better or lacks zealots devoted to their media.

      1. B-b-b-but 'PUBLICANS!!!!!

        If you weren't such an autistic retard sarcasmic, you'd realize how literally everyone can instantly identify your socks.

        1. And whose the asshole responding to the socks?

          Another Troll perhaps?

      2. Goddamn. "whataboutism" starts out as a weak avoidance-of-argument. It's even worse if it's comparing irrelevant or dissimilar things. Not a good effort.

  12. Helmet law in Seattle repealed because homeless and POCs were targeted more than white folks.

    Seattle Bike Helmet Rule Is Dropped Amid Racial Justice Concerns
    Analysis showed that the King County regulation was enforced disproportionately against homeless people and people of color. Critics say the repeal will jeopardize safety.

    What's hilarious is the research they showed was bullshit.

    1. Everything the left does and says is bullshit. I’ve never understood why they are tolerated. Now we may face nuclear armageddon because we never mustered the will to get rid of them.

    2. Research in Europe showed helmets dont work.

      Of course, masks dont either..

      Or Leftists

    3. Don't be messing with a sister's (or brother's) 'do.

    4. Nowhere in what passes for their "analysis" do they consider the possibility that PoCs and the homeless might be riding bikes without helmets more often than other people. And by "other people", I mean "white people" who must not be allowed to benefit from their devious white supremacist machinations that include, but are not limited to: Obeying the law.

  13. So one of Dr. Mengele's assistants on CNN is now coming out against school closures. We need Nuremberg trials for these people.

    1. "We need Nuremberg trials for these people"

      1000% this.

  14. It’s not like I’m against a totalitarian dictatorship in Canada. But, like, did seizing truckers assets make us look bad?
    *roll the laugh track*

  15. If you're not watching the reaction to Ukraine with the same look of shock and awe as the early days of covid hysteria, then you didn't learn.

    1. We're like a week away from dancing militia videos and then nuclear war


      The Ukrainian flag should be flying at all government building in the US.


      This is the planned departures from Moscow SVO airport tomorrow. A city in deepening isolation. A tragedy for which one person is solely responsible.
      [Pic of canceled flights]


      This is, without exaggeration, one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on television, and tells you all you need to know about the state of mainstream US discourse and the implicit premises on which it's based:


        FOX NEWS host Harris Faulkner turns to Condoleezza Rice this morning and says, "When you invade a sovereign nation, that is a war crime" -- Rice nods in solemn agreement. Just incredible. Establishment factions are going all-out leveraging this to whitewash their own past actions


          Meanwhile in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and Libya: [gif]

          Serbia also!! We remember what NATO did in 1999 [pic]

          1. Holy shit, the replies on that Serbia remark...

        2. fucking classic!

        3. Harris Faulkner is really hot.

          1. She's no Maria Zakharova though, MILFhood-wise.


      The government will remember two things from COVID - how compliant people become when you inject a little fear into their lives; and how quickly they will forget what you did to them if you just offer them something new to be afraid of.


    In case of a nuclear explosion, FEMA warns to try to keep 6 ft social distance and wear a mask for covid. You can’t make this up

    1. We are ruled by retards.

      1. Putin threats are empty. What is he actually threatening? Nuclear war? So you're gonna kill all the people in Russia and Europe and that's your threat. That's what nuclear war is. When you threaten nuclear war you're essentially saying "I will destroy the Russian people for ________". For Ukraine? You're killing your kids over Ukraine? Pathetic. Weak. Fuck him.

      2. The only credible threat of nuclear war with Russia would be a situation in which all hope was lost and Russia was actually being invaded and destroyed. The Russian generals understand that. You think they're going to let Putin murder their own children over this sick delusional piece of shit? Not a fucking chance.

      3. What a fricking plan there Putin. Destroy your economy in a day. Make Ukrainians despise your regime for the rest of time. Turn ever decent mfer against you. Brilliant plan. Dumb piece of shit.

        1. Why did the US go crawling to the Opec nations, begging them to increase oil production? And why did the Oil producing nations give us the middle finger?

          1. Because some evil mastermind has caused US energy production to drop!!

        2. Try to organize your “thoughts” into a single and coherent post.

          1. Why bother? He earned an extra dollar this way.

            I'm amazed that someone can be so triggered by that post - yes, wedging C19 superstitions into your emergency preparedness guidance is the definition of wasteful idiocy.

            1. Oh, come on now. It can't be all idiocy.

              I mean, now we know for sure that hand sanitizer is not effective against nuclear fallout. I mean, who would have guessed that?

              1. It's good advice, man! Social distancing, as in, "try to keep 6 feet between you and the bomb".

                Nothing retarded about THAT!

                And you just need a mask made of recycled "California Dept. of Education School Desks, circa 1950". Those old desks would protect you if the Rooskies got all bomby, should still work.

    2. "Sorry, Jim, but if we let you and your family into our fallout shelter, we won't have enough room to social distance properly. Good luck out there."

      1. "In order to be admitted to fallout shelters, you need proof of vaccination- that's 2 initial doses, and a booster."


        "The fallout is killing the unvaccinated at rates 100 times more than vaccinated people."

  17. As usual Reason seems blissfully unaware of the anti libertarian events unfolding right before their eyes. While libertarians obsess about rhoads and silly wanna be comics on SNL, the war party is fully in charge and they are dragging us in to their ultimate wet dream, WWIII. The media, administration, congress and social media speak with a single voice. We must save the Ukrainian innocents from the evil Putin whatever the cost. When Reason endorsed a within normal parameters presidential candidate I came here and warned them that the neocons, that Trump had alienated, would be back in charge of foreign policy. And they're here. Sullum's favorite male Republican (his hardon for Liz Cheney keeps him up all night), Adam Kinzinger, is demanding a no fly zone over the Ukraine to the applause of both MSNBC and Fox News. Social media companies are being ordered to suppress pro Putin disinformation. Whatever that is. The shit is hitting the fan Reason will undoubtedly give us the food truck perspective. In the meantime here's a guy who typically does more for libertarianism in a month than Reason can manage in a year.

    1. Everyone here loves the poor little Ukrainian bunnies, and their stand for freedom via conscription of the entire male population and prohibition on leaving, so the mass coordinated zealous propaganda and start of WWIII are ok. Best to ignore the very real possibility of nuclear exchange due to already irrational escalation. Some withstood the BLM madness and covid hysteria, but it seems the 3rd wave of psychological warfare has broken most and we are all Ukraine now.
      But pay no attention, because you and I are just Russian trolls spreading propaganda. Tony, buttplug, strazele, and Ken couldn't possibly be wrong, right? They too are speaking with one voice, so the rest of us should just fall in line.
      ???????? uber alles!

      1. Oh Nardz. Except for the fifty-centers none of us want war.

        1. I don't want war.

          But I certainly want us to help kill the communists.

          If we send in a bunch of unmarked drones, what's the problem with that?

        2. None of US want war, but you have to admit, this invasion is extremely politically convenient for some people, and there are some perverse incentives to keep it going as long as possible, so they can distract or redirect from their massive domestic failures.

          A week ago, the world was watching Canadian freedom protestors get stomped by Trudeau's goons, as he gave himself sweeping "emergency powers" to crush dissent. Today, all anyone can talk about is Ukraine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to exclusion of everything else.

          I support helping the Ukrainians repel the invasion. Send them arms and equipment. But also don't get distracted from the fact that Trudeau and his ilk are far greater threats to freedom and democracy in North America than Putin.

      2. Calling innocent Ukrainians "poor little bunnies" is just as retarded as scarc or struddle calling all of us Trumpers.

      3. I don't know if you should be taking such pride in being a living, breathing example of horseshoe theory in action.

        Pretty much nobody wants to get physically involved in this war, but most of us understand that having a adversarial, authoritarian-trending actor grow more powerful at the expense of a neighbor that is trying to become more liberal is likely to not be in our best interests. But the prevention of that outcome practically requires the globalists to get a W, something that just can't be countenanced.

        1. Clap I think Nardz point is how have any of these nations been liberal in the last two years, this is just another flavor of the same crap we've been given and now we're suppossed to feel outraged not, Canada, New Zealand, local health authorities?

    2. REASON will give us the "to be sure, there have been excesses" viewpoint. It's Robbies' legacy.

  18. Today's front page, above-the-fold article in my local rag:

    Seattle has six kinds of rain. Can you name them?
    How many types of rain are there? And how many seasons does the Seattle area have? Four if you're a calendar person, but some Seattleites say two — wet and dry. Updated 4:31 pm

  19. I wonder if the execs at NBC are thinking about the mid-terms.

    1. Say, when are the midterms again?

      Google, how many days to midterm elections?

      Google says, "In 253 days".

  20. This isn't SNL being subversive. This is SNL giving new marching orders to their liberal viewers, and telling them to shut up about all the COVID stuff and move on so Dems can win in November.

    1. Exactly

  21. Here’s our local above the fold headline in the San Jose Mercury News

    1. People need to see that movie. It says it all.
      The Wall.
      And 1984.


    NEW: Congress drops mask mandate ahead of Biden’s State of The Union speech on Tuesday

    “Mask wear is now an individual choice option,” the Capitol Attending Physician said.

    1. Too funny.

      1. Too f'n real. It's been poli "science" from the get go


    Going to be awkward when the war in Ukraine is over and the left have to go back to being against nationalism, borders, and an armed citizenry


    Cool backdrop too, tbh
    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, thinks that the edible biological chip that has been FDA approved to ensure compliance is fascinating, and needs to be invested in.
    Who else is tired of conspiracy theories coming true?


    Poster glorifying Che Guevara hanging in @GFSchool. A private school which charges 40k tuition a year


    Ukraine was the playground for State Dept, intelligence schemes, and DC political grift for well over a decade. Y'all know it.

    Yet suddenly, the same Ukraine is the great modern Alamo in the battle to save all mankind... and we're supposed to forget the first stuff.


    1. Because our Mic is corrupt and Ukraine used to be, doesn't mean the Ukrainian people deserve to be subjugated by communism.

  27. Now that the left is finally realizing how untenable their position actually was, anyone care to wager on how it will take before they once again do the same thing they did with defunding the police and with insane authoritarian covid lockdowns.... You know, suddenly pretend that they never supported those policies ever.... and that it was those dastardly conservatives who had always been driving defund the police and mandatory lockdowns... Im gonna 2 two weeks at the very most before we see them do a full 180

    1. I believe that the #defundthepolice dance craze was backed out of fairly quickly by many on the left. That was the shortest political fad in my personal memory. It lasted something like three weeks before Democrats were hastily backing away from it, and carefully crafted editorials were being written explaining that #defundthepolice didn't really mean "defund the police" but instead was a broader conceptual idea that meant 'reform the police' in various picayune procedural ways that simpletons on the right couldn't understand.

      It was like how Black Lives Matter went from an actual organization with a website, founders, and public statements about their vision for the future of America (and the destruction thereof) to a broad slogan that simply sympathized with the idea that black people were suffering under some police brutality. And stuff.

      1. With the "and stuff" being, grifting millions of dollars from clueless corporate virtue signalers.


    Talked to a bunch of European callers tonight from Hungary, Sweden, etc. who are shocked and terrified at how radically the EU's rhetoric/posture has changed overnight. Guy said Swedish media is even more off-the-rails right now than US media. Sounds ominous

    1. Because our communists come for us with environmental regulations, censorship, and taxes and fees.

      The communists over there will come for them with guns and tanks.

      I get it, you don't want US troops on the ground. Neither do I. But we've got plenty of other ways to kill communists. And plenty of other ways to help Ukraine. You're giving putin far too much credit and reacting out of fear of his rhetoric.

      1. Nardz has a point.

        The people of the Ukraine shouldn't be subjugated by communists, and they shouldn't suffer for their government's corruption. We should help Ukraine and sell them all the guns and ammo they can carry. No American boots on the ground.

        But the world news cycle is ALL Ukraine, 24/7, to the exclusion of all else. The Russian invasion is being used for political purposes to distract from important domestic issues, conveniently right before the mid-terms.

        Team Biden has a lot of perverse incentives to keep this Ukraine issue on the front page as long as possible, so they don't have to talk about any of their massive domestic failures, or so he can posture himself as a "war-time" president, and blame all his massive domestic failures on the Ukraine invasion and Russia. It's propaganda to make Americans forget about how fucking bad everything is right now. If there was any seriousness to Team Biden's commitment to freedom and democracy in Ukraine, we wouldn't be letting Russia sell oil, Keystone would be open, and we'd be drilling the fuck out of US oil right now.

  29. By the way, the EU is buying fighter Jets for Ukraine.
    That strike anyone else as batshit crazy?
    There's a concept that could've been ripe for comedy, the brainstorming session for that idea. Alas, the dolts made sure reality beat them to it.

    And I've been wondering why Ukraine is such a huge underdog?
    They're poor, sure, but they're sponsored by the entire western world giving them weapons, arms, vehicles, and supplies. Considering that, they may be better funded than Russia. Russia only has a 3:1 population advantage, which isn't a massive gap. And Ukraine has home field advantage. But everyone's acting like Russia is Bama rolling into Florida A&M

    1. Ukraine can buy or take whatever arms it wants. That's why trump reinstated the sale of lethal aid to them.

      And it appears Ukraine isn't as much an underdog, and would be even less so if we were properly arming them weeks or months ago.

      All it really proves is how much fear putin has been able to instill into the risk averse like yourself. Putin and the Russian military are not nearly as tough as the propoganda you seemed to believe.

      1. I'm more concerned what they will do if they start losing. If Putin loses this war, his grip on power will be loosened or he may even be deposed if it drags on long enough. He will get desperate. Since the man already has no morals or qualms with ordering assassinations, I do not want to see a desperate Putin.

    2. Putin should have thought of that before he ordered the invasion.

    3. "And I've been wondering why Ukraine is such a huge underdog?"

      Well, as an expert on geopolitics recently explained "Ukraine is a country in Europe. And it's near Russia. And Russia is a bigger country. So when they attack Ukraine, it's bad."

      Note: Definition of "expert on geopolitics" expanded to include the grade school-level expertise of Kamala Harris.


    J6th defendant, Matthew Perna has been bullied to death by the DOJ.

    Not accused of violence or vandalism.

    His family says:

    “They informed him the other day that they were pursuing additional charges. He couldn’t take another day.”

    His family is heartbroken and angry at everyone responsible.

    This is not the first time, and will not be the last. The January 6th death toll will continue to rise if nothing is done about the over-reaching tyranny of the current Regime.

  31. “ And while masking in some circumstances helps slow the spread of coronaviruses…”

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize there was an RCT proving this! Or at least real world data bearing this out. Care to share?


    Remember like six weeks ago when everyone was getting fired, ostracized, canceled, censored, fined thousands of dollars, and excluded from all public life for opposing COVID mandates, and then suddenly no one cares anymore? Funny how that works.


    Excuse me?

    George Soros says that the resistance of Ukrainians reminds him of... the resistance of the Nazis in 1944.
    Brave Ukrainians are now on the frontline and risking their lives in an onslaught that reminds me of the siege of Budapest in 1944 and the siege of Sarajevo in 1993."

  34. You don't have to say "SNL to Liberals", just say "SNL to Viewers".

    1. One suspects the Venn diagram is a single circle.

      1. There's also the circle representing "politically delusional retards" on there. You just can't see it.

  35. It's an unexpectedly subversive sketch from a show that rarely aims its fire these days at the liberal political consensus.

    I really hate to dump on anyone finally willingly coming out of their COVID fever dream because we really need them to do so, but these are people who forced their fantasy on all of society for two years, to devastating effect. They need to be held to account lest they try that bullshit again.

    1. Ive been beating my woke friends over the head with it, esp the restaurant mask talisman ridiculousness that borders a religious ritual.

      They have to be mocked for adhering to and pushing nonsense

      1. Now that it's not enforced by government diktat, it's a good time to ostentatiously refuse to eat in such places. Where you go in, and, on being informed they're still requiring mask theater, noisily decline to eat there, hopefully causing the sheep enjoying their meal some little embarrassment.

        The only place still hard-requiring masks around here is the University hospital, and I suspect they provided the majority of signatories for our stupid "Racism is a health crisis" declaration. So, that kind of person.

    2. is it me or does this comment section seem a lot less "woke" all of a sudden?

    3. People who use "liberal" as a disparagement reveal that they hate freedom and admire totalitarianism--much like the ones who try to pass communist anarchist off as something other than an antonym of libertarian. It's odd that bigots, socialists of all stripes and groupthinkers try so hard to cross-dress instead of voting libertarian. You know what they say abt imitation...

    4. South Park admitted the data show the Emperor is butt-nekkid. Suddenly the "Opinions and Social Pressure" pressure is off as in the 1955 experiment, and people can think clearly and discern sensory evidence. Realclimatescience dotcom does a lot of statistical outing of communivirus hoaxes that gull the same crowd of dupes.

  36. Only the jester can criticize the king without fear of reprisal.

  37. My favorite modern-day SNL skit is still the one where they mocked government employees and their overly generous vacation and pension accrual policies. Hard to believe that one got approved.

  38. They are using this to train the people watching it.

    Whoever controls the media controls the mind. ~Jim Morrison

    This entire thing has been so scripted and contrived you can practically see the puppet strings at work on nearly all of the participating politicians and media personalities.

    Given that they are winding down the virus propaganda machine just in time to ramp up the war propaganda machine - until the next virus comes along right on cue - let's put their fear-mongering lies under a microscope and examine them in order to arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to guard ourselves against the next wave of deception:

    -New Normal
    -Build Back Better
    -Follow The Science
    -Flatten the Curve
    -Alone Together
    -Stay Home
    -Protect/Save the NHS
    -Save Lives-Your Home is Your Lifeline
    -Stay Home-Save Lives, Avoid Stage 5
    -Don’t Panic, Don’t Rush, Don’t Overstock
    -Trust The Science
    -Stay smart – Stay Safe – Stay Open
    -NHS Staff: We Stay At Work for You – You Stay At Home For Us
    -Test, Trace, Treat
    -Only You Can Prevent the Spread
    -The vaccine will save us – The booster will save us – The fourth dose is the answer
    -Your freedom ends where your contagion begins.
    -Believe In The Science
    -I wear my mask to protect you and you wear your mask to protect me
    -Out of an abundance of caution
    -We’re all in this together
    -It's Safe and Effective
    -There is no evidence that that vaccine is harmful…

    These are not science terms and phrases. They are hypnotic chants meant to induce an audience into a suggestive state of mind – this is why they are repeated over and over and over again.

    Furthermore, masking has historically been an integral part of an initiation ritual: in our case the initiation into the “new normal” the globalists have planned for us.

    Or put another way - as you all are of course aware - all of this was one giant world-wide psychological operation. Here is a collection of authorities admitting this with its horrible effects woven through them. Take the time to read through this–the crimes are horrible:

    1. In the old mystery rituals (If I recall what I read in "The Golden Bough" as a kid), the masking of new members was to demonstrate and enforce the loss of the old identity, with the new identity to be provided by the initiates via subjecting them to trauma, drugs and/or psychedelic effects produced by the environment.

      The various traumas: pandemic, frightening government authoritarianism and now, threat of nuclear war; would all seem to be precursors of some greater change.

      Fuck. And i was always so skeptical of the New World Order alarmists.

  39. One guy, driving in his car with no passengers, windows up, wearing a mask that doesn't cover his nose will be the defining image of this pandemic.

  40. Having watched this, there is absolutely nothing subversive about it, it is a poor, and two years too late, attempt at mocking their own in-group's collective authoritarianism and blind faith in Scientism. The authoritarianism and blind acceptance that they enabled, and in fact promoted. It goes without saying, it also is not funny in the slightest, except as a demonstration of how dishonest and craven some of the left-leaning sorts are.

  41. It's another iteration of the Solomon Asch Experiment, and explains why dissent is absolutely banned in places like belligerent Russia. As soon as a single overt dissenter is detected, the social pressure that causes people to ape the crowd is punctured and fizzles out. See:
    This is also why Libertarian spoiler votes puncture the Kleptocracy and cause looter parties to repeal their own bad laws over time.

  42. This is brave!

    Good to see the support for those who may only now be learning it is ok to question things, and to be inspired in this way by Saturday Night Live.

  43. Yes, things look pretty grim, what with the media squarely in the pocket of the 1% of the 1%.

    Then I am reminded that NOTHING, EVER, can be extrapolated along a straight trend line. We can all see current year evil actors and forces that will surely lead directly to a dystopian, authoritarian panopticon world...which almost guarantees it will not be achieved.

    Hopefully, the worst part of the future will be the vast number of quislings that will need to be killed, what with me being so old and squeamish.

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