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San Francisco Mayor London Breed Is Right: It's Crazy To Force Vaccinated Patrons To Mask Inside Bars!

While justifying why she defied her own indoor mask mandate, San Francisco's mayor unintentionally hit the nail on the head.


San Francisco Mayor London Breed has unintentionally made the case against the indoor mask mandate she imposed on the city's residents, all while attempting to justify her own defiance of the rules she had imposed.

"I think it's sad that this is even a story," the San Francisco Democrat told reporters Friday after news emerged that she had partied maskless at a jazz club. "There was something that was really monumental that occurred, and that is Tony! Toni! Toné!—the original members, the brothers…who have not performed in public for at least over 20 years."

"The fact that that is getting lost here is very unfortunate," continued Breed, whose executive order states that "masks may be removed while actively eating or drinking at events other than indoor dining, such as live performances and movies." When another reporter brought up that the mayor had been dancing maskless, not actively eating or drinking, the excuse that followed was a bit strange: "I was feeling the spirit. I wasn't thinking about a mask; I was thinking about having a good time."

Breed mentioned a few times that everyone in the venue was vaccinated, in accordance with current city law. She failed to note that venues filled exclusively with vaccinated people are not exempt from her indoor mask mandate.

"No, I'm not gonna sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask on, eat and put my mask on," continued Breed. "While I'm eating and drinking, yes, I'm gonna keep my mask off." When she goes to restaurants, Breed said, "same thing, I'm leaving my mask down while I'm enjoying my food, I'm not putting it on, taking it off…you all know that's not realistic….We don't need the fun police to come in and try to micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn't be doing. We know what we need to do to protect ourselves."

She's right: It's not realistic. Nor, I suppose, was it realistic to expect Breed to adhere to her own strict COVID rules. Earlier in the pandemic, the night after California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught dining at the French Laundry, Breed had her own scandal when reporters realized that she too had dined at the Michelin-starred restaurant to celebrate the 60th birthday of socialite Gorretti Lo Lui. As politicians like Newsom and Breed warned their constituents to avoid large gatherings to stave off California's dire November 2020 COVID surge, both of them were caught doing the opposite in quick succession.

Now that she's been caught red-handed, Breed has succinctly communicated that the indoor mask mandate isn't necessary for a venue filled exclusively with vaccinated people to operate safely. The risk of breakthrough infection is small—and even for those unlucky vaccinated few who do come down with COVID, they can rest (or gallivant) much easier knowing their chances of dying from it are infinitesimally small. Breed has full power to end the mandate now that she has realized how silly it is in practice and now that she has rightfully rebuked the concept of sending fun police out to micromanage how adults enjoy themselves.

But given the hallowed traditions of pandemic-era politicians, don't be surprised if Breed continues to expect her constituents to adhere even to the pettiest of rules while carving out exceptions for whenever she's personally "feeling the spirit."

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    Good God, people. Are Californians all as pussy-whipped as New Yorkers?

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    2. London’s mask requirements are different than San Francisco’s.

      1. Did London Breed win the Mayorship of San Francisco solely on *Ahem!* name likeability? Or perhaps because her name sound *Ahem!* commanding? Asking for many friends and co-workers.

        1. What you mean we , kimosabe ?
          Take up the Masked Man’s burden,
          Send forth the best Breed breeds !

          1. Just remember, Entie: Breeding isn’t just for “breederrs.” 😉

    3. They have sued and been blocked several times in the courts for various reasons.

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    4. Yes, they are.

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  2. “There was something that was really monumental that occurred, and that is Tony! Toni! Toné!—the original members, the brothers…who have not performed in public for at least over 20 years.”

    Well, if it was for Tony! Toni! Toné!, then I guess that’s…AYFKM?????

    1. She seems toné deaf. In more than one way.

      1. But, hey! “It Feels Good,” so…

    2. If Breed considers some meaningless musical event as monumental, then can we reasonably expect her to have any logical (and ethical) ability?

      1. No she’s a stupid cunt. Like most liberal women.

        1. They’re not liberals.

  3. Really? Tony! Toni! Tone! ??? The Beatles sure, but Tony! Toni! Tone!???? She’s from San Francisco, if not the Beatles, then Jefferson airplane.

    1. A lot of people might not know this, but they happen to be quite famous.

  4. I celebrate her and everyone else going maskless.

    We’ve been doing it for well over a year.

    1. I do love putting on a bandana, dark sunglasses and loitering.

      Karens don’t know which way to freak out.

  5. One could almost deduce that she’s a figurehead that doesn’t know fuck-all about the rules she’s instituted upon her constituents, who of course will obediently re-elect her.

  6. I’m beginning to suspect that maybe these leaders are making policy based on something other than medical concerns.

    1. The FYTW Principle?

  7. “No, I’m not gonna sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask on, eat and put my mask on,” continued Breed. “While I’m eating and drinking, yes, I’m gonna keep my mask off.”

    Right, and the virus is magically ineffective during that extended unmasked period.

    This whole pandemic is horseshit.

    I was just talking to a fellow employee over her cube. Her child got sent home for two weeks to quarantine because a teacher tested positive. No lesson plans, no call to the parents, just “Don’t come to school for two weeks” and send the sixth graders home.

    Her daughter mentioned that the students were told by school staff that “none of this would have happened had you been vaccinated.” These are kids 12 and under. Even if you wanted to vaccinate your kid, you can’t if they’re 11.

    Then I asked her what difference it would have made?

    “What do you mean”?

    “Were the vaccinated kids allowed to stay in class?”



    “So then they lied, it wouldn’t have made a difference. They’re not segregating kids by vaccine status.”

    “Oh yeah, huh.”

    1. The above illustrates why London Breed is full of shit.

      It doesn’t matter if everyone is vaccinated, they can still get sick. Their own messaging keeps hammering that point. Vaccinated people “can still get sick, but your symptoms will be less significant”.

      If you can still get sick, then the vaccinated can spread it to others.

  8. A friend of mine texted me last night with an excellent quip… one that I’ll be using often:

    “I’m going to need some new conspiracy theories. All my old ones have come true.”

    1. There is significant debate over the Babylon Bee; is it satire or prophecy?

      1. Dunno if you remember National Lampoon?

        1. Part of my college curriculum.
          Trots and Bonnie
          Dr. Colon’s Monster
          Dirty Duck

      2. They do pray to God, so could be either?

      3. I do think that they should feel obligated to print a retraction when their stories come true.

        1. YAASSS! They should totally do that.

          In a sane world it would be a great way to get re-reads of their articles which is generally a holy grail of content producers. Unfortunately, their “satire retraction” satire would be used by fact checkers to say “See the Bee is insisting this is real! Shut em down, Twitter!!!”

      4. They put out the story of the New York Met Gala straight with no embellishment. The commentary was that there was nothing they could add that would make it more absurd short of flying saucers.

      5. It’s only prophecy if there’s a Biblical passage that says: “In one of his Psylocibic mushroom trips, Ezekiel saw the unmasked, hypocritical, double-standarded Bitch-Queen of a far-off city to the West…”

      6. Have you ever checked out “Not the Bee.” It’s affiliated with the Bee, but the premise is that the headlines are similar to what you would see in the Babylon Bee, except that the stories are 100% true. Wild stuff.

        1. Got a link? A search lead me to YT stuff.

      7. or, South Park.

    2. Can I use that too?

  9. Sure, Liz, but when you fail to call her a stupid cunt, you just enable her behavior.

    And this tidbit:

    The risk of breakthrough infection is small

    Just isn’t true.

    1. It isn’t true. The risk of breakthrough infection is minuscule, not small.

      1. False. They need to keep lumping in data from January-April when few were vaccinated to keep their “90% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated” narrative going. If you look at data from the last two months it’s tracking exactly with israel and UK pushing 40% vaccinated in hospitals and rising still. And as Florida recently released… South Florida is roughly 50/50 Vax/unvax in their hospitals.

        But you keep being liberal line toter you are brandycuck.

  10. I wonder if this nitwit will allow churchgoers to “feel the spirit”?

  11. Is it just me, or did she call herself crazy?

  12. If you are supporting Team Blue or Team Red, you need to take a look and understand that this is a perfect example of how it is Team Elite vs Team USA.

    Even if you support this mayor and leftist policies in general, there is no doubt that if YOU were filmed doing this stuff, you would receive no defense for failing live up to the mandates- unless you were also one of those elite.

    Policy after policy in the government is designed to 1) Keep Team Blue supporters and Team Red Supporters at one anothers’ throats, 2) Enrich the elite.

    Gov Newsance and Mayor Breed are locking down the state while they continue to party. Jeffery Epstein and Nassar got to molest kids while being protected by the FBI. Biden and his son get rich while defended by the FBI. The Environmentalist Elites subsidize the rich buying $80,000 electric cars that get free access to HOV lanes (escaping the traffic their anti-freeway activism has created), and subsidize $40,000 solar panels on their houses to escape the high electricity prices they have created. This weekend there was an article in Reason about how environmentalists want to fund “Conservation Plots” in rural areas. They essentially want to subsidize rich people buying large country estates from farmers. These estates will remain unproductive, increasing the cost of food, and giving the Elites a place to retreat to when their cities are just plane unbearable to live in.

    Until people realize that their enemy is the government and the Elite class running it, we will continue down this path.

    1. Sorry, but I can’t buy into the “both sides” argument here. Look at the examples you cite. There’s not a right wing policy within it. In a conversation where one side is saying “Let’s screw over the serfs and legally institute privileges for ourselves.” and the other is saying, “No, that isn’t right. Let’s not do that.”, it’s hard for me to argue that the guy saying no is trying to manipulate his supporters.

      1. There’s plenty of GOPe and Kristol/Goldberg/Boot/French conservatives that are perfectly fine with the elite saying “Let’s screw over the serfs and legally institute privileges for ourselves.”

        1. You stupid Fvck, what offices do MaxBoot and BillKristol hold?

          1. Who the fuck said anything about holding office you dipshit finger puppet.

            You want office holders? Fine. Suck on these GOPe morons:
            Pierre Delecto, Liz Chaney, Anthony Gonzalez, Adam Kinzinger, John Katko, Jamie Herrera Beutler, Dan Newhouse, Peter Meijer, Tom Rice, Fred Upton, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey.

            1. And while I hate most of them, they’re not that bad compared to the marxists.

              I fucking hate toomeys spineless ass, he’s my senator, but he at least tried to cut spending a few times before the tds got to him.

      2. “Sorry, but I can’t buy into the “both sides” argument here. Look at the examples you cite. There’s not a right wing policy within it.”

        Ok, here are a couple right wing policies that have gone through: We spent 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan enriching elites to no real effect. Every time anyone talked about getting out, it was absolutely the McCains and the lindsey grahams fighting it.

        Let’s talk about Romney’s Common Core Curriculum, or his Mass Health Care that ended up becoming the template for Obama Care.

        How about Bush’s push from 2002-on for increased Home Ownership among the less fortunate, ultimately leading to the collapse of government-sponsored entities, Fannei Mae and Freddie Mac.

        I recommend you go take a look at the 2008 financiapocalypse and look at which companies were bailed out versus which we “needed to let fail” and then compare that to the CVs of people on the Bush administration.

        How about when Russia invaded Ukraine- a country that mattered not one bit to our security- and all the hawks on the right were insisting that Obama needed to fund them to the gills?

        If you are cheering on team red, understand that you are cheering on Team blue as well. Consider that if you cheer on the Patriots in the super bowl, you are also cheering on the Packers who oppose them. Sure, you think you are supporting the Packers, but ultimately the money from your support goes to the NFL who spreads that around with everybody. Yeah, you might like the Packers better, but they are never going to do anything to jeopardize the system that gets them all paychecks.

        1. You really think any of us like Romney, McCain, or Bush? Jesus christ your just naming neocons or never cons and acting like these are the people he’s talking about.

          We could sit here naming left wing policies that are fucking terrible just from THIS YEAR and the list would be longer than all the terrible policies from the right over the last 20. Fuck I can pull 20 things worse than the shit you named just in the infrastructure bill.

          1. Oh great, a no true Scotsman fallacy.

            Whether or not you count those conservatives among your ranks, they are absolutely on the right. Their vote will be courted and included in every bill because without them you have like 30 House republicans and 5 Senators. Mind you, I tend to sympathize with the right far more than the left. But it is the Right that has kept the SLS program going for 20 years. It is the Right that is largely behind the bio-fuel mandates from Iowa. THey talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, the best thing that can be said about the right is that their Elites are more like Parasites while the Left’s Elites want to wear the nation as a skin suit.

            I fully agree that most policies that enrich the Elite against the rest of us are Left Wing. That is a result of the Elites being predominately (but not exclusively) leftist, and the Left being in charge 8 of the last 12 years. But it doesn’t change the fact that the right couldn’t stop Obamacare and couldn’t get out of the Endless Wars it started. Nor has it been able to slow the growth of government ONCE in the several times the right has been in control of the government over the last 20 years.

        2. Well, none of these are really progressive policies either. They are perversions of progressive policies. The reason why these are all misused progressive policies is that they currently have power.

          If the conservatives were in charge, the items we would have to watch out for are perversions of conservative policies that benefit the elite.

    2. Even if you support this mayor and leftist policies in general, there is no doubt that if YOU were filmed doing this stuff, you would receive no defense for failing live up to the mandates

      Except that if you support this mayor and leftist politics in general, you couldn’t be filmed doing this stuff because you would never do this stuff. You know your place. And that’s the same reason you would defend her doing this stuff, she’s an important person and she can’t be bothered with petty little things like rules. You know your place and you know her place as well.

      Besides which, we all know it’s racist and sexist to criticize her.

      1. “Except that if you support this mayor and leftist politics in general, you couldn’t be filmed doing this stuff because you would never do this stuff. ”

        I know plenty of crazy COVID-Kabuke people who scream and gnash their teeth at red states while traveling and failing to mask. They all have VERY IMPORTANT ™ reasons why the rules don’t apply to them. Unfortunately they don’t realize that their air cover only comes while they are convenient. The second that balance shifts, they are SOL and canceled.

    3. a perfect example of how it is Team Elite vs Team USA


      What Breed and Obama, Newsom, Pelosi and AOC’s violations of the rules illustrate, is that the aristocracy doesn’t actually believe that Covid is a major health risk.
      If they did, then there’s no way in hell they would let themselves be put in danger like that.

      1. And yet no progressive I know who has been living in mortal terror since the beginning of the pandemic, masking their small children and fearing to even go into their backyards, thinks it’s noteworthy that their leaders, as a group, clearly think pandemic restrictions are for the little people. They don’t see what it has to do with them. It’s maddening.

      2. Nor would LA have exemptions for the entertainment industry…but not other ones.

        Because lord knows Hollywood folks are rock solid on health…

    4. Team Red is not an issue right now.

      Red states reopened. Blue states locked down. Red governors let you choose your reaction. Blue governors have sent the cops in if you don’t have a face diaper without being sophisticated.

      Both sidessssss!

  13. In theory yes, the vaccinated can go mask-less, but we know that the unvaccinated will lie about their status, and if necessary create face vaccine cards. So masks for all it has to be.

    1. Just make us wear gold stars and everything will be cool.

      1. Stars are too easy to lose.

        Just tattoo them.

        1. They might hide. It’s easier to just tattoo the compliant.

          Maybe on their right hand or forehead. And if you don’t have it, then you can’t buy or sell.

      1. Virtue points

      2. 1) People are scared because fearmongering and are too dumb to look at any information to give themselves perspective
        2) People are dicks and want everyone to do what their team says to do
        3) People are scared of being outed as not one of the team
        4) People want to signal that they are part of the team
        5) People are just too dumb to give a shit so they wear one because that’s what everyone else is doing.

        1. Yup. Humans are over-rated. Where has Darwin gone?

      3. 1: to hide their identity from a superstitious and cowardly lot
        2: fashion statement
        3: when actively in a medical situation with elevated risk of infection, such as surgery, using a fresh mask tightly arranged.
        4: when you need to keep your face warm or protected from a sandstorm.
        5: When you are actively ill or around those who are actively ill.

        I’m certain there are other situations, but these are the ones that come to mind.

    2. CONFORMITY IS FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Vax macht frei!

      2. truth are lies!
        freedom is slavery!

    3. If you have been vaccinated then why do you care? You have a low probability of death and hospitalization. You will have milder symptoms. So the vaccine works. So why care if someone standing next to you is unvaccinated? Did you mask up during flu season? That vaccine is never that effective!!

      1. Even if you’re not vaccinated. As long as you’re not in a nursing home or pushing 80, you’re fine. The pandemic is over.

    4. No Molly Bitch you feckless cunt, there will be no masking.

      Paid Troll whore.

    5. If you’re vaccinated, you shouldn’t need a mask.

      If you can still get infected if you’re vaccinated, the vaccine doesn’t work.

    6. Because masks prevent covid.. riiight.

      1. Didn’t Biden’s CDC chief admit masks were not effective, at all?

    7. But the only reason any of that happens in the first place is because our government and “teh szience” is lieing about natural immunity, which is the main reason the majority of the unvaccinated refuse. Because they were already infected.

      You’re just too brainwashed and stupid to think of that.

    8. What difference does it make if you’re vaccinated? If a vaccinated person can go maskless, what the unvaccinated do shouldn’t matter. Fuck off.

    9. But she wasn’t wearing a mask, moron.

    10. You suck so much.

    11. ‘We know that the unvaccinated will lie about their status,’ we don’t know that, and you in particular know less. We do know that you are biased and ignorant, it doesn’t require supposition or guessing, you demonstrate it.

    12. Deine papieren, bitte.

      Also, Molly Godipshit, how many times to you need ‘masks don’t work’ explained to you?

      40% reduction on a fully sealed KN95 in lab conditions for 30mins, impeding breathing and trapping particles against your face.

      But by all means, carry on the histrionics. Covid is almost catching up to the Spanish flu… Oh wait, 30% of died ‘of’ Covid last year were miscategorized? Oh my.

      1. Dunno how it got deleted, but KN95 effective for less than 30 mins. Cloth masks have negligible impact on transmission, but rather cause more harm then anything when worn longer.

    13. There’s no need to worry about the vaxed because they’re protected against the unvaxed. The vaccines work great.

  14. In the most difficult, complicated moments, it is good to receive the warmth of those who love you because it ends up being a spectacular incentive to move forward.

    1. Do you work for a funeral home? I keep telling you, I’m not ready yet!

  15. Wait! Isn’t her name a racist slur?


    1. She was named after a famous race horse.

      1. Did her mother sleep with it?

        Why the long face?

    2. Actually, her name is a sexual practice. Hence my asking if she won the Mayorship of San Francisco based on name popularity or because her name sounds like a command.

      It would only be racist in the eyes of CRT if you do it to people deemed “Unwoke”…so I guess you may be right also.

  16. There is absolutely no excuses for her behavior. If you don’t want to follow the rules, then don’t make them rules. Issue ‘guidelines’ or some shit. This is beyond absurd at this point.

  17. I’m not sure how it is so easy for her to force others to obey and defy her own rules and not even make a fake apology. Just a ‘fuck you’ for pointing it out. Insane.

    1. She knows her audience: stupid obedient Democrat voters. Who else does she have to answer to?

      1. You telling me you people willingly chose Trump as your leader with full knowledge and sound mind?

        1. Shitstain is amazed that people appreciate that Trump is the best POTUS we’ve had in a long, long time!
          But shitstain isn’t real bright.

    2. She knows people like Molly will make excuses for her, or call anyone that points out her raging hypocrisy a racist.

      1. Molly and tony as couple may have ability to reason on the level of a low iq person.

        1. But, of course, Molly and Tony would never be a couple, so that’s pretty low on the IQ totem pole.

  18. Being able to go mask-free with proof of vaccine is certainly a not-totally-insane option.

    It does require that we recruit business proprietors to inquire into the vaccination status of their customers. So it fails on freedom grounds.

    What the cousin-fucking Trumptards want, unfortunately, is to go around being as disease-ridden and obnoxious as possible, and for the rest of us to pay for it.

    1. Asshole Biden cock-sucking shitstain tries again to pretend to be an adult.
      Fuck off and die, asshole.

    2. Stop being a baby tony. We have bigger things to worry about than how you can’t stay in shape

      1. So much unilateral genocide contained in such a short jape.

        1. So much stupidity from shitstain.

    3. What does that crazy rant of yours have to do with what this hypocrite democrat did? She’s doing exactly what you accuse your political enemies of doing. Explain how anybody should be persuaded by your arguments when you’re not logically consistent. Is this where you come to rant and rave into catharsis over the fact you can’t stand anybody where you live in Oklahoma? Either your completely full of shit or you’re a total hypocrite and don’t give a damn. The least you could do is throw a little humor into your posts to justify wasting everybody’s time.

      1. Some stranger being a hypocrite somewhere doesn’t affect my life choices to any measurable degree, let alone ones that involve whether I’m going to contract a deadly disease.

        1. Then how’d you get aids?

          1. I never fuck hypocrites.

    4. She violated HER OWN Rules. But totes trumps fault.

    5. Apparently you aren’t paying attention to the facts: vaccinated people continue to contract the Covid, many die. The vaxx is not safe: it is maiming and killing people , some almost instantly. It is causing pregnant women to miscarry.
      e really have no idea what it actually is but a vaccine it isn’t.
      The Vaxx is a FRAUD!
      The little hobgoblin, Fauci is a lying scheming criminal.

  19. This asshole has one accomplishment in her entire existence: She managed to move from the projects to a rent-controlled apartment. Fuck her with shitstain’s dick.

  20. Another proggie that does not follow proggie decrees? Shocked I tells ya!

  21. This article is more propaganda. Where does it say those with the shots do not spread the virus or get the virus, or die from it? No where. You are either living under a rock or working for Big pHARMa to write this sly piece of work.

    Stop creating segregation. For remember, the moment you refuse to take your fourth booster you are now unvax’d and you will be judged like you judged.

  22. “All animals are equal, except some animals are more equal”
    Napoleon Breed

  23. You silly peons! Don’t you know that masks are for the little people?
    After all, you wouldn’t expect the 700 guests at Obammy’s birthday party to wear masks….only for the servants. And if Nancy wants to have a fund raiser and her guests don’t wear masks, so what? The same for that gala with AOC wearing an expensive dress with something about taxing rich people Like Whoopie Goldberg, where no one wears a mask, well, guess what, we’re special and you’re not, so get used to it. Wear your mask and be thankful you even get some ice cream.

  24. “C’mon! You shouldn’t have to wear a mask if the band is really good!”

    1. …where would that leave listeners of Tony! Tone! Toni! Was “Walk the Dinosaur” REALLY a classic or something?

      1. For her it probably was.

  25. Rules are for little people.

  26. “It’s Crazy To Force Vaccinated Patrons To Mask Inside Bars!”

    Actually, no, it’s not crazy. Studies from Iceland, Israel, and several more from within the United States now show that vaccinated persons can carry and spread the virus. It’s unfortunate, but the vaccines effectiveness is also wearing off. You can debate whether it’s a personal choice, or if the masks themselves are effective, but the evidence is now conclusive, that not only can vaccinated persons carry and spread the virus, they themselves are also susceptible to serious illness and hospitalization as the vaccine effectiveness (especially Pfizer) wanes over time.

  27. Is there a politician alive that isn’t also a colossal hypocrite?

  28. It’s not crazy or hypocritical, it’s tyrannical. They’re not forcing the normals to mask up while they ignore the rules because they’re stupid, insane, or liars. They’re doing it to show everyone that they’re in charge…that the rules do not apply to them and that they will suffer no consequences for breaking those rules.

    And Reason, of course, is happy to help that narrative along with weak or sarcastic objections that completely miss the point of the exercise…that this has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with subjugation and submission of the population to arbitrary whims of its rulers.

  29. “The risk of breakthrough infection is small—and even for those unlucky vaccinated few who do come down with COVID, they can rest (or gallivant) much easier knowing their chances of dying from it are infinitesimally small.”

    This is true for everyone. No matter what your vaccination status.

  30. The courts should make it a defense against any restriction imposed on us in the name of public health, that an official who plays or played a part in making or enforcing that restriction has been caught disobeying it — thereby admitting it is unnecessary.

  31. Rules for thee but not for me.

    Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and many more now including the mayor of SF all making rules for the little people and demanding they follow them, but then ignoring their own rules because they are far too important and special to follow them. ALL democrats and the last across the nation goes way further than just these 4 leftist idiots.

    The biggest irony? She mocks the “fun police” who outed her? Listen up Breed, YOU AND THE LEFT CREATED THE FUN POLICE! The left is such a cancer to this country.

  32. This headline is totally lame. It is crazy to force people to wear masks basically anywhere, especially if they’re vaccinated.

  33. Good post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  34. Many of us in the “Free” er counties in CA feel no pity for dumb asses who keep voting in those tards! Get what they vote for.

  35. I love these propoghanda article titles. It implies “unvax’d” should wear masks. Have you read the most current science showing vax’d carry the same or greater viral load as unvax’d, spread it, get it, get hospitalized and die also???

    How about uniting and not dividing. You will be judged in this life or the next. You cannot escape it.

    1. Where do you morons get this shit?

  36. Vaccinated people spread covid just as much as unvaccinated.

  37. ANOTHER ELECTED MORONIC IDIOT in office. When you vote for MORONS you get a MORONIC government!

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